Red Spectral Serpent

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Pic Sekhmet artist unknown 



Red Spectral Serpent 

A Clear Sign

The day of letting go

in the

Blue Eagle Wavespell


pic by Chie Yoshie





As I write this the full moon in Leo

is approaching






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along with

Lunar Eclipse 


Article by Astrology King 




As we near the end of the 260 day cycle



I have written some cross referenced blogs this week

that you can use if you choose

to work with conscious awareness

These Red Serpent Codes are key for relationship

Red Serpent is key for awakening to kundalini and it’s power

Love is the key to set us free



This is a very powerful year for us
Letting go of anything in our relationships that is limiting our life in thriving 
Being the planetary server that we are 
All the Red Serpent Days will be key for revealing relationship status
They happen every 20 days 
We start a new 260 day spiral on 08 February
in Aquarius.

Here is an interesting article



The Secret Language 

Pic by Chie Yoshi
The next Red Serpent
will be 
12 February 2018

Artist unknown

Red Dragon process ~

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

We begin the initiating Scroll ~

5 Wavespells

showing us where we are in relationship

to the new code

seeking embodiment

through personal healing and clearing

The 8th Moon 
Galactic Moon 
Key time to see what is happening for you around
Valentine’s Day 
The Solar eclipse in Aquarius is on the 15th:
Article by Astrology King :
Next up is :
Red Crystal Serpent ~ day 12 of White Wizard Wavespell
04 March 
Seeing how self empowered we are
Seeing how we let the magic flow through us
Pic by Chie Yoshi
Next is :
Red Rhythmic Serpent ~ day 6 of Yellow Sun Wavespell
24 March 
Spring has Sprung in the Norther Hemisphere
We are now in the 9th Moon 
Red Solar Moon 
Gateway to authenticity
being the beacon of light
Having gone through the 13 days of Blue Hand 
clearing some inner space 
to assist with birthing our avatar potentiality
we reach the
Clear Sign process

of seeing how much light we are able to hold
as a direct result of healing our shadow 
The next scroll begins on 01 April
Red Skywalker and our conscious process
artist unkown

This 13 day process is the most powerful process as it has

13 clear signs
Red Cosmic Serpent 
on the 13th of April
The 10th Moon now
Planetary Moon
We see what is manifest based on our journey since July 26 2017
Artist Chie Yoshi
What is seeking to shift in relationship ?
Blue Storm Transformational Wavespell
Red Resonant Serpent 
03 May 
Spectral Moon 
The 11th Moon of Letting go anything that is inauthentic 
A human evolution portal 

Artist Chie Yoshi

What is resonating that feels a healthy vibe ~ expand
What feels anything other than joy ~ let go of emotional wounding episodes
Feelings are the key to set us free
The next Scroll begins 
Relationship status
Red Magnetic Serpent
23 May 
Red Spectral Moon Day 22
Master builder number 
Entering into the central column 
10 days of human evolution 
If we choose this is a very aligned time for learning and transforming ourselves 
Red Galactic Serpent
12 June 
Crystal Moon
the 12th Moon of revealing our clarity
We are in the central column seeing our holograph reflected
Dreamcatcher by Ivan
02 July 
Cosmic Moon 
We leave the centre and go out 
Yellow Seed Wavespell
Revealing our actual Starseed status 
Free of the ego mask coping mechanism
Red Lunar Serpent 
New Learning 
Shadow revealed 
The next Scroll begins 
Red Earth 
How are we feeling connected and aligned to the earth ?
22 July 
Red Solar Serpent 
The Gateway for relationships
A portal day 
11 August 
The Conscious Dreamer process of 
Blue Night Wavespell
Red Electric Serpent 
Magnetic Moon
We start a new cycle of 13 Moons
Red Magnetic Moon
also a New Mayan Year
on the 26 July 
Red Cosmic Moon
A dynamic year of shift 
Artist Chie Yoshi
31 August 
Lunar Moon 
The Second Moon
New Learning and shadow
Yellow Warrior Wavespell
Where we are on our path
Red Planetary Serpent
Seeing the manifestation of our relationship internal process revealed on the outside
20 September
The Alchemy Moon
Red Electric Moon
artist Chie Yoshi
next Red Scroll process
Red Moon
Seeing the manifestation of what began in Magnetic Moon time in July and August
In the Green Castle of the heart
Red Self Existing Serpent 
The structure of being self existing
so that spirit can flow 
White Wind Wavespell
also a 

Burner Day on the planet 


Behind the trees by Ivan 


A day to burn off the shadow to be free

returning full cycle to today’s energy
Red Spectral Serpent 
10 October 
artist unknown
The 13 Clear Sign

Blue Eagle Wavespell

seeing what is seeking release so we can be a planetary server
Healing personal Harm
be clear and free
creating harmony
Mastering our constructed “self”
to be in alignment with our higher self 
Artist unknown ~ EFB 


Red Serpent Wavespell ~ setting the heart on fire



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day one Red Magnetic Serpent

Mini blog

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Red Serpent Tribe


the Mayan term for this is


There are ten gateway days in this 13 day energetic spiral.

