White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 8


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 8

Red Galactic Serpent

Today is the day of integration

which is also key to The Scorpio Gateway we are in

~ it is all interlinked

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that are wholly independent of me

This day ties in directly to the last



Red Serpent 

which began on October 30 2014 ~ The day of the challenge of that was day 2 ~ Halloween ~

see how this framework really helps you get specific ?

Day 2 ~ White Lunar Worldbridger

This is where EFT works at it’s absolute best for understanding, clearing and release and if you haven’t tried it yet ~ go for it ~ get googling ~ get tapping and liberate yourself 😉

Be the process

Do the process

Manifest the process of self empowerment

Live it and see how everything changes

because you have changed 



This is how this amazing integration process works 

The Tzolk’in of 260 days of code of human being evolution



if you consciously choose to work with it 

with the awareness of your own patterns 


you can see the divinity in you

and how you are reflecting back to yourself

all that lies within every day

and when you are ready to come into this code process

you will

and not a nano second before 😉

because all is in divine order

and once we start to work with this

the knowledge of this becomes self~evident as we see

The Matrix in action

 if you think about it the principle is simple

and it makes sense even to the limited human mind

( in comparison with the universal mind):

There is a cause and effect

Reason based system operating our universe  

again not in the same way of labelling and distortion as our distorted raw ego sees things

and makes meaning of things that are often purely subjective 

This universal co creation relation system

which comes partly from our individual belief systems

and partly from collective belief systems and combines

The individual ones are created through our individual life experiences 

and these are holographic systems 

that attract the code of our belief 

also known as 

The Law of Attraction 

Once we start to understand how and when we created patterns 

we can actually map out 

using The Mayan Wavespell code 

when things happened on a cyclical basis 

and when they will happen again

and start to understand what beliefs we have within us

that are creating our day to day interactions

and most importantly 

how to learn and evolve 

to create new ways of relating

and guess what this is always happening on purpose

All of history can be mapped in this way

and understanding of how over thousands of years 

our human evolution and consciousness code

has had to go to a process too

as each one of us comes to awakening on cue 

to fit in with the

Cosmic Code


So if people are not engaging with you in the way you wish there are multi reasons for this

Some you can change from within as it is your purpose to do this


all are time sensitive because there is a cyclical system

in place

that governs all

and some are key for our learning

so are parts of the web that have to be there 

so we all integrate and relate

It is complex

and yet the way to work with it is quite simple 

Focus on oneself 


by keep bringing our day to day experience back to ourself

and noticing how we feel 

we get to understand our personal wheel

 and how we interface with the universe

until we understand that 

we are very limited as to what we can actually do 

that is truly powerful

apart from exercising our will and ego 

and doing smoke and mirrors tricks

when we go deeper within

that is when we really get to the powerpoint  

and Stars are born literally

as it is the same process working on our inner galaxy


I am constantly sharing this information with people

as to timing



most importantly for the individual who wants to evolve

the process of inner alchemy

being the key and bringing the heart into balance is the essence of the sacred feminine returning



the key process


transformation and healing

and I 

often get shot as the messenger which helps me learn and evolve too of course 


I am mirroring their ego denial code 


everyone that has said no in their history


however they have perceived wounding relationship


they are mirroring everyone for me in my history in a similar vein

who has told me

not to tell the truth

or denied their true state of being and lied to do that

now the thing about this is 

once we start doing this inner work and clearing

and becoming free of distortions

what goes with that process


becoming a clear conduit and channel 

so that 


The Seer within

sees everything 


and for anyone in denial

that is truly an awfully inconvenient truth

and their ego is exposed

there is nowhere left to hide

which can feel very uncomfortable indeed

This is what is being revealed more and more

on the world stage now for our

collective unveiling

The Scapegoating continues of course

and the time to be recovering from this emotional and energetic attack

becomes less as triggers are revealed and released

and we get softer and more in our sacred feminine

which is a very strong position

anyone who has birthed a child knows where I am coming from here 😉


I see people 

especially in the

“Spiritual” circles 


holistic therapies

and in abundance in Glastonbury 

who are acting from a pattern match place of my old “teachers”

