Relating Code


Red Galactic Serpent

Day 8 of White Mirror Wave

The day of Hiroshima 

The depth of inhumanity


When I look back at human history

How were these things possible

These actions

These decisions

These choices in relationship

made for the many

by the few

How can this be?

Total pathological ego of people in positions of power

Total abuse and corruption of power

The effects are still rippling out


unfortunately this is what has had to happen and is still happening

as part of understanding how the human being can be in relationship

Little boy ~ aptly named for the masculine child unleashing a holocaust 

A link about Hiroshima here


The Oleander was the first flower to return

Oleander Pic

Healing properties of Oleander

Do you think that the majority of the population

would have agreed to the choice of  using these atrocities 

if asked?

Are now?

Informed consent by the consensus ?

The populace weren’t even aware of these monstrous creations used

supposedly in their name 

No one in a place of sanity would ever consider that this choice should have ever been made for any reason

and yet may have seen it as such

because of the propaganda at the time once coerced 


some people still will

because they are not ready to stand up

and be an awakened citizen because of fear

of what that means

No more hiding like a child

and deferring responsibility to people who bully and abuse

weaker human beings

and also people who are sensitive

and will not fight because they cannot be the behaviour they abhor

It is not in their nature

or in their consciousness

and so again history of these people reveals genocide 

and still

people blame “god”

how can “god ” allow such a thing rhetoric

human beings totally in denial of any responsibility for their actions

and using “god” as a reason

this use of divinity 

as an excuse for murder and terrible cruelty

with the creator on their team




of the sacred feminine in all of humanity

in all of the earth

has continued for centuries now as an excuse to dominate



These energetic blueprints can be seen repeating in their exact locations

by the individual ready to see the pattern


Those who start to look at their own patterns

around relationship

are seeing these energetics very clearly 

and this is the key to bring balance to everything


Once the individual starts to understand how they relate

as a human being

is the source of all their creativity

a major mastery step is created

not just for the individual

but for the whole of humanity

Each human being actually doing this internal alchemical process

is one conscious cell

one pixel

in the bigger picture of the human evolution



This is what the second coming process is 


Each human being understanding themselves

Creating emotional intelligence

Healing and clearing the past



For Real 

Being the change

is what creates a different reality 

So here is my personal story around The Red Serpent process of Relationship, just to help illustrate this as an experiential understanding, which is the reason I write the blogs.

I know they will be difficult for people to relate to at times because there is a lot of esoterica in here and it is purposefully designed that way. I am sharing , literally , a magical process . This is the key to this New Year of White Planetary Wizard, we have just started in the Mayan Calendar. In essence each person is their ego story as well as their energetic blueprint. Their ego personality that has beliefs about how the world is based partly on life experience. Many of these beliefs have a strong emotional embedding code which means basically, when the young child or young adult was developing they had an event, or a series of events in relationship that created patterns of how they interface with the world with intense feelings. This way of encoding is a survival mechanism that does not require thinking ~ it is a deep unconscious process like breathing and this is so key to understand . It happens automatically without conscious awareness most of the time ~ until the individual is ready to work with it pro~actively, having the resources and skills to do that. When the time is aligned.

In the bigger picture this is the same process that keeps each planet on it’s trajectory, allows the amazing universe to create each day ~ without any need for human intervention so whenever our ego has any doubt that our universal wise consciousness has everything covered ~ it is a good time to remind our ego self of that. The ego is a prickly pear on that matter as it knows it really has very little control over anything so creates lots of smoke and mirror avoidance techniques to deny this truth.

First of all  key understanding is that the ego does not want to consciously relive anything emotionally upsetting because it is a survival threat and so turns down the volume most of the time. For the individual to understand what that story line ~ code~ is for them , is essential for self~empowerment, otherwise the individual is literally “at the mercy” of their emotional pattern match triggers and that is very dis~empowering.

