White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 7


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 7 

Top of the pyramid 

Yellow Resonant Seed

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This is my 200th blog which is so magical

and what an amazing day I have had

in the Sagittarius part of the  Glastonbury Zodiac 

totally out of the blue 

with the sun shining through after several rainy grey days

Today I am reminded how everything can change 

and the universe reminds us that new surprises are always coming

from things that have been seeded many moons ago


This is the second time this year I have been here 

this time was with new friends and a different area of it 

Following the cosmic cookie trail today 

and being spontaneous 

Today is a real mini blog as I am tired

and just been watching a sort of Sagi film

which is very emotional 

filmed in Mexico 

Man on Fire 

amazed that this is ten years old 

I do not like the violence

and there is a lot of brutality

I cry all the way through at the relationship 

between the lead characters

with a soundtrack that shares similarities with Gladiator

it tugs at my heart strings around the terrible tragedies going on in our world 

because of the great imbalance in society 

and how that plays out 

and how we can see this playing out over centuries 

and yet 


beneath those ego masks 

there is still love possible in the most unlikely places

and often unexpectedly blooming 

between human beings despite the most adverse of circumstances

this is the absolute glory of what it is to live a life open to potentiality

and seeing the soul

the star seed that is always there

under that husk of protection


and sometimes that prevails against all the odds once the crack of light gets in

Today we are still in Sun in Scorpio 

Moon in Libra is coming in 

currently at 12 degrees waning in the UK

The burning of a bough of sage.
Wishful thinking. Hoping for the best. Looking toward a new start. Naive and gullible, you are suspended, quiet, receptive, and lacking in discernment. Desiring with authentic feeling to bring a resonant impulse to bear, yet hobbled by blind fervor and tunnel vision. Prone to easy ways out and ideological positions. You are oddly poised between sheer reflective inwardness and exaggerated attempts to come out with ways to get on with the shared reality. A bit confused and at a loss. But charming, endearing, appealing, well-intentioned, and idealistic in ways half delusional and half genuinely restorative.

In Glastonbury the veil is so thin 


It is the Heart Chakra

Everything seems possible

so many here are in touch with their heart and intending to open to love

It is possible to be like a child again 

open to possibility 

free of old worn out paradigms 


believing in all those things that you may have loved

when you were young and let your imagination lead 

Sometimes it can be easy to drift and go out of balance

free float 

like a dandelion seed 

so balance is key to remain well and functional


On the seventh day we are in the realm of the mystic

This is the number of the mystic gateway of

Blue Hand 


Mayan Sign


So you may have been tuning in to what is seeking release

that star seed within you that is yearning to break free

unleash creativity 

be soft 




We have been in this Mirror energy for a week now

and tomorrow is a big day 

Red Galactic Serpent 

where we can focus on integrating our relationship issues


intimacy  and taking all those layers off



Today you may have had something that has broken through 

and it is worth remembering that we are here

to lighten up 

Set our heart on fire



The more we work on those root chakra heavy vibes


because it is the time of the dark half of the year

in the Northern Hemisphere 


The more energy we can free up in the Spring time



To fly high we first go deep 

look within for the treasure you seek


Our life is a reflection of our inner world

Love to you and your mystical ways

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