Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 13 Cosmic


Red Serpent Wavespell 

Day 13


Red Cosmic Earth


Today is the shift day and the tail of

the serpent

In every Wavespell this is the moving

and shaking energy day to create something

new because of our process

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In this Wavespell we have ridden

the kundalini energy

and now ….

We are returned to the earth

Maybe more centred as a result

More grounded

aware of our essence and that we too are baked earth

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Just like Anthony Gormley’s Terracotta figures

I visited this exhibition at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

many moons ago

and it blew me away

how many people had created this vision

I love this place and have spent so many inspired happy hours there with my family

Today is a hard day for me as one of my family is very poorly

He has featured in this blog before 

Love for Arnold beaming out 

for a return to health

if it is meant to be


Took him to the vets today and he may not be coming home

If you have been reading the 13 day blog you will see that there have been lots of 

pictures and references to my childhood

and today when I was feeling sad and desperate really

sat with no answers for my beloved friend

and he was upset being there

there I saw my childhood friend Spidey in the window


on an umbrella

How bizarre for a vet’s to have such a thing on display

and again I saw the Spiders web and the connection to all things I wrote about 

on another day


It comforted me as I tapped on myself

in my mind in the waiting room

feeling the usual discomfort I feel in the Medical World

knowing that whatever I say will be challenged

if it is not their medical model

and clearing my cache as much as I can

so I do not come from a very emotional space

I have had so many clients who have been having a medical intervention….

have felt more traumatised from the lack of compassion from their caregivers

with no caring response

Birth experiences

Death experiences


and I know that the people who face illness and the majority of births in hospitals

in a working capacity

often have to turn their sensitivity down low to be there

otherwise they could not deal with their day to day

and all of this has to change if we are to create

more loving supportive relationships

and the more we become empowered to seek

our own answers this will happen naturally

When people speak of a calm spiritual approach and that no one 

“should ” upset others on their path when evolving 

ones who are walking their talk realise how this cannot happen

A key part of our path has to involve this process 

to let go of people pleasing and being co dependent

We are not realised saints in our human bodies which is why we are here 🙂


As we waited Arnold settled in his box

He could feel me calm down

and I trusted that this time spent waiting was for that to happen

I allowed my anxiety to come up and be released as much as I could

and I contemplated different choices I could have ~ 

to be knowledgeable ~ often met with distrust/competitiveness

say nothing ~ feel disempowered and often annoyed at oneself later….

thing is whatever you say or do

the response is perfect for us at that moment according to our vibe and our next steps

regardless 🙂

The more we become confident in that and ourselves we let go


trust in the process

our process

So I chose to be in the moment and be a bit of both ~ proactive and reactive

and noticed I was far more accepting of myself and others

This is a pattern for so many of these past events of taking myself and my loved ones to hospitals

at times of big interventions

and the choices I have made

each time

Each time now my intention is to be open

to new ways of relating

and also being in my centre

being grounded and firm

and able to bend with the breeze


Noticing how the medical model relationship thrives on having  

patients as people who please

rather than ask questions

and want to make an informed choice about their and their loved one’s health

I trust in my life process

there are lots of times when I do not like it and when I am afraid

I noticed today again that if I cannot create any solution ~

if my mind feels all is lost

I feel despairing

One of my main ego masks as a reforming people pleaser

is to create solutions

for others 

Which has many benefits of course


sometimes there are no solutions that we like

and are essential for our evolution


I have been afraid in many lives

My last life had Sagittarius energy

as this is my South Node

I am guessing this was my Sun Sign

My life is full of Sagi friends and relatives

To be a Sagi truth teller requires developing a way of being

That takes courage

I am still learning this art


whilst breaking apart

my heart is broken over and over

and reforms

Today Sagi moon went to Capricorn 

both of which can be a hard energy to work with without compassion

in search of truth


I know that in the end we all return to the

Great Mother

I know that life is often cruel as we are often cruel

I know that to be sensitive and loving walks hand in hand

with deep sorrow and grief

because that is the life package 

I fully understood that even more when I became a mother myself

Many moons ago I wouldn’t have thought to include my sad space

a blog such as this

I wouldn’t have been able to write it even

and now I know it is the core of my learning

and my teaching

Life is short

and immortality is long

as was said in Gladiator

What we do in this life….

echoes in eternity

So what do you want your relationships to be?

For they determine your life ?

I am a very emotional person

I do not want to change that

I want to honour it


be in balance with it 

so I can live in the world

instead of retreating from it

When someone close to me is unwell or leaves my life

I feel it deeply


I will grieve deeply

Here and Now

Free Flowing

It is what my eyes are for

the windows of my soul




as I believe this is the natural process

of loss

The more we love and accept all of our relationship dualities

the truth of life’s learning in all it’s forms

the more we truly live

from the heart


Today see what miracle unfolded for you ?

What wonder happened so your spirit was allowed the joy of deep emotion ?

It is what we are here for

to Love




To feel everything

It is what having a body is for 

Jo in Glastonbury

Love to your cosmic wild card today

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