White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 6


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 6

Blue Rhythmic Night 

If you are a Blue Night

this is your 13 day strand of your essence

of being in balance

this is your

White Castle of the Mirror

Enquiry could be :

How do I feel about what is coming back to me ?

What am I receiving right now for the universe that I am ?

Do I feel I belong on planet earth ?

Do I feel that I can be powerful ?

Do I recognise that I am the conscious dreamer creating my reality ?

Deep questions today as we are in the realm of the deep Scorpio Searching for Soul energy ~

dark moon is beckoning and here lie the secrets of the New Moon in Sagi fire that arrives in the UK on the 22nd.

This ties in with a historic date that I was made aware of this morning when a song started playing in my head Sunny 

Here is Stevie’s version

If you read the info about the song  in the link above

you will see how this links to President John Kennedy’s death in 1963

In the Mayan this was on the initiation of 

The Yellow Star Wavespell

This event has allowed so much truth to surface about society 

Neptune is now going direct and so there may be some clarity appearing

as to what is no longer feeling useful in practical Virgo waning Moon

Archetype 6 in tarot is 

The Lovers 

When we are playing the old myth story of 

Romeo and Juliet 

We can get lost in being typecast 

and this can get tiresome and heavy energy 

Fine for young “fools” on their 

first cut is the deepest role 

bearing our soul to another

with romantic beliefs 

that are straight out of a poetry book 

and full of star crossed lovers 

The Fault in our stars

is a very different experience 

If we are needing to be rescued then what type of person are we going to attract ? 

If we are needing to rescue is the rescued person going to be capable of being an adult ?

Interesting deeper questions that take us on an opening

to what is potential


Hollywood roles generally historically have been

Simple code and a performance 

Including some actors who turned politician’s ~ same thing ?

No blurry bits 

Traditional and easy to play in principle

and…. real life is not like that now

as we go into the ever increasingly

complex circles of the Aquarian Age

people are not so simple

and there is rarely a lasting happy ending  

people are not like that 

True Romance 

what is that ?

Do I want to be a damsel in distress?

Do I want to be a hero being superman?

Do I see myself as the Mother of the World ?

Am I the sexy siren or the whore who wants more ?

Am I the father figure ?

This is key to understanding

what lies beneath these stereotypes 

What has given rise to us playing them ?

Choosing what we believe is the “right” role

and who is damned and “wrong”

This constant news reel of rising to fame and falling from grace 

of the “chosen ones” in our society

What is our heart’s desire free from the ego spin story 

and are we willing to become a role model to create a new world ?

When we have been on the world stage for a while 

we can actually see our patterns of relationship if we choose


in today’s society of multiple marriages

random relationships

booty calls 

one night whatevers 

and extremely controlled polarities in certain parts of the world 

the whole enchilada and spectrum is visible

How many people are living their dream?

How many are going through the motions?

How many feel totally alone and unloved and do not have a clue what to do ?

Beliefs and expectations blown apart….

with a broken heart 

and believing deep down that they aren’t worthy 

Maybe everyone some times ?


When we get to mid life and things haven’t turned out as we planned as a young adult 

there can be a huge sense of loss 

often this comes from people who were supposed to behave in a certain way 

and they didn’t 

and we didn’t 

So today is about how we can do this inside of us instead 

by getting to know ourselves 

and what we have taken on as beliefs about the world 

and maybe cutting 


the universe


some slack 

especially ourselves 



These over inflated expectations are creating a deficit on mother earth’s resources and if we are ready we can look to our own feelings of lack to reverse this trend and let go of the so called American Dream

which is simply a nightmare

Time to create an inner support instead

and let go of seeking

imbalanced unhealthy support from others



power tripping 

If we have a dream to be all that we can be truly from the heart

free of attachment

free of needing praise

free of seeking adulation and validation

then we know we are on the

:right track:


At the moment ego dreams lead

and are forced like winter rhubarb 


boosted with money and adverts 

propped up with so much energy 

in the same way we have been propping up false flags

and by middle age that way of living takes its toll and we scan feel burnt out

When we are in balance in our feminine 

we know to tune in and feel our way

and then

take action 

a totally different way 

to work with what is flowing through us 

In the Flow

Today I have been out with the Moon Garden group 

checking out the reclamation yards locally 

and feeling inspired about doing some fairs and markets next year 

with what we have up cycled and grown

Connecting with people in this way

is what floats my boat 

I do not want the world to be like me …

how boring would that be ?

I simply want to be me 

and be allowed to do that 

even though I may not be 

“the norm”

whatever that is 



My belief is we all want that 

to be loved and respected for who we are

and when we do that for ourselves



when each one is in balance 

Then the dream is here 





Until then

we are all in this process 

and the more conscious each one becomes of their own process

that their stuff

is something that only they can do something about 

the more joy we will have on earth

and the less we have projections of shadow 

and we see

that the power of love 

is within us 


Here is to the light returning


Once we start to get clear about codes 

we can see how others have different dreams

and how each person is valuable

in our dream making

manifest process

because they reveal our beliefs by how they relate to us 

and whether we choose to receive in that way

which is why human relationship

is so key to this whole bigger picture

and is very self evident once we see the pattern

in our family ancestry

and how we are repeating it

in a very similar vein

because that is how the codes work

green heart

Here is my cat Arnold 

who is 

very content 

simply being in my drier 

when it is warm 

he does not understand how it works 

but he knows how he feels 


He is looking to get his comforts met

and he doesn’t care how that happens

In the Reclamation Yard today 

I was reminded of a scene from Narnia 

The Snow Queen 

who froze her subjects in her garden 

See what you think





I am finishing this link today with a message from one of the boards

that felt so true for me ~ maybe it will for you as you ponder it’s message 



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