Blue Crystal Hand ~ Code 12 ~ Soul Warrior


Blue Crystal Hand

This is the Complex Stability Code

for the

Spiritual Warrior Process

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

This code was on Thursday 14 July 2016

so if you want to do

self enquiry

focus on what was happening to you then

as to your creation process 


Every day 12 of a Wavespell

is this

Crystal Code 


Day 12 reveals how clear we are

as a human being 

How in the flow we are with the Universe

How healthy we are

as our environment is supporting us 

Our lifestyle is supporting us

Our choices around how we play the game of life is supporting flow of life on all levels 

How free we are from our cultural conditioning is key 

Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign 

It is the Mystic 

It reveals what is resonating 

How our personal vibe and life journey is resonating 

Self enquiry :

Am I feeling good?

On purpose?

On track?

Capable ?

Feeling empowered ?

What emotions am I experiencing ?

This is key to being liberated from the personality and it’s wants 

To know oneself 

This may seem complicated at the onset 

At the initiation 

It is like learning any new skill

the easiest route in this case

is to let our emotions guide us ~

however if you have repressed

your true emotional self…

You may find this difficult and uncomfortable … at first 


most people have repressed this innate wise mechanism

to survive 

because our society generally is based on deceit


repression of the authentic self 

which in itself 


mixed messages 

to the self 

also known as 

Cognitive Dissonance 

Driving a car is a great analogy

for the evolutionary soul journey 

Things do have to stay separate 

until the driver has the skill set 








At the beginning there are so many things to do simultaneously 


the mind goes into overload

trying to overthink each separate task 

Part of us beyond the logical mind knows 

As we drive the car 

We are constantly looking in our mirrors 

Seeing what is around us in comparison to where we are 

If we are mindful of others

however some do not do this and focus purely on the self 😉 

Knowing where we are on our path through others is a reactive model

that is familiar to many 

How fast we are going

How slow we are going 

Who is going faster and what car are they driving may be a focus too 

How others impact on our journey with their ways of travelling 

How we react to that 

How that can ~ literally ~ impact on us 

How we feel about that …

that everything that everyone else does on planet earth

affects us personally on one level  


how that awareness creates an emotional response 

Tensegrity is another way of perceiving this process 

impeccability :

on the path of truth 

Carlos Casteneda 

Buckminster Fuller 

How each journey on a different day

can be so very different

because the universal energies are different and

we are different

It is Complex 


Are we in gear ?

What gear?

Moving out of gear ?



One day so many things to factor and maybe feeling anxious 

Over time everything clicks effortlessly without thinking in depth


often our mind zones out into auto pilot without even realising it 

We trance out 

We stop being conscious of each moment 

Finding segments of our journey elude our conscious recall

Our mind has hypnotised itself

This is key to notice this 

If we start to actually think about driving again ~ to go back to our first learning process 

It can actually feel very unsafe 



no complex stability 

City driving requires a different skill set to country living 

Noticing this and paying attention is often called


when the individual starts to focus on the self with this conscious awareness 

Personal enlightenment truly initiates 


Intellectually knowing the self

is important 

Knowing about personal patterns

is a key part


self awareness 

Knowing how our personal vehicle works:

The Human Being Self 

The Avatar 

Is a Mastery Skill Set that creates a Foundation Stone 

At another level 


transform this

Foundation Stone 


to recapitulate all that has been created during this lifetime 

This is a Shamanic Process 

A Sorcerer Process 

To allow connection to one’s Source 

To surrender to divine will 

The Spirit Self 

This takes Courage because it is an emotional process 

It requires getting intimately in touch with the whole self 

especially the parts the self likes to hide because it believes these parts to be unworthy 

It is easy to do an intellectual process 

It is very challenging to come face to face with oneself

because this is where the pain is 

It becomes easier over time 

as the ego self realises that it can face pain and survive it 



feel better because of this process 

Blue Hand is part of a Mayan family of 4:

Red Earth  ~ Grounding to feel safe on earth ~ mastery code 17 ~ Uranus

White Wind ~ Spirit speaking truth and wisdom ~ code 2 ~ Uranus

Blue Hand ~ Healing through transformation ~ code 7 ~ Earth

Yellow Human ~ The flowering of our true free self ~ code 12 ~ Earth 

Combined Codes ~ 38 = 11 

The Divine Child Process = Blue Monkey is Code 11 

To go further  = 2

To work with our shadow self and through that process create new learning 

Code 2 ~ White Wind ~ truth 

Letting go of what is no longer serving us to be free


evolve the Human Race

which is what the 260 day Wavespell Process

is all about 

The Human Being’s choice

is what level to play the game at 


All Mayan Sign’s

are part of a team of 4 energies 

Here is a document I created about this:

Master Castle Codes 

which is on my

Resources page 

Red Earth is the Awakening Sign 


The Planet is Uranus 

Awakening to what is seeking light 

Freedom from what un grounds the individual 

because of their initial earthly experiences in relationships since arriving incarnate 

This is always found in the Birth Tribe 

Once the individual starts to initiate the transformation process 

There are key programmes in place that have to be faced 

Core Tribal Codes 

Survival Codes 

Loyalty Codes 

on a deeper level 

Compliance and Conditioned Society Codes 

This is a Mastery Level that takes a great deal of personal work 

Radical Responsibility 

All that the ego has created to stay “safe” 

is there to be transformed to allow evolution 

to do this consciously as an individual 

requires conscious personal inner work 

to be conscious of what makes one tick

what one wants to expand that is respectful

and in balance

with new balanced relationship codes coming in

what is seeking release that no longer serves

and is often labelled generally as:

victim code

i.e avoidance of personal responsibility 

when we are in that mode we are disempowered

because we believe someone has the power now

Taking our power back is key 

This is from childhood experiences

From disempowerment events 

this is not about excusing abusive behaviour or condoning it in any way 

this is am essential part of our personal enlightenment process

and is how the evolution” game” is played 

I do not intend any disrespect of anyone’s personal journey with these statements


to create any judgement around any experiences in any way 


White Wind is the Refinement Sign 


free from emotional personality distortion

The High Priestess Avatar

Who has cleared their conditioned experiential distortions

to allow a channel to source

that speaks of truth

free of agenda and manipulation 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus

As the second Mayan Sign in the Matrix 

It is the new learning on planet Earth for human being development 

Yellow Human is the Flowering Sign 

the embodiment

in balance of the spiritual self and the human being self 

As the Mayan 12 th Sign it is the Sign of Complex Stability Process 

The Bodhisatva

A definition here 

Also my blog about

Yellow Resonant Warrior explains this in more detail 

click here to read 

The enlightened One who is truly compassionate 

being truly compassionate for themselves

through their loving acceptance and transformation of their self 

Blue Hand is the transformation process

All Blue Mayan Sign’s have this energy 

If you are a Blue 

Generally speaking you will be working with transformation and Shadow 

So this will precede you 

The sooner you come to terms with this energy


the sooner you will come into yourself 


know that just being in someone’s presence

will push their buttons around shadow and change 

resistance activated 

purely because of the energetic framework

you are holding on all levels 

which is change 

Blue Hand’s planet is Earth 


It is time for a huge change on planet earth 

The Key to the Spiritual Warrior Crystal Complex Process 


4 x 3

Working at all levels

Mind Body Spirit  


Being a human being requires practical solutions to everyday living 

Being grounded and earthed 


this is key to emotional stability 

It is an inside out process 

Our society is changing rapidly

so to survive



in order to thrive 


essential …



the ability

to mutate

are good skills to acquire 

also key

is the conscious awareness of new codes coming in


adapting to be in alignment with them

resistance is futile 😉 

How can understanding these frameworks help in these challenging times?

