13 Clear Signs ~ Yellow Resonant Warrior


Yellow Resonant Warrior 

My intention is to keep these articles as short and concise as I possibly can

This is challenging with an extremely complex subject ¬†ūüėȬ†

As with all my articles I state:

They are coming from my experiential understanding

as part of my conscious awareness personal process 

I am writing this in my 5th year

of co creation

with the

Mayan Wavespell Calendar

The Tzol Kin 



There are 13 Clear Signs 

These signs are a process of enlightenment 

They are recorded on the tomb


Pacal Votan 

An article from the law of time here 

There are two Resonant Signatures

in this 13 clear sign process

the other is: 

Yellow Resonant Sun 

This is the key to self empowerment


through resonance 

This is the 7th code of

White Wizard Wavespell 

Which is in the Awakening to new learning 

Red Castle 

Here is a link to all the Wavespells :



They offer a life coaching tool in essence 

This is what the Mayan Wavespell

260 day calendar is for

At it’s deeper levels¬†

As a human being who is seeking

to learn about oneself 

to enlighten oneself 

To transform personal ignorance and suffering 

to become a human being who can truly be compassionate to all sentient beings as a result of this personal process of discovery and healing 


one is aware and awake 

and the key focus 


to be aware



to oneself 

Doing the inner work to heal 

Spiritual Warrior ~ a definition

This focus is the warrior of the heart 


This allows human being evolution en masse

It is available to all

who are ready 

The time on planet earth is in alignment with this process unfolding now 

This process and code has been written thousands of years ago 

ready to align with this time 

in a deeper way 

It can be used alongside all other transformational tools

It can be used by anyone from any background 

It does not discriminate 

It is the process of allowing Grace 

to be accessed


allowing the human being to realise 

that all the resistance to what is 

now present 

has an amazing gift

All the perceived “problems”¬†

are also the “solutions”

All of humankinds’ issues¬†

hold the keys to our future freedoms 

a literal star gate of time travel


On a very simple personal level 

Whatever is hurting us physically and emotionally right now 

Holds all the information 

to our personal healing 

That is what Resonant means 

What is Resonating that feels good ~ expand 

What is Resonating that is painful ~ release 

Easy to say and not easy to do all the time


I offer you 

the more you do this journey 

the easier it becomes 

to accept and go to surrender and release 

the resistance by the ego lessens as it learns 

that letting go actually feels good 

and the individual does not perish in the process 

It is simply learning a new way to relate to itself 

and to see all fear 

in a different light 


it is what we are here for at this time 

To create new worlds 

through healing our old worlds 





Becoming very aware of what has created pain for humanity

over thousands of years of recorded history 

with archives and technology 

all can be accessed and mapped


patterns revealed

history seen to be repeating itself 

understanding what creates that 

karmic understanding 

Karma ~ this creates that 

unleashing personal creativity in a very conscious

and mindful way

with the heart fully engaged in the process 



Free of judgement 

Free of ego distortion 

Simple clear concise observation


Emotional distortion as a separate influence with an agenda 

Created by wounding 

Deep human suffering patterns 

It is all interlinked and can be separated out 

For understanding 

For evolution 

To create new ways for human beings to co create 




Mayan info:

The 260 day spiral has the same codes over and over 

the nature of this spiral means

that these codes of conscious evolution

occur at different times astrologically 

therefore they have a different energetic signature

so they have a different creation code 

This code is complex 


can be understood in a simple way 



daily basis 

Each day there is a different code

You can find out what that is 

here :


Start to learn it simply ūüėȬ†

Each day tuning in to what you feel to learn 

Follow the Cosmic Cookie Trail 

this trail is completely unique for you


designed to align

with where you are on your personal path

in alignment with the universal path 


My offering:

When ego is transformed 

The path becomes a magickal adventure 

revealing fear along the way 

to be released

to allow more freedom to explore

and go off chartered territory 

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

is a day 7 Process code

Day 7 being the top of the pyramid 

The God and Goddess Source close by 

to the individual who is still enough and clear enough 

to pay attention 

to something

that our ego mind believes:

is irrational





has been consciously and unconsciously

repressed for thousands of years 

during this patriarchal time 

Yellow Warrior is a master teaching 

It is Code 16 

It’s planet is Saturn¬†


where Saturn is in the individual’s chart is key¬†

and how the planetary transit is affecting that chart 

Mermaid’s article on Esoteric Saturn¬†

These intuitive feelings that defy the logical mind  are 

often felt in the gut consciousness 

This is getting stronger now as the veil lifts 

and the sacred feminine is returning 

I am initiating writing this article

in Cancer Sun ~

Mother and Moon energy 

Gemini Dark Moon 

at 29 degrees 

A garden planted solely with shade plants.
Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on.

Summer Solstice time 03 July 2016

Here are some fantastic Astrological articles about this:

Chani Nicholas 

Blue Moon Astrology

Hare in the Moon Astrology  

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

just initiating

influencing this Mayan Spiral Framework 

The structure of nurturing and mothering time 

also key to this unfolding :

The Mayan 13 Moon calendar 

here is a pdf I made that you can download 

As the spiral changes


Moon energy changes 


at the moment we are in 

Cosmic Moon 

28 days of what is seeking to shift within us

to allow the sacred feminine to be embodied within us 

Red Moon’s planet is Mercury¬†

Our God and Goddess self 

Our spirit self 

Messenger’s of the spirit¬†

Red Cosmic Moon 

the 13th step of 

Red Earth Wavespell 

being grounded and connected to our earth mother 

which is emphasised through our lower  chakras 




the roots in our 

tree of life :


When this picture of the tomb

is in a horizontal perspective:

The past is on the right hand side 

The present on the left 

When it is vertical as in the picture at the top of the article 

The tree of life is revealed


the heart warrior 

in the centre

The cross revealed 

The chart for the personal soul journey 

which is also revealed with the Mayan Sign 

Pakal color


The Cross of the journey:

In the centre

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

The grace of the descent of the dove 

accessing our spiritual self and peace through release of our conditioning and conditions which are self imposed

albeit through our relationship with our family and cultural beliefs 

As the individual releases conditioning

it is possible to align with cosmic consciousness

beaming through human evolution codes

In Astrology I believe this to be  

the Sun Sign 

At the top of the cross

Yellow Resonant Star 

Being the star you really are 

rather than the ego version 

The Star Code 

The natal chart 

As this is at the top 

I believe this to be 

the Ascendant in the natal chart 

also the Midheaven placement 

What is coming into this person’s consciousness in this lifetime¬†

The planet for Yellow Star is Venus 

which is the basis for the whole Tzol Kin 

See more about this on my

Venus post 

Personal info can also be found in your Venus placement in your chart 

and how her transits are impacting on you and your Venus 

Venus esoteric by Mermaid 


Yellow Resonant Star is the 7th code in the process of 

White Wind Wavespell 

Spirit and truth 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus¬†

What is coming to light 

in particular at key Uranus transits for the individual

raising the kundalini up the spine 

in particular at 

Uranus opposition time 

around 42 


At the base of the cross

the unconscious becoming conscious 


Red Resonant Serpent 


Relationships form the base of the tree 

the spine 

how the kundalini rises 

where it is blocked in the chakras 

through blockages in relationships 

leading to emotion seeking release 

until that release through healing 

distortions occur 

The new consciousness coming in with Red Serpent 

new archetypes 

the asteroid belt and the asteroids in the chart 

also in traditional astrology 

I believe this to be:

the Moon in the chart

What is veiled 

What is hidden on the human being and soul journey 

as the individual works with their Moon shadows

and heals any distortions 

Neptunian energy is accessed 

Neptune is the esoteric ruler of Cancer 

More about these here :

Mermaid Website 

Esoteric Moon

Esoteric Neptune 

This is the seventh code in the 

Blue Storm Wavespell 

Blue Storm is a master teacher 

It’s planet is Pluto¬†

The underworld psyche 

of the individual’s unconscious¬†

and the world’s collective unconscious¬†

Mermaid’s esoteric Pluto¬†


The compliment

is to the right of the cross

this could be the DC in the chart 

the familiar 

also the South Node 

in this instance it is 

the code of 

the conscious dreamer 

Blue Resonant Night 

which is the 7th code in 

Red Earth Wavespell 

which aligns with Red  Cosmic Moon 

Blue Night’s planet is also Saturn¬†

knowing the Saturnian personal patterns is key 

Red Earth’s planet is Uranus¬†

again the same as White Wind’s¬†

What is seeking light 

The Challenge and the gift 

is the left hand side of the cross 

This could also be the ascendant 

The first house 

The North Node 

where the individual is heading for in this life 

in this instance 

White Resonant World~bridger 

whose planet is Mars 

so where Mars in your chart is key

also what has been happening with the Mars period 

It has just been in retrograde and revisiting masculine wounding events

from the past 

and recently went direct last week 

so masculine energy can now move forward again 

Here is an article about this by 

Darkstar Astrology 

this sign  is the seventh step in 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

the initiator 

of this 13 day process is 

Yellow Magnetic Sun


a 13 clear Sign 

it’s planet is Pluto¬†

again bringing the underworld of the individual to light

to transform 

and allow the individual to hold more light as a result

From the Fifth Sun


In Summary

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

holds the key to our mystic self 

revealing what feels like

it is getting in the way from accessing grace 

An interface that we have personally created over our lifetime 

to keep us safe 

but is blocking out the light literally 



Ready to transform 

through healing

It is the 7th code of

White Dog Wavespell

which happened on June 07 2016 


whatever was unfolding for you back then is key now ūüėČ

You are weaving with this ~

conditional love 


These 13 day processes bring a journey potentiality 

White Dog is the 14th Wavespell

It is in the Yellow Castle of Flowering 

It is linked to the Sirius Star 


It is all about our conditioning and conditions

our tribal codes

Birth Family 

Emotional drama 

It’s planet is


which is the same as 

Red Moon 

Mercury transit in May 2016 

To use this energy astrologically

on a personal basis 

at the White Dog Wavespells:

look where your Mercury is 


Where your Saturn is 


what is currently happening in the starry skies to weave with this 

Self enquiry questions :

Do we continue to do emotional dramas and clashes throughout life ?

Do we realise that these places of hurt are our challenges ?

Do we learn how to heal and transform?

Can we relate differently as a result ?


do we do nothing and see that expand into deeper conflict ?

This journey is for eternity 

There is always going to be change and evolution

Acceptance of this is key 

There is no destination 

There is no ending 

It is an eternal process 

It is the evolution of human beings 



My understanding of unconditional love 


There are many “spiritual” frameworks that human beings get involved with¬†

there is a spiritual goal belief ~ to be a spiritual person ~ the human being has to become a non person without a personality or an opinion



a person who is loving unconditionally 

a person who is non judgemental

who is in many ways ~ a saint 

This is also generally a religious framework in many ways 

Following a “righteous” path¬†

Having confessions of “sin” to be pure again and do more of the same “sin”¬†

in denial of the shadow self and behaviours

with a designated priest or guru

taking responsibility for that individual without the individual taking responsibility 

This can be seen in many fervent religious groups and allows a spiritual bypass

Here is a great article about this:

Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters PHD 


I believe that often this is an ego mechanism in itself 

A protection

Something to avoid the personal shadow and feeling the feelings 

which is the antithesis of loving and accepting oneself 

It is also a way of focusing purely on the mind 

and whilst  the mind is a key component in our human evolution process

The individual has all the answers within 

to find them and how to unlock them 

is the individual’s path¬†

seek and ye shall find 

the fundamental component to love 

is the heart 

feeling everything 

all the emotions

loving all of the self 

self acceptance 

all of the parts of self 

and especially the parts over a lifetime 

that have felt judged

not accepted 


A key understanding I believe

about conditions:

In a spiritual form there is no human being vehicle 
no body 

No container

No earthly playground

As a flame uncontained 


The playground is planet earth in this framework

The Starcode and Mayan Sign of the individual

reveal the conditions that are chosen by the spirit 

to play the game 

to play their part in human evolution 

Planet Earth’s framework¬†

Human Being’s framework¬†

Are very conditional

We have so many hours in a day 

We have physical limitations

Geographical limitations 

and so on 

We are bound at this time 

by gender beliefs

by cultural beliefs 

by all the dna ~ which also contains all the beliefs and experiences of every human being that came before us in our ancestry 

