Red Serpent Wavespell 12 ~ crystal clear co creativity



Red Serpent Wavespell


Day 12



Yellow Crystal Warrior


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Everything is energy in our universe

We are all connected by an intricate amazing

conscious web

hence the string theory 🙂

It is currently beyond our collective ego to understand this….

and this is changing

as we change

everything becomes crystal clear

as we do

There is a crystal clear code free from any distortion of the ego

that creates from the pure heart of love



This is what we are here to discover and learn

in our individual process

silk spinners of the sacred thread


we are each a warrior of the web

following a path

that is coded before we are born

our Mayan Sign

our Natal Star Chart


some choose to weave purely with their mind

some choose to fight the fight

some choose to follow the heart path

in search of the love found in light

When we awaken as a caterpillar


We start our journey

We let go of being bound to the earthly realm and so

we go into a period of transformation

and activate our angelic abilities


This is available to everyone

and is a proactive process

a choice

To be a warrior of the heart  involves many


strength to be vulnerable instead of strong

the ability to face personal demons

and the emotions that come as part of the pandora’s box package


to take total responsibility for any strong emotion  that comes

and where it hails from

to be able to travel back in time 

to face ridicule from sleeping somnambulists

to deal with dragons breathing fire when withdrawing from their

mind games

to be outside of certain circles

an outcast

a lone wolf

for a while…..

blue wolf

To wear the black sheep’s clothes

in many tribes

as the coat of many colours is being woven

from rainbows


born from lots of rain

being in the shadows

until lit by lightening bolts


dying many times to be

reborn to a different lighter life


So let’s rewind a bit…..

to the weaving bit……

See the scarf coming from the loom picture?

If we wish to knit a sweater this loom will not do the trick 

Very simply to knit a sweater one requires a sweater tool kit

No matter how hard and persistent one is

No matter how hard one visualises a sweater emerging from a scarf loom

No matter how much one meditates 

says positive affirmations

has a massage 

waves incense over it


a sock loom cannot a sweater make 🙂

None of the other processes do any harm and can have lots of learning and enjoyment


if we really want to create that sweater then

time to to learn how would seem wise ?


This is where our higher self

Guardian Angel

comes in…..

and the person sharing that roomy cardigan all along makes themselves known 🙂

When we start to match an energetic way of


that allows our sacred self to come

and commune with us

when we have realised that resistance is futile 

and that ego edifice we have created is collapsing

the spinning plates are falling….

and suddenly we do not have the energy to keep it all going….


that is when we are ready

to listen….

and let go of our ego running the show

Once we start to commit to raising our consciousness….

and that takes a lot of courage

We are ready to go on our hero/heroine’s adventure

and our rainbow coat

becomes the golden fleece

that can heal


This journey will take us into fire

we will be shaped by the anvil

battered by the storms

and with every process our resolve grows stronger

as what we are now able to see

is revealed in it’s true magic and glory

as we have gone through our veil and revealed our magic and glory

and in the process of forgiving all the beliefs we have forged about ourselves

all letting go of all those wounds and fears from the past

We have called our spirit home

Created our own soul retrieval process

that we can use on a daily basis

and as a natural part of that process

we live a different life that is borne from 

personal responsibility and power

This is

Heart Wisdom

This is the Alchemical Process

and this code is in plain sight woven into the fabric of all our fairytales

children’s stories



All of this is in the stars themselves

The constellations

The ancient tales of the Gods 

in every culture around the globe

with a slightly different flavour


The fall from Grace

The Eden story is the metaphor for awakening

unplugging ourselves from unconsciousness

and eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge


Whatever we learned in the first three days of

this wavespell

is our unique personal alchemical process

for relationship

with everything in our universe :- )

We sent out an intention for this spiral on Day 1 Feb 12 ~

Red Magnetic Serpent

If you came to the Love Magnet Workshop you have that information

and you had a Thoth Card

with energetic astrological information

We received our challenge back on Day 2 

White Lunar Worldbridger

What is seeking to die from our past ?

On Day 3 Valentine’s Day

We received the alchemical blend energy to work with ~ Day 1 and 2 coming together

Blue Electric Hand

What can we transform, go through gateways and be reborn with ?

What new learning can we create around co creation rather than co dependent

so we can live honestly, wholly and free ?

Today the structure is revealed 

If you have been clearing every day

using EFT

for example

then you will be seeing things differently

and feeling differently too


and this is the essential thing to note

and if you think about it , it makes sense

No matter how good your plan for your future….

If you are still carrying, sadness, guilt, anger, shame

over your past


until that is released nothing will change that will last

because that would deft the cosmic web

We can still start to move forward

and as we work consciously




with new tools of light

we free ourselves from sticky old webs

so we can spin new support  ones

that allow the universe to bring us

something different ….

this does take time and isn’t a quick fix


spiderman with the mask off 🙂

another one of my favourite childhood programmes

Until we love and accept who we are 

Where we are

and can be totally present with ourselves

we cannot go anywhere else 🙂

Home is where the heart is

on all levels 


Pic by Amanda Cass

This is our challenge in this lifetime and a life process

This is why I chose to learn energy therapies 

I learned first about psychology and new understanding our past does not release us from how we feel about it

or creating new ways of living

I chose to learn about how my mind processes

and extremely complex techniques to work with retraining it

using NLP

and then I found EFT

The first clients I had with NLP for coaching couldn’t replicate the techniques for themselves 

and something was missing

and were dependent on me in so many ways

and after several sessions they had lots of ideas

they felt enthusiastic about their future….

and something was holding them back

When I learned EFT it immediately created a

shift for myself and for the people I worked



Their unconscious awareness for what was holding them back from taking action 

immediately became conscious

and was often a surprise…..

because paradoxically ~

just like the soul enlightenment relationship pattern ~

it isn’t what we think it is all about 🙂

When our session ended they consolidated their learning 

with doing their own tapping every day

The next time they came they had moved mountains of “stuckness”

and become confident in the process

and they were independently learning about themselves and their inner world

Total Co Creativity in a healthy way

Tapping is so simple and paradoxically complex and powerful

and many people who have learned it still focus on the mind

rather than the emotion

It is now

The Emotional Evolution


When we leave this vital part of our process out

because it feels uncomfortable

then we stay in the pattern of discomfort about life’s challenges

and we can never feel whole 

We may access bliss for a while

and then we get triggered by external events

and we are knocked off our happy horse

When we use EFT we get back on faster and we fall of less 🙂

and as it is….

The Year of The Horse

It is a great alignment 


So if you are ready to ride the snake in a whole different way in the next cycle

Why not join me using EFT

to create emotional alchemy

and get crystal clear

diamond light


We have all the answers 🙂

Love to you and your carbon footprint of love

Heart tree

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