Red Serpent Wavespell ~ setting the heart on fire



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day one Red Magnetic Serpent

Mini blog

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Red Serpent Tribe


the Mayan term for this is


There are ten gateway days in this 13 day energetic spiral.

These begin tomorrow.

These days bring the opportunity to

access the whole

The whole energetic learning of you and your many facets and incarnations

The whole bigger picture of everything that has ever been and ever will be


it’s a biggie 🙂

It initiates today with Aquarius Sun and Leo waxing moon

seeing the bigger picture of our life

our planet’s life

our cosmic evolution

how we relate

If you choose you can connect to this each day with my mini blog and see what the energetic signature is

how it is showing up for you

you can also work powerfully with it and

set an intention


My intention is:

to create more love in my life

heart centred ways of being from an evolved ego

recognising and honouring my humanity

I do not know what I do not know

that is the journey

My spirit knows

and is veiled to me

My star seeded journey is to unveil it during my time here

as I unveil it through 

Knowing myself


Mind Body and Spirit


I change my experience here from the inside out

I let go of living purely from my lizard mind

of survival and reaction

I expand 

I shed some skins

I remove my ego layers of learning through transforming them


I empty my cup

I let love expand within me by letting go of old wounding

and as I go through this process

I  create a new energetic world within me

and therefore without.


If you are new to this Mayan Wavespell

the simplest way to get to know it

is to be a part of the process

Here is my calendar

You can download it, print it out and laminate it

You can connect to the wavespells online too

Hang it on your wall

put a piece of blue tac on the day and every day move the blue tac

google the day

see what comes up to learn more about it 🙂

That is what it is here for

a synchronisor

a galactic gift from our godselves

to get us in the cosmic groove

the universal heart

the co creative relationship

the journey back to the stars

through our heart opening

Letting go of our head leading the way is essential

we are in the emotional evolution

Feel to heal

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

Today is the initiation

Today we send out our intention to our

universal mamma 🙂

Tomorrow we get a reply 🙂

Are you ready to ride the snake ?

It is the perfect time

on the planet we are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle of awakening to who we really are

Red Moon Year that started in 2006

This year is 


Integration time

Yellow Galactic Seed


Time to integrate our selves and

free our soul seeds

Be what we came here to be

naturally 🙂

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