Day 7 ~ Resonating with the catalyst code?


Day 7

This is always what is resonating

In this Wavespell

Red Resonant Serpent

Kundalini rising through the human being 

the asteroids 

This is Code 5 ~ the heart of the matter

What is getting on your nerves and you cannot express that for whatever reason?

Usually something about relationship?

This is the key to this wavespell and what has been happening in the past 7 days will reveal this here and now

This can make self discovery simple

Start now 

Here and now 

That is the cookie trail start

Working with this will reveal all the past threads that led to here

Again very short blog today.

I am tired ~ intense week  so been taking it easy chilling out and doing a detox on food.

The practicals of this process

are not rocket science

Our ego imbalance society  has made everything so complicated to hide truth in part

Disempower the individual

from listening to their own inner voice that knows

Feel good naturally?

Feel healthy?

Feel happy?

Lots of energy generally in a balanced way?

Not dependent on anyone/anything/any situation

to feel vibrant and enjoying life

If not…

A course correction is required

Big course corrections happening now

All that is required ~ let go of denial 

Stop drowning that info out 

and start taking steps to get back on track

with the real reason for being here

It is child’s stuff actually 

Ask and it is given

All we need is within

All the tools are available without

Go for it 

What is the alternative?

Believe there is no answer?

Really ?

Let the music play

Feel everything

so that all the energy can flow and the individual feels ok to ….



who they are 

not a construct 

Clear the blocks and download limitless stream code 


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