Red Moon Day

eca6e07c4d31d87de2ee77b7ede72274We are on day 10 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell and the planetary energy is very strong on Red Planetary Moon Day

Connecting to various people by subscribing to blogs and newsletters really assists in my awareness and makes sense of the bigger picture for me.

I cannot be an expert in everything no matter how much my ego would like to be 🙂

In this journey of being independent and responsible in order to co create rather than co depend , there are many paradoxes at work.

Creating a power team of support really assists at this time 

We can do this with people, food, information and well being grounded frameworks.

Boji Stones , Benzoin and salt baths help keep us grounded as we go through these energy gateways

Putting our bare feet on the ground

We allow ourselves to be held and trust that all is well with each step that we take.

If we struggle with that ~ we can tap on that 🙂

Trusting the process and getting out of our own way……..

Today has been a rollercoaster ride for me and I have experienced great highs and lows over the past few days of holidays and celebrations.

Part of me really wants to do that in a manner that is familiar ~ like a pair of old slippers 🙂

When I take part in that way I forget that much of me has moved on and cannot do that because it is not an energetic match 🙂

I cannot visit places I used to

I cannot eat food I once enjoyed

I cannot be around certain behaviours or people right now

that may change at some point…..

as I go through the spiral repeatedly and out the other side

We are all in a different light space now and our planet earth is on the moon journey of remembrance.

At this Aries time we are able to create new beginnings if we allow that to happen

and set sail into unchartered waters ~

unchartered by our ego selves that is 🙂

It has been a harsh sky today with the moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn……

hardball being played by these  masculine , controlling energies.

If you have these planets in your chart or someone in your circle does……

you may have had a tough time

The good news is ~ if we go within and let go of any resistance we get to reshape our patterns

and let go of groundhog days.

I have been on the receiving end of these energies today and it has tagged so many past patterns for me

it has brought up a huge amount of emotion and so I have been tapping on that .

Lots of times in my life I have been blown away by the depth of people’s anger

and how that has been turned on me and I have been held as the sum total and focus of it all.

I couldn’t comprehend how someone who supposedly loved me could behave in that way.

I have also had that behaviour with others as my rage reached black hole proportions…..

I can honestly say that in most regards I haven’t physically bullied people since I was a young child

although I know I have used aggressive behaviour and I am owning that today

As we change positions we get to see the impact of that energy ~ to give and to receive

In the past this has devastated my world

Today I have a new approach

First of all to let those feelings out and grieve for how that part of me feels

I tap as I let the feelings out in my own space

preferably without  ping ponging my pain back to the person who is involved

so I go away to a space and be with that emotion and let it out

Cleansing the wound as deep as I can

as is possible in that moment of my cog on my karma wheel

Letting go of needing to do anything but that

that is what is being sought…..

When I have cleared that I can speak of the behaviour and how I choose to relate with that person from this moment.

There is no rush to do that.

I have learned over these past few days that when I learn to communicate more openly, honestly and clear any blocks to do that…..

It does take time…..

more time that often the ego wants…..

it wants instant results

and often doesn’t want to wait until the cog wheel turns to align

It wants to push the envelope

When we didn’t feel nurtured and loved we adapted….

our ego evolved and created behaviours and beliefs that temporarily allowed it to deflect pain

we created a behaviour that allowed us to feel empowered, to feel good, to feel we didn’t need anyone

an avoidance mechanism

an addiction


We are ready to manifest something else…..

The Heart Patterns are created differently from the ego

It is always challenging to be real

in the face of an overwhelming societal pattern that isn’t :-)……

We live in a time where speaking authentically gets an uncomfortable response…..


We simply get comfortable with the uncomfortable 🙂

Great reads I am experiencing

Cellular Awakening by Barbara Wren

Moontime by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe

Two books with ancient wisdom that is our ancestry and it’s time is here and now

It is initiation time ~ time to burn off our fear by facing it

We have come through the dark ages and are heading for more light

We create new light circles

We head into new worlds

we pioneer new frontiers

Often this is painful

It gets easier

We recover quicker

We are re-calibrating our vehicle

Be brave

and go for the jugular ……

Your own vein

our blood

Feel the pain

Feel it all

Go as deep as you can

Do the opposite of ego directions



go to the oily deep stuff

that putrefies

and purge

from within

from this space

our wings are born

ready for us to fly high

We are in the last two days of the Mayan Solar Moon

We go into Red Planetary Moon on the 4th of April for a month where we see what our energy has shaped for us

Keep those Capricorn hooves firmly on the ground, nose to the grindstone, one step at a time

and intend to open your heart by going forward now

Love to you today Moon seeds

Dare to Dream

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