The more intense these events and the harder to suppress. This is known as post~traumatic distress disorder. You do not have to be in the military to have experienced this. In the world we live today there is so much pressure and people are living so unnaturally out of the rhythm of natural cycles that this is huge. The more mature the human being in age, the more pattern matches will have happened and the more stress to the emotional mind. This is where the human being psyche ~ ego ~ creates coping mechanisms.

These coping mechanisms are often not healthy or logical ~ they are coming from an ego that is immature, afraid and does not have a logical overview so makes simple solutions. OCD is one example, emotional eating and instant fix ~ consuming patterns are allowing people to carry on in very unhealthy relationships and this is in alignment with the patriarchal pattern. There is no common sense evident ~ major clue to ego patterns of control ~ everything that is happening in the UK around not supporting people in community ~ an ancient fear control manipulation pattern with lots of sophisticated spin doctoring now 🙂

A coping mechanism usually involves matching a pattern where the individual had an ecstatic experience or gained positive reinforcement as a child. This could be drug based, which is why people become addicts ~ to escape any pain. This is not resolving the core issue so more drugs have to be taken as the pain expands. As a natural part of the pain pattern the individual will be taking part in behaviour that matches the first wound so this in itself will create more pain.

One of my patterns is being a people pleasing high performing student and getting good grades which allowed others people in my circle to benefit ~ I enabled them with my performance. This of course is echoed in my blogs and how I create a lot of info and how I give to people I am in relationship with which can often be over sharing.


This way of behaving is not about “judgement” this is just simple natural outcome . This behaviour creates that outcome. If a person is dishonest then this does not create honesty. Telling lies is not “kind”. Murder is murder. There is no justification for behaving abusively or dishonestly or killing another being . It is killing for whatever reason. There are different perspectives as to causality and reactivity on the spectrum .Our human ego tries to reframe the behaviour to allow it to continue and sugar coats it in some way. Our own personal propaganda machine, which is reinforced by the cultural machine, that is wanting the individual to consume and keep this unhealthy way of co dependent relationship spinning . This is why it is essential that each individual recognise their story and code of co dependency to create a different way of relating and release it now.

Any sort of bullying or deceit creates an outcome and it is the way the universe works ~ simple laws . The universe always brings a match for the person and I know some people struggle with this but I offer you ~ look deeply and you will see how this happens in a very imbalance extreme patriarchy pattern that we are currently in.

My view:

If, for example, a vulnerable person gets abused it does not mean they have been “bad” in a past life and are getting their “just rewards” in this one or deserve it in any way. Anyone believing that model, I believe, has some unreleased relationship issues with something that has happened to them in this life around wanting others to be punished, feeling unjustified, powerless and angry. That is always true if a person has an emotional reaction to anything ~ personal stuff.  That is how our personal stuff is revealed ~ emotional intensity 🙂 What is getting on our nerves is key to Red Serpent Relationships and if not addressed it goes deeper into body issues especially spinal.

In our current world vulnerable people are being exploited by those who are power tripping and coming from a lack of consciousness awareness and that is how it is. Ignorance and lack of any awareness and compassion ~ that is the majority of human beings right now to extremis because of historical events.. It isn’t something I simply accept either ~ I do get angry about it and if I can I do something about it I do . I am currently in a lot of dialogue with various community systems around how they are not supporting me or the majority of people and how they could change. When I am not accepting I look at how this has happened to me in the past ~ pattern match ~ and what is still resonating . If I am in a rage position, often there is a lot of past relationship disempowerment and imbalance to shift and if that is not the case, then there is a pattern match of relationship that is hugely distorted happening . This is happening a lot now on the world stage because the shift to balance is happening. This is a year 10 on the planet in terms of the Mayan Calendar. This means we see what is manifest as a collective, around self~empowerment in relationship en masse. Mostly it is not a happily ever after story is it? It does have a lot in common with many of the fairy tales that reveal the code of relationship over generations.

We are all carrying the ancestral codes in our genes and these include geographical locations .

