Red Serpent Wavespell 7 ~ child day




Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 7

Top of the pyramid nearest to heaven

Blue Resonant Monkey

Divine child day

Blue Monkey Tribe


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What is resonating ?

What is coming up to be released around relationship ?

To go forward in life and create new playgrounds

New schools of thought



Heart Space 

Adventures of the Aquarian Age

To move forward in this time of transition requires a time travel code 🙂



A framework that allows us to transform and transcend the past

Leave it behind on every level

Emotionally , Energetically and as a result of the first two ~

truly intellectually

a resonating reframe


If we have unresolved emotional trauma from our past ~ this stops us moving forward

That is simply how our energy and emotional body works

It won’t allow us to go anywhere that is not a match for us

To give an analogy

as a space traveller




If the atmosphere in the next world we are looking to create

does not support life as our emotional life knows it……

instead it matches the elements of the quagmire of swamp life past……


our ultra sensitive touchy feely radar says

no go zone

we need a well supported adventure plan that feels healthy

and all our “A” team signs up to

“A” for Aquarian 🙂




akin to going on an archeological expedition

to be well supported and ecological we create a structure or a plan

that has a well balanced  energetic basis


that is from the heart

and allows all parts of our inner A team to be 

A in another way…..




a ok


some team members may have knocking knees

some may be bored of the same ground

some may be shyly peeping around the corner

and one may be in a place of pure knowingness without any information 🙂

with her go getting  goddess get up on


To energise this time we work with the shadows of the past

that create fear and doubt now

purely from old ways of being


old outmoded code 

that was then…..

this is now

Of course there is the cosmic code 

from the sun

that is beckoning us 

to unfurl and unfold our petals

seek out strange new worlds with new civilisations

to don our Indiana Jone’s hat

light the torch

hear the clarion call

and boldly go…..

where many have gone before and left cosmic cookie crumb trails….


It may be new to us and it is a well trodden path

of the soul journeyer

It is time for human beings to grow up

be responsible adults

and reveal the divine child within

the child that is transparent 

free from any jagged edges

that attract ego arrows


Watched a heart opening film last night and noticed what

caused my floodgates to open

what was personal to me

that was seeking a release

About Time

Here is a great video that I stumbled across today

that explains really well how imbalanced relationship

shows up for sensitive people…..

see what resonates for you 🙂

and now is the time to come out of hiding by creating new relationship ways for each and everyone

It’s Mars in Libra time

Bringing the masculine into balance and right relationship

instead of staying stuck and sapped by energy vampires

being an enabler

being metaphorically stoned for being a seer

 feeling a need to get stoned to cope

having to be removed from the general population in retreat

create new code for ourselves 

Time to come out of the dark ages into the light

by transforming our shadow

so we can



yellow human

pic by Alex Gray



Can’t you tell which media I connected to as a child……

Secret Seven was one of my faves…….

Paving the way 🙂








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