They give a map and a framework to follow to get in synch 

at the same time allowing the individual to take small steps every day

to transform themselves 

as deep down 

everyone has the ability and answers to do this process themselves

and is what we are here for 

As I began this Blog 

Scorpio Waxing Moon at 28 degrees :

A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.

We have a Full Moon coming

in the disciple code of Capricorn 

Tuesday July 19th 11.56 pm in the UK 

Here is a great article about this:

Darkstar Astrology

do the work 😉 

Capricorn at 27 degrees ~ how can we doubt any of this any more ?

It is all written in the stars 

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.
Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering–which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience.

With my awareness

I am offering

transformative workshops

for the

New Mayan Year to assist you

with your journey  :


R~Evolve Workshop 

Facebook link here: 

Get ready for the new year on the 26th of July with the planetary codes


your personal codes

you will be working with 

for any level of awareness 

This is a flexible course ~ you do not have to do it live or on the day ~


you can if you want to  😉

I am offering a webinar now too


Here is the link 

More info: 

Are you ready to evolve in a whole new way ?
Ready to see your own personal rebirth and reformation code ?
Know how you are a revolving conscious part of the creation matrix ?
Start to consciously work with your own patterns in a radical way at your own pace ?
Become aware of your sacred spiral ?
You will learn how to look at what is happening in each day in an amazing way ~ seeing yourself and all the signs of your karmic creating codes all around you
You will be able to see how everything is truly happening for a reason
You will be able to truly know how you have no control over others and be ready to let go on a deeper level and trust the process you are in

Are you ready to see what is often perceived as “negative” in a whole new light ?

We are in amazing times of rebirth and renewal .

In this Leo time of the year it is perfect timing to connect to our heart and work with conscious intent to open ourselves to this new learning

This auspicious time of returning to balance with the Sacred Feminine

I have been learning with the Mayan Wavespell Calendar for 5 years now on a daily basis

It is an amazing synchronising tool that was created exactly for this purpose ~ human evolution

The emotional evolution

Different ways to perceive and receive

Evolve through relationships

Evolve through transforming what traditional perecption sees as “negativity”

Our planet is at a time of extreme imbalance

Many see this as “beyond repair”
The ending of times

There are lots of fear beliefs currently running in the collective

With perfectly good reason

We are in the last few days of one Mayan Year and a new one beginning on July 26

The New one beginning is Blue Storm ~ Code 11 ~ Spectral

This type of energy only appears once in a 13 year cycle in this form

In terms of transformation , Blue Storm only appears once every 4 years

It is a powerful time to initiate and expand your own personal evolution

Beyond the mind and intellect
Beyond the Conditioning of Culture
Beyond anything in the outer world

This is a journey within to be in this world as a conscious dreamer and co creator
Being a Queen Process ~ sovereignty ~ being able to be in a powerful centred place rather than a pawn on the labyrinth

You will be given an in depth overview of the 13 step process we will be working with for this whole year and uncover insights around what has already been happening to you in these last few Wavespells

Remember ~ You already have everything you need within you
All you need do is awaken to that truth
See yourself in a whole new light
Transform what your ego sees as getting in the way ~ which is actually the key to everything

What you will initiate from this workshop :

You may work at whatever level you feel ready to :

With Information only :

1. Information about your Starcode ~ natal chart ~ and Mayan Sign
and an ebook with information about what this new Mayan Year has in store for you


2. In depth Information about this forthcoming Mayan Year and it’s Significance to Human Evolution only



For those who wish to work on a deeper level :

3. Personal Reading and in depth information as to personal charts and how this will be co creating with your personal evolution
plus 90 minute Skype Energy coaching with me at a mutually convenient time ~ focusing on what you wish to evolve with on a personal level ~ typically this is where resistance and emotional issues are coming up


4. Live Webinar


A Group Circle of energy
You can connect from anywhere in the world .
You can work on whatever level you feel confortable with
This involves Emotional Freedom Technique

You can take part online via computer
By phone
See other participants or not

It is a powerful way to access group synergy and also great for those on a budget

This will be limited numbers initially because of the framework so please ensure you book your place

Skype Energy Coaching Offer :

Taking part in this workshop will give you an opportunity to add on 90 minutes one to one Skype Sessions with me at future dates as and when you feel to at the reduced rate of £22

Please be aware that due to the level I work at with people, I have to limit my numbers

If I haven’t worked with you before I will need time to do your charts so please allow for this

If you want more information please contact me:

Jo Kenworthy

01458 850769
07772 877028

Day out of Time Webinar 

25 July 2016 

Facebook link here: 


Are you ready to see what you have created ?


My Mirror ~ what have I manifested so far on this creation journey ?
What do I wish to keep and expand ?
What do I wish to release that is no longer serving me

This is the Mayan Day Out Of Time

This year it is a code 10 ~ the code of Manifestation
It is also a Galactic Portal Day

White Planetary Mirror

A Mastery Code ~ 18 

Planet Neptune 
A Gateway of integration



It is the day before the start of the Mayan New Year
Blue Spectral Storm on July 26



This webinar is a transformational process to allow conscious awareness

for those ready to see what is seeking expansion and release in their co creation process

You can take part live or have a recorded version
There are lots of levels to get involved in

You will be sent a self enquiry template to use as you choose

You can influence the webinar content if you wish :
by replying to me 48 hours before with your content ~ this can be anonymous if you wish

You don’t need any knowledge of the Mayan Calendar to do this

We will be using Emotional Freedom Technique on the webinar ~
again participate at a level you feel comfortable with ~ active/non active

and you do not need any previous experience or knowledge

of emotional freedom technique to do this

How to take part:

* You can take part online with a computer
* You can take online with a phone
* You can have a recording

* Create a group if you wish

I am limited on numbers for this webinar due to the framework so please reserve your space

Please message me/contact me for more info :

Jo Kenworthy
01458 850769
07772 877028

£9 per person

These Frameworks are absolutely amazing 

Give them a whirl yourself 


align through all time 

with the part of you that consciously chose 

to take part in this 

revelatory human evolution 

turn everything your mind believes

on it’s head 

in a way only you can 


White Worldbridger Wavespell ~ endings to allow beginnings



White Magnetic Worldbridger 

The Wavespell of balance 

Number 6 

My life is going very fast right now…

how is yours?

Things falling by the wayside as the earth starts to warm?

It has been a beautiful day today


Barton St David 

Frosty with blue skies

Here are some pics I took last week on a similar day 


I felt really alive 

Signs of Spring everywhere

Everything feels very intense right now 

I am feeling deeply vulnerable and open 

with lots of layers falling away 


I have had my busiest week with clients

doing energy coaching

for a long time 

many feeling big shifts

as are many of my friends


I would just like to send love from my heart to yours

I love you and value our wonderful friendship

gorgeous people 

I am dedicating this blog today to my long time beloved friend Debs


A White Cosmic Worldbridger 

Who has always been such a source of love and support for me 


so many others 

Gone through some tough times too 😉

You are an amazing woman and such a strong soul

such a supporter and creator for the sacred feminine 

Thank you for being in my life 

I love you 

It is a profoundly spiritual time of awakening

to what creates 


Heaven on Earth




allowing heart connection


what does not too 😉

noticing when old wounding is blocking our access to love 

from within 


that is what is the source  


all feelings of separation from source

inner beliefs 

Full Moon in Virgo time launching this Wavespell

Snow Moon


Great article by


I have been 

working with other people

clearing emotional trauma

using a bigger picture soul framework


it is 

 such a gift for all involved

especially for me

as always the issues and patterns relate to me 

It is such a feeling of grace


I realised tonight I am in my 9th year of this work 

I have so much I want to write

but I haven’t yet got the time yet

so this is going to be short and sweet until I have 🙂

I have been asked to write an article for something I am very passionate about


I will share info on that soon too 

I care deeply about emotional health and well being 

It is my life’s work 

This Wavespell

is all about that 

Letting go of all our past life trauma 

By focusing on what is troubling us today 

Starting with today and radiating outwards 

This Mayan Sign is the 6th Sign 

It is the balance sign

If you are a White Worldbridger 

This is your essence 13 day process 

The planet is Mars 

Mars in Scorpio right now and this is featuring in a big way for deeper healing and feeling in the masculine taking us to whole new levels

