White Lunar Worldbridger

  White Lunar Worldbridger This is the new learning coming in to end old worlds The planet is Mars  Where Mars is in your chart is significant for you    Mars in terms of the planetary transits is currently in Pisces  The Spiritual Warrior  Here is a great article by Aeternalight It went in on […]

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Red Spectral Serpent

Red Spectral Serpent  Is the letting go energy  Day 11 of :  Blue Eagle Wavespell This is the last 13 clear Sign in the 260 day Wavespell cycle  It is in the Green Castle of the heart  The 5th Castle where we see where we are on our release of anything that is out of […]

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Blue Electric Monkey

  Blue Electric Monkey    The picture I have used for this article is of Hanuman ~ the Hindu God  More info about him here : Wikipedia  The key about this info that I am focusing on is : He played a key part in an epic war against a demon God He was the […]

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