believing that they have evolved

and have a hierarchical mastery place because of this


have seen the light

can heal people 


the way they are doing that behaviour 

is not coming from any light place that I know of 

I do not have an issue with that per se as a learning curve 

it is an illusionary stage show

which is perfect for people’s learning and is a match for people in that way

about that very thing

about the code of

lacking integrity

that comes from

a lack of integration of the shadow 

What I have an issue with is the power tripping

that often goes with it and the denial of that

and the one sided relationship that goes with it

that is manipulation and bullying code and process

that is dishonest relationship

pure bullsh*t 

and often abusively used with vulnerable people 

and is a match for their next step of learning

and moving to being more empowered potentially 

This is the deep distorted code of patriarchy

we are now evolving through

and I choose to speak up about it

as it is the anti thesis of loving respectful relationship


Card 8 in the fool’s journey is Strength

this is Adjustment in the Thoth deck 

which is perfect for waning Libra Moon today in the UK

A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby.
Magical ways of life are just about gone and are returning from a completely different side. The instinctual attunement to nature and to God is being trampled under. But the reclaimed, more advanced instincts, after individuality had gone as far as it could go, are becoming the conscience pulse of the planet in a more futuristic way. Wandering from pre-individual states through the maze of individuality into post-individual states–in midstream it is trying to pass as a fully individuated creature. But it is profoundly unstirred by the separative ego fireworks and just waiting for the next evolutionary move to sweep all of it away. Timelessly, inwardly witnessing the passing of worlds. And waiting expectantly for the time when people move out beyond themselves, and discover Cosmos and Earth as one and live in that place as though it never had been lost and the world had never turned against itself.

 A circuit that is incomplete code ….

Which we all are as human beings 

a work in process 

The Scapegoat code is a great teacher in relationship 

 people who are in denial of their shadow 

and do not want to take responsibility for it lash out at the person

who has integrity to avoid integrating

 Cannot receive code is key as this is

blocking the personal

Ouraboros Circuit

because the role and mask has become so ingrained 

like the film 

The Mask 

The key to this point is 

Unless we change the inside 

The outside cannot change 

People who Scapegoat 


not doing the inner process 

Have done lots of training 

have a certificate 

and yet not aware of their own stuff 

and certainly

are not working with it consciously 

which is fine 

and transformation process it ain’t 



that is key to alchemy 

of the shadow 

and what this Wavespell is all about 

If we haven’t done deep work on our own healing 



how on earth can we offer that to others with any integrity ?

It is just another business model that is all fur coat and no…



Northern saying 🙂

Our inner code is key to receiving 

No matter how well intentioned other people are 

If we haven’t worked on opening our hearts

and allowing ourself to receive 

allowing our heart to heal from within

any healing loving energy sent will have little effect

because the issue that is energetically and emotionally creating the illness

is actually a healing response

and that holds the key information

and code and process

to what the person having that experience can integrate and bring balance to


people need to become very aware and know themselves and their code

so that self empowerment can come 

and responsibility 

and change about how the collective perceives ill health

This is key to the kundalini rising and falling and doing a circuit which is the essence of Red Serpent and when we feel called to do that then…it actually is the perfect time and the trick is knowing when to do and when to let go and accept

this is the mastery process

and it comes as part of working within

and learning to accept the cosmic code takes the lead

and we are here to do the Great Work like all this that came before us 


If we have issues around our nurturing as a child

no matter how much nutrition comes our way

our code cannot allow long lasting nurturing 

because the wounds of when we weren’t loved and nurtured 

have developed code 

and the code creates defence mechanisms 

and this blocks the receiving

and guilt is a key code

that unravels our power

and creates extreme dis~ease

and a key code programmed in with religion designed

to keep the individual as a paying customer

literally in fear of their very soul

Anything we do to bring conscious awareness to how we relate

is a step in the wellbeing direction

and it is still the

outside coming in process

when the key process is the core one within 

This is the creation machine that we are

that creates everything in our personal experience


this is part of the denial present in our medical model 

and is revealed with the clear evidence of the side effects of drugs


to change this on a deep and lasting level

has to start inside out 

Our power point of the ego ~ where the veil lies ~ is the solar plexus and where our power issues present



This is key to the magical meaning of the


If you choose follow the cookie trail on that page to the links about magic 

I drew a Thoth tarot card today 

8 of swords


love this 

8 of swords

perfect for the day’s energy and my

Jupiter In Gemini 

When we let our mind lead us unchecked and untransformed we are chasing our own tail

when we let our mind speak to us about our past

and our true state of being in terms of our worries

then we have the prima materia to work with for personal alchemy

we are listening to our inner child 

instead of trying to drown in out with affirmations …

which are what we may like to feel at some point but actually do not right now

Just read an email about

Carlos Casteneda tour in Mexico

and this has been key to my journey of learning

about the way of the nagual which is the same

as being an Alchemist of the ego

or in plain language 

opening the door 

to ourselves and our perception

so we can go deeper

an know we have the power to change everything

once we start to change ourself from within

green eye


the Mexican link today

and the

Plumed Serpent



right on queue 

Quetzalcoatl Plumed Serpent

If you haven’t read any Carlos Casteneda

all the works and associated people’s works

 are an amazing read

that takes you on a journey

into self ~ lots on the internet as to pdfs and videos

I found a series of videos on youtube of 

The Wheel of Time 

being read aloud

Any person can do this if you have what it takes

and what it takes is the ability to look at yourself 

that is all in principle

and then take the small steps to creating with yourself 

accepting where you are now 

and where you want to be

No age limit 

Not gender specific 

Open to all that dare to be brave enough to

not know 

Today’s insight was about the Moon aspect of the Mayan

now this may already be out there somewhere but so far it hasn’t appeared on my cookie trail

