White Magnetic Mirror ~ Day 2


White Mirror Wavespell 

Day 2 

Blue Lunar Storm

For the bigger picture ~ my blog

White Mirror Wavespell

If you are a White Mirror then this 13 day process is key to your energetic basic essence structure


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Day 2 of any Wavespell is the challenge day

The area of new learning and growth

If you are this sign this is the process of your energetic evolution

these energetic codes are

pure code free of any ego mind distortions

Eyes the window of the soul

If this is your Wavespell

this means that you are part of this evolutionary process

The Bigger Picture

This 13 day process is in the Blue Castle of Transformation



which is the bigger wheel of transformation that consists of 

4 x 13 day processes that get to the heart of the matter

of transforming conditioned thinking


bringing balance

with the heart and mind

that allows us to let go of the sand bags over the side

the heavy stuff that is weighing us down

so our vibe can really rise 

with integrity

that is the new code coming in

with the return to balance of 

The Sacred Feminine 


This code of Blue Storm is the catalyst 

It is an essential part of being authentic 

feeling our feelings

letting go of trying to hide them 

There are many reasons why we lie 

about who we are 

and all of them are a cloaking and protection device 

that have evolved over many thousands of years of human history

world in an eye

They have evolved for very good reasons in this Patriarchal time 

When we tell the truth 


the other party does not want to hear that 

there is an emotional resonance that goes with that and often an outcome that doesn’t feel good


and this emotional resonance is always read energetically on some level so the truth is always there
and being read by the universal energy grid
no matter what ego show we try and play
no matter how much we put on a mask
no matter how much we buy our stairway to heaven
the truth in our barcode of being
is always transmitting the beacon of light to bring us a match for this 



so once we understand this we start to understand what is called

the law of attraction in a different way 

and how all these avoidances are pointless really

in terms of creating a change within us 

they can be part of a process of discovery and awareness


to become self ~ empowered individuals

requires a much deeper process 

of self~ discovery 

and in turn

self ~ acceptance 

of all of us


just fooling ourselves that we can create

lasting personal transformation

with  positive affirmations
change our mood temporarily 
raise our vibe by thinking something else
meditate every morning

on their own

 These processes do not change our structure or our pattern from the past

and this is the key


because the past created where we are today

and how we feel about ourselves

who we think we are


and if we do not understand

that process

about what created us

then how do we understand what we are wanting to keep

and what serves us

and what we are choosing to change


in turn as we do this within 

it happens without 
we understand the social structure that was created from this place in the past
and how we can create something new
and without this holistic approach it is not possible to evolve 
history reveals this 
we have evolved our ego to the max as in getting it’s needs met outside with the material and face value is all


and if we think about that on a deep level
we know that the if it were so simple to 
change our vibe 
the universe would be very chaotic and lack any integrity 
and be all over the place based on everyone’s ego whim
at any moment 
and the ego structure we have at the moment is chaotic as it is 🙂 

If a person has experienced lots of trauma in early life 

and that is everyone on some level

and this is in a variety of ways of physical

and emotional experience of feeling hurt and afraid….

remember that the world is very different to a baby and small child who is totally dependent on it’s care taker 
if you can start to see the world through that child version of you 
without putting an adult take on things 
the child we once were is still in there 
and does not see the world with an adult perception or understanding 


does not have language or logic

and interacts with the world through the sixth senses 

and feelings

innate knowing connection

which is especially strong with a mother and child 

which is why there can be huge trauma around emotional relationship with children

who are separated from their mother’s at birth 

one of the key coping mechanisms for this is to not feel


not be in the body

being in the body automatically accesses the feelings 

If someone had a major trauma as a child they will often be high

on the

narcissistic personality spectrum

We are all on that spectrum of personality

coping mechanisms 

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

 and I have put this link above by way of explanation is all not as a definition 

ironically the most materially successful and famous are often the highest on the scale

with pathological anti-social behaviour and

if we look we can learn much from these models and their process and the rise

and fall of the empire

through each individuals rise and fall

and yet that is the model most human beings strive for 

such is conditioning 

on one level it is safe 

because it avoids the painful points in life 

which is often where the major gateways are 

once we heal these personally 

we get to see a bigger picture as to why tragedies happen

for our learning about ways to live life 

and what it means to be a human being in all it’s facets

which is essential for a holistic life

There cannot be new beginnings without endings 

the whole wheel of nature is death and rebirth 

yet the ego wants to go against that and control it

So today is about being real with how we feel

being comfortable with our emotional spectrum and expressing it 
free from wounding 
our emotions are there to guide us as to what is good for our heart 
If we have unresolved emotional issues from the past 
they expand as we age 
The life events become bigger and louder until we pay attention 
and we revisit past patterns 
over and over 

We get stuck



Self ~ enquiry to use if you choose 

Am I comfortable expressing my emotional self ?

