Red Serpent Wavespell ~Cloud 9 ?


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 9

Red Solar Skywalker


Are we on Cloud 9 ?

A very short blog today

I have been a busy bee and now I have low energy so…..

Today is the completion of this cycle of loving the skin we are in.

Notice what has happened around you today and how that feels

As it is waning moon in Scorpio you may be seeing one of it’s

three energy codes:

The Scorpion ~ the emotional mind, reactive and survival

The Eagle ~ the bigger picture view seeing how far we have come on our journey and how our code can expand into even more heavenly

The Phoenix ~ combining the other two to rebirth ~ fire storm and a new creature rises from the ashes

Here are some very knowledgeable souls sharing the astrological aspects that have 

shed some Solar light and awareness for me today

Tom’s report

Movement into North Node Libra and South Node Aries

~ Venus takes centre stage


I am a nine and this energetic resonates strongly for me

Wishing you some deep inspiration today for this new energy coming in 

and how we wish to weave with it 🙂

Here’s to more love coming into our planet


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