White Mirror Wavespell ~ who am I ?


White Mirror Wavespell

is the refining Wavespell

in the Blue Castle of Transformation

The Heart of the Tzolk’in

Please click on the links to take you to websites with info to expand awareness if you choose

The websites are wholly independent of me

We are working with what has come up in the

Red Serpent Wavespell

immediately before this one ~ the opening Red Awakening code around relationships 

and of course all that has happened in this arena since we arrived

and in our human make~up dna of ancestral lineage

and in our past human being lives on our soul journey 

so a big melting pot of alchemical information

a magical stew 

This may seem huge at first sight 

the great thing is that all of that stuff starts

to pop up automatically 

when you start at the starting point …

which is always

the here and now

On one level that is all that there is


another perspective is

what is creating the here and now in each person…

and therefore the whole of planet earth

is this sum total of all there has ever been and will be 

a paradox and tricky to get one’s head around at first as our intellectual understanding

is very different to the universe’s consciousness and somewhat limited 

the more we free our mind and move it out of the way  we are creating heart and mind wisdom in balance 

so this also becomes clear


So when people design quick fixes and one point perspectives

here is a sure fire way to know

this is coming from ego

Nothing “wrong” with that 

It is what it is 

evolved spiritual wisdom it ain’t 

It’s a mask and a coping mechanism of the ego

to feel good in a challenging time and landscape 

which is understandable 

all coping mechanisms are understandable 

and help us survive

and at the same time they build walls around our heart

and all these walls keep everything out 

that our ego is afraid of 

because our ego does not want us to feel pain

when we feel pain it has failed in it’s raw ego form

it is designed to avoid anything that causes our heart to feel hurt

because without our heart 

we die 


when our heart feels broken 

it physically starts to change 

so there is a very positive intention for our ego not to want us to feel hurt


and it is a big but….

As we all know 

Sh*t Happens on planet earth

and the catch 22 is 

sh*t happens partly because human beings ego

is in denial of human beingness 

We are born as 



with an expiry date


we leave life on earth eventually 

and we do not know when or how

so we have learned to do lots of things that avoid that key issue 

There are other ways to work with this reality of the human being condition

that are being in the full acceptance of that place 


creating life with it 

how we feel about it 

and facing all our fears

feeling them

letting them go if we can 


Anything coming from fear based viewpoint is fear


ergo ego 



spirt don’t do fear because….

they do not have emotions


that is a human condition

that comes with the human package 

and why the soul requires a buddy 

to do it’s thang on earth 


Of course this is my offering and my belief as everything that comes out of me and my blog 


If it comes out of our mouth it is always in some way an expression of us 

That said 

Everything ultimately is channeled from the conscious soup of the universe

with our filter of perception interpreting it 

so how can we claim ownership? 

It is the Babel Fish principle in

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 

and the clearer our inner Babel Fish becomes

the easier it is for us to flow as individuals

being an open conduit free of our kundalini blockages

that were revealed in our

Red Serpent Wavespell


Imagine how life could be on planet earth if everything

were unfettered and free of this staged profit pyramid

holding back innovation

so that rich narcissists get richer

and control creativity 

limit expression simply

because that is a match for the majority of people

and their beliefs around their own limitations

and avoiding taking responsibility

and daring to go for the heart dream

and live their love

and that is the key to all of the dilemma

Having the courage of our convictions

and acting on them

and being prepared to look ridiculous and be different  

and learn new ways of being

admitting that we do not have the answers 


We have to be willing to go through the

black hole of letting go of this definition of life on earth social structure

in order to come out the other side 

and this requires

Letting go and going into the void 

which is what Scorpio time is about


So this Wavespell is essentially asking that deepest of all questions 


Who am I ?

 All that we see outside is a 3D version of our life so far

and our beliefs


So it can be a fabulous time for paying attention and becoming a master observer of our inner world ~ like a holograph reality show

Watch the circus ~ see the structure ~ take a bow and learn what makes us tick

Then….weave something new that serves us and our planet now

Something truly from the heart that is on crystal clear foundations coming from our soul space


This is the 13 day code of getting

to the heart of the matter of who we are

It is a master code that comes in the Seven Seals section of the Mayan Signs 

It is called Etznab and is number 18 = 9

The Gateway of the Seven Seals


The Gates of Ishtar

More about the Mayan Codes here on this great pdf ~ Ferrusca

It is the Master Gateway for transcending

the conventional conditioned belief system

that most people believe:

The world is simply how it is and unchangeable 

That I am how I am and unchangeable

That I therefore am xyz

and others are xyz

and I am dependent on others because of that

Aka Victim consciousness

carrying all the wounding of that and

with that emotional baggage comes certain behaviours

that match co ~ dependency 

This is the starting point of awakening

These codes of consciousness  do not  have any sort of awareness

about the ways of how they became the human being that they are today

and that they have at all times created their belief systems

from the minute they started to grow inside their mother

and  so do not realise yet

that as a creator of their human being self and how they interface with the universe from that place

by the very nature of that process



have the power to create different ones 

if they are willing to do what it takes and learn

Who we are right now 

What experiences created this way of believing and being for us 

Seeing ourselves reflected back 

This is very key at this Scorpio Sun time 

This integration gateway opportunity of super potency 

to connect to our Moon self


Depending on what roles you learned to play as a child there are many structures of this

If , for example, like me one of your coping mechanisms in your birth family

was to be a people pleaser

a fixer

a chalice

an empathetic listener

a sensitive

then you may have great difficulty defining who you are

because you rely on other people telling you who you are

and lots of beliefs and rules around who you “should” and “shouldn’t” be

How to know who is really me and who is a role playing mask me ?