So there are many conditions to work with as we are playing the game 

there are many rules on many levels 

If our dna has been judged 

If we have been judged personally 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about this 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about projection…

We will be working with judgement and projection every day 

To release how we feel about our events around judgement is the key 

So we are no longer resonating with emotional wounding and injustice 


The more we work on these aspects of ourself 

The more self aware we become


We know that




will continually repeat 

for our learning and mastery 

so that we can release personal wounding  


learn different ways to relate 

This is a very proactive process 

If a person focuses purely on mindfulness

this does not happen

If a person focuses purely on a process of understanding enlightenment processes 

this does not happen 

If a person focuses purely on understanding their patterns without becoming personally involved in healing through feeling these 

this does not happen 

To evolve in the way of this process

takes courage 


The human being intends to become very self aware 

take radical responsibility for all their reactions

and emotional responses 

learn and do whatever it takes

every day to heal and feel 

To bring themselves into

personal conscious awareness 

To let go of others defining how we live

co dependently and out of balance 

To decide what life to create that emphasises joy and love 

by integrating what does not 

and challenging the systems currently in place 

from that place of respectful relationship 

with core stability 

as free of emotional distortions as possible 

emotional distortions create emotional drama 

because the vibration and emotion that the individual is resonating with 

Is the creation process and if that code

is old code 

it can only create old code 

because that is where that person is experientially in their emotional evolution

regardless of what their egoic intellect thinks it knows and is 

part of the ego delusion 

If the individual can focus

on being open to new learning 

Solutions to be found in every perceived problem 


clearing the past emotional events

to be in a personally clear and balanced space

through feeling 

then the whole life experience changes 

and everything appears in the person’s circle to assist¬†

Everything is seen in a different way 

because that person’s perspective has changed on all levels¬†

This is a fundamental understanding that becomes evident as the individual 

does their spiritual warrior inner work 


Neo ~ also  

The Aeon 


If you read the link above 
look at the bigger picture of all the cards listed 

It reveals a process 

A structure 


personal and planetary evolution 

It is already written in may aspects

all we have to do is surrender to the process of divine will by transforming our ego 

new frameworks will arise that have not yet been written as a result of that


It takes a lot of personal learning 



going over the same old ground 

time and time again 


all human beings are doing that on one level anyway ūüėȬ†

Often very painfully 

trying to acquire enough material “safety”

avoid pain by numbing out with drugs, food, media

believing themselves in a prison

hell on earth 

trying to find solutions that are coming from the same space energetically and emotionally

 that created this prison 

which cannot happen as the conditions are still the same so will create the same 


The ego puts up huge resistance

to this routine at first 

because in it’s raw form it is opposed to this¬†

has been conditioned not to do this 

would rather die that face it’s demons

would rather blame everyone


everything else 


to avoid taking any responsibility


feel painful feelings

believing it cannot cope

because often when these events took place

the child literally could not cope with the circumstances 

that has changed in many ways as the child matured 

however the individual may not yet have learned the skills

to cope with emotions and relationships 

the majority of human beings have not 

this is not the focus in society …


The more the individual does this 

The easier it becomes 

Like any new habit 

it takes a while  to become familiar and comfortable 

Remembering that everything has always been


will always be

as it is  meant to be be in human evolution

We have to go through stages of development just like we do as children 

It is the same framework

Often these frameworks are very painful 

They cause suffering 

We have to learn what hurts

what does not work in terms of creating harmony 

what creates pain and fear 

just as we did as babies and children

it is all the same creation process


we are at an amazing time of conscious awareness about this 

also remembering

we are part of this consciousness 

we each have conditions and code to allow this creation process 


acceptance of this is key to peaceful living

acceptance that we get angry, make mistakes, have judgements and opinions 

are evolving human beings 

that everyone is doing the best they can at all times

even though that may be a really shitty way of behaving

it allows learning 

it is all part of the same creation pot 

it is all necessary 

in the path 

otherwise it would not be so 

we could not do this process without all human beings in different consciousness stages could we ?

No triggers?

No polarity?

No differences ?

out of this past and present energy framework 

our future is created 

The more we accept and understand 

let go of huge emotional reactions 

remembering that past emotional events are the essence of people’s beliefs and what is creating the way we live today en masse¬†

then the next steps come 

are revealed 

as we are all healed 

learn new ways of relating 

our world is healed 

It is a key mastery focus :

Inside creates the Outside

Personal creates the Global 


Being the change 

Peace begins with me 

Chop wood 

Carry water 

Do the inner work if you want to change the world ūüėȬ†

Become an expert on oneself 

A great film to watch about this changing the focus:


A great series to watch about the consumer agenda currently expanding:

Mr Robot 

The New Mayan Year 

July 26 2016 

Blue Spectral Storm 


Is going to be all about this emotional process 

so get prepared for it ūüėČ and choose wisely as to how you are going to create with it ~ proactively/reactively ?

Maybe a bit of both

remember you get to choose 



I am not in the habit of sugar coating my blogs or my message 

Change is happening on planet earth 

It is the emotional evolution 

We have 11 years of emotional build up in this current 13 year cycle of :

Red Moon 

This began on July 26 2006 

Authenticity and being a beacon of light and truth code 

Part of this process is very uncomfortable indeed 

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto¬†

It is a messy chaotic time 

a dark time revealing dark human agendas around other humans and the earth 

time for change as truth is revealed 

The planetary codes are:

Red Moon ~ planet is Mercury ~ honesty ~ the sacred feminine returning ~ code 9 ~ Gateway to a new way 

White Wizard ~ the asteroid belt ~ self empowerment and aligning with the universal creation code ~ code 14 ~ mastery code of integrity 

Blue Storm ~ Pluto ~ the underworld of the individual coming to light through emotional truth ~ code 19 ~ mastery code of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ Jupiter ~ the ego mask and coping mechanisms coming off ~ to reveal new ways of being through mastery of the ego self  ~ code 4 ~ the structure of the human being psyche 

As I close this article 

Cosmic Codes :

today is the structure day of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell 

Blue Self Existing Storm 

How to do the dance ūüėȬ†

Cosmic Moon day 10 

What is seeking to shift to allow the feminine to come in ?

July  06 2016 

Leo waxing Moon at 9 degrees

A solid gold egg.
The bare stark truth. The singular accomplishment of heavy labors. An extraordinary gift, yet it is endangered. The gift is to be quintessentially yourself, and this gift abounds. Surrounded by danger; seen falsely by others, turned around. Digging your way out of history, you are compelled to puncture the illusion of image. The drama distorts. What is pristine remains inviolable, yet so much is lost, irretrievably. Each subtle weakness takes charge. The long way around to a very simple quality that would mean nothing unless it were first gone. Suffering and self-knowledge. All comes easy; nothing comes easy–the riddle of destiny.


If you want a framework to work with

please check out my

Emotional Awareness Course 

Please click on the link above 

You can do it to fit your schedule at your pace at a level that suits you 

I am also going to be doing webinars in the near future

which will open up these frameworks even more

for those on a budget 


allow people to create their own healing circles

with practical and experiential change 

It is an exciting time of enlightenment 


Blue Storm Wavespell ~ catalyse to harness the chaos


Blue Storm Wavespell



Blue Magnetic Storm


takes the human being through an evolution of consciousness process

13 steps

13 codes



to arrive at today’s placement


Blue Cosmic Monkey 


In very simple terms this is a process of mastery as it begins with the 19th Mayan Sign

Blue Storm


If you click on the links as you feel to this will take you to other sites revealing more info 

Blue Storm is the process

of becoming aware of the chaos

that can be experienced by human beings

due to having raw emotional wounding that has not been consciously addressed

or resolved by the individual

In this framework


the emotional mind 

fight /flight/freeze system

repeated patterns occur and the individual experiences

the same emotional events in a similar way

which triggers the individual emotionally


emotional hijack


the individual has learned coping mechanisms as a child to deal with these triggers

most of these are unconscious and reactive

and are

avoidance based


passive aggressive 

denial based 

create disease in the human body 

and as such do not create harmony for the individual or the “other”

working with conscious awareness allow the individual to become 

self aware 



heal the wounding

learn new ways to address

the pattern of relationship

which as a result

creates change with everything the individual encounters

common sense if reflected upon


The individual then

experiences more and more peace

calmness within

calmness without as a result as that person

radiates their inner world outward


creates relationship differently


on a very personal level



as well as 


The planet of Blue Storm is Pluto 



A color image of Sputnik Planum, Pluto‚Äôs frozen ‚Äúheart‚ÄĚ of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane ices.

Here is a recent scientific article about Pluto which reveals key mythology links

The underworld

The wounding

The Shadow experiences

what is frozen in time and space

the unresolved


parts of the psyche 

seeking integration

The collective unconscious 

ready for repatterning and renewal

These Wavespells

hold the key to this conscious evolution process

By being in synch with the planetary codes beaming out in our Universe 

From the Fifth Sun


March 20 2016

we are in the shift step 

Day 13 is always this energy

Cosmic Movement 

The Cosmos Consciousness of the human being evolves

As each individual becomes conscious and evolves 

At the moment the majority of human beings who are awake


focusing on frameworks of consciousness

outside of themselves

Intellectual constructs and Healing fixing methods

The key Mastery focus

is working with oneself 


Personal Wounding

Otherwise the anger and grief remains

The coping mechanisms formed at the time of wounding remain

Relationship with self and others remains 

in childhood ways


the child ego is mainly unchanged and untrained

Still feeling unloved

Blue Monkey is the 11th Mayan Sign

The planet is Venus 


pic Gordon Rife 2006 Solar eclipse

What is seeking release within on a deeper level

Seeking to come to light 

around self acceptance

around self love 

Nurturing and loving oneself in a mature and healthy way ?


Here is a list of past times of this Wavespell from


Previous Wavespells
October 14th to October 26th, 2004
July 1st to July 13th, 2005
March 18 to March 30th, 2006
December 3rd to December 15th, 2006
August 20th to September 1st, 2007
May 7th to 19th, 2008
January 22nd to February 3rd, 2009
October 9th to 21st, 2009
June 26th to July 8th, 2010
March 13th to 24th, 2011
November 28th to December 10th, 2011
August 15th to 27th, 2012
May 2nd to 14th, 2013
January 17th to 29th, 2014

October 4th to 16th, 2014

last one : June 21st to July 3rd, 2015

Huge thanks to Tracey Gendron for this resources which have been vital for my learning 

As you can see from the list 

the last time this spiral of 260 day process was in March was in 2011 and 2006

a five year cycle 

which is significant 

At this time

it is the time of the 

Spring Equinox

in the Northern Hemisphere

which is early this year 

We begin the zodiac wheel 



fire initiation 


Time for the zodiac wheel of conscious cycle process

to begin

Here is a lovely article by Bill Attride about this 

This is my Masculine Wavespell

that I was born into 

I was born on the 9th day

Blue Solar Hand 



Number 9 in any process is

The Gateway of Consciousness

The Buddha process

The peace process

Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign 

Ferrusca pdf ~ great info on Mayan Signs


The Mayan calendar also has a 13 Moon calendar that stays the same 

so when we are born we also have a Mayan Moon

My Mayan Moon is Red Magnetic Moon

which involves initiation into

The Authentic


We are in a 13 year process of Red Moon on planet Earth 

We are in Red Solar Moon month 

the 9th month

Gateway of completion Moon

until July 24 we are in

White Planetary Wizard

Seeing how self empowered we are

going with the flow

letting go of feeling a need to create the magic

allowing the magic to manifest as a conscious process

removing any resistance to what is

allows this 

This will change on July 26


Blue Spectral Storm 


Revealing what is seeking emotional release

the catalyst 

of 11 years

as part of the 13 year cycle that began in 2006 

Hiding our true self creates deception and dishonesty codes

that create more of the same 

Hiding our light serves no one and allows darkness to prevail

denial creates pain and it will out

the sooner it is out the less the deeper pain

and the grief can soothe and heal 


This is a very big year of balance 

which will be revealed in the Libra Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd of March in the UK

Here is a video about this and the equinox by

Pam Gregory

Libra 3 degrees 


An inaccurate, imaginative map of the world.
Subjective depths become all-permeating. The surface facts seem like nothing. You are plunged into your internal voyage, and compelled to take it up blindly and innovatively. You cannot depend upon anybody’s previous experience, for you are moving into a whole different reality–inward development as a total way of life, yet surrounded and beset by pressures, demands, and distorted reflections. You therefore have to operate virtually oblivious to the feedback loop of the sociocultural sphere–to be blind, deaf, and dumb to how anything appears to anybody. And to act as though the inner world you are cooking up for the future is all that counts, and everything else is a blur of facts, figures, and passing semblances.

