Red Serpent Wavespell ~ 8 Integrity



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 8 ~ Integrate and create Integrity


Yellow Galactic Human


Yellow Human Tribe




Today’s energetic code is simple

Our body reveals how much in alignment with living in the code

of right relationship we are

When we are 

we flow

we shine

energy comes in

goes out

without any interruption

like a fast flowing 

river of light

crystal clear 


The code of love is many things




Here are some of the key codes :



Being Real

Being true

Being open

Willingness to learn


Can look at oneself 

Can laugh at oneself


When we are out of alignment with any of the codes…..

and as we are here on planet earth

and definitely a human being……

that is not a Saint 🙂

Part of our journey involves going out on a limb

to discover how it feels

being in the dark…..


The part of us

That is here to learn….

How to relate

can benefit 

by being

as open as we can be




and ready to see


green eye

what requires a little adjustment

in how we are living

without beating ourselves

up about our mistakes 🙂

and reaching this place alone takes a great deal of inner alchemy work for most peeps

without giving ourselves an ear bashing


without pretending to be something we aren’t because we “should’ be it

This is all what is known in the scripture’s  as false propheting

which has it’s roots in

psycho spiritual babble bull poo 🙂

has an agenda of the ego

to control

appear in a place of authority that does not ring true

and is devoid of honesty 🙂

This can soon be revealed by going deeper than the surface living place of the ego

to find what lies beneath…..

You know the person who is speaking a guru’s words in a workshop ?

only has his wisdom on a surface level…

and does not live it in any way outside the workshop

and there is nothing wrong with that per se if that place of being is shared in honesty

as we are all a work in progress 🙂

what feels like bullpoo

and lacks any integrity

is when that person is pretending that they do

and coming up with a spin doctor story

like many a


The magic happens when we go beyond this way of being

and trust that all will be revealed in time

when we go within

Yesterday was just such a day for me

magical happening

I had a fab connection with my friend and we used EFT

to help us let go of past stuff together

so we could let go of our ego’s fear

of our future


I wrote yesterday’s blog after it.

Later that night I watched a film on Film 4

completely randomly

If you are familiar with the film or wish to do this as an exercise…..

Love Happens

which is about this very same subject

of a guru who isn’t walking his talk


it blew me away because some of the images and words I used in my blog

and on my Facebook Wall before it

were in it 🙂

This has started to happen more and more

in my life

and I feel able to share it

Glastonbury is a very magical place of course

and very mind blowing things happen here


there is a big community of people who can share this and speak openly about it

even though it is not the norm….

they happen everywhere when we are ready to see them



clear signs of us seeing the flow

and aligning in with our universal self

As above

So below

Within and Without

The more we believe and perceive our magical world

by letting go of all mind constructs

that keep us living a nightmare

the more we connect to our dream

Now Aquarius has moved into Pisces



Moon in waning Libra 🙂

Bringing ourselves into balance

Being the human being we are 

wherever we are

and opening up to our God and Goddess potentiality

All is a metaphor

Any pain we are feeling…..

is our next step to revealing love

When we are truly in a place of living that


We see everything in a different way

through the eyes of love


For real 🙂

rose tinted spectacles

are surplus to requirements


and it doesn’t pay to….

fake it to make it

wolves in sheep's clothing

as this simply creates a round the houses energy that is

a diversion of source

and we all have a huge price to pay for this pathway

Just wanted to share a fab source for anyone

looking to 

change their feline friend’s food with this great

website I found today



Basil chez longue 🙂

as this has been such a tough journey with my kitties

and I am learning so much

In the past I trusted that people who said they were experts

 and found to my chagrin that they labelled food for marketing purposes only

in plain English

they lied for profit

and my fur babies have had to pay for that health wise

and I am learning that I have to take responsibility for everything now

To make an informed choice 

about everything I relate to

there is a Lancashire saying….

“it always comes out in the wash”


and this is happening big time in my locality of Somerset

So the sooner we 

bare our heart

be vulnerable

and accept who we are….

the sooner everyone else does

the thaw is happening 🙂


Let’s shake off those snake skins and reveal our true selves

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