White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 4


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 4

Red Self Existing Dragon

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Day 4’s are about structure

In this new myth being written

this code is about learning to be free from co~dependency 



This is the code for the structure of

The Matrix 

The divinity code synchronising tool

we can use 

to help us traverse our path 

and see clearly as to 

what we are working with on our journey of self~discovery 

Our literal

Guide to the Galaxy 

and within this code are the answers to everything


the meaning of life 


Each day as we connect to the code of all that is 

We are in direct connection

and we start to receive

pertinent information for this exact time and space 

which is also known as synchronicity 


Being in alignment with all that is 

and actually seeing it 

aware of it 

tuning in


consciously communing with consciousness 

That is a bit of a mouthful 😉 

It is difficult to put many of these concepts into words at the moment

because this is consciousness being experienced

and is more of a touchy feeling thing

so doing what I can on that score 


Red Dragon is the Source Code 

The Creator code 

The initiating code

for what is coming in to be created

through each one of us 

doing the actually manifesting of it 

Through our actions 

Our actions stem from our behaviours

Our behaviours come from our beliefs

Our beliefs come from our experiences

which largely come in childhood 

from our caretakers beliefs and behaviours and actions with us 

These codes

like computer codes 

are embedded in us 


just like computer codes 

we can rewrite them 

We are now at a key stage in our human evolution

where we have enough human experience 

and awareness 

and tools for consciousness

and sharing this information instantly 

We have the technology

so everything is there in the structure 

All conditions are met to birth 

the next stage of our emotional evolution 

The Heart Chakra



Which basically means we are launching the next layer of learning

moving away from duality


by healing our emotional events that create our shadow 

so we no longer need them in our playground of learning 

This will take a while 

The answers and models will come 

as we go through each gateway individually 

and in turn 

this will change the collective 

This means each one of us has to be willing to commit to that process

It is challenging 

It is also amazing 

Astrology today

We have gone into Virgo Moon in the UK ~ just in at 1 degree as I write this 

It is waning moon 

A volcano erupting at night.
Burning through the restrictions of the day. Taking on and transmuting the world of ordinary consciousness. Inwardly erupting with all that it leaves out, you become a conduit for the suppressed, the repressed, and the denied facets of self and life. Exposing yourself to the onslaught of conventional ideas and their consequences. Aching and longing to turn the world around, you are given to subtle or obvious ways to channel and express what lives inside, you feel intensively committed to bringing it all together within the ordinary compass of everyday life. Saturated with deep impressions of what this Earth is moving through, you are being given the chance to stand in for that–to bring it, and perhaps even to become it.

So we leave the fire of Leo


by Scorpio

Sun of consciousness


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet 

and we see the manifestation incarnate

in the

sacred feminine earth of Virgo 



This is also key to understanding oneself through knowing one’s natal chart ~

where the stars were at your birth

It is also key to the returning Sacred Feminine 

Most people know their Sun Sign 

For the majority it is as far as they go 

knowing one’s Moon Sign is a role different experience and essential to shadow work

This is our shadow 

our veil

our feminine 

where our balance lies

where our power is

where the adventure is waiting to be discovered

all the opposite

the paradoxical

all that we believe is our greatest weakness

is in truth where we find our greatest strength

and what we are all here to heal now to bring back the balance


Healing our Mother issues 

Healing all our experiences of feeling




different ~ in a “bad” way 


cast out 

telling truths people do not want to face 

so being the sacrificial lamb 


the scapegoat 

On a deep emotional level

feeling we do not belong 

and then our heart bringing us lots of events throughout life that match this belief about ourself 

which creates even more wounding 


eventually we decide to enquire within upon everything 


and determine for ourselves

What on earth is going here ?

This is the crossroads moment 

This is the enlightenment experience initiating


Everything has led us to this place 

and this is when everything starts to transform

At this point we are embarking on the soul journey that we came here for 

We are ready for The Mystery 

Ready to unravel our mystery 

and unlock the doors of our perception through doing this 

We are 

The Stargate 


We are the love we seek 

We are the way through to understanding

All that is 

and through our own personal alchemical transformation

All The Mysteries are accessed 


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet 

This is the only way to knowing

Is to Know thyself 



Here is a lunarium

so you can find out your Moon Sign

if you do not know it


You can also check out what Moon energy is there in any date

Here is a link for Darkstar and Moon phases UK

My Moon is in Taurus

and in the Mayan I am a Magnetic Moon 


Hathor info

The Mayan Wavespell also has it’s feminine Sign

and although the Wavespell is continually spiralling

so has a different Mayan energy for each year of your birthday

Your Mayan Moon Sign remains the same as the Moon Calendar has fixed dates 

I am just starting to go deeper in exploring this myself 

Here is a decoder for the Mayan Sign day:

Foundation of the Law of Time ~ decoder

and if you put in a date you will see at the top

it also gives a Moon code with the number of the day of that moon 

In terms of the Moon potency in degrees 

Here is an article about the physical movement

When the moon goes into a sign we call it a New Moon and it is at it’s most potent at 0 degrees 

again we have The Fool energy to use the Tarot archetype 

There are different frameworks for

The Moon 

generally speaking it goes through a cycle of around 28 days ~ 29 days and spends approximately 2 and a half days in each Astrological Sign

