Red Serpent Wavespell ~ 5 Moon Cycle



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 5

Red Overtone Moon


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Today is the centre day and we see how centred we are

how things on day 1 to 4 have knocked us off our centre

revealed core issues and raised our awareness of

transformation potentiality

Today we are in Waning Virgo moon in the UK

Today we are connecting to the energy of the Sacred Feminine Earth cycle

We are in the yin receiving phase of the moon cycle

We are getting the incoming energy based on what we have sent out in the waxing 14 days of the moon

as well as everything else in this lifetime 


depending on how integrated


in touch we are to our higher selves

and in turn the cosmos

we will be able to see lots of threads to this energy 

and how it brings us amazing potentiality in this portal framework

to see the bigger picture as we are in Aquarius Sun

The Full Moon in Virgo is the next emotional energy coming in

March 16

So we connect today to that energy 

to Virgo in our charts

to Virgo Sun last year and coming this year

It is all connected 🙂


As mother earth is starting to germinate and become fecund

the warmth of the sun is starting to see the shoots unfurl in Somerset

the lambs are born

the ground is coming to life

and so are we

we are all one

and the majority of people are unaware of this completely

some have some intellectual awareness

and have as yet to internalise it by becoming it

In the bigger picture in the Mayan

we are in the thirteen year cycle

of Red Moon awakening

It began on July 26 2006 ~ what were you doing back then?

On July 26 we have Red Solar Moon

which sees this energy in it’s own number ~

very powerful completion

In the year 2010 on July 26 we were in Red Overtone Moon

This was when I came for my second visit to Glastonbury

I came to the Goddess Conference

and that year the theme was


It was a catalyst for me

the year after I moved to Glastonbury with my family in Virgo Sun time

and to enable that journey

lots of shifts for me in relationships

and how I learned about how I was doing that

and how  my heart yearned for honesty

which was scary off map territory

Today I realised the thread

I noticed how different I felt today and how 

I found myself cleaning

the sun shining in my mud stained windows

clearing my space and cleaning my energy goes hand in hand

in extremis and head led ego based it can be about control

It can be out of balance

It can show where we have too much to handle if we cannot create a space where our healthy energy can flow



and the energy code that goes with that in whatever way

If we are attempting to move mountains once a month…..instead of doing a little each day

then there is energy information there

we always create ourselves in everything we do 🙂


How can we not create ourselves ?

Unless we are playing a role and wearing a

mask ?

this way of being always comes out in the end


It is what is is

We are what we are

Once we start to live that truth

it can be uncomfortable for ourselves and those around us

as we start to face our shadow and work with it

others will feel fear as we start to change

because even without their proactive participation

everything changes 🙂

People will feel judged when we say that

and will do as long as they have judgement issues to clear is all 🙂

there is a clear difference between what a person speaks of

what a person actually lives

Mind the Gap

We have to be the change we want to see

which is a very different thing to speaking about change

it is living our learning

letting go of old ways that are unloving

The universal creation and relation code is there in plain sight for us to 

align with

flow with

garden with

grow with

be with

heal with


love with

The Moon

brings the sacred feminine in

It is the key to our emotional evolution 

It is the way to connect to our centre and let go of struggle

to be transformed and 


Heart Wisdom

Here is a video I created to allow ourselves to listen to what is seeking letting go

 Creating Me Time


Caroline Myss Volume two

This was all about my Glastonbury Experience 🙂

Love to you and your Cosmic Awakening

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