Libra is the time Persephone goes into the underworld

Aries is the time she emerges

at this Lunar Eclipse 


What was coming to an end at Libra time in September ?


Lilith in Libra transit is key 

and reveals this coming to light 

here are some articles:

Mystic Medusa

Ruby Slipper

What has been challenging

during the last 6 months

for you

is what is seeking healing in you

is what is seeking healing in humanity

Are you ready to know yourself

take responsibility for your responses

be pro active 

Look within

This is the emotional evolution

conscious evolution time 

Are you brave enough to face your demons?



No taking the edge off time

Free of mind altering substances 


It is worth it

to be free 

My Mayan Sign is a 13 step process in itself 

that is the Gateway

to personal freedom


on the sarcophagus of

Pacal Votan

13 clear signs


Pakal color

This is an amazing time 

of personal freedom potential 

and is key 


personal alchemy


Learning about the mind began in earnest for me

when I became a parent 21 years ago

I studied psychology 



studied energy therapies


Emotional Freedom Technique

this was life changing for me

It is my personal peace procedure

I use it on a daily basis and share how to do this with others


Having this awareness of my mind was critical to understanding

how I was experiencing triggers

and how to understand them

how to work with them

how to release them slowly and carefully as and when

Astrology and the Mayan Calendar came later

these frameworks help me understand the universal creation process

I am creating workshops this year

that are practical and based on process

This is my current one 

Being the Catalyst 



Be the gift that you are

The magical child free of wounding

Open hearted



baby magic

Our wounding is an essential step of embodying what creates hurt for the human being

so we can understand how that happens


create new ways of being 

from that place of  experiential understanding


when healed

clear space of creativity


co creation code 

Day 12 and Day 10 ~ It’s a love thing


Day 10 ~ Yellow Planetary Star

was on Tuesday 30 June 2015



in to today’s code

of how

that is manifesting

clarity potentiality

This was the day of being the star that we really are rather than ego led

We are all a work in progress around this and that is why we incarnate here on earth

To be the Star

To interact

To create star systems


We literally are stardust 

Organic beings 


How can the human being mind ever believe in knows more than divinity

Look at the amazing organic structures and systems on our planet

doing their own thing

Huge Stars on their own galactic trip 


No need for human being control

Only the human ego is afraid 

As it knows it actually does not have a say in the bigger picture

and has to go with the 

Grand Design

Resistance shows up 

It is natural 

All feelings are natural

To guide the individual as to what is safe and not safe

Keep the being alive

This is all human evolution downloaded in the mother’s womb¬†

Then the personal experience happens

Day 10

is the manifestation of our heart’s desire¬†

The 10th house in our chart

In the Mayan 20 Signs

this is White Dog 

The human being incarnate here and now

Radiating conditioned codes

Ready to know what those codes create 

How their personal road trip feels 

I spent most of the day doing charts to the nth degree 

and lots of wows

Oh my Goddess 

It is all there to be seen in my experience

and now I can see the code

The site I use for the degree 


Inside Degrees 

This is the moon degree as I am writing this:

Beads carved from human bone.
The body carries memories of every world we have ever been through. These memory strings or beads bind us to the Earth. We feel pinned to the spot, responsible for everything that happens around us–somehow the one in charge. For we are carrying the continuous memory and legacy of the ancient mystery-streams and of forgotten modes of knowledge. We bear the treasures intact. It makes everything count. It means that we cannot get away from ourselves or our fate for a moment; we are compelled to fulfill our vows and to bring into this world the towering awareness and strange resonance of the giants, of the ancestors, of the great ones, of the inner ways. Never lost; impossible to forget.


Everyone has their own natural inclination on this

I call that

Following the Cosmic Cookie trail 

My trail will not be the same as yours in this degree

Our evolutionary learning path is shared 

Same lessons for all human evolution

All pixels in the bigger picture

Changing the world view

Here is a great Astrological update from  Leo Tom 

The 10th house in the natural zodiac is 



We are what we eat 

We are what we think

We are what we feel

We are what we believe

We are also our original star vibe

Spock ūüėČ Now in another dimension with a dog/unicorn hybrid?

Maybe a Capricorn Dog ?


and ¬†as such…

all things can be crafted accordingly

by the human being  ready for this great work

 pre~requisites for this :

ready to look at oneself from every angle

radical self responsibility

ready to do whatever it takes 

to transform

and be 


letting go of doing this for any other reason than that 

free from ego agenda

Now is the perfect time for that process

Day 12 ~ today


White Crystal Dog

Sirius Code

Today ties in with that 

How clear is our Dog self 

The inner dog


The fight or flight part of us that is programmed for survival

The Terminator who is out to destroy any threat

Avoid any “dangerous” areas

wolves in sheep's clothing

largely based primarily on those early years in life

raw base primal


no thinking 

no logic

Act from pure emotional instinctual response 

anything but Zen Master

and yet can be when transformed


Leads us on a repeat of events

The mind connected to this illogically 

The heart meanwhile is bringing those patterns in

With the opportunity to





on earth in a practical human being way 

The Transcendental Process

Within each human being facing each”challenge”

with the viewpoint of removing any man made obstacle in their path

To be free and aligned with their destiny

Amazing films with this theme:

The Fault in our Stars


Edge of tomorrow

The Adjustment Bureau

Love Tom Cruise film’s ¬†they are so¬†revelatory and he is a Cancer Sun

and just doing this cookie trail showed a news report about him 

that is absolutely key to this Capricorn Full Moon

Here is a link to his Astrology 

He is 52 ~ Saturn Square 

Mayan Elder year ~

he has completed his 4 x 13 year cycles  

and his birthday is tomorrow so going into his 53rd year

He is a White Crystal Worldbridger 

So reflected in his films 

The crystal clear structure of ending of worlds

Code 12 of Blue Eagle

blue eagle buzzard

Seeing the bigger picture mastery code

In the Green Castle of the heart 

This is my son’s wavespell ¬†ūüėȬ†

Tomorrow he begins a Cosmic Year ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey 

and he is born in the Cosmic Moon time in the 13 Moons

So perfectly aligned for getting in touch with his divine child 

by being with his earth born child

and leaving the Church 

Priorities of what is heartfelt now

So today if the individual chooses

To get in touch with heart longings

heart hurts

and see how each are connected

All that we need is within us

that is the message of this

Red Solar Moon Year

coming to a completion now

hkuyutrjpg copy

Today it is Cosmic Moon day 6

The new year of

White Planetary Wizard

begins in 24 days time

See the code ?

What we do now really matters

Today the tarot card is

The Lovers


All our relationships reveal

the next step for creating balance

Outside revealing inside



Each person who is pushing our buttons allows the enlightenment process to go deeper

They are simply our personal

Star Wars

in action


In carnate

Our holograph

Integrating all the archetypes now to rescue oneself 

and creating a power team 

All roads lead to love



If only we will see the signs


Stop Look Listen



Do the work

Be the dream desire

Start to take the small steps knowing the universe supports our path

and it will be a rocky one at times

The Hobbit adventure is not what Bilbo was looking for….

and it was the time of his life 

When we begin the heart path the nature of this is…

we do it for the love of it

we do it for ourselves

we do it for all of humanity

we do it for our mother earth

We do not have all the answers….


Goddess does 

We have faith that if we do the process

trust the process

All will be revealed

And the beat goes on…

Love to you beautiful people

Let’s live the real dream from our hearts

Free of any need to prove or validate ourselves

Free to be in the garden


Fly high 

Go deep 

First look within for the treasure you seek 

Work in progress ~ Blue Solar Hand


Blue Solar Hand

My Mayan Day



This was Monday ~ Moon day

I am lagging behind in writing my posts as big stuff happening still

and wow this is intense 

key to my

Lilith in Aquarius 

at 4 degrees:

Many fireflies at dusk.
You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You’ve been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

becoming very aware of my chart now and going deeper with it.

I love doing this work and each person coming in reveals me and my path.

And…I don’t know what I don’t know just like everyone else here to do the trip ~ otherwise what would be the point ?

Saint? Sinner? 

Just polar labels for the mind and indoctrination models 

Human being on a mission to balance themselves with their spiritual self 


Charting can also be an avoidance and so key to the love and light brigade

That which is easy ~ labelled positive 

Is not the alchemical process

The positive comes naturally as a part of the process and for real not an intellectual concept ~ more light

through working with the wound and what is difficult

letting go of denial of this place 

This is where new universe’s are forged

in the black hole 

The Galactic Centre


The Vertex 

How do I integrate myself in society in a way that is balanced so I can bridge all worlds and be accepting of myself and accepting of others ~ it is all interwoven

However entanglement is not the key 

I have done lots of work on the Narcissist pattern

How I am on the spectrum

How I am on the spectrum of the opposite ~ the empath

and how to blend the two now

because in my view this is the next step of evolution

Alchemically coming into centre

Two sides of the same coin and the mastery process because both extremes are coping mechanisms


feeling is the key to intimacy 

Feels pretty barren without intimacy doesn’t it¬†

Being seen and loved for who we are by others in relationship ?

Kissed, held, tactile engagement in a respectful loving way ? 

So key for the Leo me 


It is difficult for me having my Wavespell in the energy of a full moon

Not least the biggest soul axis time of the 4th and 1oth house 

The formation of manifestation

What we are doing now will manifest at Capricorn Winter Solstice 

I do not have any traditional planets here but always Capricorn co creators arrive to get me moving with my discipline  


Things coming in on a soul level for the planet

Things coming in on a personal level

What is in Cancer and Capricorn for you ?

Cancer ~ mothering,nurturing,home

Capricorn ~ fathering,discipline,work

Soul Journey ~  deeper levels beyond the mundane

What is in your 4th house ?

What is in your 10th ?

If you are A Yellow Seed ~ number 4 of the Mayan Signs ~ this is key

If you are a White Dog ~ number 10 of the Mayan Signs ~ this is key 

In general terms ~ taking the mask off ~ Yellow Seed ~ to reveal the true seed underneath the coping mechanisms 

to manifest soul relationships and love free from conditioning which is truly unconditional ~ White Dog 

This is the heart’s desire free from any material ego construct¬†

In my 4th House is My North Node in Gemini at 10 degrees 

Where I am going in this life:

A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.
Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.



Always loved Dracula

Such a deep and consuming passion for endless love 




wow a lot of carnage in pursuit of the lost Goddess resurrection process

It is really painful but death is part of it 

Interview with a Vampyre and Brad Pitt’s role compared to Tom Cruise¬†

A life of pain to know love through knowing what it is not and where it does not live …



To catalyse change


This 13 day process is all about catalysing the human being to work with their shadow self

aka the emotional body

Mr Hyde 


This process is not linear

This process is a spiral

The authentic self is not a zombie 

or a compliant domesticated animal 


On the day I sat and watched myself all day wherever I went and making notes

who showed up

what showed up

how I felt about that 

nothing dramatic or epiphany esque

which is what the soap opera self is conditioned to believe life is about 

Disney Drama 

All Disney movies contain code for human evolution

Everything is code and the individual activates with it whatever level of being they are at in the Universal Script

more awareness more realisations for me

letting go of being the drama queen archetype through owning my stuff

and learning how to relate 

not manipulate 

key to this Jupiter in Leo time 

mastery of ego to open the heart


This time is a birth time of the disciple willing to walk the talk

People who are incarnating at this balsamic moon time

of all ages

are experiencing rapid change because of the spiral reaching it’s extreme masculine

It is the time of the pre~menstrual storm

The time of the head wanting what it wants 

The heart bringing in new wisdom

but to do that the human being has to surrender to what is given


Coming up next is Yellow Human Wavespell

This is my Yellow Castle 

and the year I am in

Yellow Rhythmic Human

It is bringing me everything I need to see where I am in balance with my humanity

and most importantly…

where I am not

It’s a roller coaster ride for empaths

and emotions

and like a yo yo 



Fear and Love doing the dance 

Yes Yes Yes Yes 


Yes I want that…

Noooooooo not again

Oh really? 