These are all past life patterns as well. This is what is revealed in our Astrology.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius we have just had we are seeing the bigger picture and this has been certainly true for me.

The level of self awareness around how I relate has been profound. Working with patterns and codes is key for me with Saturn in my first house and Lilith here too. 


Here is a crop circle that I tried to find with a friend but we didn’t 🙂

Crop Circle 

The info on here is given as esoteric info but if you are ready look deeper ~ it is the process revealed . The Mayan 260 day calendar is an enlightenment process.

We went to two amazing sites on that day ~ they were exactly what we needed ~ deep feminine energy ~Avebury was one ~ here I am experiencing grounding energy ~ I literally felt I was held and deeply brought into my connection with the earth 



I initiated a search for a soulmate on a dating site at the Summer Solstice ~ totally ego uncomfort zone and not believing that this could be possible but knowing new learning coming in

 The key has been revealing pattern and code ~ in particular my past patterns and theirs and how we can create healing from that connection now.

What I have experienced has had a profound awareness as to my sharing of myself and as a result  I have become very focused on what I want to expand and what I want to release now to relate differently

There is no difference to the universe whether this is sexual/romantic/business etc

There is no difference 😉

All about our interface and what Saturnian structure we form until around 30

This is key mastery 

Remember we are in Red Moon 13 Year cycle so this is about awakening to honesty and authenticity ~ who we really are not who our ego has designed for us. Time for those layers and masks to come off and often this means a lot of emotion needing release to allow loving acceptance of ourself. Every other person allows us to see a part of ourself seeking integration now ~ the core model of relating has been  two halves make a whole

This is happening quickly now ~ I have been mapping minutiae of code using the Moon degrees ~ when the contact comes in ~ what degree ~ what this creation code is

When it came in initially and what it is triggering

What expectations ~ Disney World Happy Ending Consume Code etc ?

One of the key factors is the four year cycle 

This is perfectly revealed for me now

and other combo’s too

For example I am experiencing a Saturn return of 29 years since I went to Greece and seeing and connecting with people and patterns of that time

What am I still doing that no longer serves me?

What is magical that I want more of?

What needs to change in me to allow this experience to manifest?

Oh my Goddess ~ really this level of micro study ~ really yes.

This is what it takes to know oneself and it is so worth it 😉 

Or would you rather….

watch a soap opera, play a game, bury your head in the sand?

Your choice ~ all of it ~ everything in this whole universe

We have got joint custody of the divine child we are all co creating.

As I started writing this in my Taurus Moon ~ waning ~ letting go ~ this is the structure of manifesting, letting go of bulls*t and being ISIS energy ~ is is get it? Practical, grounded , sensual, feminine energy expressed and being love in action.

It is all there to be seen ~ the matrix ~ the veil is vanishing so get centred and core aware 


It was 4 degrees :

A man talking in his sleep.
A psychic faculty is dreamt into and sustained, leaving everything wide open for passive absorption. Going so deep in there, an altered state, that you become karmically thrown into the dilemma of translation between the worlds. Being used by astral forces, and learning to adapt. Indwelling a place reserved for those who are not ready to activate. But, oh, the dreams, the vapors. Remembrance. Recapitulation. Return. Longing for connection between the worlds, you may be able to take the underworld route through if disciplined attunement is fostered. Creative powers are dammed up and filtered through into naive wistfulness. You wait, hope, and are drawn back and back until the inner worlds have been heard and respected and the balance can be restored.

People believe still that a pattern can be changed and I offer this ~ we have codes and we chose the codes before incarnation

We have no choice around the universal pattern or the pattern we have once here

However the pattern we have is a distortion of the true code ~ and so if we choose to heal the distorted code ~ emotionally and energetically ~ the natural outcome and reframe is that we align with truth free of distortion

This takes courage

It takes discipline

It takes heart

It is possible for everyone and everyone and….

What is stopping that ?

Ourself ~ the ego 

That is it 

So go for it 

It is so magical 

It is Freedom

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