These begin tomorrow.

These days bring the opportunity to

access the whole

The whole energetic learning of you and your many facets and incarnations

The whole bigger picture of everything that has ever been and ever will be


it’s a biggie 🙂

It initiates today with Aquarius Sun and Leo waxing moon

seeing the bigger picture of our life

our planet’s life

our cosmic evolution

how we relate

If you choose you can connect to this each day with my mini blog and see what the energetic signature is

how it is showing up for you

you can also work powerfully with it and

set an intention


My intention is:

to create more love in my life

heart centred ways of being from an evolved ego

recognising and honouring my humanity

I do not know what I do not know

that is the journey

My spirit knows

and is veiled to me

My star seeded journey is to unveil it during my time here

as I unveil it through 

Knowing myself


Mind Body and Spirit


I change my experience here from the inside out

I let go of living purely from my lizard mind

of survival and reaction

I expand 

I shed some skins

I remove my ego layers of learning through transforming them


I empty my cup

I let love expand within me by letting go of old wounding

and as I go through this process

I  create a new energetic world within me

and therefore without.


If you are new to this Mayan Wavespell

the simplest way to get to know it

is to be a part of the process

Here is my calendar

You can download it, print it out and laminate it

You can connect to the wavespells online too

Hang it on your wall

put a piece of blue tac on the day and every day move the blue tac

google the day

see what comes up to learn more about it 🙂

That is what it is here for

a synchronisor

a galactic gift from our godselves

to get us in the cosmic groove

the universal heart

the co creative relationship

the journey back to the stars

through our heart opening

Letting go of our head leading the way is essential

we are in the emotional evolution

Feel to heal

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

Today is the initiation

Today we send out our intention to our

universal mamma 🙂

Tomorrow we get a reply 🙂

Are you ready to ride the snake ?

It is the perfect time

on the planet we are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle of awakening to who we really are

Red Moon Year that started in 2006

This year is 


Integration time

Yellow Galactic Seed


Time to integrate our selves and

free our soul seeds

Be what we came here to be

naturally 🙂

Red Serpent Wavespell

The-Sacred-FeminineRed Serpent Wavespell ~

It is here ❤

One of the most powerful energetic spirals in the Mayan calendar.


The picture I have chosen today, is one I used for my very first retreat in Glastonbury which began on February 11 2011 ~ it was on Valentine’s Day Weekend and an Open Your Heart Retreat. I started to use the Mayan Signs and Wavespell in a very simple way ~ simply sharing the information. I did not know very much about it at all then ~ I trusted that it would become clearer as and when 🙂

This wavespell was Yellow Sun ~ the language of light 

I am amazed at how ~ in such a short period of time ~ I have integrated so much awareness of this sacred spiral ~ through experiential connection with it ~ tuning in as and when I felt called to do so and now this is becoming second nature.


When it is the perfect time we reveal another piece of our joy jigsaw 🙂

My sacred feminine trust muscle is building in a profound way.

If you hear the call ~ go for it “-) It reveals the miracle of our sacred journey ~ that has always been there. We open up even more to feeling, intuiting and knowingness.

What this wavespell means for me ~

Intimacy and loving the skin we are in ❤

Starting today there are thirteen days that take us on a journey of co creation potential with the universe to reveal our pattern, our path and the potentiality to open our heart even more.

Everything I offer here is from my personal experiential journey ~ if it resonates for you you may wish to connect to me in some way. I am finding more and more people are contacting me on their wavespell and some even on their day.

If you are feeling stressed by all the changes in your life and are ready to allow a different way of being this can really assist you.


Do something new because it is self evident that if you aren’t feeling great ~ something in your process has created that ~ so to continue doing it means……..

more of the same 🙂

The heart path isn’t an intellectually led process and this is what many people do not understand because they are so conditioned and educated to process life in a mindful way ❤

We are in the emotional evolution of letting our feelings guide us now ❤

This for many is a new way of being and involves new paradigms.

