Fractals of potentiality ~ White Mirror Wavespell


White Mirror Wavespell

A 13 day process of potentiality 




All that is revealed in my world

is coming from my inner world


If I choose I can work powerfully now

with conscious intent 

Are you ready ?

It is a powerful time for seeing how we  relate

Seeing ourselves reflected back

especially with the

Venus in Virgo Retrograde

that began on the

Day out of time July 25

Red Solar Skywalker Day 

great article about this:

Darkstar Astrology

Venus in Virgo

This is my Venus placement so naturally huge for me right now 


Going back over all our relationships to see how we use our sacred fire

to create new worlds

literally with our children


our dreams of desire




The last 13 days have revealed our relationship issues 

around how we are doing

love in action

and how we actually do that 

which is very different

to how we think we do that

Day two of that wavespell

was a key magical day 

White Lunar Worldbridger 

it was on Saturday 18 July 

What was happening  for you ?

Red Serpent

is my Mothers Mayan Sign

so this is a key process for me in relation to my matriarchal line and family constellation

It is one of Pacal Votan’s clear Signs 

I spent my day in a domestic with my neighbour

and went for zero tolerance option

I will not be disrespected by another adult any more

who is behaving like a child


avoiding taking responsibility for how they relate 

being a victim 

and dragging every person in their radius into their drama for that very purpose of manipulation and energy vampirism 

This can of course only happen if the other allows that

How that is allowed is revealed as to the individual’s choice about relationship

and the level of love learning that we are all opening up to as a collective 

The ripples of my neighbour’s choices

and my choices 

are going out now

and creating new structures 

This is key for the


Full Blue Moon

coming up tomorrow morning at 1143 in the UK

click on the link on Aquarius for a great article

This moon represents the cup holder

of the God and Goddess


the human being

soul and human dance of destiny


The human being who as a planetary server 

is ready to see their bigger picture


most importantly

empty their cup of distortion

emotion overflowing 

to allow the cup to be refilled by the divine 

that they are

time to remove our mask husks

holding us back in the past wound of feeling unloved

Their is no opposite to love simply expressions of it

All is love

All leads to love

Our perspective on love is the key

To know love as loving life

and experiencing bliss

One has to be it 


How have you been

love in action in the past 13 days ?

This is Leo time 

The time of love 

The first picture today is Romeo and Juliet and others are also in this thread

Have you been lucky enough to feel the full intensity of this in your life?

It is one of the most powerful forces on earth

It is Divine

love in action

Heart to heart 

Kissing your lover and being in that ecstasy 

The play of Romeo and Juliet

the process of love overcoming all boundaries in the beginning of this tragedy

and yet ends tragically 

because of misunderstandings


lack of communication

Love is not logical

Love is a feeling that drives people to do things

Often against all mind restrictions

It is the power of the divine to move human beings 

To seek and create loving connection

with a passion that cannot be explained or quantified

Absence of love in life creates pain

Living in relationship without love is death

It is the root of all unhappiness in the world and yet…

people are still not getting that simple wisdom

If you are not feeling love now 

can you remember when you did ?

How different was that life experience ?

I choose love every time

and am an expert on living without it


I think that is true for the majority right now 


that is a choice 

that can be changed

Choose love 



I have been on a musical cookie trail today

If you love music this is a way to get in touch with love hurt

You may think you are ok….

Play some tunes from your past at key emotional times

See what happens

This one for me is huge because it is at a time when my heart felt broken

Truth was gone from my world 

I was betrayed and vulnerable and scared to death 

Still feeling it and letting it go

Everything I knew crumbled apart 

Had to so I could be here having this conversation with you and that is also the key to living our destiny because everything that has happened so far allows us to be love in action if we choose to transform that emotion

it becomes bliss

because of acceptance of our own personal journey 

I am so honoured in relationship now 

I am seeing myself reflected back and I am so humbled by this

I am asking forgiveness to everyone in my world since the beginning of it

Whatever I did or am doing that feels unloving

I am so sorry

Please forgive me 

I see you differently now


I see me differently now 


My Ascendent and Lilith are in Aquarius

It is my first house

I am a planetary server of community and new ways code

This can be extremely challenging at times

I am growing into it 🙂 

As I empty out 

Knowing about our Astrology and Psychology 


really assists in the self awareness and understanding process



Is today’s planet

It is a mastery process

Work with our Moon shadow

and unlock the realms of the deep 


It is my Father’s Mayan Sign

It is my process of my patriarchal lineage 

and today I have beautiful men in my life

revealing this even more for me 


Mayan Matrix allows me to see this 

All of this downloading for me today

The father of my children is one of my biggest teachers

and a soul partner of many lives

We have been on a big journey

We are travelling different paths now 

I have been listening to some songs we first shared in our lives together

There is so much emotion being released about that part of me that feels wounded and lost from losing

my beloveds of a lifetime

many lifetimes

We had an incredible journey

We have two amazing children

I am truly sorry for anything I ever did

that caused you to feel that I did not love you

because I have always loved you

I know that our time to be in relationship together

had come to an end 

and that everything that happened had to happen for us to evolve

Love does not end 

It is what it is 

When we feel deeply it is the abyss and the salvation 

Remember what we are working with this whole 260 day cycle


Aries Sun and Libra Moon 

Here is a document detailing this here


Everything is showing up to allow new beginnings

Do you dare to accept the challenge?

Can you move the cube ?



Keep moving

Keep opening

Keep searching for the beloved

because it is scripted


action is required


get out of the comfort zone

as the new

is outside that old place of familiarity

reach for higher ground



Today is Magnetic Moon 5  ~ the heart of the matter

Inner Visions

Love to you all

from my heart to yours 

I love you

I am you

Tomorrow is the new learning ~

feel the catalyst

initiated at Summer Solstice

Blue Storm





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