Heaven on Earth Wavespell 2



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Today is Day two ~ White Lunar Wizard

What is our challenge and growth area?

Please click on the links for more info.

In the Wavespell of Heaven on Earth we are seeing our selves

What obstacles have we created through our life experience that stop us from feeling heavenly ?

What can we learn now to let go of these old ways to feel peaceful amidst the chaos of these transiting times?

We have entered the second Castle of the 260 day cycle of the Tzolk’in

The White Castle of the North

This is the area of truth and refinement which is highlighting the first Red Castle of Awakening

We are refining what was initiated on Halloween.

Here is a great blog about the Mayan Tzolk’in


Yesterday, if you decided to take part, you created a list to your Spirit

This is the initiation and sending out your heartfelt wish to your Angelic self

Today we receive the answer.

Learning how your Angelic Self speaks to you is essential.

What I learned whilst studying NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)

was how to create a user manual for myself and understand how I had created my own personal, individual, communication programmes

to interface with the universe.

Once we place this intention and focus on knowing ourselves

miracles happen

When we are ready to receive

our teacher appears

and the greatest teacher is….


We each have our own individual snowflake pattern

and although we have a shared hardware programme

our snowflake software is highly personalised


Which is why it is essential to consciousness raising that we

Know ourselves

In the UK today I awoke to hear a lot of strong winds blowing rain on my windows and see that some of my fence panels had blown down

There are gale force winds and weather warnings throughout the UK

What a difference a day makes

24 little hours

Batten the hatches

Many forms of transport in the UK have been stopped because of the gales and this being one of the peak times for people to shop and go to other locations for the festive period….

and the universe say no 🙂

Many people are still of the belief that our ego way of life is the way to live

and if their plans are thwarted they have “failed” in some way

using a Judgement and Duality framework

The more we let go of this framework and see that in one respect it is all about learning about patterns

learning how this matrix we live in work

We really get to understand the true nature of Karma

The law of cause and affect

We let go of thinking there is any judgement by anyone

and see that all events have a reason for us to evolve

face our challenges and let go of fear

In my NLP training I first learned about my own patterns and what felt uncomfortable to me

I learned about how I had created a map of the world

My map not the map

Everyone’s map is different 🙂

I learned about how I ticked

and how to understand how other people ticked

to see, hear, feel their operating programmes and patterns respectfully

and then ……

with their permission

how to create outcomes that they wanted to create

to create transformation

that they chose

not that I chose 🙂

This is the art of respectful relating

and I have made lots of mistakes

and I still do

and this is key

to err is human

When we forget we are human we are in ego space.

One of the key points today is to remember that we are here to learn using our human spaceship.

This is the lesson of today.

Letting the magic flow through us and letting go of resistance to being directed by our divine selves.

Wherever we are meant to be ….

we are 🙂

We do not exist purely for our own creativity.

We exist to interact and be part of the tapestry

Our key focus has to be us as our first point of call……

Our ego is designed that way ~ to ensure our survival as a priority

otherwise we cannot play the game.

So the question is……

What outcome do we choose to create?

What is the pattern required to create it that we create with our beliefs and behaviours

and actions?

In NLP this is known as 



So if you imagine yourself at some future time 

experiencing Heaven on Earth in a different way to how you are now

What would that look like to you?

How would a friend of yours notice the difference between who you are now?

Would your physicality have changed?

Would your lifestyle have changed?

Really go into the detail of this Heavenly you and all your behaviour

Where in the world you are and with whom

Then notice the difference where you are now and…..

Where your future self is and….

record that difference

and you have a spiritual sat nav route to follow

Your Capricorn Disciple path to the top of the mountain


In our astrological natal chart our moon information holds the key to:

our shadow

our feminine 

our Goddess self

our emotional self

Knowing yourself through knowing your Moon is essential to the Warrior of Light.

We have a New Moon coming up on New Year’s Day in


Here is a great video on this

We are going into the dark moon period on Christmas Day and this is the time when we really connect to our psychic self and what is seeking transformation

In the UK this is in Libra ~ bringing balance

Today we are Moon in Virgo ~ Sacred Feminine, earthy and healing , revealing patterns.

The more we know about our personal bands of energy in our universal barcode

The more we can understand how the planets are pulling our strings 🙂

Here is a great blog about Capricorn by Blue Moon Astrology

I am learning about this as I feel too and love to have a power team of people to connect to who really know their stuff

I highly recommend you do the same 

At these challenging times it really helps our mind make sense of what is going on

As we empty our cup of our old learning

we create space for the light

All of this multi faceted process

brings us to a whole new space

and we feel excited at each new challenge we face 🙂

Today we can go within and notice what we are fearing about the festive season, the new year, where we are and record it ~

With the intention of letting it go and transforming it to light.

You may have used a divinity tool to reveal your energetic challenge today.

My thoth tarot card is

The Knight of Wands


Thoth version

My challenge is to keep the youthful fire and see the project through no matter where it may take me…..

often this is where I fear to tread 🙂

What many people miss in their pursuit of heaven….

is that it is here on earth and that it isn’t a great project or show we create

It is the show of us 🙂

Be do Have

It is our process

The journey

How we transform within

and let go of bearing a cross

The heart path is an inner journey that often goes unrecognised

by others 

Often ridiculed

rather than praised

It is where we learn to have faith and trust in our process

and know that the more personal fear we transform

the more light flows through us

and into the world

If you wish to comment on your 13 day journey please do.

The Facebook group is open and you can chat there too.

It is a private group for that purpose:

Link here:

Flow With Jo

Venus is in Retrograde now and here is another great piece of writing about this by Blue Moon Astrology that may shed some light on what is coming up for you to revisit now.

Love to you Light bearers


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