Are you kidding me ~ honestly

I thought I had done that to death and yet….

and yet here is the grim reaper saying it is time to go deeper

Saturnian cycles

Neptunian levels ~ work with the Moon and access Neptune free of delusion

another layer to heal

Walk your talk echoes the Goddess

The lead picture is me at 18 on a total hedonistic 2 weeks in Ios 

The party island and so key to living in the body and connecting to other human beings

At that time I was a total party animal. I went away 3 times that year ~ I was a travel agent.

Each time I came back I was in need of another holiday to recover ūüėȬ†

It is a key time for anyone ~ especially a 9


18 = 9 

This pattern is key to me creating balanced human being ness

I could only do that in that way then because there was a holistic structure to support that way of being

This year was wild partying and the year I reconnected with an old flame 

A childhood sweetheart who I sat next to in school

This was so key to my emotional coding and what I am here for this time around

To shape my destiny 

Completion of awareness of the process ~ not necessarily that I will achieve it and often I am at a place of despair on this ūüėČ Getting used to that though

To access being a clear channel by healing all my emotional wounding

To stop doing imbalanced co dependent behaviour

I am very self aware

I have been working with myself in this way since 2007 

It does get easier on some levels

It also gets more complex and deeper

and as I strip away the layers I feel more

I become more empathetic

I can See more because of this


It also means I have to be very discerning and disciplined

My body at 50 cannot tolerate what it did at 18

It is not meant to and I offer that learning and being emotionally aware 

Creates Co creation Code

letting go of Co dependent Code


No doubt you are aware that the heart is not logical though

It is the Universal tool for bringing what we need for our soul and planetary evolution

and often that is the anti-thesis of what the ego wants.

Over the past few days I have seen all my past incarnate with different people

It is pure grace

Noticing how I am affected or not affected

any triggers there

Just watching this video of me is a trigger ~ I am really going through some stuff here at the time of the making of the video and it is so evident with my energy levels. 

This is often what happens ~ for me too ~ I focus on the person revealing the process and I am put off because they are not superhuman ūüôā¬†

It is the process that is key ~ not shooting the messenger ~ seeing beyond to the message 

No human being here right now holds the model or the solution

The solution is in each one of us

doing the personal process

What is seeking evolution within revealed outside of us ?

I love people

Gemini North Node

With some people my boundaries have been so skewed because I could not be assertive

Afraid of the response if I did

and in truth how I would be perceived

Often Scapegoated


truth be told though

It is first and foremost about me for me

as it is for every individual

this myth of being of service and self sacrifice

Is one of the biggest denials masqueraded by the ego

The paradox

To really start to work with this the individual has to let go of their denial

and face the raw self

I may be 50 and had a lot of experience that the 18 year old did not have

but I still have the same core patterns and conditioning

with Jo and my relationship to Jo

and therefore the world

At my Chiron return this is so powerful

It is designed for this very reason

50’s ~ the same as day 5’s ~ the heart of the matter

the struggle to be the authentic human being free from ego constructs that are

Totally self imposed for a good reason ~ to cope with life 

Any feelings of shadow are self created and although the individual may believe this comes through the other

All the feelings the individual has 

are the individuals

Who else could they belong to ?

This is responsibility in action

It is a complex process but here is a simple formula:


Something is happening in my world

Something does not feel good about it 

I do not feel good about it 

Self enquiry possible ~ being as specific as I can

Here I suggest Emotional Freedom Technique because it works

and everyone can do it including children

Be with the emotional trigger

It is the next step to freedom and conscious awareness

Feel the feeling with the intention of feeling and release

Then see what comes to light

What created this feeling in terms of my relationship with the world

Then go deeper if you feel ready

When has this feeling/event happened before ?

Go back to that 

Replay that

Do the same process

Keep doing it until the emotion is cleared

Then everything changes 


This is the emotional evolution

Emotional Events are coded into our human body in a powerful way as a learning experience

to teach the individual what literally creates pain

It is a survival mechanism which allows avoidance of pain

If the individual starts to work with this then they evolve

and learn how to do relationships in a different way

In a way that they can state what is acceptable and not acceptable

State desires and needs 

It is a process

As a child that is not an option

As an immature adult that is not an option until the adult decides to make it an option

and be pro active 

work on themselves and their emotional baggage

This can happen very quickly with EFT 

and …

it is not a quick fix

It is life long because learning and evolution is life long

Whatever the universe is bringing in right now 

that is uncomfortable

is what our planet needs to birth something new

It is what the human being needs to birth something new 

Each human being that does this personal process

relates differently because of it

This ripples out on the web of life

Being the change we want to see happens with this process


This is not about a therapist doing it for another

Passive receiving of healing

That is another thing entirely

This is about each being becoming the pro active Red Skywalker

The Fool

as and when ready to

red overtone moon

The alchemist

ready to do the personal inner marriage

Can you walk amongst the beauty 

be in it

not of it

engage in love free from sacrifice ?

For people in powerful relationship now 

It is time to integrate the polar opposites so being open to this is key

The easy option of comfort zone and compatibility of the astrological chart 

is not it ūüôā

Bursting each other wide open is it 


Being able to stay open and love deeply 

even though this is pushing all the buttons ….

All the buttons being pushed hold the key

to go beyond ego limitation

I am not suggesting abusive relationship ~ the opposite 

Being discerning 

Stating boundaries

Being honest about what is coming up

This is conscious relationship

This is the future

It begins here


Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign

It addresses the gateway to the mystic

What is resonating reveals

the ecstatic and compatibility with the divinity code 

It reveals what is not through pain

It’s planet is Earth

So in this wavespell

Pluto and Earth

The underworld and the early experience ~ hell on earth

allow completion

It is the Christ process ~ the Buddha process ~ the enlightenment process

Light let in through transforming the self

Total engagement with divinity accessed because of that

Remember all the clues are there in the body

If we are shutting down emotionally around relationship then this will

be revealed in emotional constipation

the colon

Not to put too fine a point on it…

Holding on to old sh*t 


If someone is so repressed emotionally they may be healthy most of the time

Usually that means an empath partner does that emotional expression for them

That also means there will be a distorted code going on to allow this imbalance too

What has to happen for emotion to be expressed usually is anything but loving 

no surprise given our current cultural trip on relationship

and focus on external structures at the expense of compassion and caring in our communities 


Becoming really aware of this way of relating is key for both people

If this is at the start of the relationship it can be hugely beneficial as there is no personal wounding between the two parties

there is awareness potentially of what has hurt in the past

If the couple have the courage to transform this together

The level of shadow into love is truly Cosmic 

At the beginning this takes a big leap of faith 

and the intention to trust that the God and Goddess self has created this crucible which is revealed in the Astrology in great detail as to the degrees and planetary placements 

I am now at a level of amazing awareness of code through doing this process 


My body cannot tolerate toxicity and toxic relationships 

This is the process

It is the descent all of humanity is on

As the human being is stripped naked on all levels

there is a pendulum swing

The desert is visited for contemplation and awareness of what created this space

~ it’s all in any Wisdom Doctrine underneath the manipulated religious overtone

What happened to these Archetypes such as Jesus 

is the process of human evolution

There are several stages to go through

The more the individual learns how to work with the self ~ the less emotional drama ensues because the individual has learned how to relate in a way that is ecological

and most importantly the first step of that process is to clear the emotional baggage

free up emotional expression

Let go of the loaded gun

Understanding one’s own code is key

The patterns

A phd in personal patterns

A master of oneself 

This is what it takes ūüôā

If you are ready to do that process pro actively 

Here is a workshop designed exactly for that purpose 

Balance Workshop


Remember it is on the cards right now for us all

People who are doing this work will not be famous or popular or leading the way in the general traditional ego framework because this is the framework of the pioneers ūüėČ

That is the path at the moment and it is evolving¬†quickly …

The ego doesn’t feel comfortable with it though which is exactly why it has to be done¬†

Are you going to let your ego overrule divinity and stay “safe” for a while longer ?

Remember as you change everyone will notice and this will also create a wave ~ ultimately what role model do you want to manifest

What we do in life echoes in eternity 


Can you learn and do “right” relationship ?

A choice is…

Do we accept our mission impossible ?

Or do we have it thrust upon us until we submit ?

Look at all the wonderful gadgets involved

It is dynamic 

Miracles guaranteed as the individual aligns with their soul journey on all levels

It is the birthing process

It only seems impossible at the start ūüėȬ†

Our universal self knows

It is the natural process

Love to you and yours

Day 6 ~ what is masking the seed


Day 6 ~ Friday June 27 

Venus Day 


That friday feeling

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

Balance Day

Running a day behind. Big life events happening for me potentially now that I cannot go into further because of confidentiality otherwise I would to explain because it is a huge veil lift and awareness.

I aim to be as open as possible .

It is key to my soul and human evolution

I cannot be open sharing private things about other people as that is disrespectful in this particular cookie trail

so just to say that doing the code has it’s rewards

and just when the individual is seduced into a doubting Thomas old code ~

a miracle appears on the event horizon to remind the native that this universal model is mind~blowing indeed and does in fact have wisdom beyond the limited awareness of the human being

This is a short blog therefore to balance the very long ones.

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

You may find yourself in a very different space 

The strengths that the individual has honed as part of conditioned culture

are paradoxically also the weaknesses

The armour of the Knight is also what keeps love out


The shield of protection deflects deeper intimacy

The crossing of arms

The mind games

The debates

The not dealing with grief and anger…..

Whatever our mind has fashioned for emotional safety is our personal prison

At mid life this parental control button comes off proactively

by the individual…

Or the individual will be wrestled to the ground

by a hoard of sacred feminine deconstructionists of various forms

and have this device surgically removed

Resistance is futile

Cancer is the season

of the emergence of the butterfly


Not ready to emerge yet?

The sun melts the ice caps

thaws the heart

The pod erupts 

The wings unfurl

It’s a love thing…

To resist the universal love machine takes a lot of resistance 

Our consumer society is a master of it 

Consumer society does not want lots of happy empowered beautiful butterflies

cross pollinating love and creativity

When the universal sirens come calling

it is wise to pay attention

The Goddess returning is a very potent persuader and is not taking no for an answer

Jupiter is the planet of this sign

Jupiter is currently in Leo and guess who is a Leo?

My Jupiter is in Gemini

5th house ~ the home of Leo ~ naturally expanding now 


Ok it’s pretty obvious when my kundalini is being activated to the aware reader

 my generation is currently being activated around the generational planets

 I have a very eclectic sense of music as you will know if you are a regular reader

this was a fast moving epoch of many flavours

and I like lots of them being an Aquarius Rising

Disco today from my Persephone time ūüôā

Love to my Cancerian girlfriends who I used to party with all over the globe 

I really miss dancing in this way but there doesn’t seem to be that now and perhaps could be in a different format without additional mood altering coping mechanisms

Listening to generational music from the past

is a great way to get in touch with repressed memories

If you love music this is a way your experience has been encoded and embedded along with experiences in relationship

Great to use EFT with too

and great to move that energy and shake off anything stuck

Noticing the words is key too ~ reveals beliefs around relationships

Lovers are often referred to as “Baby” for example¬†

Yellow Seed

is the number 4 of the 20 signs

so the structure of the transformation into balance 

Just like Code 4 in the zodiac is Cancer 

in the individuals code this can be different

4th house holds the key to unlock the Age of Aquarius

Get in the Groove

All the musical codes of the generation we are born in are key to the vibe of course

Whatever coping mechanisms the individual used as a young person

to deal with incoming relationships

are ready for evolution

so that human beings can get to the heart of the matter

get real

up close 

and personal

and it is all there in the songs ….

The lengths the human being will go to 

to avoid facing intimacy issues 

No education on this in our school systems though is there?

No awareness for most people in their family

So how do people learn?