Here is a great article by Beingwholewoman 


Being the masculine energy of the Conscious Creator

Making life supporting

Heart Opening choices 

on a very personal level

Which requires death of the ego through transformation


Surrender to Spirit

Here is a well written document about Mayan Signs




Owl totem 


This is the only Wavespell that does not have a 13 Clear Sign 

which is significant 

Don’t know why yet….

Just learning about this but will write when I do 

The last Wavespell had 3 😉 

I will be writing an article about that as soon as I can

Big planetary stuff coming up

in the next couple of weeks


SuperMoon energy

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 


Blue Storm Wavespell

08/09 March

This is my Wavespell


the last time this Wavespell happened

was the Summer Solstice in 2015 

when I launched a quest to meet my soulmate 

Here I am doing a Pisces Moon ceremony 


My Chiron and Saturn

are conjunct the 18 degrees

This is my first house 

I have a feeling this is going to be huge for me

I have designed an online workshop for those ready to work with this energy to

Catalyse their Journey 


More info here

Being the Catalyst 





Please do get in touch soon

if you feel to do it


you haven’t worked with me before

as I need to do charts for you and I am really busy at the moment 

Taking deep breaths is good right now

Getting out in nature


Getting out of that head space 

It is all unfolding perfectly 

Pure Grace 

My cookie trail today took me on a twin flame theme 

really touched me 

I know lots of people feeling this right now

this is for you lovelies

Twin flames ~ mirror of my



Not a huge fan of the music but love the theme of the video :

Love the music and the imagery 

Wishing you a joyful time as the butterfly wings start to unfurl 

The light is returning 




Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 2 ~ death



Red Serpent Wavespell


Day two ~ White Lunar Worldbridger

Please click on the links on the words to go to other people’s websites that have more information to expand your understanding 🙂

White World Bridger Tribe



This energetic signature holds the keys to the code of creating intimacy and letting our kundalini flame go higher so we can shine

Don’t fear the reaper 🙂

The death of the ego way is the key to living from the heart

Letting the ego be in balance and do it’s true purpose

which is revealing our fears and using them to create integrity and living from love

at this time on the planet this is where we are doing an about turn 🙂


Goddess energy and the feminine

coming into balance

Living in the now as we let go of the past

if we haven’t let go of the past ~ old world


it keeps showing up

because that is how our universe works

we live in our own little microcosms 🙂

as well as the macro cosm of gaia

A world within a world


These energy spirals that are gifted to us from our Mayan ancestors 

that are here in the Wavespells

are formed from experiential grounded knowingness

over thousands of years of watching the heavens and seeing the patterns

they have been lived

they are free from ego in their pure form

This is revealed in 

The Keys of Enoch

this is revealed in many old scriptures

and has been hidden from the masses until now

because now is the time

for us to create something new and remember

that we are god and goddess energy

and whatever we are being

we are doing

we are having show up

Really simple

and if use start to use the Mayan Wavespell energetically

each day

it will teach you intuitively

about what is your next step that you need to evolve 🙂

Cool ?

New heart ways of being turned on, tuned in and transformed

direct from our source

pure consciousness

Thing is at the time of our birth most of us learned how to relate

from a place of distortion because that is the nature of where our planetary evolution is 🙂

Ancestors lineage ~ the sacred code ~ has been distorted from the true light code

of christ consciousness

on purpose for learning 🙂

so we could learn what that created

and now we can transform it

we can be

the change that we want to see

Do you see ?

As we are experiential beings 

we can only create a different experience

when we have a code and change it

that is cosmic law and the nature of energetic creation


when we do that on all levels


Mind Body and Spirit

the holy trinity

On planet earth we are really good at using our mind

what we often avoid is feeling our feelings

and this is where our growth area is

Loving the skin we are in

and letting our true emotions come out and be healed


So today look at what is coming our way that is

always the growth area in this spiral

Every time this spiral comes round you can use

it as a universal life coaching tool for yourself

Exercise you can use if you choose :

See what is coming that we love 

the lunar feminine

the new world beckoning

new knowledge of our feminine self

the universe replying to the intention we sent out yesterday

(If you haven’t done this you can revisit it here : Red Serpent Wavespell)

Draw a tarot card with this intention

What can I expand on ?

What is my inner critic telling me that is my resistance

and instead of labelling it as a “negative” 

see it as our amazing potentiality

our brave new world

we are creating truly from our courage

from our heart

What is seeking to die around our distorted code that creates inauthenticity?

What is seeking to live that is true?

Remembering that our untrained ego will do the most bizarre things to 

avoid emotional discomfort

The emotional mind isn’t logical and creates addictions and behaviours that do not make sense

A fun way to create a power team here ~ ask Spock what his views are on a situation if you are unsure 🙂


or another suggestion



or whoever feels good for you 🙂

Is something you are contemplating a spin doctor story or truly from Spirit ?

Time for the lambs to become lions

and bust through the death stars

illuminate the dark spaces

from within 

the shadow is where the jewels lie 

treasure waiting to be found

for the soul seeker

Rule of thumb:

In our society if something in a structure, a business, a government plan

doesn’t make any sense

It’s a good sign that it is an untrained ego energy 🙂

And we can simply have awareness of that information

and we create an informed choice point of how we choose to dance with that energy

if at all 🙂 

Base Chakra 2-1

Whatever comes up today that feels resistance

allow it

hear it 

honour it

and if you know how to tap ~ EFT ~ then tap and reveal the gift it brings that you can let go of from your past

and if you don’t know 

may I suggest you learn?

Loads of free resources out there lovelies

Here is my triggers video

Love to you and your transformation of your

inner world today

Go Goddess

red overtone moon

Core Strengthening


Red Crystal Earth

Day 12 of Surrender Wavespell

White Worldbridger

Complex stability Structure and a Galactic Portal Day

Remember to click on the links to expand awareness ~ they lead to other websites with more information.

We are in the last two days of the refining wavespell

On the 17th comes The Catalyst Wavespell

Blue Storm Wavespell

My personal catalytic converter.

Our personal Wavespell is our journey for soul transformation and our star seeded mission.

It is what we are here to alchemically work with for ourselves and in this process we change worlds.

Pretty exciting stuff ?

If you want to use a framework for catalysing yourself

then my workshop 


May be of interest ~ take part anywhere in the world in a way that suits you.

As I am preparing for this now ~ it is a blue Wavespell and so it is a gateway of death and transformation ~ I am becoming very aware of what is seeking a new code for me and as a consequence of this , I am learning a lot about code in all different arenas.

Energy Therapies:

Once I became connected with awareness of energy therapies I entered a different world………

which is also what this wavespell is designed for and can only happen if we allow it 🙂 … … … … … 

This happened back in July 2006 when I had my first Reiki healing from my friend in Marsden who I later trained with in Reiki at her healing centre.

