Day Eight of the wave and the golden fleece beckons us



We are are starting an intense heavenly creative week as the planets start to come together to square off and contain our energy ready for applying the pressure to mold us.

This place may seem challenging…..

and that is what we are here for….

remember we signed up for the trip so it’s no use getting cold feet now 🙂

In this Mayan spiral wave we have reached day eight and this is Yellow Galactic Human

in the Red Serpent wavespell.

Tomorrow this cycle completes the first eight steps of this mini journey and we will be able to look back and see what we have created through our choices and the actions we have taken.

This is the wonder of the Mayan calendar.

It is an amazing awareness tool of revelation.

If only we choose to use it and see ourselves.

One of my favourite films of all time is Jason and the Argonauts.

When I left school part way through my A levels I was ready to drift

much to my parent’s consternation

I had enough of being treated as a child and told what to do at every step by my teacher’s and the dream of sixth form being different soon proved to be more of the same as school… only in a different building

even then I had started to see through the illusion that my teacher’s had my interests at heart…

most of them, I felt, were simply interested in what results I could yield for the school and I felt had no integrity as they had no passion for their subjects and their lessons were lacklustre.

I took History of Art expecting finery and wonder

and all that arrived were boring printed handouts of sleep inducing “facts”

I wanted theatre

I wanted to be wooed by the tour of Michelangelo’s Mastery.

It was only a couple of years ago when I visited the Uffizi in Florence

much to the boredom of my children  🙂

that my old lessons became alive and I saw so many paintings in the flesh

redolent of colour

especially the glorious Giotto religious paintings with their pure gold halo’s and rich indigo blues

and I felt their energetic beauty and it touched my heart and soul

to see a Caravaggio Medusa’s head in it’s originality

as the artist had painted it

was truly breathtaking

my children couldn’t bear to see another Madonna or Christ child and were close to rebellion….

We were surrounded by wall to wall ancient art and culture and overwhelmed by it’s abundance

Too much to see in such a small window of time.

So in the 80’s I traded school books for travel brochures as it was the only thing I could think of at the time that I was truly passionate about….

jetting around the world filled me with excitement…

During the dark winter month’s I would sit in a tiny office and transport myself to another world.

I had always loved Greek mythology and as luck would have it there was a fabulous travel company on the scene called Sun Med and their brochure was called Go Greek.

I would pour over their pages soaking up every ray of sunlight that oozed from the glossy pictures and pages telling wonderful tales of these amazing Greek islands and their personal adventures there.

They were passionate about their product and it showed.

I travelled to several Greek islands and felt I had returned home

I was expecting Neptune to rise from the sea at any moment and Pegasus to land on the beach…

It was a magical place full of mystery

and philosophical conversations under the milky way

that I may have had at University and now I was having in a different land and culture

At the same time I was exploring the local library with books about synchronicity.

My friends were more interested in Cosmopolitan…..

The local council clock had an epitaph

Tempus Fugit

and I knew even at 18 I had alot to pack into this life time.

Some of my friends travelled to Greece every year to work in the greenhouses and I decided to go for it…

There had to be more to life than two weeks holiday a year.

1986 saw me creating my own personal legend in a Crete village called Paleochora

and that was the start of my spiritual journey in a very big way.

When I was there amongst the Cretan mountains…

my heart opened and I was touched by something I had never felt in that way before.

A belonging and a deep inner peace.

What is your personal journey and quest?

Have you encountered it yet?

This year will see many people really getting into their groove of discovery.

This wavespell is honing us to become very aware of where we are looking to go…..

We are approaching a gateway now where we have to choose who we really are…

Are we the god and goodess energy having an earthly quest in human form just like Jason and thousands of others setting sail on stormy seas to seek the golden fleece?

Or are we choosing to hide out in the popular mainstream dependency drama?

It is time for us to tune in and listen to our hearts and begin in earnest to be all that we can be



being it of course 🙂

We all have amazing unique gifts to bring to the world and to truly unwrap those presents takes skill and discipline

When we are ready to do whatever it takes to create our dream

and do what we love

with passion

Is when our God and Goddess selves come to assist us.

There are many roads to Rome.

We may choose to be taught or to be self-taught

We may hear spirit or see it….

maybe both

Whatever our individual ability or choice for following our path

all we need do is ask and it is given

and let our feelings be our guide.

Each time we step outside of our comfort zone is where we meet our angels.

My latest challenge is expanding into webinars.

If you would like to join me to experience some energy therapy and tap along for yourself at this event please do:

EFT Circle – Being all that I can be

Message me and I will send you the information so wherever you are in the world you can be connected to our group and create powerful transformation for yourself and in doing so…..

change the world.

That is all each of us need to do to create world change

be it.

Woo Hoo

how exciting.

Whenever we tap you are always in charge of course of your own journey

if you want to take small steps that’s cool

On the webinar you will simply see me and can follow the format in whatever way you choose.

It is experiential and I will be tapping with the people in the room.

You will have a document to use .

It is very focused in a life coaching format.

Tomorrow in the planets this is happening:

Pluto turns direct on September 18th, with the Moon and Mars in Scorpio.

On top of that, this is the day that Uranus and Pluto square off exactly

so it’s time for a big big shift.

In the Mayan we are working with Red solar skywalker

and what this means in a nutshell

is it’s time for those who are here to be wayshowers and walk the soul path

to really allow those psychic gifts to be turned up so we can hear more easily

and be guided to where we need to go to synchronise with others

and have so much love and fun doing it

that all the time in the wilderness years will be truly worth it.

Love to you and your integrity today.

Loop that infinity wheel of energy and create balance within

so that our humanity and our higher selves

come into equal space.

Here’s a video I made last year which gives you a flavour of Glastonbury:

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