Our mind is a very important part of our process and is included…..

The Sacred Feminine returning is led….. by the sacred feminine returning in us…… returning to balance within us.

If you are constantly using your mind, intellect, thought, creating mental process to live, to understand , to create change……..

Maybe take some time to go within and learn about what is leading that and creating that?

If you are wanting to create more feeling good opportunities in life then this is led by understanding how our emotions show us what feels good…..

It is actually about removing obstacles within you 🙂


Today it is Capricorn Moon  ~ we are also experiencing Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 ~ transformation at our core

I really tuned into this today and this is synchronistically attached to the thread of this Valentine Day Retreat which created a huge shift for me in how I related to others ~ and creating some new boundaries for myself.

I had observed behaviour over a long period of time with a client who wanted to come on the retreat ~ and wasn’t prepared to commit to participating with the group according to the guidelines in the way I asked ~ to respect others and their views and that each person had an equal space in our circle. I tried to engage an honest dialogue with that person and they chose to avoid that ~ using a passive aggressive behaviour and indirect approach instead. I was very clear about our relationship and what I offered as a therapist and yet that person chose to interpret that to suit themselves and use me as a tool if you like ~ instead of doing the deeper emotional work for themselves because it was too painful for them so their shadow expanded ~ as it does ~ into a huge rage storm that decimated everyone and everything in it’s path ~ a raining blame machine of tornado proportion.

I learned so much from this relationship ~ I learned most of all to end it because that person wasn’t ready to look at themselves instead of looking at everyone else as to the source of their anxiety ~ which was an old old pattern for me in my relationships from childhood. They brought me to this threshold because to do my dream in the way I wanted ~ they had to be faced and let go of. I moved into a different space.

Glastonbury amplifies egoic behaviour so it is very clear to see ~ if in doubt come to Glastonbury for a visit and see for yourself how different you feel and how you behave ~ it gets to the heart of things ~ hence the term Glastonbury experience .

For my first retreat I chose to create in the way I felt called and I knew it would be challenging with a group working on emotional issues in close quarters, so boundaries were set. I knew it would bring so much learning and it was an amazing weekend with lots of drama and heart opening 🙂

When you experience behaviour over a long period of time you see what a person actually does…… rather than simply what they say ~ and actions speak louder than words. The true nature of a person’s ego is revealed when they are squeezed ~ when they are challenged and facing resistance ~ how that person behaves when under a perceived psychological pressure speaks volumes.

This isn’t judgement ~ people are what they are ~ only most people aren’t ready to take responsibility for that place of being ~ this is discernment ~ being discerning about how we want to relate to everything in our world.

and if you are not allowing feelings to guide you ~

If you are not allowing intimacy in life…….

If your relationships are being controlled, kept at arms length, mind battles,

maybe creating a barrier between you and the world…..

because you have been hurt ……..

Is it now time to take off the armour ?
Unpeel more layers ?

Time to go into our heart
and hear it’s rhythm

Listen to what your body is showing you as to the sacred threads of bondage
the thorns that hide the sleeping beauty, that seeks a sweet kiss of surrender

to allow yourself to be naked to loving goddess balms.

Today on a personal note it is my anniversary to my Sagi partner and the father of my two fire children ❤

We have been on such a journey together of 24 years. When I go back to this time and use the Mayan calendar to see my cycle at work and his cycle, other people in our circle and momentous dates of our learning together…..this creates a healing and an understanding in itself.

This has really helped me  on my integrate my ego process and let go even more of my inner critic who only seeks to blame and shame me and my choices 🙂

This is the untrained ego ‘s language and I understand that is how it is ~ and I choose to work with it from it’s own place of understanding 🙂

This is the holy trinity process of integrating mind, body and spirit to create a shift on many levels.

Depending on where you are on your path this may call to you.

If you do not have a process for working with your emotion every day ~ and maybe repressing certain emotions? This may be key to moving forward now.

Through my life experience I look for practical ways to evolve.

I am not an abstract 🙂

Many people seem to have an abstract belief system that is inconsistent with day to day reality and that doesn’t work for me. They have different rules for different situations ~ to me that is role playing and making things fit…..

and on a deeper level this is a pattern that is incompatible with authenticity and being open hearted.
Role playing is what it is ~ it ain’t soul being and it has an agenda that is often hidden
parts of us that aren’t integrated yet 🙂

That is the soul journey

I live in a world that requires me to be practical and I have a family who also requires that ~ we have needs to be met to live.