Now there is a profound question 

That takes us on a journey of self ~ discovery


a life long quest 

and an adventure


If you share a similar birthdate to me

you may find this information very useful:

Chiron in Pisces 

Here is a great article on this which may bring some clarity

which was from April 20 2010 to July 20 2010


February 08 2011 to April 2018

for all people who were born in the 1960’s approaching their 50/51st birthday

this was a eureka moment for me in understanding my visit to Glastonbury

I came for the first time and went to an EFT conference on 17 April 2010  ~

Red Solar Moon day 

which is this Mayan Year ~ Red Solar Moon Year 

and this is the 9th evolutionary code of the initiating

Red Dragon Wavespell

It is the gateway to our authentic self 

This is the first Wavespell in the 260 day Matrix 

in it’s pure bare bones structure

I moved here in September 2011


and is key for me as to

what is happening for me now

around my sensitivity and boundaries 

with my 

Saturn in Pisces at 15 degrees 


Many kinds of fruits arrayed on a silver tray.
The inner kingdom seeks to come out. Everything is ripe and ready for emergence. There have been gathered many soul gifts in divergent worlds and now there is a harvest time, An immense earth force presses to the surface to release and reveal an underlying feeling tone of righteous triumph, exultant mastery, the gathering of the tribes. The frequency of sociocultural renewal, with everybody here together offering their best. A subtle, permeating tone underscores the outward power with mystic fervor, a deep and strong combination to make a difference and to carry through what is intended.


Chiron in Pisces at 21 degrees

Pagan fire worshippers dancing.
Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe–to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty–all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.


This also ties in once again to the energy of White Wizard

which keeps popping up in my threads


The planet 13 year cycle of Red Moon

will end in 2018

We begin the next refinement 13 year cycle

building on what we are doing now by refining it


so if you would like a life coaching plan direct from the Matrix of the Universe 

you may find this useful

White Magnetic Wizard

starts July 26 2019 


Time to get our inner Jaguar

ready to walk our talk

This is especially key for you if you are a White Wizard

Have White Wizard in your Castles 

Have White Wizard in your Wavespell ~ which is your life mission

This is all about allowing ourselves

to be a clear conduit

by clearing any

distorted ways of being

that come from ego frameworks of 

dishonesty and manipulation

and this isn’t a passive process people

it means facing our shadow behaviours and beliefs that are out of balance 




overcoming avoidance of looking oneself in the mirror

and instead

taking a good look at oneself  

and doing what needs to be done to be

A true blue selfie in the stark reality of direct light

with no holds barred

Mirror Mirror on the wall 

Who am I ?


Suggestion for self~enquiry


Look around and see who is in your circle and who tells you who you are ?

How does that feel ?

What emotions come up ?

What roles do you find yourself playing?

What does this remind you of from way back when…

What would you like to experience instead?

What could happen if you did?

What would be possible then?

What could you feel then?

and then ….

ask this future you potentiality

who is living the life of his and dreams in naked authenticity

shamanically  shape shifting and exploring brave new worlds

full of magic

What did you do to get to where you are today ?

ask and it is given

Maybe this involved  some of these:

 letting go of enabling others in a co dependent power trip

crushing others to quell fears

being the gushing fountain of the emotion that others are terrified to express

in case their insides come out 😉

so they step on you instead


like a tube of everlasting super feel juice to be the balm for the ego wound

and you allow it 

behaviour that  is simply so easy and familiar that it has happened automatically

and feels duty bound

like a sick siamese twin routine

doing a demonic

twisted sister dance

for eternity 

and at any time we can create a new dance

when we say no

that is enough

I am enough

you are enough

let’s own our own stuff 


work through it

We are done 

Then both parties get to grow and evolve

or find a new partner who will facility this hell on earth

until it becomes unbearable

I know what choice I am making 

and it means I have to toughen up 

and keep my heart open

and I am learning how to do that 

It isn’t a place I have ever been before

this new learning 

It is in a new land far far away 

from the fairytale version of me that I believed was real

but I know that part of me

who comes from a place

perhaps beyond the galaxy that is familiar to my personality

is willing to help me every step of the way


As long as I am willing to trust that I can do it

and be open to new ways of being

red moon1

This is the huge Moon Wave that is turning the tide 

and it’s what we came for 

to feel to heal

to bring the codes of the sacred feminine in

by being them 

Proactively doing the Wavespell

If you wish to actively partake in this Wavespell 

if you choose

you can use 

some documents I have designed for that purpose

I am doing this differently this time with a mini post each day that will make up the document at the end

so please subscribe if you want to connect each day 

Maybe you would like to share your experiences on my blog too

on my Facebook page ~ Flow with Jo 

please join this growing group 

Simply look at who is showing up in your circle 

you may want to set an intention

it begins on Wednesday November 11 2014

To tie into the Red Serpent Wavespell this is a week later on

Wednesday November 19 

is day 8 ~ integrate


which is Libra dark moon time

just before New Moon in Sagi on November 22nd at 0 degrees in the UK 

Another supercharged pure feminine injection of way showing fire of alchemical transmutation

Go within

Go deep 

See what is there seeking balance and healing and let go of being

disharmony destroyer

or the harmonic balancer rescuer

because this is what creates big shadow stuff

Go for Goddess



Lift the lid and be free 

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