I had never heard of Reiki and had just started doing a lot of new things, such as belly dancing and when we move into new circles lots of newness happens. Much of this newness I was very nervous about and was very different to anything I had done before and this is a key strategy for transformation ~ feel the fear and….bust out of our comfort cocoon 🙂

I know this information because I have tools that I have created and learned about ~ universal decoders ~ as well as a capacity to hold a lot of information as an Aquarius Rising .  You may find the information I share in my blogs overwhelming to begin with ~ and notice that 🙂 My offering ~ take what is resonating for you 🙂

I am different to you ~ I have a unique code and so do you and chances are you process differently. My intention in sharing my journey is simply that. Some things may resonate with you and may touch you ~ you may feel you want to learn more about that thread ~ you may want to share what you know ~ this is the magic of co creativity. We are all teachers and students and here to relate.

Mundane Tools in plain sight:

If you know how to use your email account as a magical cookie trail store, this can reveal hidden treasure and dates about key times in your life ~ so bear that in mind before you delete.

Remembering that to be in balance with Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to being powerful and the magical alchemist.

I was intending to connect to when I had my consciousness awareness raised around energy frameworks ~ remembered that I had been on holiday to Greece, came back and was feeling very dizzy and ungrounded with vertigo symptoms. I checked my email and there was my flight itinerary. It gave me exact dates to work with. 

Now I have the Mayan Wavespell decoder to check out what energy signature Wavespell I was on ~ Blue Night. All about connecting to our dream and our potentiality. As we transform our energetic triggers and what is prompting nightmares from our past ~ sometimes past lives too ~ we create clear space and learn about our process. We learn about our cosmic code and how to work with it in relationship to the universal code. This is what I call:

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail.

If you would like to open up more to following your cosmic cookie trail ~ here is a video I created for that purpose that you can use every day to set that intention using Emotional Freedom Technique.

Back then, I was in Year 10 of a thirteen year cycle of White Wind. Connecting to Spirit. That Year specifically was Blue Planetary Hand ~ shaping my life through gateways and seeing what was manifest in my life ~ what I had created according to my beliefs.

I wasn’t consciously aware of that then ~ but I was very aware that my life was changing drastically and was open to finding new ways of living. At that time I was a property renovator and had achieved a lot of satisfaction through transforming houses in my village. I loved Greece and had gone there for the first time with my children and partner, after a long period of not visiting it because I didn’t feel it offered amenities for very young children with the marble floors and heat.

They were old enough to cope with that structure in 2006 and so I chose a Greek Island that was small and beautiful and unknowingly on one level I chose a small village named Aghia Efimia ~ which is named after   Saint Efimia ~ a woman of good honour and strong resolve. The name is often shortened to Effie ~  also the name of a friend of mine in Crete where I lived for a while as a young woman.

Lots of synchronicities I can now see ~ the sacred feminine vibe of the independent woman being one of the key energies as this Saint’s name day is 16 September ~ Virgo. When I read this story about how she achieved her Saint title ~ her process ~ I remember how so many human beings have suffered experientially, to create these codes, so we can know them today and see the pattern……… and of course how we have done the same.

Now we have an opportunity to do something different at this amazing time on our planet.

Here is an icon of Effie:


Here is a picture of Paradise Beach:


So to another way that has been revealed to me in the past few days ~ catalytic conversion through my Cat 🙂 Here he is ~ Arnold.



Here he is ~ he’s a little monkey for drinking anyone’s drink and loves glasses rather than bowls.

He has been drinking more recently and losing weight and this has happened to my beloved cat Bob who died in 2011 before I came to Glastonbury. Bob took me on a cookie trail through homeopathy and I chose it because I knew that conventional medical treatments were simply dealing with the symptoms instead of what was giving rise to them. Sadly he had a lot of trauma from a car accident and lots of physiological issues that came from this and his diet ~ and this is key learning about what we feed our pets that are totally unsuitable for them and that we are often unaware of because we trust the informed opinion of people who we believe to be “experts” in their field .

Here is a great website on homeopathy for cats

Our pets are our avatars and when they are in close relationship to us they align with our energy structure. This often means they get sick because as domestic pets they are often not living in their true healthy way of being ~ just in the same way that most human beings aren’t ~ we are out of balance with our wild child and eating food that is very out of synch with our bodies true state.

This is accelerating now as our universal code is changing ~ this is very important to be aware of this 🙂 What used to work for previous generations ~ such as a job for life and certain dietary requirements ~ does not align with the cosmic code now ~ new learning time 🙂

If you think about this on a very rational level it makes sense ~ only our ego ~ that doesn’t “do” logic disagrees as it wants to keep everything the same as

same = safe 

thing is our universal code is evolution ` this is where our ego resistance kicks in and this creates suffering

We suffer when we resist the reality of life


Reveals the law of attraction code, the matrix and the string theory ~ quantum frameworks, magnetic attraction ~ many names and frameworks.

What it reveals is the energetic signature that is our universal creation system.

What I realised early on in my journey , is that there are lots of threads involved in creating something ~ our universe is complex. That may seem really obvious and yet I find human beings often overlook the simple truths ~ a paradox 🙂

When something happens in our lives that creates unease and dis~ ease there are components that make up this cookie that we have baked ~ this outcome had a recipe.

As a fledgling therapist I tried to explain this to my clients ~ a bigger picture pattern was present and all of this required looking at and keeping what was serving them and most importantly ~

letting go of what wasn’t ~

there wasn’t a quick fix for most issues.


Creating a different outcome from a different recipe 🙂

As a therapist I can bring this awareness to my client ~ it is my speciality and something I delve deeply into and learn about and do the process for myself and…..

most importantly

the client has to do this process for themselves which often flies in the face of our society conditioning and medical model ~ go to doctor ~ get drugs ~ seemingly fixes the symptoms ~ however the rest of the life circle that gave rise to the symptoms do not change and so….symptoms come back and often louder and brighter to be heard instead of supressed

Holistic approach is very different.

Homeopathy is the pure energetic of something ~ no actual live material in there only the energy signature.

It is very useful if you are working with a deep conscious level issue, a child, an animal  ~ the circumstances may not be available through an inability to communicate ~ and bear in mind that although this method sounds very gentle it isn’t always the case.

It is important to check out the whole picture ~ medical experts involved to look at the physiology and check that out and experts in homeopathy too  ~ overturn every stone if possible

and you may feel you are expert enough on yourself 🙂

Due diligence required ~ I use the term “expert” to refer to someone who has intellectual and experiential knowledge in their field ~ and not about the person having the homeopathy ~ depending on how well they “know thyself”

This is not an exact science because our unique code brings us….

the next step on our learning ladder 🙂

We attract what we need to heal us and so whenever we are facing an imbalance there is our solution.

Back to Arnold 🙂

Living on ley lines brings amazing learning and a high level of light ~ light is radiation. This in itself illuminates our shadow and reveals our next steps. Moving to Glastonbury raised my awareness of what effect that code of light ~ a very intense grid of light as the heart chakra of the planet ~ has on my family’s code and I include my cats of course.

Today’s energy is all about that structure of being centred and earthed.

Many people look to holistic therapies themselves as a way of salvation and miss the key component ~ to transform oneself as the most important step and not use their chosen “trade” as a power trip to feel good through believing they can “heal others” . Each person is their own healer 🙂 People who share healing modalities are part of that process ~ not the process 🙂 

So my beloved Arnold took me on a cookie trail ~ which leads me back to salt once more in a different way.

I wrote about this last year ~ my journey with water and feeling tired, de~hydrated .

