White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 3


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 3 

Yellow Electric Sun

This is my original bigger picture blog about this

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Who am I ?

Today is the day of alchemy in every wavespell

Day 1 is the Initiation

Day 2 is the new learning coming in

Day 3 is combining the two to create a change in you 

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This is the amazing divinity matrix 

The Tzolk’in 

When you combine this amazing tool with Astrology 

there can be no doubt of it’s truth 

and if you choose to co create with the universe in this way

this will be revealed to you 

As we are in the Blue Castle of Transformation 

these wavespells are very powerful 

they literally hold the potentiality to create great change 

the key to that is the individual deciding to work at that level 


with intent 

and of course that is determined by several things 


A key thing is timing 

If it is the right time for you to do this you will know it 

and things will start to pop up 

pointing you towards key information



The more you start to learn about the structure of the universe 

by learning the language of the ancients 

by learning in particular about you and your code 

Your Astrology and Mayan Sign

and how your human being self works 

to allow more interaction with your Soul 

the more you can unleash your creativity 

and connect to the language of light and consciousness 

activate the parts of your brain 

and become the living embodiment of 

The Key of Life 


This process was known throughout time to a privileged few

Now it is opening up to all 

If we are willing to complete our circuit

and circle 


This is symbolic of the Ankh 

It is not an open ended cross 

It circles around 


so that we an an individual 

complete our circuit 

and heal our wounding

There are many cosmic systems that reveal this 

They have different words and names 

because they were created in different cultures

different times


their message remains the same 

For example

The Fool’s journey in Tarot 

We are The Fool 


The open hearted journeyer on the road of enlightenment 

The Fool is 0 in tarot numbers 

When the Fool sets off he goes through a series of stages of meeting archetypes 

Here is a link from Aeclectic Tarot that takes you through their interpretation

You can see that there are 22 Archetypes that The Fool encounters

The first 20 are like the 20 Mayan Signs 

They are comparable 

Today we are working with Code 20 archetype 

The Sun 


and also Code 3 

The Empress


This is the place of enlightenment that we visit over and over as The Fool

The Mayan framework is like a Rubik Cube 

We are human Rubik Cube’s 


It is all about the process

The journey

The Cycle 

It takes many movements and positions to create enlightenment 

Sometimes The Fool may feel lost 


Going backwards 

There are many things to learn before our Rubik Cube faces

are aligned in the same colour …

if ever in one lifetime

and that is perfect 

of course the ego mind gets frustrated with this

and as our Human Evolution Code 

has focused on the masculine and the ego for a long time now 

our individual process in conditioned society 

has an emphasis on this being led by the head and intellect 

and untrained ego

and this is key to remember that “truth”

cannot come from purely the written word

as most of the written word

comes through a human being that is conditioned hence the paradox 

and if we can

key to the intention we are creating with

Allowing the feminine to come through again

This isn’t new

It may be new to us is all 

and so we may find ourselves having an internal argument with these two very different operating systems 

This is great information

Remember that simple code of 

we do what we know 

and so 

what we have always been doing is what we know 

and has created who we are today

and if we want to create something else….

be something else

live something else

we have to learn something else 

and at the same time 

let go of the old self in some way 

We are not going to lose any learning in that process 

some people are afraid of losing themselves when they start transformational work


You are always in the driving seat 

You have always been making choices 

You chose to come here at this time to do this 

It may seem that other people have power over you 

this is all part of the process 

There are stark realities around this too 

We may not be able to change the world overnight 


We are still part of the process of this transition by what we do now 


We matter 

Once you start to get in the groove of this

getting our ego out of the way of it’s own past way of relating with the universe…