That is what this time is all about

human evolution emotional intelligence,

awareness and expression


Time to stop hiding and repressing feelings 


let the heart share it’s wisdom

Our emotions are the key to being free

The body does not lie

Everything is coded what level are you working at lovely ?

Embrace the all 

Day 5 ~ heart of the matter


Day 5

The heart of the matter

Here I am setting off on my journey in Glastonbury

Peek a boo

The fool skipping along open to….

everything that their inner code is actually and not what the intellect thinks they are

This photo was taken as part of my first

Open Your Heart Retreat 

before I came to live here 

in February 2011

It included Valentine’s Day Weekend¬†

This was a huge turning point for me 

In Mayan terms this was the manifestation day of 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

This is in the Red Castle of Awakening ~ the initiating 52 day process at the beginning of every 260 day spiral

The spiral at that time was taking place

in the 13 Moons framework 

Galactic Moon Day 5

The heart of the matter of what was seeking integration


The priority for me being my creation as initiator of this project and how to share that 

how to share me with others equally 

Having travelled to Glastonbury several times before I was very aware that this was going to really test my boundaries and reveal my ability to hold a space for a group of people all being in this expanded space

This was a catalyst for my process as some very imbalanced relationships came to light of course

and I put myself first 

My dream 

and what I personally needed to do to stop any other ( part of me in another seeking integration)

stopping that in a co dependent way 

as far as I was able and from the space I was in at that time on my journey

Galactic Moon


The Moon of integration


13 Moon document on my resources page and a link here

It covers the energy of Aquarius and Pisces time 

Key to this transition time

The ending of unhealthy boundaries, needing others to access source,becoming consciously aware of our divinity by transforming our inner code 

In this particular evolutionary code of balance ~

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is

Blue Overtone Night

Blue Night is the conscious dreamer code

The human being who is aware that all is not what it seems

That they are a multi faceted being on a quest 

This is a key mastery understanding as to how this multi aspected being works

There is a spiritual aspect of conscious awareness that is connected to source fully


the human being who is here to transform human evolution

by transforming their own very personal part in it

It is the reverse of the ego structured society

This is what I have learned experientially

This is what I share

At this time on the spiral in the 13 moon calendar it is Crystal Moon

Today is day 28 ~ the last day of it

Tomorrow will be very different energy

Crystal Moon is aligned with Gemini and Cancer

Allowing new ways of relating having healed the individual’s core mothering wounds around birth family, cultural family and feeling at home in the body as the individual fully accepts on all levels, everything happening to it so far ~ this encompasses all past lives when this life is healing as all goes back through this time now anyway¬†

The gift each human being brings is to transcend their own personal wound structure

That is what the human being is here for

that was chosen before life

This is inner alchemy work on everything that hurts


That is revealed as and when it is essential to the Quest

and not before

This particular code is the planet Saturn

It is revealed at key gateway points in life 


More about this here in a great article :

Saturn transits

The structure is revealed at Saturn Return 1 

around 29

Saturn orbits approximately every 30 years

It returns to where it was at our birth

and swipes our Saturn bar code 

See if our soul journey is on track

If the wound/conditioning/society energy is so strong

that the individual has chosen to ignore it’s human spaceship and emotional sat nav¬†

and given in to imbalance 

and hey who hasn’t at this time?

It is part of the plan after all 

Then a course correction happens as a natural outcome of that creation code 

This Saturnian code repeats for the rest of the individual’s life on a base level

This is what the alchemist is aware of 

and the foundation stone


And as it is for each individual

Each generation shares the Saturnian structure

to build new structures for future generations with future generations

who have different Saturnian code to add to the mix with divine alchemy 

There is nothing “wrong” with this process

or the current state of earth and human beings on an evolution basis

as it is what it is


Paradoxically being out of balance does not feel good 

Every human being can feel that right now and if the human being is allowing the true feelings that go with that state of relationship, to emerge and be expressed

feelings of despair, anger, rage, frustration….


See what thoughts, beliefs and behaviours come as a result of that way of relating

Those that are willing to find solutions will

Those that are ready to work at a deeper level


That this is inner work

Changing the inner changes the outer 




The more the inner changes


The shadow reveals past echoes unresolved

and the structure of magic is unveiled

everything that seems “wrong” actually takes us to the place that seeks light¬†

and everything is revealed 

all the answers are there

if only the individual dares 

to go to the valley of death

This is the core process revealed 


The Book of Thoth 4 


Death being in the middle 

Death of the personality constructs and old ways 

Process 11 to 21

From Lust 



The Universe


No need for imbalance on planet earth except for the human evolution

Many power positioned individuals are very aware of misdirecting wound

Hence the huge military arena

Take an angry young person ~ the fool


use their anger for the older person’s power trip¬†

Now that is a very old story indeed on earth’s history¬†

Another key element of mastery ~

knowing that it takes human being time and experiential living to fully understand 

the process 

having gone round the wheel many times the individual is witness to others fruits of labours

and their own 

becomes a master at bulls*t detecting

However the human being only knows what it knows

so the veil of their personal journey

blocks the revelation until the individual is ready to do the work

This is truly Saturnian 

Time will tell

There are lots of new codes coming in

In this particular 260 day cycle

The code was Aries Sun

Libra Moon

The sacred feminine archetypal energies are coming into conscious awareness

This is key to White Wizard starting in July


This is a symbol for Thoth himself 

The Magician potentiality of The Fool working consciously 

Very key to the 12th 11th and 1st House in the individual’s chart¬†

Messenger of our god and goddess self 

I do not often get this card for myself or others ūüėȬ†

Asteroid Consciousness Codes


Juno is at 4 degrees Libra ~ this was key at 3pm on Tuesday 24th of June 

Day 2 of this wave

Yellow Lunar Sun ~ blog link here

Just become aware of this today


I am writing this a day late too because yesterday I was busy living my dream 

a very full day of wow awareness and practicality too

Seeing who was in my circle

Feeling how I felt about that 

A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face.
Out of phase, out of sync, distressed, and reactive. Seeking comfort and stability where there is none. On a jag of insistency upon your own sensibility and feelings being important and inescapable. You are lulled by pain and anger to become hooked back into old stuck places, compulsively and automatically, in melodramatic display of dissension and dissatisfaction. You have a destructive vibration which is fueled by a high pure nature, but spun out of orbit into the wrong time and place where support and encouragement are lacking. Inside the soul, your lessons center around witnessing the lower nature becoming activated, and moving through this awkward edge into deeper process and broader openings, probing to find a path through the conflicts of the battleground, which can be followed and held to and made a basis for the future.

Juno represents the part of us that is Queen of the Gods ~ truth ~ balance of the masculine and feminine ~ where this is out of balance 

Here is a great article on a personal story about Juno 


Hera is another name for Juno ~ Hera in planetary aspects is a different asteroid and has a different energy

Lots of these asteroids explored in my Persephone Path Workshop series from the dark half of last year

You can access them for free on my Resources page here

Persephone Resources

I felt drawn to Glastonbury in 2010 right at the start of my Blue Hand 13 year cycle I am in year 6 of

and really coming into balance 

This was key for me and my Fool’s journey

To come to the heart chakra of earth


Feel at home

Feel the amazing energy of the place

I only came because I felt drawn to it and I had no intellectual awareness of it 

and when I spent more time here

rapidly becoming aware of my masks and delusions 

My coping mechanisms 

More of which in the next post 

This is what Glastonbury brings 

the expansion into full blown ego place

What is ready to be transformed

and the initiates willingness to feel the pain

and do what it takes to evolve


carry on with coping mechanisms of addictions

and bits of both of course as the integration starts to take place 

This Wavespell is Wavespell 6

It is the key code for balance 

It is the Gateway to Goddess

through Goddess

Healing all our personal feminine wounding at this patriarchal time of peak intensity


The heat is turning up

The cauldron is bubbling

Will you

Won’t you

Join the evolution within?

The piper is calling 

Will you heed the call

or drown the music out?

Here is an Astrology video from Tom giving a bigger picture view of what is happening in the starry skies

Remember ~ until you know your Starry skies personal structure the knowledge is not there to help you understand yourself 

There is no such thing as “self ` sabotage”

The individual is always walking their path

To walk it consciously is the key to self empowerment

Consciousness of the self is the key 

Emotions reveal the true space of relationship of the individual in this life 

Capricorn Full Moon coming up in this Wavespell 

Alchemy ~ dragon’s den


Day 3 ~ Alchemy


What crossed your path today?

What appeared in your circle?

What did you notice?

Any triggers, any button pushes? How did you feel?

All pertinent information for the Alchemist 

Today we have the blend of Sunday’s initiation ~ the Solstice

combined with yesterday’s new learning .

Today was the day for transforming the two to combine and voila 

something else comes into being

Another way to work with this is to look back to this Wavespell’s last circuitry and see what you have been creating with since then.

This was just as we were going into the underworld in Libra time on

October 04th last year 


If the alchemist has been working intellectually today ~ there may be new insights as to the soul journey

Seeing what is coming round for deeper work

If the alchemist has been working with the emotional levels 

that is deeper work

Seeing how there is no logic here

and how this reveals the soul journey

a great way to get in touch with feelings ~

play meaningful songs and see if you really are emotionally free or the vibe allows emotions to surface 

I have had an amazing journey today with a fellow alchemist and shadow worker

another aspect of me and I her

and this is also so revealed using the Mayan framework as we meet at the perfect time both sharing this 13 day wavespell

as our

13 day process and star seeded soul mission this time around


Todays energy is

Red Electric Dragon

hence the leading picture

The planet is Neptune 

So on this process we have had two days of Pluto

and now

a day of Neptune

Neptunian aspects can be where we hide things and escape 

This 13 day process is key for Red Dragon’s

it is also significant for the start of this 260 day cycle on April 04 ~ Aries initiation

New beginnings

In order for us to catalyse ourselves out of that labyrinth of the mind

requires becoming aware and taking ownership of our delusional beliefs.

A reality check ….

As and when the perfect time is.

The heat is turning up under the cauldron


What seems like a thorn in our side

is actually our next step to freedom.

This 13 day process is very significant 

Pakal color

My Mayan day and Sign ~ Blue Solar Hand

is one of the 13 clear signs on Pacal Votan’s tomb

It is the 6th Wavespell and so brings balance between the heart and the head

These 13 signs are each part of 13 day processes

that assist the simple human to become the plumed serpent ~ the clear conduit having transformed all wounds and completing the circuit of consciousness

This is an active and conscious process that involves the mind, body and spirit

and most importantly

The emotions

The heart 

In astrological times the Dragon ~ the Great Mother ~ can be seen also as the North and South Nodes of our Moon


My North Node is Gemini ~ right relationship new learning ~ this is my stairway to heaven degree ~ the IC

An island just visible off the coast.
When the future is alive, all of its many dimensions flourish in a world away from the commonly mapped out standard territory. The inward twin is given free rein to picture and dream into and even open the space toward what can be and shall be in more vibrant worlds to come. The outward twin carries on as ever in the accustomed role of maintaining the status quo. But so little energy is given to this one, and so much life-force is funneled into sensing new worlds and exploring all the amazing places which these new worlds spark on the inside of the soul, timelessly and authentically

My South Node Sagittarius ~ comfort zone MC/Midheaven:

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.
Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he, won’t he?” dominates consciousness and energy, keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

and access point to the galactic centre at 4 degrees ~ the structure of my ladder ~ galactic centre being 26 degrees

My North Node degree is Gemini in my 4th house at 10 degrees Gemini:

A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.
Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.

This is so key to my work with the shadow and what I attract in relationship

and my challenge

All the coping mechanisms ~ aka ~ masks ~ I have developed from birth are masks no matter what my ego likes to pretend to defend me from myself

All masks block soul journey intimacy and full immersion and dance with the universe

there are no “good” masks¬†

Some are deemed more favourable in society and that is all ~ two sides of the same coin ūüėČ

If you don’t yet have that information and feel it may be of interest then you need to have a birth chart done

google free astrological birth charts and put in your info

North Node is where we are headed in this life ~ out of the comfort zone 

South Node ~ very familiar and comfort blankety

Often what feels safe is what is keeping the individual stuck

and blocks the flow 

sort of a beige feeling ~ magnolia

rather than a technicolour dreamcoat experience

Are you ready to liquefy to become the beautiful butterfly revealed?

