Day 6 ~ what is masking the seed


Day 6 ~ Friday June 27 

Venus Day 


That friday feeling

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

Balance Day

Running a day behind. Big life events happening for me potentially now that I cannot go into further because of confidentiality otherwise I would to explain because it is a huge veil lift and awareness.

I aim to be as open as possible .

It is key to my soul and human evolution

I cannot be open sharing private things about other people as that is disrespectful in this particular cookie trail

so just to say that doing the code has it’s rewards

and just when the individual is seduced into a doubting Thomas old code ~

a miracle appears on the event horizon to remind the native that this universal model is mind~blowing indeed and does in fact have wisdom beyond the limited awareness of the human being

This is a short blog therefore to balance the very long ones.

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

You may find yourself in a very different space 

The strengths that the individual has honed as part of conditioned culture

are paradoxically also the weaknesses

The armour of the Knight is also what keeps love out


The shield of protection deflects deeper intimacy

The crossing of arms

The mind games

The debates

The not dealing with grief and anger…..

Whatever our mind has fashioned for emotional safety is our personal prison

At mid life this parental control button comes off proactively

by the individual…

Or the individual will be wrestled to the ground

by a hoard of sacred feminine deconstructionists of various forms

and have this device surgically removed

Resistance is futile

Cancer is the season

of the emergence of the butterfly


Not ready to emerge yet?

The sun melts the ice caps

thaws the heart

The pod erupts 

The wings unfurl

It’s a love thing…

To resist the universal love machine takes a lot of resistance 

Our consumer society is a master of it 

Consumer society does not want lots of happy empowered beautiful butterflies

cross pollinating love and creativity

When the universal sirens come calling

it is wise to pay attention

The Goddess returning is a very potent persuader and is not taking no for an answer

Jupiter is the planet of this sign

Jupiter is currently in Leo and guess who is a Leo?

My Jupiter is in Gemini

5th house ~ the home of Leo ~ naturally expanding now 


Ok it’s pretty obvious when my kundalini is being activated to the aware reader

 my generation is currently being activated around the generational planets

 I have a very eclectic sense of music as you will know if you are a regular reader

this was a fast moving epoch of many flavours

and I like lots of them being an Aquarius Rising

Disco today from my Persephone time 🙂

Love to my Cancerian girlfriends who I used to party with all over the globe 

I really miss dancing in this way but there doesn’t seem to be that now and perhaps could be in a different format without additional mood altering coping mechanisms

Listening to generational music from the past

is a great way to get in touch with repressed memories

If you love music this is a way your experience has been encoded and embedded along with experiences in relationship

Great to use EFT with too

and great to move that energy and shake off anything stuck

Noticing the words is key too ~ reveals beliefs around relationships

Lovers are often referred to as “Baby” for example 

Yellow Seed

is the number 4 of the 20 signs

so the structure of the transformation into balance 

Just like Code 4 in the zodiac is Cancer 

in the individuals code this can be different

4th house holds the key to unlock the Age of Aquarius

Get in the Groove

All the musical codes of the generation we are born in are key to the vibe of course

Whatever coping mechanisms the individual used as a young person

to deal with incoming relationships

are ready for evolution

so that human beings can get to the heart of the matter

get real

up close 

and personal

and it is all there in the songs ….

The lengths the human being will go to 

to avoid facing intimacy issues 

No education on this in our school systems though is there?

No awareness for most people in their family

So how do people learn?

That is what this time is all about

human evolution emotional intelligence,

awareness and expression


Time to stop hiding and repressing feelings 


let the heart share it’s wisdom

Our emotions are the key to being free

The body does not lie

Everything is coded what level are you working at lovely ?

Embrace the all 

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