We can see everything in a whole new light 


free of our distortions 

free of our pain

free of our past 

To do this we have to feel our feelings 

Keep working with opening our heart 

Recycling all of this is the key 

This is where the power comes from



and this is the key to the enlightenment process

that most people cannot see yet 

because they are stuck in the old ego paradigm

of positive thinking

giving more than receiving out of programming and fear 

It is a black hole process of Chiron that creates new beginnings for real 



Another way to see these processes is to use the Astrological Wheel

This Wheel takes us on a process every day with different planetary energies 

and throughout the year

Again you can see the same codes in each Wavespell 

In this Code we initiate with White Mirror

which could be Gemini ~ the twins and an air sign 

The human self and the god self 


Day two ~ the challenge is Cancer ~ Blue Storm ~ our emotions that are often created from our shadow 

our past that is seeking healing



Day 3 ~ we have Leo 

How do we heal our shadow and let go of any perceived or real “wrong doings” in our life so far 

so we can be free of wounding 


The Sun gives us the light we need to live 

In Astrology the Sun is the planet /star of Leo 

In the Mayan the Sun Mayan Sign is the energy of the planet of Pluto 

this is key to the esoteric process of the soul transformation

Esoteric Astrology

so we can see a polar opposite here and the metaphor  

 is revealed in this picture:

This is a picture of Leonardo da Vinci 


whose history is very interesting 

many people focus on his genius 

and do not see the alchemical cauldron that gave rise to this 

The fact that he was a bastard and autodidactic for example are key

and also the deeper meaning or possible implications of how he felt about himself and his life are often overlooked in the surface recounting of “facts” about his known life

When one has a different perspective and goes deeper as to the bigger picture of that

it is possible to see a very different angle of how he came to be an alchemical master

If you choose to go down this route or are going down it

you will be joining this

magical circle of the ones who are different


Far from the Madding Crowd

free from playing by social rules to a greater degree

but also having to deal with the people who wish to impose them on you

You will start to see that in all of the major art works

there are hidden messages and codes in plain sight  

The Cookie Trail is there laid by those who came before

Another member of this “message in plain sight and rebel paintings” is Michelangelo

whose painting The Creation of Adam is significant to today’s Astrology

If you read about The Sistine Chapel and follow your own cookie trail

I read The Sistine Secrets  by Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner


there is a video about this here 

of course we all see through our perception filters

and you will see whatever you see 

I do not have any religion and intend to see the structure underneath which I believe is a metaphor for the human evolution process that has been interpreted in religion with a specific ego intention which is not about freedom of the individual but a polar opposite and co dependent system I do not believe this is “wrong” I believe it is what it is and I choose to let go of co dependent relationships structures and align directly with my source 😉

you will find that what is happening today

is a never ending story in our history

where those that have the power

that comes from ego based process of religion and wealth

as back then…

in the Vatican and the Medici family

used that power to coerce the people who were talented artists

and the artists created things they really did not want to

for people that they feared and loathed ~ 

(Michelangelo it is said in this book ~ was a sculptor not a painter ~ did a pretty good job though ?
Went out of his comfort zone ?
Left a legacy for our learning today too )

and did many passive aggressive things hidden in their work to redress that ~

it is the age old process of how we are learning about dishonest relationships 🙂 


The Creation of Adam


The Yod  in Astrology is also known as

The Finger of God 

I learned about this in my Astrology group last night

I am not an Astrologer 

I am learning about this 

So forgive me if I do not present this info in a certain way

My Astrological Group Creator is Carolina Lamus and I love the group in Glastonbury 

It reveals so much amazing information for us

and helps us see a bigger picture of what is happening in the heavens 

that is affecting us on earth 

If you believe Astrology is airy fairy and dismiss it 

please check out it’s history and you will see it is anything but 

It comes from people watching the planetary movements for years 

and I am currently reading about this in Mary English’s book

How to Lavish a Leo 

The Babylonians watched the skies from Towers on flat plains with great views of the cosmos and land around them
and recorded information about what was happening up above and on planet earth
in a practical experiential way 
over a very long period
that created observed patterns 
if we were to go back to that way for weather forecasting 
en masse 
we would see a very different picture too 
Believing that new technology holds the key to everything is 
out of balance 
Our Ancestors were not behind the door at anything 🙂 
It is simply a different way 
and this is where the feminine also comes in 
just like every living creature 
we have the ability to sense when things are coming such as storms 
we don’t need a weather programme to do that 
we have to be able to tune in 
and allow it 😉


