Heaven on Earth Wavespell 3


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 3 ~ the sizzle day 🙂

Blue Electric Eagle

Seeing the bigger picture of our path from a higher perspective

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Day 3 is the co creation day

This is the alchemy day

Day one ~ Red Skywalker and creating heaven on earth is the intention

Day two ~ White Lunar Wizard and letting go of anything blocking the flow of the universe through us in terms of self imposed limitations

We combine the two

If you have just joined the blog please check out the previous Heaven on Earth Blogs 1 and 2 


We have a vision of what we are choosing to create

We have triggers that stop us feeling we are in a bliss place

Here is a tool I use ~ EFT or tapping ~ a video about triggers

The alchemy of Blue Eagle brings the fire of death and transformation


This is the nature of the blue gateways

If you are a blue then this is your energy

West is the direction

To use the divinity matrix of the Tzolk’in is a bigger picture tool

When we started this wheel on Halloween 

This gave the flavour of the whole 260 days

Red Magnetic Dragon ~ what is the Great Cosmic Mother bringing us for our awakening

The Moon was Self Existing Moon 14


Creating an independent structure for ourselves

1 + 4 = 5

5 = Overtone and Mastery

This 260 day cycle is all about this

Now we are in the 5th Wavespell and……

If we choose….

We see ourselves clearly

We see our structure


this is the magical power place

When we see ourselves

Love and accept ourselves

We start the alchemical process of 


and only then….

when we are willing to open our personal Pandora’s Box

Remember that this is our emotional evolution time

on planet earth



To walk the mystic path alone

is purely

The Magician

This is always the basic framework energetic number 1 of the thirteen day Wavespell

The Patriarch

The Masculine

We are now in the coming in phase of the feminine once more

Day 2 on the Wavespell is the Goddess response coming in

The High Priestess

within each individual the balancing of masculine and feminine within

Giving ~ asking and intending

Receiving ~ being open to learning 

We do not know bliss with our head 🙂

We feel bliss

through our heart

and our body

If you haven’t used Emotional Freedom Technique before here is a video I made :

to assist with making your own scripts

So today look at the bigger picture view

Fly high

Create a journey if you wish


Intend to see what is coming

any pictures we pick for vision boards are glimpses of the future

we are Seers seeing potentiality

Remember it is already written

the myriad paths we can take

this is what is known as multiple dimensions

our potentiality

through what we choose now

The veil is being removed

It is the time for all to be privy to the truth of the creativity and power of 

the universe

that we are

Today my Thoth card is

another  Fire Card

Seven of Wands


seven is the mystic number


another symbol is the Menorah



Woke up to a beautiful day here in Somerset after torrential rain last night

a reminder that nature comes unexpectedly and although we can prepare we have to face whatever happens.

Five fence panels have blown down and so an interesting metaphor

for my fifth year

My garden’s boundaries have been breached 🙂

What can this create ?

I see my friend the Robin through the gap and to me this is symbolic of my Grandad ~ a fellow Leo

Here’s the animal totem

This is a fabulous site for information

I sat contemplating Christmas Eve last night and connecting to what was heavenly for me as a child about this time.

I loved the magic of Santa and when the truth was revealed Christmas lost most of it’s magic.

Now I see this connection differently ~ remembering the magic of the true nature of our spiritual journey.

I loved reading as a child and many people bought me books for presents.

I would sneak under the tree and unwrap annuals then re wrap them as I could not wait until Christmas Morning 🙂

The ego wants instant gratification 🙂

I wrote a lot as a child

I had endless inspiration

I loved Enid Blyton stories about magical places ~ The Enchanted Wood, 

Empowered children ~ The Secret Seven

I could read for hours

The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair were favourites

Now, although the language is dated I love the symbolism hidden in the text

The Faraway Tree and the magical lands that lasted a couple of days ~ the moon changing

There is actually a character called Moon Face 🙂

When I had my own children I revisited my childhood with them although often with different books such as Harry Potter and more visual

with video and later DVD which isn’t the same as is always different to our imagination’s interpretation.

What I loved about the holiday was how the ego framework stopped and we stepped out of time and artifice in a way

School and Work stopped

Everyone relaxed

If it was snowy…. even more wonderful

Lots of enjoyment

Parties, Presents and fun

Lots of beautiful decorations

People coming together in love

Great TV films and programmes that created a tradition and at the same time created new ways of relating

such as Morecambe and Wise and their celebrities playing roles we weren’t used to them playing and 

being silly…..

It seems very dated now but was radical at the time

and paved the way for new ways of entertaining and comedy

people expanding their creativity

and daring to be different

Having the courage to follow their heart

So Lots in there for me to raise awareness around Heaven on Earth meaning for me :- )

I am starting my book at last

Glastonbury Tales 

Which is going to be a fictional work based around my calling to Glastonbury.

Please feel free to post about your experiences.

There is also a private group on Facebook for this purpose:

Flow With Jo

Love to your bigger picture process today.

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