Can I be angry with other people without holding back ?

Do I feel guilty about speaking my truth when it may create discomfort in others?

Do I attract lots of angry people ?

Do I say one thing and feel another ?

Am I often flat lining without any feelings?

Do I feel numb?

Do I have to use mood altering substances to take the edge off my life ?

How much do I need these?

Am I full of pain in my body ~ fibromyalgia for example ?

Do I have aches and pains?

Is my spine and/or sacral area painful and going out of alignment ~ feeling unsupported ?

Is my body experiencing inflammation ~ anger ?

Am I feeling intolerant and experiencing intolerance in areas of my life such as food ?

Do I want other people to give me attention ?

Do I crave love?

Do I feel empty?

Do I feel scared of being alone ?

Do I feel out of control ?

Do I crave sex?

Do I need to be in a relationship ?

Do I feel like I need to be constantly inputting things into me to be enough ?


Lunar Day 

Is about the Moon 

What is hidden 

Our Mother issues


Am I a Scapegoat ~

do I believe what others say about me instantly because I am so used to this default position ?

Cast as the fallen Angel Azazel ~ now this is key to the distortion of codes in the patriarchal process

Lucifer is the bringer of light 

and the planet Venus 


but was demonised in religion 

as was all pagan self empowered nature worship living with the cycles 

in order to bring in a …

Priest accessed religion that was literally built on the old sacred sites

and is

the original 

business plan

How to get people to pay for something they could access for free

by making them believe there was something wrong with them

So if we choose we can take a

fresh look at that place of being:

Am I used to being told that I am mad/bad/responsible for other people’s pain ?

Do I Scapegoat others because I am in denial and do not want to look at myself ?


most important 

be with the feelings that come up

and if you know how tap on them

and if you don’t you can learn 

google it ~ EFT ~ loads of resources out there

including mine 

on my Resources page on this blog

allowing yourself to be you 

because if we don’t accept who we are 

no one else will either 

and it is the essential first step on transforming ourselves 

and knowing ourselves 

and clearing our conduit to our source self 

free of ego distortions

Scorpio Sun shining conscious light on this 

Moon in Waning Leo 

as I write 

at 7 degrees in the UK 

A very weak cup of tea.
The outward performance is thin and tenuous, not much there at all. The inner journey is huge. You are concentrating so utterly upon the cosmic mysteries that all personal and even individual reputation and reflection seem pathetically small and insignificant. You are being zapped by huge forces, taken on the cosmic grand tour. As the deep inner opens, the surface outer becomes formal and almost wooden. You are called away. Rarely present in a human context. It all depends upon how far you are willing and able to go with this. If you blast free into an expanded selfhood activation, everything will form around that whole new world to be in. But if, as so often happens, you are not quite here, but not quite all there yet either, the transitions can be excruciating; as you prepare for the infinite life, but are hooked back into the regular life and snagged by image and impression. For you will be consistently reflected back to self as one fragment of yourself and this can be awkward and inwardly agonizing. All you want is to wake up and become your greater self. And meanwhile your lesser self has lots to handle, standing in for someone who is never quite home.


Here is an Astrological Report from Leo Tom Lescher to shed a little light with Moon in Lilith on the horizon :

Once you get into this way of clearing you will see synchronicity 

more and more 

Watched an amazing film about this last night 

Another Earth


and the other day

Begin Again 

with a lovely heart opening soundtrack

Lost Stars

Remembering who we really are underneath all these masks 

allows us to transcend them and access all that amazingness that we are part of 

We have to go within to the darkness to access the light

Release the mundane to transcend it 

We are worth it

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