So last night I learned about this planetary alignment that is rare 

a Yod 


A group of unrelated signs in the same house

This was key to yesterdays energy

where there were so many planets in water

and the Chiron transits I was talking about in the main post  

The Moon was in Waning Leo ~ still is today

Are we doing the drama still ?

Are we ready to heal our heart and stop doing the drama 

free ourselves up from it 

Stop procrastinating

Take the next step with courage 

Start to transform our ego and let go of believing it is running the show ?

The Moon in Leo is in the Second House which is all about possessions on one level 

blog about the mundane here

Face value ?


If you are ready to let go of what you have built so far 

If you are ready to let go of anyone or anything to move forwards 

This is the heart path

this is the process

this is what it takes to walk the talk 

If you are not that’s ok too because

all is of value


all is necessary for the web to be woven

Heart tree

Remember that to be the alchemist 

one has to be prepared to walk the road less travelled 

and go into the places 

where most will not go 


This is what the ego fears most of all 

death of itself 

and to truly come into balance 

this is what has to happen 

It is what it is 

What do you choose ?

To bring this back to your personal day to day journey 

What happened on the first day of  your initiation ?

What showed up yesterday to guide you ?

A person maybe 

An emotional event ?

One of the things that happened to me was needing to tape my poly tunnel because of the Storm 

As I went into it a large rat scuttled out 


I have caught glimpses of him from time to time 

this time he was very close 

He has been feasting on my sunflower seeds 

and there are none left 

He’s munched his way through the lot 

In the past I would have had an emotional response to this 

about him

about me 

about not fixing the poly tunnel 

this time I accepted it 

fixed the rip 

did what I could 

and saw myself where I am right now 

and what I needed to learn from this 

I am getting big lessons at the moment 

I am intending to heed them 

The Rat likes eating seeds 

he doesn’t have boundaries 

he goes wherever he wishes and can 

he doesn’t do ownership and it is nothing personal to me he would be like this regardless as he is an animal however this is very different to human beings relationship

If we feel personally slighted by anything then it is personal in that respect and we can choose to clear it and if it is a relationship issue we can choose to enquire further as to “right relationship” 

as to balance

respect and self empowerment 

If someone is bullying me 

abusing me 

it is very personal indeed

and I will stand up and speak out about this

If we are feeling disrespected this can still feel true even though it isn’t logical

and this is key to understanding this

the emotional mind does not do logic it is a pattern matcher

so it doesn’t matter to the emotional mind if it is a Rat or a person ~

it simply triggers the pattern being “unsafe” and triggers the fight or flight mechanism

once we become aware of this and use it we see the world differently

and understand that everything that seems to cause us pain

is the path of our salvation so we work with it and embrace it but until we understand this naturally we will not 

Here is a video I made about Triggers 

More about The Rat animal totem here 

Remember we are in a huge holographic matrix 

that reveals us in every moment 

once we start to see our world in this way 

it becomes so much more magical 

and it can trigger fear simply because it is new information


if you choose to use tapping it helps

us do the alchemy process and write new codes 

We are forging new pathways

in the human evolution now

from each one of us doing the process


Feeling our fear and understanding it is the key 

We start to see what is holding us back from moving forwards because of our past 

and we can work with it 

and move on 


Wishing you an amazing day of Alchemy 

The Sun is shiny here in Glastonbury 

The sky is blue 

and the storm has passed 

for now 

Remembering those Sunflowers and knowing that if by the grace of the universe

I am here next year I can enjoy growing some more

and if I am not

I will be somewhere else and so what will it matter ?


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