Tomorrow the structure day is revealed 

The conscious dreamer format 



Day 2 of the catalyst ~ new learning


Day 2

Yellow Lunar Sun

Remember to hover your mouse and click on the links to expand info 

Day 2 of each 13 day process is the new learning

Today if you choose you can pay attention to what that is for you

Lunar Days ~ the moon energy coming back into focus

Most people on the planet know their Sun sign only and this is only part of the multi faceted jewel of stardust that each person is creating with

In the bigger picture of planet history

We are at the spiral tip of the patriarch

Maximum masculine energy expression

Each Zodiac bigger picture Age lasts approximately two and a half thousand years and the patriarchal age has been in full swing I guess since the Age of Aries 


These time zones go backwards

So we are just transiting the Age of Pisces and no one knows for sure when the Age of Aquarius is


the New Age brings new ways

new codes

so I am feeling this transition coming in through myself and this is key to why I had to move to Glastonbury in 2011 because this is a very different part of the world to where I was in the North of the UK and Glastonbury fits my pattern.

This is core for today’s theme which is all about this re~structure of our human understanding.

Today’s energy in essence, is really about the Yin and Yang


The Sun and Moon coming into balance energetically within each one of us

Once this process is in homeostasis and resonating with the universal energy

the Sagittarius Galactic Centre is being accessed


So again it is revealed that the universe always has everything in exact alignment . All the languages of Astrology and reading patterns all sing the same tune using different frameworks basically.

The emphasis over say Pisces and Aries Ages ~ around 5000 years ~has been masculine and the ego development. This is also in alignment with a human being being born and becoming a teenager. Individuation occurs and separation from birth family to form a personality.

An individual.

Unique persona formed from multi experiential experiences and code.

Nature and Nurture.

All the same core patterns are there.

In order for this process to happen, there has had to be a repression of the feminine energy in some areas, to allow it to go full swing.

Many people take this repression extremely personally and are very resistant to it and that is totally understandable because it is often a harsh energy to encounter and can be oppressive and pathological.

Immature ego is often very aggressive and destructive and hard to receive.

It is essential to our human evolution evidently ~ otherwise it would not be happening.

It is necessary and I often encounter people in healing work who are doubting this process ~ and I understand why because it is natural. This has been my process too. It is key to our personal ego protection plan and a way of coping with how disempowering it feels to be in this way of relationship

The ego likes to feel it is in control and it is to a certain extent

The universe has the ultimate creation control and the more the individual works with their ego to accept this

The easier it becomes to go with the flow and accept divine will and allow our own personal soul journey to unfold as it is meant to.

Surrender of the personality to do divine will’s Grand Design

Everything that has happened historically 

was meant to

Everything that has happened to us as an individual

was meant to

There is nothing that we “need” to learn or add to ourselves once we reach the process of being a physically mature human being ~ it is all in there ready to work with

Like any seed cosmically coded ~ just add water ūüėČ


The education and conditioning we are programmed with, to be part of society is for that framework and has nothing to do with who we really are

that said, the paradox is that this is also key to the balance and transition and why the people who are here to actively and consciously work with the transition are

everyday people living everyday lives

because this is key to what is undergoing transition and balance

Make sense?

Everything that you have ever done is absolutely essential to your soul journey

How could it not be?

The secret now is being the soul detective and midwife for yourself


Following your own personal cookie trail

Ready to see the signs

and transform those seeds and experience into trees of life

with roots that are grounded and strong

to allow the tree to flourish


The personal shadow is the storehouse

The core inner cauldron

bubbling away with the prima materia of all ages of man

since time began


The wound

The framework of the wound

The essence of it

The dark Goddess of emotion


In the current social network framework of society

self empowered


self existing

spirit led

individuals need not apply because this energetic profile

does not “need” society

does not “need’ someone to bring happiness and stability

does not “need’ the coping mechanisms of the Neptunian escapism

to self medicate and cope with their feelings of pain

at being so out of alignment

of the path

the self empowered individual has cleared enough free space on their personal hard drive to allow access to source for their guidance and information


and that is limitless

so ensures that it can outsource anything that Sky or Virgin have on offer ūüėČ

Look at Virgin’s logo for a clue on that and I can’t even download it onto this blog which says a lot.

It is not an equal infinity sign.

The soul journey is all about our personal process

As soon as the initiate decides to take their power back it begins

and this is happening on a bigger scale than ever before

because it is time

and it happens for the individual at the perfect time 

not a second before

because the universe is full of paradox and so absolutely perfectly crafted

We can relax more and more

as we let go of our personal acquired conditioned template and transform it

to let more downloads flow

and as we clear our emotionally distorted history

we start to see a clearer picture forming

What I have learned so far is this:

I have always been an empath and I am a very emotional person because of that

Many people who I have been in relationship have no awareness of their emotional self because their coping mechanism has been to repress it

This is also a generational programme because it was not safe to do feelings

I have always been a fixer

I have always looked for solutions so that people who aren’t doing that

feel safe

Does this way of relating work?

On many levels no of course not

Part of that programme is the language of light

Learning how to create relationships that feel authentic and balanced and safe

Environments that support that

Holistic ways of eating and being on the planet free from a commercial agenda

which creates “facts” to support that agenda

What I have often seen as “in the way”

a pain ~ sometime literally

I now realise is the key to unveiling my new learning of how to relate

To be an enabler of people in “power”,¬†empaths believe they are not powerful as are the polar opposite providing support and often in a passive way, when in truth it is actually the other way around as to co~dependence.¬†People who are in traditional ego power positions are usually coming from a very big place of fear and denial in order to be there and need lots of support which is usually financially based in order to feel worthy.

This is key to the money model too.

The money model allows people to buy their illusion of a stairway to heaven and so anyone still running this out of balance model is still doing the old way.

The old ways cannot create new ways.

It is very simple.

Taking small steps is key now wherever possible.

If the initiate wants to do the soul path then the old path has to go ~ one cannot walk both.

Part of this transition is the revealing of how the universe really is and unveiling.

In order for that to happen the illusionary man made systems are collapsing in order to allow this to move

otherwise what happens ?

I want to do my dream but I have to keep everything the same?

How can our society be revealed in truth if all the systems stay in place ?


At the start of this path it will constantly feel challenging ,simply because the framework is being changed and the personality is starting to deconstruct

the conditioned mind, does not have the answers only what has worked/not worked before

so it panics in the face of new experience… and this is where Emotional Freedom Technique comes in.

There is no birthing the evolved human without this over and over

to work with that emotion very specifically and realise that our higher self always has the answers

however to access them requires transformation of the conditioned mind

This is a multi level approach and sound complicated but like anything starts very simply

Just by accepting how we feel

Once we start to work with this new framework everything starts to move along.

It is designed for this very purpose.

It isn’t really about EFT per se, it is about acceptance of the self and the process of that.

If the individual does not start to work pro actively with their code then the code within creates as it is

As it has always done

As a result life events for the human being reflect this

Patterns repeat anyway ~ this is shown in the Mayan patterns where I am now able to see on a particular day exactly what year this corresponds to and what I am working with as a choice point.

How the individual works with their personal patterns is key to the level of personal evolution.

So the first step is becoming very aware of those patterns and what emotions we are often repressing because in the past other people in our circle were the ones who expressed them

and didn’t like it when we did that, or we chose not to because we didn’t like how they felt when received

and this is so key


Another pre~requisite for this pat is to accept our part in the whole and total responsibility for everything in our life now


Yes to many

There is no blame on this heart path

Feeling the honest feelings is key ~ it is not about “right” or “wrong”

For the emotional side it is how we felt

Ancestral Code Aspect of the language of light

Aspects that may be seeking balance for you as coping mechanisms seeking evolution

Hyper mobility and flexibility to counter balance rigidity

Excessive emotional outbursts ~ doing the repressed person’s share

Oversharing ~ counteracting silence

are examples of behaviour attempting to balance two individuals and their polar opposites.

Today we are in Virgo Moon in the UK

and as I stated this blog this morning it was

at 6 degrees:

A banyan tree that creates an entire forest.
A towering stature. Containing within yourself a vast creative force that can fill the world with its diverse and multiplex awareness. You have a graphic ability to evoke, to capture, to epitomize a realm, a world, to draw it forth, to highlight it. And this then extends into many others, such that the illumination, the fresh angle is sharply relevant and universally resonant. Experiencing for yourself the wisdom of the ages, proving it out afresh by experimentation and open discovery. Piercing to the core with your fluent presence in this world. Saying in so many different ways “Here it is, here it is again. I have found it over here”–the living proof that nature is totally alive, that the creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given voice, to be celebrated, to be acknowledged by one who can reach to the vasts and penetrate to the details and make macrocosm and microcosm one.

I have been working with someone this morning and I thought the card that came was very apt :

The Hierophant


Here is a Thoth link for it:


This card is referred to the letter Vau, which means a Nail; of this instrument nine appear at the top of the card; they serve to fix the oriel behind the main figure of the picture.

The card is referred to Taurus; therefore the Throne of the Hierophant is surrounded by elephants, which are of the nature of Taurus; and he is actually seated upon a bull. Around him are the four beasts or Kerubs, one in each corner of the card; for these are the guardians of every shrine. But the main reference is to the particular arcanum which is the principal business, the essential, of all magical work; the uniting of the microcosm with the macrocosm.

Accordingly, the oriel is diaphanous; before the Manifestor of the Mystery is a hexagram representing the macrocosm. In its centre is a pentagram, representing a dancing male child. This symbolizes the law of the new Aeon of the Child Horns, which has supplanted that Aeon of the ‚ÄúDying God‚ÄĚ which governed the world for two thousand years. Before him is the woman girt with a sword; she represents the Scarlet Woman in the hierarchy of the new Aeon. This symbolism is further carried out in the oriel where, behind the phallic headdress, the rose of five petals is in blossom.

The symbolism of the snake and dove refers to this verse of the Book of the Law— chap. I, verse 57:
‚Äúthere are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent‚ÄĚ.
This symbol recurs in the trump numbered XVI.

The background of the whole card is the dark blue of the starry night of Nuit, from whose womb all phenomena are born.
Taurus, the sign of the Zodiac represented by this card, is itself the Bull Kerub; that is, Earth in its strongest and most balanced form.

The ruler of this sign is Venus; she is represented by the woman standing before the hierophant.

Chapter III of the Book of the Law, verse xi, reads:
‚ÄúLet the woman be girt with a sword before me.‚ÄĚ
This woman represents Venus as she now is in this new aeon; no longer the mere vehicle of her male counterpart, but armed and militant. In this sign the Moon is ‚Äúexalted‚ÄĚ; her influence is represented not only by the woman, but by the nine nails.
It is impossible at the present time to explain this card thoroughly, for only the course of events can show how the new current of initiation will work out.

It is the aeon of Horus, of the Child. Though the face of the Hierophant appears benignant and smiling, and the child himself seems glad with wanton innocence, it is hard to deny that in the expression of the initiator is something mysterious, even sinister. He seems to be enjoying a very secret joke at somebody’s expense. There is a distinctly sadistic aspect to this card; not unnaturally, since it derives from the Legend of Pasiphae, the prototype of all the legends of Bull-gods. These still persist in such religions as Shaivism, and (after multiple degradations) in Christianity itself.

The symbolism of the Wand is peculiar; the three interlaced rings which crown it may be taken as representative of the three Aeons of Isis, Osiris and Horus with their interlocking magical formulae. The upper ring is marked with scarlet for Horus; the two lower rings with green for Isis, and pale yellow for Osiris, respectively.

All these are based upon deep indigo, the colour of Saturn, the Lord of Time. For the rhythm of the Hierophant is such that he moves only at intervals of 2,000 years.

Today’s Mayan energy is a mastery code

The planet again is Pluto


If you know where Pluto is in your chart and which house 

you will hold key information for your shadow.

If you are a similar age to me ~ Pluto in Virgo ~ our generation is turning everything on it’s head now¬†

On the Planet we have a long transit of Pluto in Capricorn 

What was happening for you in 2008 that may have bust you out of a cocoon?

The underworld is emerging

The under belly is coming into the light

Hell on earth ?

