Red Spectral Serpent

Pic Sekhmet artist unknown      Red Spectral Serpent  A Clear Sign The day of letting go in the Blue Eagle Wavespell pic by Chie Yoshie         As I write this the full moon in Leo is approaching         artist unkown       along with a  Lunar Eclipse  […]

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Relating Code

Red Galactic Serpent Day 8 of White Mirror Wave The day of Hiroshima  The depth of inhumanity   When I look back at human history How were these things possible These actions These decisions These choices in relationship made for the many by the few How can this be? Total pathological ego of people in […]

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White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 8

White Mirror Wavespell Day 8 Red Galactic Serpent Today is the day of integration which is also key to The Scorpio Gateway we are in ~ it is all interlinked Please click on the links to take you to other websites that are wholly independent of me This day ties in directly to the last […]

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