My friend mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and I hadn’t accessed that at that point

a seed was planted


As we have a Mayan Sign 

in general terms a masculine energetic pattern

in this returning feminine 

we also have a Mayan Moon 

and I touched on this earlier in this Wavespell 

Our Mayan Sign is one of 13 in a process ~ The Wavespell 

This is our life mission and we do that mission on whatever level we choose


Equally we have a Sacred Feminine Mission and this is key too especially with the 13 year Red Moon cycle we are in

and the essence of the Red Moon teaching

is the gateway to be the beacon of light and as the number 9 code

and we are in a number 9 year this is super moon magic 


When I first started doing pdf’s I didn’t put this information

Now I do 

and now that is growing too 


The Moon we have is also part of a 13 day process 

A cosmic code of evolution

and now this has come to my awareness I am focusing on this 

as clearly the time is right

This 260 day process we are currently in began in the sign of the Moon

Cancer on the 18th of July 2014 

so this is why the bigger picture of this birthing process we are nearing the centre of 

is all about the nurturing feminine

and how we create new models of that

that are free of co dependency 

The only mother I am is to my children and they are teenagers nearing maturity in many ways

I am not here to be anyone else’s mother

and am learning to mother and nurture myself

in the way that feels good for me now

and in accordance with the code coming in free of ego distortion

My Moon Code is Red Magnetic Moon

so the Wavespell is Red Moon Wavespell

The first Moon of intention

initiation of the beacon of the planetary feminine

and this is at the time of the Mayan New Year every year on July 26 for 28 days 

In the 260 day Wavespell

it is fluctuating according to where that cycle is date wise

Red Moon Wavespell is always in the Green Castle ~ the fifth wheel of evolution at the end of the process

It is the Awakening Wavespell of the heart and being authentic

To be truly open and intimate 

is a result of being laid bare 

totally free of any ego mask 

It is the 17th code process = 8 and it comes right at the last wheel when all others have gone before 

Red Moon’s planet is Mercury ~ also connected to Gemini and Hermes and Thoth 

It’s challenge is White Lunar Dog 

letting go of conditioning and conditions

around experiencing the love of the universe and finding our tribe

blue wolf

If you know your Moon and want to know your code ~ the Wavespell

check out this wonderful website here and find the name and follow it up to the top to find the Wavespell

I know many people have a big issue around seeing their wounds as a gift


are often very hostile about that being spoken

which is understandable

as it is a radical truth

that flies in the face of what the conditioned society mind has been brought up to believe

and that we intentionally chose to experience that process

because to the ego that would be insane


when you see this simply as the process to evolution and transformation

and start to understand how that process works

the code has to be in us to know it

this is what empathy is on one level

we cannot truly understand another’s situation

if we have not experienced it 

so it is 

The soul journey


and when we lose our fear of it 

through losing fear of how we perceive ourselves

we change our vision of the world 

and so the world changes

these are tricky concepts to understand at first 

and the further we go into our process 

the clearer it becomes 

which is why it has to be done 

So if you choose focus back on Halloween and see what your ancestor’s revealed to you


what triggered you

what “truth” popped out

that you had been sat on

guarding this cosmic egg

afraid of what it would hatch

if you gave it air

protecting yourself 

being afraid to speak out 

holding the house together

going quietly ga ga 

contemplating the rest of your life 

in some sort of personal pain

and wishing that a fairy with a magic wand

would wish it all away

no answers

no solutions

and a tidal wave of his story backing up the drains


The Fairies are worn out with all these wishes and are off …

with the fairies 

so it’s time to do it ourselves 😉

Ready to let it go ?

Ready to integrate it ?

Remember it is simply something you are believing about yourself

and giving power to through that belief

This great oak took seed when you were a tiny babe in arms

and as you have sown it 

so can you fell it 

and feed it to the transformational fire

Sag is coming in a big way 

so get ready to work with this energy now 

and heal thyself 


It actually becomes fun and the creation that comes as a natural by product 

is sublime

Go for it Alice ~ step through that looking glass


Wow this takes me back 

and here is another key code for me 

Stevie Nicks 

Who is a White Crystal Mirror

And who I was on the Greek Island of Ios when I was 18 listening to this 

Wow it was so magical on the Island of the Young 

and part of me is still there deep in my heart  and loving my life 

What adventures beckon?

What is the next chapter ?

Who will I be this time next year ?

Who will you be ?

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