Feels like it sometimes right now in this melting pot forging new structures in the forges of the Gods

It is all on the spectrum of evolution that it taking us towards the awareness of creating heaven on earth

when the individual understands that each one of us

has the power to do this

when we learn how to heal our heart and live from it


If you feel ready to start your own Pluto Process

Here is my latest online workshop coming up :

Emotional Balance Workshop



The day of Alchemy

Magical happenings 

Yellow Lunar Sun ~ the challenge


Yellow Lunar Sun

The area of new learning in

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is the ultimate goal of the whole 260 day cycle 

to enlighten ourself

It ends with the 

Yellow Cosmic Sun 

Day 2 of every wavespell is the day of the new coming in

If you are a 2 this is what you are here for 

This can be a challenging role to play 

The Mayan Wavespell information

can assist with understanding how this new way of being is coming in because it reveals a structure 

and our mind loves a good structure 

to help it understand 

because that is how the mind works on one level

Through logic and thinking 

So if we choose to empower ourself this is a very important part of ourselves that requires consideration

and acceptance 

and being understood in the way we uniquely understand  

and interface with our universe


This in itself is a skill to learn

How to understand ourselves

as we didn’t arrive with a manual¬†

Which sometimes would seem handy 

So if we want to understand how we work generally as human beings ….

We have shared commonality

and  how we do that uniquely 

In our own way so for example we may enjoy receiving information through listening 

we may be touchy feel y people 

we may like watching things

and sometimes all of the above 

This is key to being self ~ aware 




When we understand how we do that

We understand that other people may do that differently 

and so to communicate with other people 

in an optimum way 

requires flexibility 

respectful gentle ways 

If we haven’t ever been on the receiving end of those ways

Then we will have to learn them 

This is the language of light 

it is what allows life to live vibrantly 

evil is simply live reversed

it is death code

and cannot by it’s very nature create joy and love per se¬†

but it’s presence in this world is essential to experiencing what that means¬†

so we can create the opposite if we are ready to



To be light Code in day to day human being ness takes work

It requires a decision to look at oneself  and actually do something with the self

and see what we need to learn to align with ways that are in balance and transform all that is in us that is not that

because in this day and age we were not born into this way of being 

This process focuses on understanding

our shadow behaviour and beliefs 

First of all about our self 

then about ” the other”

This is an active daily process that involves realising

that the world we live in may not actually be what we think

This can feel un grounding to the mind to begin with

so it is essential to 

take small steps with new learning 

to feel able to rewire ones inner circuitry

and trust that we can do this ūüėȬ†



Process of Stress

The human being has a shared common stress process

and when we receive

incoming information from the world that feels unsafe

we have a biological response ~

we are triggered into a flight/flight/freeze state

Some of this is generally shared and a very basic response

to spiders for example that could be poisonous

and has evolved from the beginning of the human being

and over time generations of human being experience

has been shared around their individual deaths

such as eating poisonous mushrooms so that the whole could benefit and

not need to stay limited in evolutionary individual experience but benefit from the whole

and so it is a pattern matcher a simple pattern recognition code

that does not think because to think would be dangerous it requires us to act to be safe

and will create a biological response that gives us the energy to fight or flee

or to have no energy and be frozen


Some of this flight/fight/freeze response

is very unique based on our personal life history

Anytime we felt afraid we created a file for that in our personal burglar alarm.

This file gets bigger with similar events until it is a big black hole of post traumatic stress

and this understanding is key because we can change this and I use EFT .

This is essential to new learning because our defence mechanisms

will override any logical thought

Do you see why this is key ?

Eyes the window of the soul


Today’s lifestyle in our created society is so unnatural that we have forgotten

that we have amazing skills

(and  yet they are still there untapped when we remove our veil of dust sheets)

and places us under constant stress that we are faced with every day

and the code is now changing so we are changing with it 


Here is a link to a video I created about Triggers and how to use EFT to release them when you are ready to 


Here is a wonderful video you can tap along to if you choose 

The Template Ceremonies


The picture at the top is The Pleiades 


This may assist the reasoning part of the human being as to Science :

We have entered a new 26000 year cycle based on where earth is in the universe

Ancient wisdom indigenous human beings who do not have ego conditioned minds know this and have known this for 1000s of years because they are connected to source and intuitively know to see what happens in the stars

and how that influence earth and it’s cycles and how this affects everything¬†

They don’t need an app or some guy who went to some university in a white coat telling them it is a “fact”

Their universal source of information has a very different place of being 

free from consumer manipulation

free from agenda

It simply is what it is

It isn’t rocket science and it makes sense if you look at the information that is available en masse when people are ready to look and learn for themselves rather than being spoon fed distorted information and trust what their gut is saying

When people are full of conditioned mind which is based on the ego picture and the small mind set and lack of trust and self esteem 

their ego has a need to be “right” and argue and feel in control of what has been proven¬†

and yet not realising that everything is actually a belief 


and that everything changes

and even Steven Fry said that on QI so you know it has to be true ūüôā

A different model is the bigger picture

and the expansive mind set

and I guess you are sharing that perspective

in some way reading this blog

Open to new learning

Here are some links that explain something about the nature of precession of the equinoxes and the new cycles:

worldwide water plan

keys of Enoch.org



This pattern of sacred geometry of creation is also linked

to many others including the ones in Dion Fortune’s book

The Cosmic Doctrine 


Time to empty our cup of conditioning and transform our shadow

Today in the UK at the time of writing , we are in Pisces Waxing Moon ~ the most psychic moon that is limitless :

A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.
The earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking-loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost.


Personal Cookie Trail today


As this is my Wavespell I am experiencing lots of dreams and intuitive insights about this and I follow my personal cookie trail of discovery .

The Wavespell we are born into is the key to what we are here to evolve as it is a 13 day galactic process. Each day has it’s own code.

My Mum is part of the same wavespell and is code 7 I am code 9

My mum had a difficult birth with me and I had difficult births with my children

How we enter this world is key and is part of our code

There is nothing “wrong” with this¬†

This shows us what this way of being creates 

so we can be aware and see if  it is what we choose to create in future 

There is valuable information

In terms of how we personally felt about these experiences is often

what is seeking healing ~ trauma

and part of our trigger code

that will have created for us on a deeper conscious level all our lives 

Now we have the tools to change that code because we have got the learning

that was essential for us to understand 

and be the learning

We have all we need within us to do that so that our creation process can change now for future generations 


it is self evident from history that technology and intellectual logic alone do not do this

Today I tuned in to my birth process and the medical staff believing that both me and my first born were late 

for a very important date 

according to their calculations 

and when one learns about Astrology and Mayan Signs this is revealed as so untrue

We arrive right on time when we are meant to

and with all the frameworks for what the mother and child

are here to evolve

A female foetus has her eggs develop around 20 weeks gestation

The Mayan Wavespell has the 260 day same time framework as a foetus developing 

So I counted in 140 days as to when this would be 

It is

Yellow Planetary Sun

the day of manifestation

the day of the Heart’s desire¬†

Day 10 of Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blue Monkey is the divine child

at the heart of the Tzolkien 

Is that a coincidence ?


Here is the blog I received the info about the 20 weeks from:


When we look at key birth days and days that people died in our life and how these fit into Wavespells 

We can have a different understanding

When we look at people in our birth family and their Mayan Code 

People who are in our circle now 

We can also relate this to the key days in our Wavespell

So here is an exercise you can do if you choose for this catalyst time:

You will need to know people’s birth date and you can also look up celebrities and people who have inspired you

Here is an online decoder:


who was an initiator in my life  ~ Blue Storm Sign

who was a language of light illuminator of my shadow ~ Yellow Sun

who was a ~ being open to what the Goddess is bringing me energy ~

a Red Dragon alchemist

Who was a speaker of truth and spirit energy ~ White Wind

Who got me to the heart of the matter to recognise what can happen

when I follow my dream and let go of my nightmares ~ Blue Night

Who showed me how to reveal my true essence by letting go of my

mask to bring balance in a healthy way ~ Yellow Seed

Who showed me the importance of loving relationship

so that I am able to let my kundalini flow and allow intimacy by

loving the skin I am in ~ Red Serpent

Who let me see that to live in the now and access all world requires

letting go of my past on all levels through integrating all parts of me

~ White World Bridger

Who let me see that is was me that had the ability to shape my

destiny with my own hands and transformation process and that in

doing so I could go beyond the confines of time

and be my God and Goddess self ~ Blue Hand

Who revealed the difference to me of how it is being the star

that we really are ~ our Starcode ~ that is the essence of being and

living in harmony ~ rather than our ego show ~ Yellow Star ( this

day matches your 10th house/MC in Astrology) ~ Yellow Star

Who has been illuminating what is seeking release

so I can be my authentic self and remember

I have all I need seeded within me  ~ Red Moon

Who is allowing me to see the conditions in me

that began in my birth tribe that I can clear to allow clarity

and create unconditional love now ~ White Dog 

Who is showing me ways to be the divine child again free

from manipulation and letting any ego arrows go through me

as I have no wounds to tag me in having healed them from within

I am free and here to love my life

and access the match for this in my destiny ~ Blue Monkey


If your Wavespell is different to this one then it will have different codes on different days 

Once you know your Mayan Sign you can check out your Life Mission with your Wavespell 



Wishing you joy and love with your discovery and catalyst process

Let your life become even more amazing by seeing the reality








Blue Storm Wavespell ~ time to transform


Transformation Time


Blue Storm Wavespell


Blue Magnetic Storm


Are you ready for your catalytic conversion ?




Please click on the links to take you to other websites which expand on the info

This is my Wavespell and I am day 9

Blue Solar Hand 

This is the energy signature transformation process I was born into 

This energy arrived in Glastonbury with a storm in the early hours lashing rain against our window

This Wavespell process is truly life changing

should you choose to consciously align with it

It literally reveals the divinity code of the cosmos

It reveals our personal process

This information is revealing itself to me on a daily basis as I intend to be it

As my life mission this is all about being a catalyst for change 

in my own life and sharing it with others 

I do this by sharing my journey in this blog

and sharing processes I have learned to help others do the same

These are tough transition times on planet earth 

Blue Storm is an energetic signature that is one of four

that change every year on planet earth 

to take the planet code of evolution 

through a continuous 4 step process in a period of 13 Year Cycles

Red Moon ~ awakening to the beacon of light that we really are 

in the Mayan this is called Muluc

This is code number 9 ~ a Gateway

One of the 13 core process steps

We are currently in a Red Moon Year  ~ number 9 in a 13 year cycle of Red Moon that started in July 26 in 2006

Red Solar Moon started on July 26 2014

check out my blog about that here:

Red Solar Moon Year

hkuyutrjpg copy

White Wizard comes next ~

self empowerment and refining the process

that begins in Red Moon

in the Mayan this is called Ix and is code number 14 = 5

The heart of the matter and the core

It is one of the seven seals of mastery



Blue Storm ~

the energy of this Wavespell comes next

this is the alchemical process

of Red Moon and White Wizard

to transform so that we evolve

In the Mayan this is called Cauac

This is code number 19 = 1

It is the initiation of the light body 

It is one of the seven seals



as a result of this transformation

we arrive at the fourth

place of flowering Yellow Seed

removing our conditioned mind mask

so that the true seed emerges free from raw ego

In the Mayan this is called Kan and is code number 4

The structure

One of the first 13 core process steps



If you choose you can align with this process

and consciously co create with the universe which we are a part of

this process is happening anyway with or without our “consent” ūüôā¬†

If we choose we can work with awareness which is a very different place of being

it is time for more and more people to do this now 

we are ready to create a new way of being that transcends the karma wheel we have been bound to as human beings 

for many thousands of years 

In the past very few have accessed magical process 

as it has been known 

God and Goddess awareness 

Conscious dreamers being aware of the true nature of the universe 

Many have been the mystics creating alchemical process outside of themselves 

Now we are ready to work with the inside of us ūüôā¬†

This isn’t a purely mind process¬†

This is what the Wavespell is here for 

This is the emotional evolution 

Aligning our heart with our head in balance 

Aligning our masculine and feminine in balance 

Aligning our way of being in time in balance 

We are ready to navigate and explore our dark matter 

to birth new worlds 

Exciting times indeed and believe me

Everything that has happened to us so far has had to happen

so we can go through the butterfly process and emerge 

We have to be it to transform it

We all have that purpose 

It is how evolution works

with each one of us a part of this beautiful tapestry 


Once you start working in this way you will start to lose any fear that you have about what is happening 

As you work on your own personal fear events and understand them

As you realise it is the society system we have created that is sick and insane 

and so if we follow it we become sick and insane 


As we have created it 

over thousands of years 

It is a culmination of the patriarch ~ extreme masculine on an ego trip led by the head 

We can create something that is balanced instead



because we have all the evidence to look at and learn from

and see clearly what has created what 

and so what to do now instead

to lead us out of this hell of our own making ūüôā¬†

That is created by our beliefs and projections directly 

All these shadow energies that we can now work to transform in each one of us

green heart

How can I use this Divinity Code in a practical way ?

