White Magnetic Mirror ~ Who am I ? Day 1


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 1 

White Magnetic Mirror

Etznab is the Mayan Day

Code 18 ~ 9 

A Master Gateway Code 

A Stargate




It is one of the Seven Seals of Mastery in the Mayan Matrix


Here is a pdf about the codes


Please click on lots of web links to take you to other websites that are wholly independent of me

I am doing this differently this time 

to align with my own balance 

and allow myself to synch with each day 

This is part of a document I am creating for people to work with

as a life coaching tool 

on a daily basis 

in small steps 


The Universal Life Coaching Tools


Oneself  ~ essential

The Starry Skies Heavenly Creatures ~ that are pulling our energetic strings

The Matrix of the Mayan Wavespell ~ the cosmic bridge that connects the two

and synchronises

the personality 



the Cosmic Self 

The Soul 

Infinity and beyond





Each day of the Wavespell you can tune in and see what is happening in your circle 

Who is showing up for you to see yourself 

I will quote the Astrology that I know of 

You can connect to the specific Mayan energy of the day 

Are you ready to 

Know yourself 

See who you think you are

This is the bigger picture blog I have written that goes with this

White Wavespell ~ Who am I ?



What is this 13 day process about ?


If this is your Mayan Sign it is significant

If it is your Wavespell it is significant 

If it is one of your Castles it is significant 

If you do not know any of this info 

please get in touch and ask and I will show you how to find out 

It is of course significant for everyone on some level

The is all about working with the self and evolving the personality 

so that the soul gets to guide us 

It is the White Refinement Process of 13 steps

that is in the bigger wheel of the Blue Castle 

The transformation Code taking us into the heart of The Matrix 



This 13 day process helps us to see our inner world experienced for real outside of us 

In the people that we meet


Repeating emotional dramas

This can reveal what we call “positive” experiences that we may want to expand on

This can reveal what we may call “negative” experiences that we may wish to let go of

It is an amazing time to observe and see what is happening that is our inside coming outside 

to be revealed 

and if we choose 



Challenge time

Many people who are part of this code may struggle with feeling their feelings 

and have created avoidance coping mechanisms for that 

to avoid feeling uncomfortable

This shows up on Day 2 

Blue Storm 

To avoid feeling we wear masks

Live in our head

Deny the reality of our heart

Focus on mind in an out of balance way

Focus on solutions to avoid the reality of the here and now and how it makes us feel

Today Astrologically 

Mars square Uranus ~ article by Bill Attride

Sun in Scorpio Decan 3 ~ article by Darkstar Astrology

Moon in waning Cancer at 27 degrees as I write this

Inside Degrees

A woman giving birth to twins.
Moving one way and moving another way at the same time, in the same breath, day in and day out. Inwardly compelled to take hold of given pairs of opposites and to work them by going into both and finding out how and where and why both cannot be refused, insist on being met. Captivated by your life predicament. Always seeing contradictory sides that in some ways cancel each other out. But also unfolding in multiple directions and truly born with a split karma. You have little choice but to cover all the bases, check everything out and play through each and every side of the situation. Consciously identifying with one thing at a time, but subconsciously absorbed in the other thing consistently. Prone to self-sabotage and searching for a lost path through which you can bring the polarities together, serve the whole, and yet be free within the serving and be unattached, just there to let it all come through, without making anything a burden or a self-blaming focus. The charge is removed when the opposites find each other again, and fanaticisms give way to the universal good met integrally.


Notice how you feel in the morning and then in the afternoon 

Masculine Yang in the morning ~ can be full of personality ergo ego

Feminine Yin in the afternoon and evening ~ can reveal what is seeking light around receiving 


leaf lantern

Support Networks


If you find this useful please will you consider donating £1 for the whole thread ?

If you do not find my work warrants a monetary donation for any reason 

and that is perfectly ok 

Would you please consider contacting me to say what you would value paying for

because that would be very useful information?

Thank you

This would be really valuable for me in designing things that work for people where they are and affordability 

My understanding is that we are in a paradigm shift 

and this shift is away from the money led society 

that often does not value things that are the core of our way of life 

and go unnoticed and taken for granted

We are in a transition time

and so we do still need some money to pay our way with those systems that 

only take hard cash 

If we are being the change we want to see

creating a process of supporting models

that are moving into new ways of being are key to this

and letting go of those that do not  

It can be tricky at times to make this change 

We can do it 



I do not do this from a money business model as anyone who has worked with me knows 🙂 

I create this because it is my passion to share this with the world 

Any support you can give me  with donations is gratefully received

so I can continue to share this and pay my way


Thank you

2 thoughts on “White Magnetic Mirror ~ Who am I ? Day 1

  1. Greetings! Peace and Love lovely one. I am thankful for your postings and follow them closely. I will surely donate to your site. In Lakech, Kin43!


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