At times in the past when I have been experiencing challenges and emotion has been huge and impacted on my ability to function…..

I have ridden the wave and that was perfect for me then ❤

It motivated me to search for practical systems I could learn to empower me

This also led to me choosing to share these with other people.

I know that these tools work for me and I believe they will, by their nature, work for you ❤

However that is your choice and journey 🙂

I love people. I love to connect. I love to see the soul and beyond any behaviour that may not be loving and often this has taken me on some rocky roads 🙂

I choose to keep doing this journey and to liberate myself from fear by facing it because it is the darkness that has brought so much light for me ….

It isn’t an easy path.

My offering today ~

the more we focus on ourselves and healing our own shadow and the more we empower ourselves

It is an inside job ❤

Most people are still focusing on what they do with others and if you grasp this secret today prepare for miracles to happen 🙂

If your wellbeing and safety feeling is reliant on others doing that for you then that feeling is going to be up and down and you will be all over the place.

Peace and love accessibility comes from our own reservoir of heart wisdom.

Red Serpent Intimacy :
When I was a young adult I fell in love over and over and allowed it.

I didn’t do a resume , do internet dating, have a profile of my ideal lover 🙂 I allowed the universe to bring me a match

Notice how very different that is today  as to what new ways of relating we have now to pre~screen and connect 🙂

I dived in experientially and some experiences were amazing heart connection.

When we are young we can find intimacy through sex and the wonder of surrender through orgasm.

Being flexible, free, open, knowing nothing about the stranger the universe has brought for you and allowing each other to fuse together ~


allowing all energy to blend

showing your body to each other

giving yourself totally in those moments of union

learning how to give and receive pleasure

letting another see you undone,

in body
without language

absent from mind control

allowing that other to co create with you in that way

oneness in love

without any boundaries…….
Have you had that experience?

Are you having it now?

This is a great video  about this:


Much of our day to day world experiences are being created by lack of intimacy and orgasm 🙂

Frustration ?

When someone isn’t in a place of receiving this their energy pattern is in a place of blocked receiving.

As a woman to allow openness in this way is in general terms to feel loved, honoured, respected and soft, receiving, gentle

I do not know truly how it is for a man ~ to be trusted to be allowed to give of himself

David Deida does some interesting writing on this subject ~ some of which resonates for me and some doesn’t ~ I do like a man to be very masculine in terms of sex in certain regards and feminine in others ~ flowing sexual finesse can also be achieved instantly ~ chemistry ~ a manual and verbal instructions doesn’t quite achieve the same feeling or result 🙂 When the time is right ~ it simply happens with some people……

and many variations on that theme ~ when I use that word ~ intimacy ~ I am not speaking of a sexual release due to certain physical stimulus or role playing

making love is a very different experience from sex and pornography which has a whole different element and perspective.

Over the years I have learned about my body and understanding of how I love sexual intimacy

seeing and communing with another soul that mirrors my soul

Through learning massage, aromatherapy and reflexology I got in touch with my body

Through belly dance I learned how to open my sacral more and to move my body to allow this energy to flow

I learned about my pleasure palace and how to create that for myself


pleasuring oneself is a very different experience to being with another human being isn’t it?

If we aren’t being held in a loving way, being stroked, being adored…….

our body feels it ❤

If we aren’t receiving our love language ~ a way of being loved that is uniquely ours ~ then we do not feel loved.

How would anyone else know our love language when often we do not know it ourself?
The universe brings us many relationships so we can become very aware of this ~ if only we will see the gift that every person brings for us ❤

To know ourself.
To know what creates bliss in our world.

When we become very self aware we are in a different space.
We can see each part of our body is our philosopher’s stone and shows us where our energy is flowing freely
when our energy is flowing freely we allow and accept ourselves and we allow and accept others

in a well~being way

with good boundaries…….this can take time to hone 🙂

We create heart choices that place ourselves first for self respect, self confidence and self love
and we arrive at this place through experiencing the opposite in many cases.
So if you are experiencing fibromyalgia there is old hurt stuff in your body and where it is is significant.

Google is a great resource to check out any threads and I call it following the cosmic cookie trail 🙂

If you put “metaphysical first before any illness ~ you open up a whole different world.

We each find the perfect answer for where we are now ~ if we allow it ~ that can often be a bit of a stumbling block when we haven’t healed our receiving issues …….

