White Planetary Wizard ~ the new year energy


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

White Planetary Wizard 

Day 10 of the

Red Serpent Wavespell 


we had this day ~ November 08 2014

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My Red Serpent Wavespell blog ~ Awakening to love

I awake today with the realisation that this day is very significant 

I knew this on some level when choosing as my Persephone Path Workshop day

and I didn’t realise how until the early hours of today 

My workshops ~ even though some of them are now not in person but via ebook and Skype

all have an energetic 

time sensitive basis 

This is because what I am learning to live

I am sharing  and I am learning about the divine matrix code through working with

The Mayan Wavespell


When we are present

When we are in the here and now 

When we clear our hurtful history that is holding us in the past

When we create new beliefs as a result 


We become a clearer and clearer conduit 

A download stream for the divine 

We intuit 

We feel 

We access our 6th sense 

We are in balance in our masculine and feminine 

As an automatic outcome of this process

We let go of the process of being balanced outside 

Alter ego’s showing up


Arch enemy archetypes

Extreme Masculine

Extreme Feminine 

There is no match of that required 

Because our ego process is expanding and evolving

Maturing and open to new learning 

This takes time



It also comes with the timing of the universe

and our personal unique pattern

The more we open to this process and the more we see

the amazing mechanism that we are a part of 

and we realise that we can choose to surrender to it ….

or fight it 

Once we go into this conscious realm we realise resistance is futile in this magnificent matrix 

The only choice we have is what level of the game

do we choose to play at ?

We are here as part of the universal design

Each year on July 26 we begin a new Mayan Sign 

At the moment we are in

Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy 

We are in a completion year ~ number 9

that began on July 26 2006


Red Magnetic Moon 


Awakening to the Beacon of light

The star seed that we really are 

Which is a whole different position to who our untrained ego believes we are 

Each Mayan Sign is part of a 13 day evolutionary code 

Next year we will be seeing the manifestation of our heart’s desire 


red overtone moon

The Midheaven in our Starcode 

Our natal chart 

People who are doing my workshop at the moment 

This is especially key for your conscious awareness 

The heart’s desire for the ego may be material

May be romantic

May be a move

May be a life change 


For the Soul it is our Soul Journey Life Mission

and how our personal journey is key

to evolving the world wide web of humanity’s evolution

From the inside out 

Letting go of conditioning through our Society’s concepts and literal brain washing

Letting go of conditional love and being bound by “shoulds” that create inauthenticity

Realisation of our shamanic capability 

Realisation of our power as creators of our reality 

Seeing the bigger picture as a result 

which is today’s energy of 

Blue Spectral Eagle 




White Planetary Wizard

is the manifestation day

of the

Red Serpent Code 

Here is a document I created about these codes

Red Serpent Wavespell

White Planetary Wizard

So what is happening now is key to the whole of that year ahead

This is one of two codes that is significantly about the dna process of relationship 

and it’s essential role in the evolution of the human being 

the very building blocks of our humanity 

the master codes


How we relate to ourselves determines everything


All of our life

Each one of us sees the world differently because of our life experience 


We cannot change our life experience 

We can learn to feel differently about it if we choose 

We can see how everything happens for a reason 

There is cause and effect 

also known as karma 

Free of any blame 

We can see how our lives have been shaped by actions

that were shaped by beliefs 

and that all of this information 

is written in the stars 

our personal birth chart reveals this 

Our Mayan information too

Once we start to look deeply at that which feels painful about our past

We cross a threshold 

We are ready 

to do 

The Great Work 

All that we feel is our weakness

is our strength 

As we work within to clear our channel to the earth and the stars

All is revealed 

It takes Courage 

We can do it 


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