White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 5


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 5

White Overtone Wind 

Today we are in the heart of the Tzolk’in and moving down the central column

This actually started yesterday with

Red Dragon

Please click on the links to take you to other websites wholly independent of me 

and some of mine

So we are moving down the spine of the Matrix


White Wind is one of my Castles 

I had a 13 year cycle in this energy

I am now working with this in transformation

in my 13 year Blue Castle of Blue Hand 

So things are repeating 

Things are being revealed 

Things are up for re~shaping



White Wind is the second Mayan Sign 

In Mayan it is called Ik

It is the challenge and growth area 

for human beings 

to bring ourselves into balance 

to rise up from our fall from grace 

Forgetting who we really are 

God and Goddess energy 

in a human being avatar 

Having a human and spiritual evolutionary experience

and yet 

for a long time human beings have felt and lived separate from this truth

and most still are in that place and do not believe this

and ridicule those that do for whatever reason because there is no scientific proof

and not realising that science in itself is simply a belief too

and it’s an ages old opposition of  duality

when there is room for all beliefs

to come together in peace and respect

which is another balancing act of the heart and the mind

honouring the differences

and letting go of “wrong” and “right”

old beliefs that highlight separation and feeling lost and less than


believing heaven is somewhere we go when we die

and we have to be good or we go to hell instead

when often hell is what we are living daily

that there are higher powers that are punishing entities

and that human beings have to live in fear of these powerful beings 

and so that is our current state of play 

in carnate on earth 

These are very child like beliefs that match co dependency

and needing to be parented

by others who know better because of fear of taking responsibility

and admission of fear and not knowing

when in truth this is simply old news

that goes with imbalance and actually when we admit that often we feel like a child in an adult’s body

there is such a release and relief 

and freedom


now with this honesty code

we are coming back in

with the sacred feminine

Today we have the perfect heavenly happening of course 

Venus has gone into Sagittarius 


Pic Botticelli ~ Primavera

Hidden message in the picture ~ the process of Spring that we can be doing now to free up our heart 

In this picture there is so much wisdom especially with regards to the flowers

and the healing that their code brings

especially when co creating with them in food

in perfume

in creating healing gardens

in essential oils lovingly applied to the body 

Myrtle is a key Goddess oil


Time for some light in the love learning

Time for some fire 


burning off the dross

the excess

the wounds being laid bare 

Here is a great blog about this from Bill Attride

Once we start to examine the information we have

encoded in old information

we can see a different translation is possible with a different perspective

and fresh eyes


When we stop fooling ourselves

false bravery


lies essentially


and admit how we really feel about ourselves and our life 

Standing in front of a mirror naked is a great exercise

listening to the inner thoughts 

listening to our ego when we say 

I love and accept myself exactly as I am

My life is perfect 

I am perfect

Notice how that feels 

Does it feel true ?

What does our body do ?

Are we enough ?

Or is there lots of churning going on and denial? 

Here is where the prima materia of the alchemist is found 

This is the key to our personal freedom


If you choose start to work with that

information and tap with it 



Even though I do not feel perfect I am choosing to start and love and accept myself exactly as I am if I can

Even though maybe part of me feels I have failed in areas and I could have done better 

the truth is I have done what I have done 

I am who I am 

and I am choosing to love and accept all that I am

and let go of feeling bad about myself in any way 

Is that possible ?

What if I could ?

What if I could learn to live in a way that I feel free ?

Free to be the real me ?

Free from “shoulds” 

Free to live my life in a way that may be different to the majority 

Free from old rules 

Free from my self imposed limitations 

Free from relationships outside of me determining my inner joy 

Another exercise you can try if you choose

is to say this statement to yourself in the mirror 

with full eye contact 


Be still and know that I am God 

with the full intention that this is you saying this to you as a creation force of the universe 

Notice what conditions and emotions arise 

especially if you have been conditioned with religion

Is there a fear you will be struck by lightening ?