My journey with food ~ eating foods fresh from the vine and growing food myself using lots of amazing new learning.

My journey around my own boundaries and how I worked with people generally and clients and co dependency patterns. 

I recognised his symptoms and so looked up Hypothyroidism ~ certain symptoms in me and a lot of people I am connected to right now 🙂

In the bigger picture on the planet it is a big shared pattern as part of our planetary transformation at this time.

Letting go of old ways of relating and creating new heart ways of being ~ on a deeper level….

When we heal these old hurts our thyroid ~ which is the butterfly organ on our throat ~ the Goddess Gateway from our body to our head ~ transforms. This has always been the symbol of my community projects and at the back of my house this is the rare butterfly that lives there:

Common Blue 230509 018

The Common Blue

If you have any of these symptoms it may be useful to explore this Homeopathic Remedy which will bring the energy signature to match it…..

The vibration about this is

Trust ~

The homeopaths remedy is Natrum Muriaticum


great articles about this here

for the vibe

for the symptoms


I also recommend looking at our life structures ~ what is supporting healthy relationship in all aspects of our life and….

looking at what gave rise to distrust in our past

events ~ releasing these aspects emotionally are

essential ~ and this changes our  trust code 🙂

Of course I cannot do this with Arnold in many ways ~ I am aware of some key life events where he has had emotional and physical trauma and can do surrogate tapping and Quantum Touch for him and I do.

Something else is now triggering this response and this allows a new learning process to happen.

Seeing these life events in this way creates a different experience 🙂

My biggest shift in recent times is simply being with him ~ in loving presence.

Taking the time to relate to him and value him ~ treasure him in my life …..

Treasure my wonderful life and smell the roses 🙂


When we transform our core every day

and align with how our heart loves to thrive ~

meet our challenges to survive

Everything has a crystal clear magical quality in our lives.

This wonderful life we have is available in many different versions that are determined in the most part with our channel choice.

Yesterday I got the Sun card in Thoth

Great article about that here

and I ordered my homeopathy from Helios  🙂


See the synchs in plain sight 🙂

Love to your earthly Uranus potential today.



Heaven on Earth ~ 10



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 10

White Planetary Wind

The day of manifestation of our heart’s desire

Please click on the links for more info to follow the cosmic cookie trail 🙂

They expand on the information

Beautiful artwork today from Andrew Gonzales

So what has shown up today that is your bliss ?

What inspired thought has sprung from the well of your soul and brought you a quest 

I love this time of year

The frantic festivities have past

The madness of the consumer frenzy

and there is a bare bones feel about ….

the next steps….


stripping back


The dark before dawn where the bulbs hidden deep in the earth are starting to activate new life

A little shiver of excitement here and there in their stirring

a flicker of Imbolc around the corner

a glimpse of things to come 

that we have stored below ground

and are very slowly gathering the energy to emerge

Today we may feel something is coming as a blessing from our 

journey into our dark places

I am reconnecting to a dream I have that started long ago

When I first visited Greece

and lived there at my first Uranus Initiation of 21

In Crete

Today the Mayan Energy of White Wind

speaks of this Uranus energy

The initiator

the power

the breath of fresh air

Spirit speaking through us

This is the Goddess energy Sign in the 260 Day cycle

This is the Goddess coming in day 

in response to our initiation

this is her encouraging us to go on a journey


to love the process

look for the light

the silver lining 


in every dark moment


I felt inspired to look for the Apollo and Athena Ley Lines and how they connect to

The Michael and Mary Line that runs through Glastonbury

There are many lines converging here

This took me on a magical cookie trail

Here are some sites with info:

Lundy Isle Of Avalon

Ancient Wisdom

I have always deeply loved Greece

It feels like home

It has an amazing light energy


feel good factor

As a Goddess place of the Sacred Feminine


She is having a difficult time of things just now

She will emerge renewed

free from false ways of being

as we all will

when we come out the other side 🙂

This is part of the transition

So my dream is to light a fire this year 

rekindle this dream

To create some headway to reconnecting with my quest

to have land in Kephalonia

where I can create a sanctuary space

to build a sustainable way of life

using “new” technology

new to me at any rate

sacred geometry….

as of old living

in alignment with nature

create holistic health 

through food

through energy therapies

through relationship with people who share these principles

and find even more exciting ways

to open our hearts even more

I already have a blog for my home in Somerset and growing food there

using  Moon Gardening and Energy therapies :

Seed of Sacred Living . com

If you have been reading my blogs you know that we may have to move

as our house ( which is rented) is up for sale

Our poly tunnel is part way up

Currently our fences our down ~

blown by the wind

So boundaries wide open on the North, West and East

Today is a great day for contemplating the past year of 2013

and what we have loved about it

Looking deeply at our choices

What gave rise to them

What action we took

If we are past 21 ~ a key Uranus gateway

How are we still repeating those patterns?

Uranus Transits are very powerful


When I set sail to Crete I visited many places in the Sacred Triangle of the Goddess ~ unknowingly

I had friends who lived in Naxos


and visited Delos and  Myknonos

The Cyclades Islands


My partner at that time taught me a great deal about unhealthy relating

with a baptism of fire


because of that

I am where I am today

Blessings to him 

He brought so much joy 

all the places I went to

all the people I met

all the learning I got …

a lot of that wasn’t joyful at all and was the spark required for my personal alchemy

that led me to ask questions and search for solutions


We travel this world with lots of layers accessible to us

that open up as we unfold

when we are ripe 

we are ready

to peel off another skin






Just like the cycles

in the Cyclades

the eternal warrior on the high seas

Here is a video I looked at years ago

and it felt like a message from the Gods 🙂

My God and Goddess energy 

What message are you feeling today?

Where do you love to be?

What do you love doing?

Who with?

Remember that the true nature of manifesting

is to see our


we call it future

it is simply another place 

existing now

To be with this place of our imagination

The Seer within is seeing

involves a personal journey

transformation within

creates a route

to align with this paradise

in a heavenly way

If you need a guide 

a Magician’s assistant

to draw back the veil with you

on your next adventure

into the Indigo 

please get in touch

love to co create with you

let’s see what we can 




Gateways to…..


Be Do Have 

Is the trick

and treat

Remember there is no beginning or end

all that is required at any moment

is to light a fire

of desire


My Thoth Tarot today

Ace of Wands


Perfect magic wand for inspiration and activation

Wishing you joy and love for 2014

Fly high

Dive Deep

Look first within

for the treasure you seek


Heaven on Earth Wavespell 3


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 3 ~ the sizzle day 🙂

Blue Electric Eagle

Seeing the bigger picture of our path from a higher perspective

Click on the links to go further 🙂

Day 3 is the co creation day

This is the alchemy day

Day one ~ Red Skywalker and creating heaven on earth is the intention

Day two ~ White Lunar Wizard and letting go of anything blocking the flow of the universe through us in terms of self imposed limitations

We combine the two

If you have just joined the blog please check out the previous Heaven on Earth Blogs 1 and 2 


We have a vision of what we are choosing to create

We have triggers that stop us feeling we are in a bliss place

Here is a tool I use ~ EFT or tapping ~ a video about triggers

The alchemy of Blue Eagle brings the fire of death and transformation


This is the nature of the blue gateways

If you are a blue then this is your energy

West is the direction

To use the divinity matrix of the Tzolk’in is a bigger picture tool

When we started this wheel on Halloween 

This gave the flavour of the whole 260 days

Red Magnetic Dragon ~ what is the Great Cosmic Mother bringing us for our awakening

The Moon was Self Existing Moon 14


Creating an independent structure for ourselves

1 + 4 = 5

5 = Overtone and Mastery

This 260 day cycle is all about this

Now we are in the 5th Wavespell and……

If we choose….

We see ourselves clearly

We see our structure


this is the magical power place

When we see ourselves

Love and accept ourselves

We start the alchemical process of 


and only then….

when we are willing to open our personal Pandora’s Box

Remember that this is our emotional evolution time

on planet earth



To walk the mystic path alone

is purely

The Magician

This is always the basic framework energetic number 1 of the thirteen day Wavespell

The Patriarch

The Masculine

We are now in the coming in phase of the feminine once more

Day 2 on the Wavespell is the Goddess response coming in

The High Priestess

within each individual the balancing of masculine and feminine within

Giving ~ asking and intending

Receiving ~ being open to learning 

We do not know bliss with our head 🙂

We feel bliss

through our heart

and our body

If you haven’t used Emotional Freedom Technique before here is a video I made :

to assist with making your own scripts

So today look at the bigger picture view

Fly high

Create a journey if you wish


Intend to see what is coming

any pictures we pick for vision boards are glimpses of the future

we are Seers seeing potentiality

Remember it is already written

the myriad paths we can take

this is what is known as multiple dimensions

our potentiality

through what we choose now

The veil is being removed

It is the time for all to be privy to the truth of the creativity and power of 

the universe

that we are

Today my Thoth card is

another  Fire Card

Seven of Wands


seven is the mystic number


another symbol is the Menorah



Woke up to a beautiful day here in Somerset after torrential rain last night

a reminder that nature comes unexpectedly and although we can prepare we have to face whatever happens.

Five fence panels have blown down and so an interesting metaphor

for my fifth year

My garden’s boundaries have been breached 🙂

What can this create ?

I see my friend the Robin through the gap and to me this is symbolic of my Grandad ~ a fellow Leo

Here’s the animal totem

This is a fabulous site for information

I sat contemplating Christmas Eve last night and connecting to what was heavenly for me as a child about this time.

I loved the magic of Santa and when the truth was revealed Christmas lost most of it’s magic.

Now I see this connection differently ~ remembering the magic of the true nature of our spiritual journey.

I loved reading as a child and many people bought me books for presents.

I would sneak under the tree and unwrap annuals then re wrap them as I could not wait until Christmas Morning 🙂

The ego wants instant gratification 🙂

I wrote a lot as a child

I had endless inspiration

I loved Enid Blyton stories about magical places ~ The Enchanted Wood, 

Empowered children ~ The Secret Seven

I could read for hours

The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair were favourites

Now, although the language is dated I love the symbolism hidden in the text

The Faraway Tree and the magical lands that lasted a couple of days ~ the moon changing

There is actually a character called Moon Face 🙂

When I had my own children I revisited my childhood with them although often with different books such as Harry Potter and more visual

with video and later DVD which isn’t the same as is always different to our imagination’s interpretation.

What I loved about the holiday was how the ego framework stopped and we stepped out of time and artifice in a way

School and Work stopped

Everyone relaxed

If it was snowy…. even more wonderful

Lots of enjoyment

Parties, Presents and fun

Lots of beautiful decorations

People coming together in love

Great TV films and programmes that created a tradition and at the same time created new ways of relating

such as Morecambe and Wise and their celebrities playing roles we weren’t used to them playing and 

being silly…..

It seems very dated now but was radical at the time

and paved the way for new ways of entertaining and comedy

people expanding their creativity

and daring to be different

Having the courage to follow their heart

So Lots in there for me to raise awareness around Heaven on Earth meaning for me :- )

I am starting my book at last

Glastonbury Tales 

Which is going to be a fictional work based around my calling to Glastonbury.

Please feel free to post about your experiences.

There is also a private group on Facebook for this purpose:

Flow With Jo

Love to your bigger picture process today.

True to you


Today we are in the middle of the Blue Eagle Wavespell.

White Galactic Wind is todays universal energy.

This is the wavespell of seeing the bigger picture by being the eagle who flies high in the realms of the gods and sees the wide vistas instead of being limited by the crevice or tunnel at eye level.

Many people will have experienced being blocked at this time either physically and/or mentally ……

and thinking the tool has the answer  😦

In the UK we have had lots of snow and ice .

Jack Frost nipping at our toes.

I have been connecting to lots of people this week via Skype

who are finding their path thwarted in some way at the moment.

There is a big Libra accent – finding the balance and the universe always balance us so when we are too much in our masculine we get a feminine blast

too much in our feminine we get a linear poke in the ribs.

This is all great stuff and it often seems perverse to be saying that.

It is what I have found to be true 🙂

This is Aquarius time

Which is when we connect to all god and goddess possibility within us

A few years back I had thought I had got into great flow with my holistic business and had lots of clients.

Then it snowed for three weeks 🙂


That is when I made a huge shift because during this time of physically no clients

I discovered online communities and skype

and from this different direction

I was connecting to amazing avenues that I hadn’t dreamed of…..

because we don’t know what we don’t know.

This is where focusing on our mind’s direction and guidance can be extremely limiting

and we can open up to the universal mind and family

that is always there to support and guide us to abundance and love

if only we will stop being in our masculine on a mind mission and be still

and connect

and heed the signs.

On one level there are two sides to every coin

light , expansion and love

dark and constricting and fear

heart and ego

and you can tell the difference with some simple check ins

Are we attached to an outcome?

Do we have an agenda?

Are we excited and full of joy

Are we moving towards something with openness

or banging a drum for attention

and maybe a compilation of  ego and heart……

Straining at something isn’t ease of birthing is it?

Relax don’t do it when you want to succumb to it….

relax don’t do it…

when you want to…


and there is no difference to creating blissful living in so many ways to the orgasm process

and that’s a different chapter…..

The more we move into the Aquarius Age

and the more we are feeling this shift

It’s time to limber up

free ourselves from our fears

be as flexible as we can

as new shifts bring new learning.

Lots of people are feeling challenged and some people are really wearing their heart on their sleeve now which is so lovely to see.

As we move towards the full moon in Leo tomorrow this energy is building.

Leo is all about heart opening

becoming the lion heart by facing our fears and having the courage to transcend them

by being open and vulnerable and letting go of our pride

How many of us are able to reach out to other people and feel loved ?

How many of us can allow ourselves to receive ?

Be able to trust and be honest

and let go of the outcome?

When I had my first encounter with my universal self saying no in a big way

I was in my early twenties and had chosen to be in a relationship with a controlling bully

As a result of this I lost my mind for a while….

I felt isolated from everyone and everything because I was living a lie

I was in public service at the time in the leisure industry and I put on a mask to serve.

Inside I was very frightened and desperate and I didn’t feel I could turn to anyone.

My physical symptoms reflected this and I developed psoriasis on my face

I used to wear foundation and that had to stop

I had palpitations

this increased to panic attacks because I ignored the signs and didn’t know how to find a way out

and be honest with everyone

Eventually I got cervical cancer

and tunnel vision

I started to have migraines that distorted my vision and as a result I looked for an outside fix ( because that was all I knew back then)

I had to wear glasses which helped to a degree.

I went to the doctors for advice and at that time my doctor didn’t have any awareness of how the mind and emotion create these symptoms

(most still don’t because if they did they wouldn’t be trying to solve things using drugs)

and so prescribed me valium.

I still had all the feelings, my situation hadn’t changed,

I was in a bubble where I felt numb

and I couldn’t function and I felt like a very glum goldfish in a world that was totally alien to me.

Somehow I came through it and back then I didn’t have a clue about anything holistic and only my will power got me to move forward.

I did the cold turkey and sought practical solutions which meant finding small steps to get through and keep going

I got support through structures outside of myself which is what most people are still doing 25 years later

and it’s time for a change 🙂

I was off work for a while because I literally couldn’t pick up the phone

and I didn’t get any sympathy from my boss because he couldn’t see my inner wound.

Funnily enough he had a nervous breakdown (breakthrough) shortly after mine and ironically maybe he missed out on the universe showing him through me

so he got his own turn because we shared the same vibes as is always the way with law of attraction.

Deaf to the message let’s turn up the volume

and take your fingers out of your ears and stop la la ing 🙂

I had lost the confidence to function and was in total headless chicken and overwhelm….

in a standing still sort of a way 🙂

Over time through being still and gentle with myself ….

I didn’t have a choice because my body enforced this by shutting me down

which is what happens in many cases at this time of year.

When it is cold and dark we cannot light ourselves up with the sun or commune with our green goddess

so the energy is unplugged and we are reliant on our inner generator for light and warmth….

hence Sad

This time of year the more we do our inner work and the more resources we have on all levels.

Composting our Karma and the real core recycling.

Rotted down poo is the best fuel for those spring flowers.

A year or so after this crossroads it was the right time to move on and in a couple of years I moved to London

in a new relationship with my partner of today.

Here I had a huge extended family working for Wetherspoon’s and all of my personal experience

with my mental health road trip

was invaluable for the people I met and who were often at this same crossroads

and I shared my story with them often with a cup of tea and sympathy

in the kitchen

and in the sharing they could see that I had got through it

and so, therefore could they

and that it was ok to say you were struggling with life and everything that it involved

and that was true family acceptance

It’s time for us all to share who we really are and our vulnerability

so we can evolve

we all have the same stuff going on

we all want to be loved and respected for who we are.

Ego simply attracts so much ego

I remember at crisis times since then I have always been honest and sought help more and more

I am a human being

I make mistakes and I mess up

and through this process is the greatest time of my evolution

When I had my property crisis I went to property seminars and met some lovely heart centred people who really wanted to help other people transform their crisis into a new possibility

There were very young people who were transforming and challenging local councils and courts

There were also the very masculine predators who were looking to make a killing

in their glittery splendour

as the vampire archetypes cold blooded without a beating heart it seems

because they have been wounded and often seek to redeem through building portfolios to hide in….

all are valuable and all allow love to blossom with their truth.

We are ready to move into allowing ourselves to not know and open up to the

dark matter that holds our galaxy together

and is our glue too

and we will create this

willingly or unwillingly

the universal goddess knows it is where we are heading and is birthing it through us

It’s a time of surrender to whatever we are resisting

feel those labour pains

The majority of the planet is still slumbering in sheeple land

and making noises about change and transformation

when we actually look closer we see that is the same song of slavery to the hamster wheel that has always been sung

only now it is in a different choir

How many bubble bursters are there out there terrified of having to do something new?

Wanting to pop someone else’s dream because it is too brilliant and illuminates their darker world ?

How many speak the language of the new love world and yet do the dance of the cave dweller ?

To create a new way of being

we actually…. create….. a new way of being?

A thought gives rise to a dream

A word gives the thought a voice

Action brings it into being

Repeated action brings change and creates new pathways.

We have to go into long virgin grass sometimes, tangled thickets and sometimes we get many scratches

and nettle stings

oooo and find a dock leaf to soothe the sting

sometimes we have to howl with the moon

Our mind would weave us a safe playground of knowingness and this is what kills our spirit

If we make choices that conspire with it

It is all of our choosing and always perfect.

I am constantly wowed by the intricacy of our amazing universal selves.

Today I am sharing more of my Thoth journey and my latest read

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by 

Drunvalo Melchizedech.

This has totally inspired me

and I am getting a compass 🙂

I will share more of this in another blog because this is huge.

It is easy to see where our spirit wants to go

where our excitement goes

and for me when I feel like a child on Christmas morning…..

it’s a heart thing

Woo Hoo

In January it is sometimes easy to lose focus and wonder at what is next….

and when we surrender to that we allow something new to appear

instead of trying to make things happen we allow our higher self to bring us amazing gifts

and it usually comes when we least expect it


it isn’t what we think it is

Look back at how many times you have taken an unexpected turn on your path

look back and see how you have learned so much in this shadow space

when we allow others to give to us these miracles occur

and so often we don’t do that because our mind is stage directing

Lots of people talking about NLP today

and I got my learning through a great school with wise teachers

The Heart path.

So many NLP courses focus on the masculine power alpha approach

teaching techniques that aren’t love based and are manipulative in many ways

The Dark Side 🙂

Like Darth Vadar in Star Wars who wanted power to become more powerful than his adversaries and defend his heart

and in the process lost his humanity by denying it

when the true way to becoming powerful is to become more vulnerable  than your opponent and in the process

let go of any need to fight

let go of any need to do the dance

by integration through the wound

by exposing our gentle underbelly to the sword

and our heart on the sleeve

When we choose to live in a world of protection and defence walls

we close off to love too.

Walls close everything out and we stay in the gilded cage of our own making.

See the iceberg floating by and jump

where will it take us

Down the rabbit hole

to new countries that speak in a different tongue

have different beliefs

different customs

and  different ways of living life

where do we start this new journey?

By looking within and broadening our internal horizon’s

slipping off our straight jackets

changing our circle

daring to dream

finding something new to do that challenges us.

When I met my new partner we went to the Caribbean. We had lots of adventures going on a submarine and flying in a mini plane.

Afterwards he admitted they terrified him.

Me too.

One day we went on a yacht cruise and we went snorkelling

It was a wonderful experience and he was keen to swim out to an island some way from the yacht. On the return to the harbour we were shown a pool of sharks. These sharks had been where we were swimming. Our faces drained of colour as we looked at each other. Our guides explained they were harmless and didn’t have teeth however I guess that wouldn’t have registered if we had met one close up in the sea 🙂

We wouldn’t have asked for a cheesy grin photo 🙂

Later my partner admitted he couldn’t swim  very well but had decided to go for it as it was shallow and we had flippers and masks 🙂

In the book I have mentioned there is a section on initiate tests in Egypt and having to swim through a pool of crocodiles

the crocodiles had been fed but the initiates didn’t know that 🙂

Life is a series of initiate tests

For each challenge we have an opportunity to go through a gate and experience the rewards

Everything in life is a reward

It is life

Let’s live and love

and let go of anything that feels less than love and joy.

It is why we have feelings…

to override the mind and navigate with the heart.

Life is an adventure we can all share in

and be the open hearted loving people we want to see

This isn’t something anyone can fake

and you cannot simply buy a tee shirt for it

because if you don’t feel it

no one else can feel you.

Love to you all and bringing that god and goddess potential to full brilliance.

This was a lovely film I watched this week that has such a great simple message of love

Here is my tapping video to open to the Cosmic Cookie Trail:



It’s chilly here in Somerset as we approach the magical dates of  the end of a Mayan Calendar.

The energy is still very intense as the spiral speeds faster and faster synchronising our integration.

Today in the wavespell we are in Day 11 Red Spectral Skywalker of the Blue Night and letting go of what is out of alignment with our dreams

Over the last eleven days we have been experiencing our intuitive dream self and the patterns of that energetic space.

Our heart’s desire revealed through our sacred feminine selves.

It has been a very emotional time for me and a tough time of keeping my nose to the grindstone ……

seeing where my inner child is seeking a release because of emotion I am feeling

this is my inner guidance revealing how my past is still presenting today.

