White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 10




White Mirror Wavespell

Day 10 ~ manifestation day

Blue Planetary Hand

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Today is the day of Manifestation.

This happens in every wavespell on day 10

If you are a number 10 in the Mayan this is your essence ~ to see how you manifest, what you manifest, what you create and how you create it.

In terms of using numbers as part of a process to understand how mathematics reveals the structure of the universe ~ and this is a huge subject that I am simply going to scrape the surface of here ~ this is the key to understanding the power and the magic of the Mayan Wavespell Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar is the labyrinth.

The Mayan Calendar is our way to finding the true source through the darkness and into more light

It is amazing

a miracle


playing the part of Ariadne

in these blogs I am sharing the thread of this 🙂


This picture is by an  anonymous master ~ I cannot find any more info 

Here is the myth of Ariadne and Theseus ~ the labyrinth and the Minotaur

If we reduce this story to a simpler archetype ~

Taurus the Bull.

To live the Taurean energy of the ego we get lost in bullish*t ,

manipulation and ego.

We get intoxicated and out of balance with the earthly

pleasures and we lose sight of our higher spiritual nature ~ Isis.

This is our base nature and the labyrinth we get locked into ~ repeating patterns and stuck on Saturn’s Wheel

The money idols of materialism become our Gods

Taurine imbalance ~ too little creates issues of the heart

just been on this cookie trail with my cats and what is required for a healthy diet for them

Leo energy ~ my sun ~ courage and heart through transformed ego

Taurus Moon ~ my moon ~ grounded, earthy, knowingness from source

Anyone with Taurus North Node this is the key for the life mission ~ going beyond the material

Scorpio South Node ~ last life in Taurus and moving away from defining oneself through the base and mundane

Just been to a fabulous Dion Fortune Workshop with Ian Rees in Glastonbury which illustrated this really well

Ian spoke about her novel about this very subject ~ synchronistically 

The Novel is 

The Goat Foot God 

As we start to go deeper and understand The Mayan Wavespell’s ability to reveal

the intricate , complex  world of the universal heart

and how it creates

It can also be connected to

simply as a process

and as each step is integrated the deeper levels are revealed

Through becoming the process

The White Mirror Wavespell

holds the essence of refinement .

Working with the universal matrix to see ourselves.

When we are unaware….

and therefore this information is beyond our conscious awareness ….

we are creating on a mundane level

The codes are all there

They are hidden from our plain sight as we haven’t taken the blinkers off 🙂

We are playing the game of life without knowing what the golden rules are

as a sleeping beauty.


This is John Dee’s Glyph ~ The Monas Cross

He was an advisor of Elizabeth The First. We are now coming full circle with Elizabeth The Second 🙂

To know what the rules of enlightenment are

We have to enlighten ourselves

that is a pre~ requisite for playing the light game and going through the looking glass


One has to be ready and willing to work with one’s own shadow

To become very aware of one’s own patterns

This is the first step.


The initiate receives initiation through crisis

When it becomes to difficult to stay asleep.

Putting fingers in our ears , closing our eyes, scrunching our face up and singing a silly song at the top of our voice to drown out

the truth

that our universal soul sister is singing

the song of the siren

cannot be ignored any longer

It’s time to awaken and get on the guru gravy train

Our personal guru that is 🙂

The Manchurian Candidate, the sleeping cell, the somnambulist is activated and 

ready for it’s personal mission impossible 

The Star Seeded Mission

The salmon swimming upstream against the cancer tide of collective unconsciousness

we are currently been swamped with


So today is a day of clear sight for the initiate who is becoming

an adept and is ready to weave the web in a new powerful way.

Today we see what is bringing us joy and love in the waxing

moon of Taurus


As we are still heavily in the code of patriarchal turnaround

this is still male focused in the majority

so we are still conditioned to use these codes that are imbalanced

The feminine code is very different and speaks

of working with the part of us that



is in the body

walking the talk

and being the change ~ embodiment 

doing it

feeling it

living it all the time


Being our Goddess self 

If we are still focused on the masculine way of being then

this cannot happen 

People seem to be very unaware of this so I am simply repeating this message


You cannot become something and manifest it into your life

if you are not being and doing the code that creates it 

This is what abracadabra means

This is the essence of saying positive affirmations, visualisation etc


there is a very big difference between saying something ~ talking the talk

and becoming it ~ walking the walk


To walk the walk we have to know ourself and look within and create transformation on all levels

Then it happens outside of us

It is the same way of creating as in all the virtual world games ~

which is why we have them manifest to show us

If you have just started to be aware that you

are playing the game of life ~

the initiate

then you will be at the beginner level of playing this game in a new way


Doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have degrees, phd’s and can recite the Bible page for page

indeed that can often create difficulties

That is beginner level energetically, emotionally and magically

This does not create the lead into gold or create heaven on earth for you or

the rest of the planet 🙂

The True Secret ~ The Rose Path ~

The Heart Path



Is to do your own journey within

and play with all the jewels

in your personal cave


Are you ready to move from

initiate to adept to Master?