Is there a fear you will be reduced to salt by some omnipotent being full of rage ?


if you want to free yourself by transforming this code and emotion

record this information and start to tap on it being gentle with yourself

and going at your own pace

You are revealing deep core programming so please take full responsibility

for your emotional well being if you do this

as it is powerful work

and will bring things up to be processed

with any emotional work we can experience a healing reaction of the body as just like a massage the stuff we are releasing goes into our body systems

to be cleansed by our lymph and released  good tips are to keep ourself hydrated

with gentle water intake and allow plenty of rest and recuperation afterwards

so maybe not partying

or going in very stimulated experiences where full attention and lots of energy required 

Even though I have a fear of my own power 

Maybe because people in power have abused me 

and I do not want to become anything like them

I truly and deeply love and accept myself 

Even though whenever I have tried to speak my truth in the past

other people have rejected me 

told me I was wrong 

told me I couldn’t be me in some way 

I am choosing to feel that now and let go of these emotions safely 

Even though I often felt like I was an alien in my family 

and all I wanted was to be heard



I am letting this out now so I can feel it and heal it 

It is ok to be me 

It is ok to be different 

Even though I am not the same as my family 

I am equally able to be valued and speak my truth in society 

I matter 

I may have felt I was not loved 

Is this even true ?

Can I be free of this belief that I am not loved 

and learn to love myself 

find new ways to create relationship now 

in a healthy balanced way for me that serve me and others are respectful honest


coming from a place of truth and integrity 


This is key to today’s energy and understanding 


We all have conditioning and code 

and we all have the perfect life mission

all is equal

all is valid

each one doing their thing is essential for our evolution

No thing can make a human being change 

no person can inflict their will

through the complete being of another

all religious history reveals this

no matter what is done to that person on the outside 

the spirit remains and yet people are still trying to do this

ignoring the evidence because it is so ingrained

and a deep pattern in our collective psyche and when you have a belief

that someone has all the answers and you have to obey then

it is true because that is how it works and… we all have a part that says no to that

and we all have a part that says What if ?

Thing is …. do we choose to turn the volume up on that

and start to listen to that whispering wind of spirit calling us ?

so when it is the perfect time 

each one of us makes a choice 

hears the calling to go within

there is no dark night of the soul

it is a misnomer

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

it is the dark night of the ego 


Pic Medusa by Caravaggio

Over coming deep programming is not easy because it is our comfort zone

it is familiar 

it is known

If we have been getting our emotional needs met

a certain way for forty years then that is ingrained


it doesn’t matter how much or logic tells us to not do that thing

our emotional mind says 

do it 

F*ck it

it works and of course it does in the short term

and we get to feel good for a while

and there is always a price to pay for that later

that gets bigger as we age and avoid doing the thing

that is getting louder

It is a magic ritual for bliss

short term and our planet ultimately

pays the price for the shiny new fix

that is a sticking plaster

for a deep deep collective wounding


The Cosmic Code is changing now 

and this is going to become much stronger 

and the results seen very quickly manifest 

We are here to witness that and be consciously aware of it

What creates what 

All the ancient myths reveal this and at this time we are here to actually live it

