Core Strengthening


Red Crystal Earth

Day 12 of Surrender Wavespell

White Worldbridger

Complex stability Structure and a Galactic Portal Day

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We are in the last two days of the refining wavespell

On the 17th comes The Catalyst Wavespell

Blue Storm Wavespell

My personal catalytic converter.

Our personal Wavespell is our journey for soul transformation and our star seeded mission.

It is what we are here to alchemically work with for ourselves and in this process we change worlds.

Pretty exciting stuff ?

If you want to use a framework for catalysing yourself

then my workshop 


May be of interest ~ take part anywhere in the world in a way that suits you.

As I am preparing for this now ~ it is a blue Wavespell and so it is a gateway of death and transformation ~ I am becoming very aware of what is seeking a new code for me and as a consequence of this , I am learning a lot about code in all different arenas.

Energy Therapies:

Once I became connected with awareness of energy therapies I entered a different world………

which is also what this wavespell is designed for and can only happen if we allow it 🙂 … … … … … 

This happened back in July 2006 when I had my first Reiki healing from my friend in Marsden who I later trained with in Reiki at her healing centre.

I had never heard of Reiki and had just started doing a lot of new things, such as belly dancing and when we move into new circles lots of newness happens. Much of this newness I was very nervous about and was very different to anything I had done before and this is a key strategy for transformation ~ feel the fear and….bust out of our comfort cocoon 🙂

I know this information because I have tools that I have created and learned about ~ universal decoders ~ as well as a capacity to hold a lot of information as an Aquarius Rising .  You may find the information I share in my blogs overwhelming to begin with ~ and notice that 🙂 My offering ~ take what is resonating for you 🙂

I am different to you ~ I have a unique code and so do you and chances are you process differently. My intention in sharing my journey is simply that. Some things may resonate with you and may touch you ~ you may feel you want to learn more about that thread ~ you may want to share what you know ~ this is the magic of co creativity. We are all teachers and students and here to relate.

Mundane Tools in plain sight:

If you know how to use your email account as a magical cookie trail store, this can reveal hidden treasure and dates about key times in your life ~ so bear that in mind before you delete.

Remembering that to be in balance with Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to being powerful and the magical alchemist.

I was intending to connect to when I had my consciousness awareness raised around energy frameworks ~ remembered that I had been on holiday to Greece, came back and was feeling very dizzy and ungrounded with vertigo symptoms. I checked my email and there was my flight itinerary. It gave me exact dates to work with. 

Now I have the Mayan Wavespell decoder to check out what energy signature Wavespell I was on ~ Blue Night. All about connecting to our dream and our potentiality. As we transform our energetic triggers and what is prompting nightmares from our past ~ sometimes past lives too ~ we create clear space and learn about our process. We learn about our cosmic code and how to work with it in relationship to the universal code. This is what I call:

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail.

If you would like to open up more to following your cosmic cookie trail ~ here is a video I created for that purpose that you can use every day to set that intention using Emotional Freedom Technique.

Back then, I was in Year 10 of a thirteen year cycle of White Wind. Connecting to Spirit. That Year specifically was Blue Planetary Hand ~ shaping my life through gateways and seeing what was manifest in my life ~ what I had created according to my beliefs.

I wasn’t consciously aware of that then ~ but I was very aware that my life was changing drastically and was open to finding new ways of living. At that time I was a property renovator and had achieved a lot of satisfaction through transforming houses in my village. I loved Greece and had gone there for the first time with my children and partner, after a long period of not visiting it because I didn’t feel it offered amenities for very young children with the marble floors and heat.

They were old enough to cope with that structure in 2006 and so I chose a Greek Island that was small and beautiful and unknowingly on one level I chose a small village named Aghia Efimia ~ which is named after   Saint Efimia ~ a woman of good honour and strong resolve. The name is often shortened to Effie ~  also the name of a friend of mine in Crete where I lived for a while as a young woman.

Lots of synchronicities I can now see ~ the sacred feminine vibe of the independent woman being one of the key energies as this Saint’s name day is 16 September ~ Virgo. When I read this story about how she achieved her Saint title ~ her process ~ I remember how so many human beings have suffered experientially, to create these codes, so we can know them today and see the pattern……… and of course how we have done the same.

Now we have an opportunity to do something different at this amazing time on our planet.

Here is an icon of Effie:


Here is a picture of Paradise Beach:


So to another way that has been revealed to me in the past few days ~ catalytic conversion through my Cat 🙂 Here he is ~ Arnold.



Here he is ~ he’s a little monkey for drinking anyone’s drink and loves glasses rather than bowls.

He has been drinking more recently and losing weight and this has happened to my beloved cat Bob who died in 2011 before I came to Glastonbury. Bob took me on a cookie trail through homeopathy and I chose it because I knew that conventional medical treatments were simply dealing with the symptoms instead of what was giving rise to them. Sadly he had a lot of trauma from a car accident and lots of physiological issues that came from this and his diet ~ and this is key learning about what we feed our pets that are totally unsuitable for them and that we are often unaware of because we trust the informed opinion of people who we believe to be “experts” in their field .

Here is a great website on homeopathy for cats

Our pets are our avatars and when they are in close relationship to us they align with our energy structure. This often means they get sick because as domestic pets they are often not living in their true healthy way of being ~ just in the same way that most human beings aren’t ~ we are out of balance with our wild child and eating food that is very out of synch with our bodies true state.

