Red Serpent Wavespell 6 ~ Dog Day

Sirius 2

Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 6

Balancing day 🙂

White Rhythmic Dog

Oc ~ is the Mayan name

White Dog Tribe

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The last time we were in this energetic wave and day was June 02 2013

here is my blog about it

This is what the Mayan Wavespell brings for me

being able to see my bigger picture pattern

which brings more awareness about myself

and in turn

raises my consciousness about my relationship with 

the universe

which I am a part of 🙂

Working to raise our conscious awareness of ourselves is an essential 

part of the road trip to

Knowing Thyself

Waning Virgo Moon again in the UK

So letting go energy of our feminine

all our wounding and ways of being too masculine

too feminine

passive and aggressive


Today is all about how we have conditions

that we have learned

over the years

in our relationship environment

When those self learned and imposed conditions are not met then our emotional mind 

has a hissy fit

and the Virgo perfection

inner critic

starts to sing


Virgo energy is in the small intestine area and can literally bust a gut if 

the solar plexus feels undermined and living out of alignment with

“healthy ways”

The universe always brings us our alter ego 

to bring balance

to show us 

through emotional triggers

where we feel disempowered

where we feel empowered too

and if any of these emotional places aren’t joy and love

are engineered with addictions and power tripping

then these ways of relating are akin to an 

artificial app

that we add on

and is not truly who we are 🙂

When the music’s over

turn out the lights

are we still beaming out radiance

or is our spirit snuffed along with the candles?

leaf lantern

The key to mastery and living in harmony is

to be

self possessed

self aware


self reliant


 a high level of self esteem

be self confident

be centred

and to do this requires that we go on a journey

to know ourselves

that is the most important place for self love to

be possible

As I said yesterday’s blog there is a

code for creating everything in our cosmos

and we are here as star seeds

with the guidance of Sirius

our North Star

The Dog Star

to realise this awareness now

Today we are in the energy of

the six pointed star

The Star of David

The Heart Chakra


This Star symbol is used in religion of course

when we remove the religion filter…….

we see a star going up to great our higher self

Masculine sun energy

the language of light


and a star going down

to our planetary hero and heroine adventurer



earth energy

emotional energy

our humanity

This is the symbol of harmony

The harmony code 🙂

The triangle ~ the three sided power of the holy trinity

Holy Trinity = Masculine and Feminine within us

free of ego through transformation creates true co creation

a third point of light

the divine child within us

which is very different to masculine and feminine co dependency pattern

finding our “better half” 

looking for love in another and that way of relating which most of us are very well versed in 🙂

The code for human maturation can be observed and experienced by having children

studying child development

then we see ourselves from an observing position

We watch the process and may take a part in shaping it too 

Awakening to our soul journey

is the same process in many respects


On planet earth we have been in the early years stages for thousands of years

so we can learn about the first step

developing an ego 🙂

Think we have mastered that gig on the world stage, don’t you ?

We learn to know ~ as does a very young child ~ that we are an individual

We are not our mother

We develop a will

and we go on using that will in whatever way we are encouraged in our birth tribe

our cultural family

until we reach a point of deciding

what feels like truth for us

and what feels like someone else’s

~ noticing who the voices of our inner critic remind us of is a big clue as to where our beliefs about who we are and how we “should” live hail from

Some people stay in this place believing they do not have a choice to go further

because they would risk the loss of love from their tribe

This is the planetary consciousness of Cancer right now

The child energy in the Zodiac

This is what we will be working with in the next 260 day Tzolk’in that begins on July 26 2014 in the UK

This is the energy in the morning and switches to Leo in the afternoon

The Morning signifies the awakening to a new dawn ~ it is the East and Juliet is the sun as Romeo says

Here is an esoteric meaning for The Moon

and specifically The Moon in Cancer

which is a different understanding to a basic astrological meaning

So if you are a Cancer, have Moon in Cancer, North Node or Ascendent specifically


indeed have planets in Cancer then

Red Solar Moon is going to be a significant year for you as an individual

It is a year of completing old cycles

to create new ones 🙂

In our journey on planet earth as an ego child

we learn to live and love conditionally

this creates an energetic, emotional and behavioural code of being in us

we share many things with dogs


as we are mammals and we have an inner dog emotional mind

that is very conditional about what is “good” and “bad”

based on past experience

as this emotional mind does not have any logic

it cannot move beyond that original learning of it’s own volition

this is where EFT ~ tapping ~ is of great use in the transformational process

When we are ready to move

beyond our first tribe truth

and learn to find an objective truth

on the soul journey

We move from the arena of 

the domesticated dog

to the wild wolf 🙂

blue wolf


There is a field beyond right and wrong

as Rumi says 🙂

This is where we are willing to go out into the world with 

eyes wide open

The Fool in tarot


This is where we are willing to move our focus to within

Be loyal to ourselves first

to our heart first

and do whatever it takes

to  bring ourselves into balance in our masculine and feminine within

We break free from the Collective Conscious Mindset

We examine all our conditions around living a life of love

Keep what is objective truth free from any distortion of the ego path

and create a new way of living

our inner dog barking

reveals our next steps for our personal emotional evolution

our fear

being vocalised

instead of suppressed and ignored

until the message becomes so 

big and loud

we are forced to react

If we do our own cleansing every day proactively

it is a totally different space


We are always held and loved by our universe

It is abundant

It is pure love

When we truly believe this with every cell of our being

we have transcended duality on the inside and so

it is also truly manifest on the outside

This is cosmic law


Love to you today and your unconditional





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