Is a question I am often asked 

as well as a million and one questions about this and that of the Mayan Codex ūüėȬ†

and my answer is this :

I share my learning as I am intuitively

learning it in connection

with where I am on my process with living the calendar

remember we are in a new age with new ways of being in natural time 

in the now 

where as society system is ego led not being in the now and getting ahead 

debt for example 

which creates dependency 

having something now when we cannot afford it

To connect to this natural time means one has to be patient

and receive as and when we match the current code 

Be in tune 

to tune in ūüôā

Channel the code by being a clear channel free of conditioning which takes work 

clearing our personal conditioned mind

The universe is a matrix of code Each one of us is part of that

and we see our reality matched to our belief systems literally

every day

Change our code and what we see changes because of that ūüôā

That is within a universal script of course we are all equal under the sun as to what we create ~ it is only ego script that believes there is “better” or “worse”¬†

These are man mind made duality measurement codes that come from a limited script

and that is the current way most people see the world 


So what is happening today is not three months away which is why my workshops key information

are written as near to the day as to what I receive intuitively and using the Mayan and Astrological code of the day ….

as are my blogs


we all have the ability to do this 

to channel 

because we are actually doing this by receiving the codes anyway most people don’t allow it

because they are conditioned to be afraid of this “weird stuff”¬†

because historically people who are in the flow of this had bad things happen to them

from people who didn’t want the masses to be self empowered

because people who are self ~ empowered wouldn’t ¬†be their slaves

and that of course is exactly what is happening now 

same as it ever was

“business models” require planning ahead and making things happen¬†

that is ok to a degree as we co create with other people and there are practicalities in doing this but the more flexible we become about how we can go with the flow 

which is why I offer in person ways of working and Skype 

so that people have the time sensitive info in an ebook to use when they choose and is in alignment for them


we get together at the perfect moment 

which if you think about this whole way of being makes sense

but when I started out as a holistic therapist

I followed the old patterns until I was stopped

and it snowed for three weeks and I had to adapt and go online 





If you have 150 people all with different codes 

how can they all be in the flow at the same time to suit a workshop presenter ?

We see what happens to flow as a result of commuting times ….

So we have to live it to access it and clear our old code

What we learn with this synchroniser is

a return to ancient ways 

so being in balance with this is key 

You can work with balanced ways of being but if you go to far out of that

imbalance¬†occurs¬†and there isn’t enough time today to create harmony today

because you are doing too much now in one day

of what is really meant to be done in small steps everyday 

Hope this makes sense ?

We have to choose codes that are life enhancing and they are the polar opposite of most of society codes

which require us to to give more than is healthy for us to enable parasites to live off that energy

A job for example that takes up 10 hours of your day ¬†that isn’t setting your heart on fire

and often means being in environments and around people that stress you out 

means you are too tired for anything else

The house becomes a mess 

You have no time to cook

You have to cram all of the nurturing caring side of living 

the creating side of you 

the feminine free wild child you 

that has been repressed 

into a couple of days 

and get a couple of weeks off which leaves you feeling 

resentful and miserable 


So you balance yourself with addictions

As do most of the population 

We self medicate to balance ourselves

to cope 

which is the shadow of Blue Storm

and the planet of Blue Storm is



The West

The setting Sun and the place of transformation 

When we look at the esoteric code of Pluto 

explained on the link above

we can see how this directly ties in to this energy 

Pisces ~ christ consciousness and the polar opposite addictions

and the Age of Pisces we are transiting out of


This is what has to change for all of us 

and this myth that somehow we have to do this because that is what it is 

The answers come 

The steps come 

as we commit to the process 

heal our trust issues so we trust that we are enough and have our own answers

Have courage to tell the truth

believe in ourself

transform our distorted image of ourself

wolves in sheep's clothing

Be the wolf that pioneers the path

Let go of trying to be something we are not

I have been doing the process with this Mayan system for 3 years ~ not in a huge way either

small steps every day

As I am now in my 4th year ~ the structure code 

I am now building on the previous 3 and the steps get bigger 

This is the Tipping Point Process 

Once you have the foundations in place 

the walls start to build rapidly 

Once we heal all our fear events 

The code they carried is transformed so we do not do the same things anymore 

We have got the learning and we become more confident 

We start to relax more 

We have the bigger picture awareness

We have the tools to deal with the challenges

We are self empowered

Inside out 

To thrive we have to meet the conditions to survive 

and that means letting go of old ways taking small steps pro actively if possible 

If we don’t¬†

We will be pushed into facing our fears 

That is what we are here for to do the process

We are not here to raise 2.4 children, have a company car and a nice sofa ūüôā¬†

and be measured in these terms

We are so much more that that

We are star beings



until we are willing to do what it takes 

we will not receive anything beyond where we are

we will only see glimpses beyond the veil

until we are ready to remove our veil 



We have to choose now

We cannot do both paths because they arrive at different destinations

they have totally different processes and so take us through different challenges

in the first stages it can be painful and we will seem the anti thesis of society 



we have to learn to relate to ourself and the universe in a different way 

go into the abyss 

face our abyss

then and only then can we be free 

and that’s when the true nature of life, the universe and everything is revealed‚Ķ.

and just like was told in 

The Hitchikers Galaxy 

this is 42 

42 is a code and if you have read the info on the link above this Mayan version can actually seem quite simple ūüôā¬†

4 = The structure which in Mayan terms is Yellow Seed ~ the authentic self free of the mask

2 = The new learning coming from shadow which in Mayan Terms is White Wind  ~ speaking the truth from spirit

add them together = 6 Organic Balance =

White World Bridger which is the 13 day code

we have just completed 

Death of the old world’s to create the new through transforming our inner world

Believe me 

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road

Do the inner work

All will be revealed

There are no short cuts 

you cannot buy your stairway to heaven

That is what it takes

Everyone has what it takes

only most will not do it

This energy is Brigid 

The fire Goddess 



Which is also connected

to the archetype of St Brigid


Pic by Kathrin Burleson

Are you ready to 

light your personal fire of transformation ?


Day 2 on Sunday 04 October is the day of new learning 

Yellow Lunar Sun

Letting more light in through transforming our shadow


Day 3 on Monday 05 October is the day of Alchemy 

Red Electric Dragon

Becoming open to what our cosmic mother is sending our way by learning about the matrix and healing our feminine wounding events so we can receive free from conditioned mind filters


Today we are in Waxing Moon in Aquarius in the UK

At the time of writing at 17 degrees:

An old woman drying herbs.
Knowing what you know, being who you are and going where you go, with absolute autonomy. A complete world unto yourself. Living out away from the unwelcome intrusion of alien perspectives. Ornery, taciturn, eccentric. Convinced that your own truth-consciousness is the real thing and that very few others know what they are talking about. Steeped in experience of a solitary kind. A highly distinctive mode of awareness. You seek to link ancient wisdom with future worlds, absolutely intent upon losing nothing in the translation. Rabidly convinced you must not concede unnecessary territory to the common mind of today. Acutely well-informed and voluminously knowledgeable. Working for the future Earth, you are supremely intolerant of compromises and latter-day confusions.

As we are coming up to Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 08 October in the UK

all of this feminine archetype fits in with remembering what we initiated in the Spring at the time of Aries Sun

The Youthful part of us that is also the archetype of Persephone

Here is a blog with more info about that

The Persephone is going down into Pluto energy to work with her underworld 

All the things seeking balance in this Libra Month 

We also have Mercury Retrograde

which is time to get out of our heads

and into our hearts starting today

Moving from :

Scorpio at 2 degrees:

A large stately bronze horse.
Pride. Stupendous and rigid pride. “I am right.” You have held tightly within reputation, stature, the highest standards, the way it should be. Revering the authority that is central. Vastly given over to schemes and dreams. Idiosyncratic and self-referential, immune to reflection. Driven from before. And always standing up for yourself forcefully, while inwardly self-betrayal oriented and doubtful. Political intrigue. Maintaining the appearance. You don’t know how to stop. Karmically transfixed by convictions, forces, factions, and biased points of view that seem inevitable. Nothing ever changes, stuck with the same destiny-edge, deeply at the mercy of what has gone before. A link in a chain, strictly enforced.


Libra at 16 degrees

A woman: The lower half of her body is a serpent.
Magic working simultaneously from two divergent levels. The regular, human, everyday magic of holding yourself together as a complex and volatile mix by sheer intent. And the deeper magic of yielding into the undersoul, the passions, the desires, the impulses, and the skills of the subconscious levels. Primarily being absorbed in the deep forces of body and soul. But meanwhile bending over backwards to frame everything in normalcy. This combination is extremely difficult to maintain. It is fragile, delicate, and dangerous. You secretly exult in how impossible it really is and urge yourself onward to work this magic and wield it with the same kind of life-force that moves at the edge of an abyss and stays on that edge in a balancing act that may capsize at any moment. And it therefore is entered upon with a passion of the most dazzling cross between sheer foolishness and a wizard’s mastery.


More about that here from Darkstar Astrology


Blue Storm Patterns


Using the Decoder we can see all of history revealed and a way of understanding evolution patterns 

The next Blue Storm Year will begin on July 26  2016

This is Blue Spectral Storm and is therefore an energy of dissolution

this could mean building an ark is wise

and as an ark is actually the

inside structure that allows our soul energy to be fully immersed within us

this could be a good move on our part

We will be transforming en masse what is seeking to be released over the past 11 years

in this Red Moon awakening process

That could be potentially a challenging year for the collective 

If we go back in time to recent challenges that affected the world at large

the last world war for example

It began in a Blue Storm 13 Year Cycle in 1928

In 1932 we had Blue Overtone Storm Year that was also a galactic portal

a gateway to access all of time and the heart of the matter

The struggle that creates the mastery

In 1936 we had Blue Solar Storm and the completion of a cycle

In 1940 we had Blue Cosmic Storm 

The last year of that cycle and the shift

If you look at history detailed on these links and are aware of what is happening in the world today 

We can see many things repeating

Sometimes in a slightly different way 

but the underlying code remains the same

It is very important now that we start to see this business code

the consumer code 

the de~personalise

de~ humanise code 

for what it really is 

The out of control ego of a select few 

that is getting away with murder literally now 

only because people are not self~aware 

and are playing their part in allowing it

rather than addressing it 

Going along with it 

Ignoring it 

Pretending life is great 

Pretending this is

The American Dream 

When in truth

It is a very sick system

That can only be changed when….

everyone is prepared to opt out of it 

and Be the change we want to see

Here are a some films I found interesting this week along these themes:

Hannah Arendt




If you are ready to work with yourself

and create personal alchemy during this aligned time of the year 

Here are a series of 6 Workshops 

1 per month

That I have co created for this purpose of 

Becoming aware of what our Fears are 

and using the transformation of them 

to unveil our true selves 

The first one begins on Saturday 11 October at 11am 

or you can access via an ebook 

you can arrange a time to suit us mutually to Skype with me

I will need to do your Mayan Sign and Astrology to do this so please give time for this

The first one initiates the process and sets an intention



To take you to the heart

of feeling unsafe 

that is very much resonating in our society right now

How to take our power back by letting go of what has created it

Learn new ways to relate without sacrifice 

Transform any distorted codes

we have experienced in our life journey so far with the power of fire


The most important thing is that each person learns how to do this for themselves

to be truly self~empowered 

This involves learning how to do EFT 

and doing it consistently 

More about them here 

A clip from the film Hannah Arendt: