Red Serpent Wavespell 10 ~ Hey presto



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 10

White Planetary Wizard

Ix Jaguar

White Wizard Tribe


Today our heart’s desire is manifest and at this




of the waning moon in Scorpio



We may have revealed what the heart desire’s

to heal and let go of

rather than

a heaven sent day




and that is ok if we are ready to do

The Great Work

put on our shaman coat of stars


and if you are taking the time to explore this then I guess you are 🙂

An initiate ?

An Adept ?



a potential

Sourcer ~ er or Sourcer~ess 🙂 ?



Which has often been distorted 

From it’s true meaning which is

a person directly connected to their source energy


this has often been so distorted as to destroy people

who speak truth’s that are not 

wanting to be heard by some

because of their own place of

dis ~ honesty

and hence

the Wickedy Witch of the West label comes in

Remember that the Witch of the West brings Scorpio transformation 🙂 

Rebirth through death

Someone who is mature in years

has had plenty of life experience

and is grounded

centred and connected to source

isn’t a pushover

doesn’t take any none sense

and knows a spin story when she sees one

with one sniff of her pointy nose


The Crone energy is so feared by many


The Triple Goddess

Trinity energy of She who is


because this elder has few things left to be manipulated with

having trod the heart path 

she is familiar with 

the heroine’s challenge

and moves her

butt out of the way

of true universal teachings

flowing through her 🙂

The manipulation school of learning

and dis~entanglement is a tough training ground

much of which is not a pretty sight

and takes a few circuits around the block…..

many a cursing and gnashing of teeth occurs 

when the spell she has chosen falls foul,,,,

back to the drawing board

and this is a place that the disciplined disciple 

spends many an hour

gazing into the crystal ball and seeing the energy start to clear

with each new 

ritual and recipe

revisiting the work of

many a heretic

many a hermeticist

many an alchemist

over Aeons of time and space

and in truth share the same sacred threads of how to create magic

it is the same process throughout the universe

we are created using the same process as the stars


Remember that the bigger picture of this

260 day cycle 

started on 


In your astrological chart the MC for you aligns with this day

Here is information about that

This is your heart’s desire

So today you have in your hands your secrets

What has brought you joy over the last ten days and ….

lit up your imagination

inspired you

sparked a twinkle in your eye

green eye

set your pulse racing

got your energy flowing

banged your gong


how did you and your universe orchestrate that soul symphony ?

Write down your bliss codes

and be as specific as you can

remember that you are the weaver of your grand design and that takes

attention to detail

to perfect the same outcome

Maybe you did something new?

The last time this Wavespell was here was May 28 last year

I wrote this blog and just revisiting that I notice how different it is and

how different I am

at this time of year 🙂

This waning moon

the temperature

that I am mainly inside too

Conversely you can focus on what didn’t bring you pleasure

ruffled your feathers

gave a grrrrrr to your growl

now this is where the big girl knickers come in 🙂

Once we start to get comfortable with the uncomfortable

we become

The Tomb Raider


we know the dirt is where the treasure lies

where our heartache’s

is our salvation

herein lies the gold waiting to be unearthed

the chalice within 



My MC is:

Neptune in Scorpio

Just a little personal note for the people in Burley 

who may be unaware as I was 🙂

 My Witchy friend informed me yesterday

that it was one of the first modern day Coven’s

More about it here

Last night I was watching an old 1960’s film on BBC4 and it just happened to have Ringwood on it 🙂

So today you have your prima materia to work with

and if you would like to know more about how to work with it

Please get in touch for your free consultation

and this Workshop may be just the golden ticket for you :

The Art of Alchemy with EFT

9 months until this Wavespell comes again ~ where will you be ?


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