Day 12 and Day 10 ~ It’s a love thing


Day 10 ~ Yellow Planetary Star

was on Tuesday 30 June 2015



in to today’s code

of how

that is manifesting

clarity potentiality

This was the day of being the star that we really are rather than ego led

We are all a work in progress around this and that is why we incarnate here on earth

To be the Star

To interact

To create star systems


We literally are stardust 

Organic beings 


How can the human being mind ever believe in knows more than divinity

Look at the amazing organic structures and systems on our planet

doing their own thing

Huge Stars on their own galactic trip 


No need for human being control

Only the human ego is afraid 

As it knows it actually does not have a say in the bigger picture

and has to go with the 

Grand Design

Resistance shows up 

It is natural 

All feelings are natural

To guide the individual as to what is safe and not safe

Keep the being alive

This is all human evolution downloaded in the mother’s womb 

Then the personal experience happens

Day 10

is the manifestation of our heart’s desire 

The 10th house in our chart

In the Mayan 20 Signs

this is White Dog 

The human being incarnate here and now

Radiating conditioned codes

Ready to know what those codes create 

How their personal road trip feels 

I spent most of the day doing charts to the nth degree 

and lots of wows

Oh my Goddess 

It is all there to be seen in my experience

and now I can see the code

The site I use for the degree 


Inside Degrees 

This is the moon degree as I am writing this:

Beads carved from human bone.
The body carries memories of every world we have ever been through. These memory strings or beads bind us to the Earth. We feel pinned to the spot, responsible for everything that happens around us–somehow the one in charge. For we are carrying the continuous memory and legacy of the ancient mystery-streams and of forgotten modes of knowledge. We bear the treasures intact. It makes everything count. It means that we cannot get away from ourselves or our fate for a moment; we are compelled to fulfill our vows and to bring into this world the towering awareness and strange resonance of the giants, of the ancestors, of the great ones, of the inner ways. Never lost; impossible to forget.


Everyone has their own natural inclination on this

I call that

Following the Cosmic Cookie trail 

My trail will not be the same as yours in this degree

Our evolutionary learning path is shared 

Same lessons for all human evolution

All pixels in the bigger picture

Changing the world view

Here is a great Astrological update from  Leo Tom 

The 10th house in the natural zodiac is 



We are what we eat 

We are what we think

We are what we feel

We are what we believe

We are also our original star vibe

Spock 😉 Now in another dimension with a dog/unicorn hybrid?

Maybe a Capricorn Dog ?


and  as such…

all things can be crafted accordingly

by the human being  ready for this great work

 pre~requisites for this :

ready to look at oneself from every angle

radical self responsibility

ready to do whatever it takes 

to transform

and be 


letting go of doing this for any other reason than that 

free from ego agenda

Now is the perfect time for that process

Day 12 ~ today


White Crystal Dog

Sirius Code

Today ties in with that 

How clear is our Dog self 

The inner dog


The fight or flight part of us that is programmed for survival

The Terminator who is out to destroy any threat

Avoid any “dangerous” areas

wolves in sheep's clothing

largely based primarily on those early years in life

raw base primal


no thinking 

no logic

Act from pure emotional instinctual response 

anything but Zen Master

and yet can be when transformed


Leads us on a repeat of events

The mind connected to this illogically 

The heart meanwhile is bringing those patterns in

With the opportunity to





on earth in a practical human being way 

The Transcendental Process

Within each human being facing each”challenge”

with the viewpoint of removing any man made obstacle in their path

To be free and aligned with their destiny

Amazing films with this theme:

The Fault in our Stars


Edge of tomorrow

The Adjustment Bureau

Love Tom Cruise film’s  they are so revelatory and he is a Cancer Sun

and just doing this cookie trail showed a news report about him 

that is absolutely key to this Capricorn Full Moon

Here is a link to his Astrology 

He is 52 ~ Saturn Square 

Mayan Elder year ~

he has completed his 4 x 13 year cycles  

and his birthday is tomorrow so going into his 53rd year

He is a White Crystal Worldbridger 

So reflected in his films 

The crystal clear structure of ending of worlds

Code 12 of Blue Eagle

blue eagle buzzard

Seeing the bigger picture mastery code

In the Green Castle of the heart 

This is my son’s wavespell  😉 

Tomorrow he begins a Cosmic Year ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey 

and he is born in the Cosmic Moon time in the 13 Moons

So perfectly aligned for getting in touch with his divine child 

by being with his earth born child

and leaving the Church 

Priorities of what is heartfelt now

So today if the individual chooses

To get in touch with heart longings

heart hurts

and see how each are connected

All that we need is within us

that is the message of this

Red Solar Moon Year

coming to a completion now

hkuyutrjpg copy

Today it is Cosmic Moon day 6

The new year of

White Planetary Wizard

begins in 24 days time

See the code ?

What we do now really matters

Today the tarot card is

The Lovers


All our relationships reveal

the next step for creating balance

Outside revealing inside



Each person who is pushing our buttons allows the enlightenment process to go deeper

They are simply our personal

Star Wars

in action


In carnate

Our holograph

Integrating all the archetypes now to rescue oneself 

and creating a power team 

All roads lead to love



If only we will see the signs


Stop Look Listen



Do the work

Be the dream desire

Start to take the small steps knowing the universe supports our path

and it will be a rocky one at times

The Hobbit adventure is not what Bilbo was looking for….

and it was the time of his life 

When we begin the heart path the nature of this is…

we do it for the love of it

we do it for ourselves

we do it for all of humanity

we do it for our mother earth

We do not have all the answers….


Goddess does 

We have faith that if we do the process

trust the process

All will be revealed

And the beat goes on…

Love to you beautiful people

Let’s live the real dream from our hearts

Free of any need to prove or validate ourselves

Free to be in the garden


Fly high 

Go deep 

First look within for the treasure you seek 

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