White Mirror Wavespell

Flower Prayers

Day 6 of White Mirror Wavespell

~ Blue Rhythmic Night

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Today we are in lovers lane. The 6 represents The Lovers in Tarot and if we look at the number 6 it is also the individual glyph for the Yin and Yang.

The day 6 of any Wavespell is the day of seeing how balanced we are

in our masculine and feminine.

Today I am starting my story with an apology to

Tim Gainey of Hazysunimages.com.

The picture I am using today is his and I have used it in my blogs before without his permission.

I didn’t know that …..
and that is no excuse 🙂

I am fairly new to the world of media and copyright in many respects and I don’t know what I don’t know.

I am learning.

When I am writing my blogs I intuitively look for pictures that generally take me on a cookie trail of discovery ~ pure magic.

My intention is to share anything I share in my blogs and in a way of right relationship.

If I can find a source I check out the artist and their wishes about their work.

I name them and their contact details too.

I give links direct to other websites who share similar information about the subject matter ~ with their unique perspective.

My reason for doing this ?

I am a work in progress learning about everything as I go on my life journey 🙂

I am not an “expert” on anything.

I know what I know from my life experience and I share it is all ❤

I made an assumption that if I could not find the artist it was ok to post the work and I have learned in this instance from Tim that it wasn’t.

I got a communication from WordPress telling me that a complaint had been filed about breach of copyright and Tim’s details.

So sincere apologies to Tim once again.

I have paid for the license to use his wonderful picture in my blog for 12 months:

Here is the info for it:

Prayer Girl created by Hazysunimages.com

Lots of other great pictures on their website.

Tim very generously has offered to help me learn about this new arena and it has brought lots of questions about how I make this work in a practical way too ~ the blogs I create are time sensitive and intuitive so …..

finding a way forward in “right relationship “

The magic in this story ~

When I first used this picture it was on 27/09/2013

It was an Electric Moon Day ~ feminine co creation

Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ my Mayan Sign but a different number.

It was today’s number 🙂

Being in balance with masculine and feminine 🙂
and shaping the way forward by going through transformational gateways.

The Wavespell it was in ~ and I was blogging about was White Wind Wavespell.

This Wavespell is all about truth telling and allowing spirit to come through us.

This one started on September 22 2013 ~ a master number for creating new structures ❤

When I got the message it was yesterday ~ White Overtone Wind.

I immediately contacted Tim, apologised and explained and asked how I could rectify things in a way that worked for him.

This is the key now for all of us to be able to

go through the looking glass.

This is the paradox that is revealed in Alice in Wonderland 🙂

We don’t know what we don’t know and…..

the majority of people learn not to admit that because it isn’t rewarded in ego land .

In ego land the meritocracy is to be rewarded for achievements that also involve competition.

In the real world beyond the veil ~ that is being revealed in science now with Quantum physics for example ~

there is no competition or need for reward.

This is the hell of our own making here on earth when we are off our heart path

and being led purely by our head.

Rather than admit we do not know we come up with an ego defence smoke screen ~

Blame, shame, pretend, argue, ~ paint roses different colours 🙂

Create resistance 🙂

Resistance is necessary for the tension

the strings to be held in the dance 🙂

The more we let go of resisting…..

The more we can fly
and connect with the world beyond the human mind 🙂

The Angelic realm ~ the dream world ~ the imagination place

of outer space

that we access from within ❤

Love to you and your dreams ❤

Love to you and your learning ❤


Lets go through new doorways




2 thoughts on “White Mirror Wavespell

  1. Jo this is incredible.

    ” the majority of people learn not to admit that because it isn’t rewarded in ego land .

    In ego land the meritocracy is to be rewarded for achievements that also involve competition.”

    Your way of communicating,through images, your own experiences is what touches me. We all make mistakes but the way we work through them speaks louder than any words or images, There is so much to learn. Love to you also.


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