We tend to keep going down the same corridors and……. repeating patterns that feel lacking can show us this 🙂

There are also some fab books such as :

Louise Hay ~ You can heal your life
Lise Bourbeau ~ Your body’s telling you : Love Yourself
Christian Fleche ~ The Biogenealogy Sourcebook

There are also planetary changes too and this affects us.
If you are experiencing ME ~ there is something about you that isn’t getting your needs met and new ways of relating are key

If your body is experiencing inflammation and indigestion ~ acidic patterns are anger which are the height of being unheard and lots of grooves coming together to create that 🙂

When we are really angry it isn’t easy to be intimate and open is it?

Sort of a mis~match ?
Noticing our sacred geometry and love language is the key.

There are some universal patterns too that can help us see what we are weaving with our own web and any contrast there.
To move from duality thinking and polar opposites we move into co creativity.

Co creativity is very different to co dependent patterns.

If you are experiencing one sided relationships with people who have no interest in you and simply do whatever they like as and when…..
and cannot see they are doing that…….
then here is a thread to be explored…….
If you look at your birth family and childhood you will see when you first experienced that way of relating and how you learned to cope with it…..

what are the chances you are still doing that now ?

Even though you are an adult now and in a different space entirely ?


How you can co create with this wave spell


How about sending out an intention to create more intimacy and see what shows up each day for you to look at?

If you want to work in a very powerful way use emotional freedom technique to work with any feelings coming up around you relationships with the universe ~

simply using your intellect alone will give a surface understanding ~ your emotional mind however does not work in that way 🙂

Remember the emotional mind is a pattern matcher and….our pattern is attracted by our heart……

we keep attracting the same hurt pattern until we change it ~ by getting the message and feeling the emotion we have held onto about how we aren’t good enough in some way…..


Let’s say you want a person to have an intimate relationship with ?

Write a list in as much detail as possible about that person and ideally a photo of a likeness ~ in one sense you are tuning in to potential people out there on your radiant radar

Send that intention out over and over ~ and be open to who shows up

All people have learning for us and we go on a journey together so we can see ~ experientially ~ what this way of relating is like and….

if we want to refine that we can articulate that….

and if the other person doesn’t want that to happen then the relationship ends….

and all parties evolve potentially ~ sometimes they devolve too

Our universal partner always matches our beliefs in some way ~ they are a match ~ whether it is a match we desire is a choice point

Bear in mind we are now at the waning part of the moon in the UK so it is an ideal time to get clear about what is seeking release ready for…..

New Moon in Gemini on the 8/9th of June

If you send me your time, date and place of birth I can send you info about your Mayan sign and where you are on your thirteen year cycle which can give a lot of clarity ~

lets say you are on year 11 ~ time to let go of anything that isn’t serving you

Year 2 ~ the challenge ~ which is what tomorrows energy brings and I will mini blog about tomorrow. This is where our biggest gateway potential is 🙂 If you are in a year two it may feel like your world is full of speeding asteroids obliterating the landscape ~ it is clearing the way energy to birth the new you .


Remember to be a way shower and follow the path ~ the core strength comes from meeting adversity not avoiding it. When we are prepared to be ourselves no matter what other people say we allow the soul to shine through. Even Keats received a lot of flack for his beautiful poem Endymion ~ here is the first stanza:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth,
Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth
Of noble natures, of the gloomy days,
Of all the unhealthy and o’er-darkened ways
Made for our searching: yes, in spite of all,
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon,
Trees old and young, sprouting a shady boon
For simple sheep; and such are daffodils
With the green world they live in; and clear rills
That for themselves a cooling covert make
‘Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,
Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms:
And such too is the grandeur of the dooms
We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.


Do you remember a time when you were very young and you had your first crush ?

When your heart quickened at a perceived glance, an accidental encounter, in a playground there was eye contact, you received a handwritten note, a sticky sweet given by a grimy hand that meant the world ? Kissing the back of your hand before your first real kiss and imagining what it would be like? Anxiety at getting it “right” , school discos, music on the radio that brought that special someone into very close proximity and your face blushed with the heat of desire? Feeling sick with them, without them, disappointment when they fail to arrive at the youth club……

Friends that became something else……noticing how that changed…….magic moments of awakening to another soul……

You can also experience that in sacred workshops without any sexuality involved ~ mind-blowing. I am intending to create that space too with sacred clowning ~ love those workshops.
Love to you and your intimacy ❤ ❤ ❤
If we all went within in this time and worked with raising our awareness
how much more love in the world would there be ?

How much more understanding, compassion, peace, joy would exist because……
It existed in us?