If today you are feeling glum about anything


insecure ~

there is gold in those feelings

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you choose on the outside to take you on the journey

the true vehicle is you and this outside chariot simply shows you you and how far you have progressed on your Tree of Life



Do you have strong roots and feel sure about yourself or do you blow your volcano every time you get squeezed by circumstance?

How emotionally stable are you?

To be a powerful person from the transformed ego space ~ coming from a heart place ~

takes courage and a lot of inner work

That is the only way to do it and it is a proactive process 


To be very connected to the collective realm of authentic light workers from all time requires being a certain way

Just reading a great “fictional ” work on this which is so key for me on my path

The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie

Who has had a very similar life journey to me in some ways, at the same time 🙂


has lived in Glastonbury

The book is partly set in Hampshire….

which just happens to be where I am working with a lovely

group of people at the moment 

sharing these frameworks 😉

To let go of being out of balance with the patriarchal patterns encoded within us requires …..

letting go in all ways

allowing sensitivity, awareness of the sacred within us, opening to our third eye, clearing our chalice within of emotional overwhelm, letting anything we have repressed ~

our psychic ability, our knowingness to be revealed

All so called “heretics” have had their cross to bear and today are still being destroyed and crushed by the extreme egotists who want to hold onto the imbalance of power

As the feminine starts to re ~ emerge

to embody it within us we create the perfect energetic structure for it

The feminine embodies many things ~

the moon and the shadow being key codes


To feel good about ourselves means feeling good about all of ourselves

The masculine sun light is the main focus over the past bigger picture cycle

We focus on men ~ the male God, the Jesus , the male systems, the mind, the head……

in an out of balance way

This is ego land ~ outside, surface, control, micro managing ~ on an extreme level the narcissist

Ownership, making living beings

become objectified and bought and sold


Beauty and consciousness being reduced to a figure on a balance sheet

a trophy wife

a prized possession

caged bird

In this “fiction” book I found lots of links

which you can find on my other blogs about Alchemist’s of the past

and the cosmic cookie trail they have revealed and left in plain sight.


Melencolia by Albrecht Duhrer

The power number in the Magic Squares is 34

This is Gematria

Added together they create


Day 34 on the Gregorian Calendar is 03 February

The day Persephone leaves the Underworld

The day I chatted to two lovely Aquarian friends about creating Shine Communities

In the Mayan Calendar this was

Yellow Overtone Warrior

The Mayan Calendar day’s change

every year because they are a spiral

however the Mayan Moon calendar

remains the same

Each February 3rd will have a different flavour.

The Moon is Resonant Moon Day 25 ~ Resonant is 7

25 added together is 

yes you’ve guessed it ~ 7

and on this day it was also a galactic activation portal 🙂

The Wavespell is Yellow Galactic Human

Day 5’s are all about finding our centre

When we do this 34 days in framework

on the

Mayan New Year starting July 26 

Day 34 this year is White Electric Wind

This is the Yellow Sun Wavespell

The Language of Light 

This was my blog about this Yellow Sun Wavespell last year ~ synchronistically Day 3 too and includes the Labyrinth by Kate Mosse ~ wow so magical

Another fabulous synchronistic event I have just come home to is….

Getty’s decision to release 35 million pictures for free use to address the issue I have just been blogging about ~ wow 🙂

More here about this

Again I know it doesn’t address all the issues….

and it is a start 

An admission that the current systems in place are not working ~

which in one way is always going to be a toughie as the feminine will not be controlled 🙂

Lilith in Leo time now is certainly bringing this to the fore

More from Tom Lescher on this here:

and on a fun note

Just a reminder that in Glastonbury the magic is so abundant it is even available off the shelf:


This Wavespell Magic simply gets more

inspiring every day 

and is limitless 


If you would like to know more about your personal Mayan information 

Your labyrinth process

and how to let go of being stuck in a groove that is no longer groovy

please contact me 🙂

We can weave some magic together

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