so we can birth the new dawn


We cannot really lie to ourself anymore

because all the evidence is there 

on the world stage

of the ego living it’s lie 

and believing it is more powerful than death 


the universal cycles 

Big messages to get our attention


The truth is 

If we do not change from the inside 

on all levels 

through transforming our shadow 

then nothing on the outside can change 

That is the teaching of this Wavespell 

and on this day we are in the mastery zone 

of turning the square of opposing forces

into a circle 

over and over and over 

If you are an Overtone Mayan Sign

or an Overtone Moon

this is key for you 

Revealing the soul mirror 



To see

The diamond that has been there all along 

and paradoxically created on our our alchemical soul journey 

Unravelling to remake 



All that we seek is within us 

When we work in a different way with the outside to change our inside

Everyone and everything is a gift to assist us on our alchemical journey 

Lucifer is Venus 

The Devil Card in tarot 


Our personal illumination journey

to free ourselves from our mind prison and truly get out of the ego box

out of the labyrinth 

be Chiron 

Tarot card number 5 on The Fool’s Journey


The Hierophant

which of course blends in so well to today’s energy


Perfect time with the planetary alignment and Moon in waning Virgo today

at 13 degrees in the UK

 as I write this 

A man with hair on his back.
Peppery, fiery, contentious, and spoiling for a fight. Born ready, shot from a cannon, one of a kind–volatile in the far extreme. Convinced of things. Taking sides, even inventing them, you are impelled by the polarized consciousness to be so fiercely partisan that the destructive overwhelms the constructive. Incited to riot by what is wrong with the world–not reconciled, not accepting, not at peace. Self-righteous and headstrong. In perfect moments, ebullient and magnificent and the most charming a being can be, much of the time you are feuding and bickering and blindly consumed by the lower mind. Keenly good at self-deception, the world’s best at blind self-fidelity. The perfect promoter of the unpopular cause. But you feel tormented by the way in which all of this perpetuates itself and cannot find freedom. You search for a way through, hungry for self-overcoming, and needing so badly to emerge from the thicket of the mind, to be affirmative of existence with no doubts making the world intolerable to sit in one more moment.

This is my degree of my Moon side of my

Uranus in Virgo at 13 degrees so key for me

and many people in my peer group as Uranus influences the collective

Mindfire explains here

Uranus opposition is key for the soul journey 

Uranus is in the opposite polar  place of where it was when we were born so activates our kundalini 

dark night of the ego 

if we are not living our soul mission this is brought to light 

this happens around the age of 42 

added together is 6 

balance time

For me this was in 2007 

when I started formal training in being a

Blue Hand Gateway 🙂 

So the opposite of Virgo

in the astrological wheel 

is Pisces 

Pisces is the place of dreams 

Christ consciousness 

deep feelings 

being highlighted as I have spoken of before with Chiron in Pisces transit at the moment 

the shadow side of this is addictions and boundary issues 

so key for me 

to learn to be discerning and believe in myself

Uranus was in Pisces in 2003 ~ 2011 

See this article 

this again ties into my calling to Glastonbury

and what I had to face about myself

and how I relate

The Empress card in Tarot is key to this


Here is another bigger picture chapter of learning for me 

and for many I know this is not appealing at all

as I often get told 

and that’s ok 

Some people do not want all this info 

Some people do not want detail 

Some people do not want intense and deep 

and this is key 

We are all different 

I am a soul seeker 

and I choose to be relating on a deep level 

and I love that learning is infinite and endless 

and I am a human being who has ego like everyone else 

I mess up 

and I do not have the answers to all 

I am learning as I go 

through revealing and transforming my shadow 

and I love to be 

with fellow soul seekers who see me 


Great books on this are

Liquid light of sex by Barbara Hand Clow 

gifted to me by a fellow Blue Hand ~ thank you Penny 

at the perfect moment 

although I did not have a clue at first as to what was in that book 

but I was open to learning 

Here is a great article about this Virgo ~ Pisces axis that I have stumbled across today 

In the Mayan in 2007 on my birthday

this was my 12th year of my 13 year cycle of White Wind 

It started in 1996 

It is a portal 13 year cycle 

Red Crystal Earth was the year 

Which is my Red Castle and my awakening to myself 

Crystal is number 12 

The crystal clear structure revealed 

the true nature of our soul self 

This was also a galactic portal year and so a building block of my personal evolution

and in turn planetary evolution 

It is the crystal day of

White World Bridger Wavespell

which is the code of leaving old worlds on all levels

so we can create new ones

being clear of old code on the inside 

This often feels painful and we have to leave old ways and relationships behind

to allow this

which in turn brings up lots of fear initially for all involved

and the more we do this process the more we lose our fear

and keep moving into truth 

Being our balanced human being and soul self in love and acceptance of all of ourselves

so we therefore love and accept all of our other selves in the world

Without that acceptance of self

shadow self is manifest 

Living without love is painful



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  1. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your kind words lovely x I would love to meet up too ~ not sure when that will be but perfect timing when that happens. Hope all is shining for you xxx


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