When you live in an intense energetic space like Glastonbury

and a feminine energy place like Hawaii , Fiji, the Greek islands for example

it can be very tricky to balance out achieving the masculine balance of doing and linear action.

This is the wonder and the challenge of living here.

We are now in an amazing expansive time of Sagittarius energy and two of my family members are Saggi’s so this is a key time for us.

Here is a wonderful blog on this:

Blue Moon Astrology

Living in a family of four fire signs ~ Leo, Aries and two Saggi energy bubbles is very potent

We have a very dynamic interaction especially here

and now

at a time that my children are rapidly individuating and becoming adults too.

This has given me so many insights and much learning just now.

My insights today were around the sharing of this synchronisation in a way that everyone can understand and use

with a down to earth practical approach

Lots of workshops coming up in the next few months on integration as part of this transition process.

This really helps me focus on what I can do in my process and share that with others.

I have an in person workshop coming in Glastonbury

and if you aren’t in Glastonbury you can also access it through pdf and on skype/phone/email with me too.

Integration * Clarity workshop

This has proved a little tricky to physically get out on my blog today as it’s a Virgo moon and with every energy we have the sun and the shadow aspects.

I have three lots of Virgo in my chart and one of those aspects is in Venus which gives rise to me being a stickler for perfection

and doing “the right thing”

so lots of other tasks to do before I got around to it in the real sense……

I get frustrated with myself around this as it can block spontaneity as you can imagine….

and I am learning to be accepting of myself in my maturity

( honestly……..:-) ok some of you will shake your heads on that one….working at it )

This morning I was so excited as I had so many ideas that were bursting to be shared and now it is tea time….

For a long time I have been guided as to circles and cycles and working with the planets and the moon

When someone asked me for an appointment for a tapping session with EFT on a new moon a couple of years ago I was a little puzzled…..

Now I get it 🙂

If you haven’t got in synch with that way of working just yet….

no worries

When the time is “right” for you it will become a nudge from the universe.

This is what I have integrated over the past twelve months of living in the Glastonbury Zodiac

The Heart Chakra of the world.

I have gone in a slightly different direction to the one I was following in Huddersfield and it wasn’t what I thought I would be doing…..

however I trusted the process and now my integration on this is happening.


Here you cannot do anything more than be your ego.

It is simply how it is.

If you are working to transform your ego and let go of it running the show then there is so much amazing stuff to learn and share

Many people are called here to do this and arrive for an event

and keep coming back…….

Some, like me, come to stay until it’s time to leave

until they have completed their cycle and dance with the energy here

Many people lose their way in a mind sense and become part of the sleeping beautyness

believing they have found the light

when in truth they have simply swapped their circle of influence for a different brand with the same content.

Glastonbury is an intoxicating opium den where many come for a fix.

It elevates the mood on some days and dives down deep on others…

If you allow yourself to feel it

and many don’t

and are unaware of it’s powerful amplifying qualities.

I had an open day recently at The Heart Centre

which is a beautiful room where I work in Glastonbury

and a seed of my creativity to a dream I have had for a very long time

a place of heart centred community and transformation…….

 and someone wise shared an insight about the Glastonbury experience

that it draws people to embrace their ego in whatever way is seeking expression

so the inside is drawn outside and we can see it manifest

It is on first sight an unusal place of the individual and artistic expression

and a place of amazing workshops and all things cosmic

beyond anywhere else I know of in the UK on display as it were

However like most glittery things in the ego world

much of it is shallow and scratch the surface and the veneer disappears

leaving a raw wound visible underneath.

Like every ego pattern there is no true heart space evident for many resident’s and visitors

and all is energetically based on ever shifting sands

and houses of cards

built without firm foundation

there is no substance and the actions reveal the true nature of the inner workings

the puppet masters pulling the strings.

Masks and glitterati.

This is the nature of the shadow world

and so this is where we are in the UK on the wheel of the year

and the wheel of the planet.

We are in the dark of the moon phase where it often gets darkest before dawn.

It is a wonderous place to be this underworld

just like Gollum in The Hobbit

The ring became his nemesis and his undoing and yet he was there to give gifts to Bilbo Baggins on his journey.

I remember this story as a young girl at junior school.

We had some lovely teachers who inspired us with magical stories and encouraged our imagination

thank you Mrs Wadsworth wherever you are now

You touched my heart with your wonderous stories and gentle wisdom.

So….. circles

Do you look around you at your circle?

Have a look what is in your house, on your curtains , your fabrics and ornaments…

What do you see revealed of your secret journey in your pictures…….?

Have you looked at what your higher self has been guiding you to buy and collect so you become aware of your path?

The inside coming outside?

I laugh when I see something that has been under my nose all along and yet not been ready to be revealed….

In my house and garden

on many of my cushion covers and clothes

circles have been sneaking in for a few years.

When I first came to Glastonbury I visited a crop circle.

That was profound and anyone who says one of these can be created by a group of people with a torch , some string and a some wood

I cannot envisage that happening

I certainly couldn’t do it

and I don’t know about you but my tipping point on this knowingnesshas been reached and flowed over….

that there is so much exciting stuff out there

beyond the linear mind and our so called “real world”

that is the place of education and mankind

that I am not interested in debating it

I trust and know it is what it is

and I have let go of trying to debate or convert anyone

as I have been down that road so many times

and I finally get it that people who are in one energy circle of beliefs and understanding

are not in alignment with another

and that’s ok

each to their own

it is all part of the game of our evolution.

We have been connecting with our tribes

as we come to the end of a cycle

we are letting go and transiting.

Just in the process of reading a couple of fabulous books

depending where you are on your path they may call to you:

Barbara Hand Clow – The Mayan Code

and Claudie Planche – Starmaya

So if we are ready and positioned to move from survivor to thriver

then it’s time to visit with our shadow and shake off  our fear

allow our inspiration to flow

dare to dream and meet our challenge once more

Our dream journey and path lets us experience what is there that seeks release

as we become the fool many times on the road less travelled

we can see our circle revealed

and in doing so integrate all the parts of us that have strayed and got lost in the woods

I had let go of Christmas because I really cannot stand the manipulation used by the consumer world

and one that I had become so caught up in

and as I went through my black hole of letting go of my way of being a consumer

starting in the financial crash of 2008

that has lost sight of the true nature of this wonderous time of year

now I am returning to it in a new way

free from being pulled into the magnetic void

of  what can be a very imbalanced

pure shopping overload

The shortest day of the solstice is the signal that light is soon to return

This week I have watched several films and again experienced synchronicity

that working with the wavespell brings awareness of

two were based in Somerset although one was medieval and set in the 16th century and the other set now in the US

When you start to experience this way of living every day you see the matrix revealed…

and everything has a different meaning

and is sooooooo magical.

It is the life we are truly born to live.

The one that affected me the most was :

Seeking a friend for the end of the world

It shows the total madness of how we are living ego led lives that actually make no sense at all…

and of course to evolve this is what we are here to learn.

I cried alot and as I cried I tapped and let go of all that hurt my wounded inner child feels.

All those times I have felt wounded by my life experience and how things and people didn’t match my expectations.

So now is the season for being that divine child that is clear and resonant.

The adult that has integrity and is independent

freeing ourselves of co dependency

creating new ways of relating

that feel good

and allow us to be truly present

feeling full of goodwill

without a need for presents

Joy to the world and to all of us

we are each a valuable unique snowflake crystal

in a blizzard of bliss

Whether shadow or light

we are all perfect in the language of love.

If you choose to know more about your patterns and want to co create with me please get in touch.