Blue Spectral Eagle ~ 11 Letting go day


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 11



Blue Spectral Eagle




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eagle woman


Today we let go


We let go of all that isn’t joy or love ways of relating that we

have experienced in the last 11 days


It is the last portal day 

Today we can see the bigger picture if we are able to fly high

and look down on ourselves


This is the Meta position


The energy of

Archangel Metatron

Again as well as connecting to the story of this we can see it is also simply a code


A meta code


The bigger picture code of creation


That we are here as Indiana Jones ~




Lara Croft Feminine


combined as the Avatar team



to decipher 

We are the code breakers 🙂

bringing in the new myth of the Aquarius Age

Today is day 11  and always about letting the wave of creation we have birthed….

crash onto the beach

and all about letting go of anything that has been showing up

over the last 11 days that feels tight 

our Serpent skin wanting to be shed so we are free to fly high

and be in a space of love 

Blue Eagle energy flies high above the path and sees how everything has been perfectly aligned to bring us to where we are.

If we feel stuck in a tight spot that is squeezing us ~ something’s gotta give 

We may be afraid to let it go because it is what we know

If we keep holding on the universe brings stronger energy to bust us out of our cocoon 

It is moving closer to butterfly time in the Norther Hemisphere


Transformation and birthing is a messy process 🙂

It is painful

notice the wording in this video which beautifully reveals the process

and it is the same in the soul transformation


losing the head and feet 🙂

so that new focus points are birthed

Today is also 

waning Sagittarius Moon


The Wayshower energy

The Archer and the bow

What can be released

The Chiron energy of the wounded healer

so we can start to trot again on our path 

those little hooves finding firm footing


 I have lots of ways to support people on their butterfly process 

and learn new ways of using EFT to live the life we want 

I have ways to work with every budget and different approaches such as Thoth Tarot and energy coaching with an outcome you wish to create.

Energy circles and alchemy workshops  

This is key to

Being the change we want to see


Most people are just starting to know themselves and realise that this is how we raise consciousness on our planet

It is impossible for our planet to birth a new paradigm and new beginnings

when the majority of people are still holding old mindsets
old energy
old emotion

from the past….

and so the past keeps repeating

It really is that simple 

Our planet is our playground and it holds the energy of the Age of Aquarius coming in


To play easily with this energy requires

alignment with it

Learning new ways for each and every one of


We are the new dawn and

the midwives of this change  


Heads up on the next Wavespell arriving on Tuesday

so you can  team up with me if you choose to work powerfully with this energy 🙂

I also have a workshop next weekend

Art of Alchemy with EFT


If you cannot make it and would like one in your home town I am happy to travel

if you can get a small group together 🙂

 So New Wavespell starting on February 25th
A 13 day spiral that is all about our reflections being shown

If you have been experiencing a tough time over the last eleven days as old issues have been coming up around relationships ~ loving the skin you are in
your health
your wealth
How you want to live being very different to how you are living

then this next transformational Wavespell is a great way to work

consciously with this raw material

The White Mirror Wavespell


is all about seeing the world

that we live in as a holograph and a reflection of our beliefs

We create our world based on our electric holograph

that we have shaped through our life experience so far

The empowering aspect of that

is letting go of any belief that someone else is responsible for our life situation

As we have created it 
(and most of our creation is without any conscious awareness)

We can now start to work consciously with it if we are ready to

In whatever way we are ready to

knowing that we are always supported by the universe

It is what we are here for 

This is why the knowing and accepting of oneself is so important

This is the first place to go to start to connect to our source powerfully

and be able to shape our world 

When we are in denial of taking responsibility and blaming others

we are putting our power outside of ourselves

and so…..

the power is held by others

When we are ready to look at ourselves…. no matter how painful

We begin the mastery process of alchemical lead into gold

There are tools to support us

We each have the answers within that are unique

We have frameworks available at this time to work with that are crafted for this process 

If it is your personal wavespell this is your life journey and soul purpose.

It comes around every 260 days to work with. If you choose to work consciously with it then it is very powerful. A time of connecting to co create with the universe and raise your vibe, centre your core and integrate.

If this is your Mayan Sign this is your Wavespell:

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm 
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog 

If you don’t know your Mayan Sign here is a decoder ~ simply put in your date of birth:

If you would like me to send you more info for a bigger picture please message me and I will do this for free ~ giving you a more in depth about where you are on your 13 year cycle.

This often makes more sense of what is happening right now in your world.

Currently I have a two week wait on this as I am busy at the moment doing lots of charts and signs for people 

The energetic code for this Wavespell is :

Living honestly from the heart and seeing each resistance that arrives as simply a gateway to new learning

Letting go of any emotion arising that isn’t love and joy

Connecting to what belief systems have been created that aren’t loving that brought this event to reveal that

Letting go of any past events that are looking to be integrated now that we are still holding on to 

If we do not commit to this process for ourselves and become proactive then we are reactive and these same patterns will repeat until we change our inner:

energetic blueprint ~ our thoughts and beliefs
emotional body ~ our heart hurts
way of relating to ourselves and the universe ~ creating self supporting and loving frameworks that are free of co dependency
Being honest with ourselves

We are the projector of our inner world

If our heart’s desire isn’t happening in a feeling good way then it is simply

Time to change our inner slides 

That is the only way to change the outer 








Don’t be scared to love….

Turn a different corner 🙂


Love to you and your letting go

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