Yellow Sun Wavespell

Day 3 of the language of light wave spell.
How are you experiencing this intense energy spiral of
Yellow Sun Wavespell ?

I have been off the blog for a couple of days to work with this energy on a personal note and creative note as it is historically a big time for the planet ~ leading up to Easter and all that means for nature in the Northern Hemisphere ~ Spring has sprung although much of the UK is hidden under a blanket of snow. It is very cold in Compton Dundon in Somerset but I think we have missed much of the dramatic weather.
Lots of intense energy black holes coming up for me now as historically I have had big events in my relationships at this time. New people on the planet ~ my first born was just one major time that changed my life forever ❤
I have realised as I move more and more into synchronising by using the Mayan Wavespell and being more aware of astrology and the moon cycle , how significant it is especially when working as an energy therapist.
Sharing my learning today in that spirit 🙂

All the past karma patterns of the past for mankind too at this Aries time of new beginnings. We repeat history 🙂
Now we can change history by changing how we feel 🙂
When we change how we feel ~ we change how we think 🙂 not the other way around 🙂

If you feel like you are being put through an emulsifier at the moment ~ take heart. We all are ❤ ❤ ❤

It is the cosmic downsizer shake up at a transition time ~ about turn 🙂

We are being blended according to our karmic recipe and this time ~ if we really get in touch, awaken and go within too we can create a different flavour to this layer cake.

This is the time of relationship break ups ~ what isn’t in balance will out.

It could be you are strengthening one and making new ones that are going to take you on a ride of learning ~
this time if we choose, we can do it eyes open and trust our gut.

What is the intention that has formed the attraction? How is that repeating in a different way? What possibility does it hold to enlighten us?

If you wish to work with more awareness of your divinity code I have a new service I have just been trialing ~ using a Thoth tarot Spread to work with the Mayan Wavespells. It is a powerful way to see your code and work with the universal code ~ energetic co creating. It is £20 for a thirteen card reading and you can look at the card each day in connection with the Mayan sign of the day to see how you can let more light in. You have an ebook with each days card and meaning and we set an intention and ask a question at the start which is reflected back each day. Please message me. I will need your time/date/place of birth if I haven’t already done that info for you ~ your Mayan Sign and your Starcode.

Day 3 is the day where one and two combine to create a fusion.
White Electric Wind today. Check it out on the wavespell link at the start of the blog or simply google 🙂

What is the outcome of the cosmic blend for us?

Whether it is a nutritious smoothie full of vitality or a low vibe depth charging swamp juice ~ is entirely up to us and …..

our code. No right or wrong simply determined by what is there 🙂
Lots happening in the media world stage with this now.
The writer of the Twilight Saga brings us a new theme with her film The Host.

Paolo Coehlo has a new book out


and Dan Brown’s new book is also due for release too.


As I was writing my ebooks this morning I noticed on C4 on Saturday in the UK there is the drama of Kate Mosse’s book Labyrinth 🙂

All about code ~ just as I was writing about code.

It is an intense time in the planets. Today we are in Virgo moon and tomorrow we go into Libra Full moon.
Are we in balance?
We are always in perfect status as that is our code. This is the meaning of Karma.
We are who we are and we make choices and live our lives according to that. This is our sacred geometry.

There is no judgement attached 🙂 If we are attaching judgement then that is our learning……from being judged. Our experience has rewritten our code and as a result we are no longer resonating harmoniously…..that is all

As we have learned it…….we can unlearn it
My offering ~ at this time on our planetary seesaw we have a heavy load at the masculine end 🙂

A recent fun story at The Heart Centre ~ thank you Fay 🙂

So at the other end lighter loads who are more in the feminine vibe…….are frequently being jettisoned into orbit ~ and it ain’t in a fun way . It is often brutal without respect or care or compassion.

I laugh at the metaphor…..when I am experiencing it I often fail to see the funny side until after.

When I have stuff from the past that requires clearing the universe matches me so I can clear it 🙂

We are always matched. If we want a more harmonious balanced seesaw then it is time to journey into the past and have a look at what is seeking redress.

When we clear our emotional baggage we let more light in and we access more language of light because…….

we have changed our code.

In theory ~ simple.

The only tricky bit …….facing our fear.

If we don’t face our fear we hold this darkness.

Our choice whether to go for the burn or not 🙂

If we choose to stand up for love frameworks ~ history shows us that pattern over and over…….

Clear of ego without any righteousness or need for someone to be the baddie/wrong/a tyrant…..

Everyone wants the same basic recipe really ~ to be loved and accepted

Everyone has developed different armoury to protect themselves and some of it is so old and so deep – it feels to be flesh and bone 🙂

It can be magically dissolved though……. with tears
Heard that message spoken from beyond the veil recently at a memorial sacred gong ceremony for someone whose love had clearly touched the hearts of others.

Connecting with our past and grieving is the key ~ we cannot change it ~ we can change how we feel about it and when we do that energetically ~ not simply in our head ~ we create a shift to the matrix that makes up our world and we……
change the world.

Today is all about sharing the language of light at this tough love time in our world. Letting go of people pleasing and being kind when the truth is far from love and light.

If we don’t like Aunt Bessie’s famous lemon cake then maybe time to say so rather than face another 20 years of chasing it round the plate and sneaking it to the dog under the table…. 🙂
It may be sticky at first and a deafening silence may result ~ sooner or later it will be broken 🙂
We all move on and there is more space on the table for a new creation. Honest communication.
True love straight from the heart ❤ ❤ ❤

Here are some documents I have been inspired to create as a result of my journey so far. Hope you enjoy them:
My Karma Wheel pages document – you can personalise your wheel

My Karma Wheel pdf –

Blue Hand EFT Circle pdf

this was what we focused on at The Heart Centre Open Day
The more we tap the more light we can have in our inner sun ❤
Works for me so I’m sharing it with you ~ maybe it will for you too ? 🙂

We have the power to radiate and live in pure love ❤

Love to you today speakers of truth ❤ ❤ ❤


sacred geometry

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  1. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty
    much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!


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