Within each sign is goes through a cycle of degrees from 0 to 30 

The energy starts very potent at 0 and becomes softer until 30 

Here is a website revealing interpretations of the degrees

More about timing here

In the Mayan Framework there are 13 Moons 

Each Moon energy lasts for 28 days 

Each Moon has an energetic mission and potentiality and as it moves so fast we can see how it is changing our lunar landscape within and how we feel differently over a period of a few days

if we allow ourselves to feel

If we are a menstruating woman then this is also key to being in tune with our natural cycles if we allow them

There is a document I made about this

Mayan 13 Moons pdf


My Resources page on this blog

The 13 energies are the same for the Mayan Sign

and the

13 days in a Wavespell process

The same in a 13 year cycle 

In Mayan speak the numbers are called


and you can find out more about them here

Ferrusca pdf

Once you start to learn this

it will all come together eventually 

It is simply new learning if you choose and the rewards are profound 

Generally speaking the Moon cycles are in four stages 

Four weeks each with a different stage of fecundity

The first week we have the New Moon coming into being ~ which actually starts with dark moon

the most psychic time to tune in within and prepare for what is coming into manifest 

at this time the new moon has no light cast on earth

it is veiled 

if you are wanting to work powerfully with intention

be still at this time and contemplate 



prepare the nest 



go to ground 

The New Moon energy is in alignment with the Sun sign it is in 


in the

next few days it is ripening and light is coming so the inner world

we have been in touch with takes shape 

We have thoughts

We have dreams 

We have desires

and if we choose we can share them with the world and take action

Coming up to the first week ~

day 7 is a magical mystical time to do this


Then the seed that we have planted starts to grow

and we can support it by doing whatever we feel to do 

going out sharing it with like minded souls 

and refraining from forcing our will on it if we can

It will happen if it is meant to happen and if we are truly doing what we love 

then we are truly connecting to our soul mission 

so when everything aligns 

at the perfect time 

it will flourish 

this may take many moons 

Doing the process:

We learn to do what it takes 

have faith

be in balance 

and let go of being attached to it


The more we are free from co dependency code

the easier it becomes to do this process

We do what we love from true heart 

rather than ego desire 

which is a very different energy 

and it takes a while to do this as we are doing our inner process

getting clear of the co dependent conditioned ways

People who live as truly free spirits

by their very nature

do not 


and so the ones who are dependent on people being needy

have an issue with this way of being 🙂

If the needful society no longer exists then people who trade on this

are out of business


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

As the Moon starts to wax 

She touches our ocean within

Our emotional body becomes more and more activated

Depending on which Moon Sign we have 

will also affect this 

The Full Moon in our Sign is a very potent time 

The Full Moon takes us back to when the Sun was in this sign in the earlier part of the year

so we can complete what was started then

So for example this month we are heading towards

New Moon in Sagittarius at a super potency of 0 degrees

This is on the 22nd of November in the UK


It culminates in Gemini as a Full Moon on Saturday 05 December in the UK 

So we will be going back to

Gemini time 

May 22 to June 20 

This is especially meaningful to me and I understand this more now as I am learning this myself

I have just had my Full Moon in Taurus 

My North Node is in Gemini and my South Node in Sagittarius

North Nodes of the Moon are key to our life purpose

and South Nodes to last lives

and what we are letting go of in this life

So another big wave coming for me as to where I am heading in relationship

first and foremost with myself 

and how I choose to do relationships now

which is very different to how I used to

on all levels

particularly with my soul self 


As I learn to respect myself 

take responsibility for myself and my choices

and learn to listen to my feminine intuition 

I become free of needing other people to do that for me 


to rely on mood altering activities 


I feel whatever I feel 

and be ok with that 

Full Moons are very emotional times 

This is also key to the Mayan Year

we are in


Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

This is how understanding these frameworks and information

can help us understand what is happening 

when it is happening 

and this is key

to self~empowerment 

and part of our discovery process


questioning everything to understand what lies beneath

because our current society co dependent pattern

relies on people doing the opposite of that 

accepting what we are told without question

like children 

and this has relationship has now been shown to be abusive in many areas

Time to take our power back

Waning Moon times

which is now

we are receiving what we have seeded in the first two weeks

It is time to rest and regenerate as much as we can

time to contemplate

and see what is serving us by what is manifest in our world 

This is the natural order of things as to nature 

The cycle and pattern are universal 

How this energy affects each one of us is highly individual

In the Mayan today we have gone into a New Moon 


Overtone Moon is the fifth Moon

The Heart of the matter 

Leo energy

Where we can take the square of force that has been compressing us

in the first four moons

and decide how we are going to weave with it 

We have the opportunity to create a circle with it 

if we are ready to heal

stop resisting


feeling pressured 

by healing within


to be fully open and feel everything

takes great courage 

It isn’t something we learn in this world in most arenas

We learn how to hide ourselves 

wear masks

tell lies 

learn protection

and believe we cannot be who we are

that we cannot do what we love 

and that in turn creates heart break 


In truth this is simply a place of deception

woven through our collective denial of the ego palace

For those who dare to dream and take action 

and go through the valley of death 

the goddess is always there in

The Secret Garden


We are always held and loved by the Universe

 we can see it 

by removing the false beliefs about ourself 

and feeling whatever is simply wanting to be felt

so we can be free 

and know 

we are the universe

We are the love we seek


All it takes is

Faith in oneself 

and trusting the process 

All will be revealed



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