This is accelerating now as our universal code is changing ~ this is very important to be aware of this 🙂 What used to work for previous generations ~ such as a job for life and certain dietary requirements ~ does not align with the cosmic code now ~ new learning time 🙂

If you think about this on a very rational level it makes sense ~ only our ego ~ that doesn’t “do” logic disagrees as it wants to keep everything the same as

same = safe 

thing is our universal code is evolution ` this is where our ego resistance kicks in and this creates suffering

We suffer when we resist the reality of life


Reveals the law of attraction code, the matrix and the string theory ~ quantum frameworks, magnetic attraction ~ many names and frameworks.

What it reveals is the energetic signature that is our universal creation system.

What I realised early on in my journey , is that there are lots of threads involved in creating something ~ our universe is complex. That may seem really obvious and yet I find human beings often overlook the simple truths ~ a paradox 🙂

When something happens in our lives that creates unease and dis~ ease there are components that make up this cookie that we have baked ~ this outcome had a recipe.

As a fledgling therapist I tried to explain this to my clients ~ a bigger picture pattern was present and all of this required looking at and keeping what was serving them and most importantly ~

letting go of what wasn’t ~

there wasn’t a quick fix for most issues.


Creating a different outcome from a different recipe 🙂

As a therapist I can bring this awareness to my client ~ it is my speciality and something I delve deeply into and learn about and do the process for myself and…..

most importantly

the client has to do this process for themselves which often flies in the face of our society conditioning and medical model ~ go to doctor ~ get drugs ~ seemingly fixes the symptoms ~ however the rest of the life circle that gave rise to the symptoms do not change and so….symptoms come back and often louder and brighter to be heard instead of supressed

Holistic approach is very different.

Homeopathy is the pure energetic of something ~ no actual live material in there only the energy signature.

It is very useful if you are working with a deep conscious level issue, a child, an animal  ~ the circumstances may not be available through an inability to communicate ~ and bear in mind that although this method sounds very gentle it isn’t always the case.

It is important to check out the whole picture ~ medical experts involved to look at the physiology and check that out and experts in homeopathy too  ~ overturn every stone if possible

and you may feel you are expert enough on yourself 🙂

Due diligence required ~ I use the term “expert” to refer to someone who has intellectual and experiential knowledge in their field ~ and not about the person having the homeopathy ~ depending on how well they “know thyself”

This is not an exact science because our unique code brings us….

the next step on our learning ladder 🙂

We attract what we need to heal us and so whenever we are facing an imbalance there is our solution.

Back to Arnold 🙂

Living on ley lines brings amazing learning and a high level of light ~ light is radiation. This in itself illuminates our shadow and reveals our next steps. Moving to Glastonbury raised my awareness of what effect that code of light ~ a very intense grid of light as the heart chakra of the planet ~ has on my family’s code and I include my cats of course.

Today’s energy is all about that structure of being centred and earthed.

Many people look to holistic therapies themselves as a way of salvation and miss the key component ~ to transform oneself as the most important step and not use their chosen “trade” as a power trip to feel good through believing they can “heal others” . Each person is their own healer 🙂 People who share healing modalities are part of that process ~ not the process 🙂 

So my beloved Arnold took me on a cookie trail ~ which leads me back to salt once more in a different way.

I wrote about this last year ~ my journey with water and feeling tired, de~hydrated .

My journey with food ~ eating foods fresh from the vine and growing food myself using lots of amazing new learning.

My journey around my own boundaries and how I worked with people generally and clients and co dependency patterns. 

I recognised his symptoms and so looked up Hypothyroidism ~ certain symptoms in me and a lot of people I am connected to right now 🙂

In the bigger picture on the planet it is a big shared pattern as part of our planetary transformation at this time.

Letting go of old ways of relating and creating new heart ways of being ~ on a deeper level….

When we heal these old hurts our thyroid ~ which is the butterfly organ on our throat ~ the Goddess Gateway from our body to our head ~ transforms. This has always been the symbol of my community projects and at the back of my house this is the rare butterfly that lives there:

Common Blue 230509 018

The Common Blue

If you have any of these symptoms it may be useful to explore this Homeopathic Remedy which will bring the energy signature to match it…..

The vibration about this is

Trust ~

The homeopaths remedy is Natrum Muriaticum


great articles about this here

for the vibe

for the symptoms


I also recommend looking at our life structures ~ what is supporting healthy relationship in all aspects of our life and….

looking at what gave rise to distrust in our past

events ~ releasing these aspects emotionally are

essential ~ and this changes our  trust code 🙂

Of course I cannot do this with Arnold in many ways ~ I am aware of some key life events where he has had emotional and physical trauma and can do surrogate tapping and Quantum Touch for him and I do.

Something else is now triggering this response and this allows a new learning process to happen.

Seeing these life events in this way creates a different experience 🙂

My biggest shift in recent times is simply being with him ~ in loving presence.

Taking the time to relate to him and value him ~ treasure him in my life …..

Treasure my wonderful life and smell the roses 🙂


When we transform our core every day

and align with how our heart loves to thrive ~

meet our challenges to survive

Everything has a crystal clear magical quality in our lives.

This wonderful life we have is available in many different versions that are determined in the most part with our channel choice.

Yesterday I got the Sun card in Thoth

Great article about that here

and I ordered my homeopathy from Helios  🙂


See the synchs in plain sight 🙂

Love to your earthly Uranus potential today.



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