Day 7 Kundalini Karma and a new moon in Virgo ~ Blue Monkey

A magickal day with number seven in this energy wave and if you use it like I do you can co create consciously with this energy to bring great awareness to where you are energetically on your path.

Blue Resonant Monkey

By the way all the highlighted text has links to websites from various sources to connect to more learning that has inspired me and may it inspire you too.

If you choose.

It’s a New Moon in the Uk and this is in Virgo.

Here is a great esoteric link about the moon.

New Moon energy generally is about starting a new energetic cycle and what flavour of moon it is in brings a particular possibility.

When you start with aligning all these patterns and cycles on a mind level it can seem very confusing and overwhelming.

If we take little steps and send out the intention to align when it is the right time it gives us a whole new way of working with our cosmic creator selves….

and it’s worth remembering that we do this anyway

because we are a divine child of the universe…

just like we breathe anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

There is nothing to get stressed about and everything to get excited about

If you are joining this party consciously now then welcome aboard

You are joining a very ancient tradition of the sun and the moon

that many initiates have trodden before us.

This is where we get to connect to our innocent open hearted child within that we may have lost sight of for a while

simply because we bought into our mind’s way of working and believing that we had to do xyz to be a worthy adult

and forgot to look up at the stars and see ourselves reflected back there

When we were children and had adventures and were footloose and fancy free from any adult responsibility

because some adults were on some level in charge of organising our day to day basic needs so we could party with nature

and our spontaneous joyful selves.

Today is a great day to let ourselves remember how it felt…..

and then go and do it

make something messy and fun without any point to it

go on a ramble and meet our countryside

have a picnic

swim naked under the moon

have a nap under the tree

wander through the woods

and if we feel like we are carrying something heavy in our heart that holds us back from being light as a feather

maybe a chattering little monkey mind on our back the whole time

maybe take a little time out to listen to that inner critic for once and record what it is saying ( with the intention of letting it go) so we can let that magic become more

and our limitational parental control become less.

One of the ways I have learned to do this is to create a time each day to listen to my inner child complaints with the intention of letting them go for good

so I get to go with the flow more.

Here is what I created to share with you so you can do that too if you wish:

Paradoxically my biggest time for this was when my inner critic was pushing me to do what I have always done….

do more and fix it , get a job, carry on in the same vein as before

this was my ego talking and my ego was on it’s way out in it’s current form.

It knew it was about to undergo a big change….the biggest ever in it’s history.

It was getting a make-over and was very very afraid bless it.

So it turned the volume up ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier on in my life this was turned way up with a panic attack as I went into living in a very different direction from my heart path….

No matter how uncomfortable it was to simply sit every day for many hours and tap on my fears coming up

I persevered.

I sat in my fear and was present to it and allowed it to come in bigger and bigger waves and I faced all my demons

that were ready to be heard at that time.

It was their turn in alignment with everything that was presenting in the here and now.

I chose to take the challenge and do whatever it took to be free of everyone else’s opinion that I had stored since birth….

about how I “should” be living my life.

So I could be free to live a different way.

All I can say to you is…

it was the worst thing that shook my foundations so far and it was the best thing that allowed me to reshape them

and reconnect with my true self

open my soul eyes again

and pack my suitcase to travel

That year I stood in my magical alchemical house…..

called “Fallbottom”

It is a stone house that is built over running water and creates it’s own transformation space.

When the moon was new or full , powerful transformation took place for me and my clients.

I loved standing in the garden and watching the birds and the beautiful flowers that had been transplanted from my allotment.

Loving collected from various plant fests over the county, given to me by family and friends and true treasures in my version of Eden.

When we bought the house from the National Trust, the garden was very neglected and the pond had been covered over .

It was one of the first houses I used to pass daily when we moved to the village and at that time it had ducks on the pond and the people who lived there, as warden’s,

loved their plants and grew them for local money raisers.

It was a real utopia and I used to peep through the trees and look longingly at all the fauna and flora within.

I knew one day I would be in the house and touching those gorgeous blooms and sure enough when the time was right it became ours

and we nearly killed ourselves restoring it.

Everyday people would pass by and look in and say how they loved watching the transformation.

When we finished it the financial collapse happened and we tried to save it.

The bank weren’t interested in anything we had to say and blamed us for not being able to solve the situation.

They placed no value on the garden…..literally

The only thing I really cared about was my beloved plants and so began the process of taking them back out and rehoming them in my allotment.

This is what that house was all about for me and my family.

A transformation process.

Seeing what was valued, loved and worthy of keeping and what we no longer needed.

I love transforming properties and this is what we did in our Yorkshire village for ten years.

Before that we always did the same with the pubs we worked in where we created a family with our staff and our customers.

Over time I realised that this is what we all do….

recreate our family experience over and over until we learn how to relate in loving ways of authenticity.

I love helping people create transformation for themselves and an truly honoured when they choose to co create with me.

When we reach these stages of life when we experience a big challenge and our society conditioning kicks in

we are at a crossroads….

do we choose to believe we are a failure or….

do we keep on trucking knowing that we simply have not reached our desired outcome?

Sometimes we have made an unconscious relationship with self-sabotage too.

How do we know that?

In the glossy career lifestyle magazines we may know the terminology as:

The Glass Ceiling

we may get so far along our abundance trail and suddenly we find we can go no further

whatever we do it’s a dead end

Some people give up at this point and lose heart.

This is where the key breakthroughs are.

All the jewels are here to take us through the next gateway.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to reconnect to the divine child within then here is the secret

the inner child has the answer

all you need do is listen and then let go of what it is telling you

simply to make the first step by actually listening is huge…..

most people don’t


by using tapping to create the energetic emotional change

and re-pattern beliefs

there are other methods of course and tapping works with all of them

so is not mutually exclusive

on the contrary it works with all the tools we have now and any others we care to bring along

Clowning is a wonderfulย  way to be in your heart by allowing yourself to be in the moment and present

and let go of what other people think ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been one of the greatest discoveries of my journey and I would never have chosen it for myself…..

It was my project to explore gifted to me by my NLP teacher.

It scared me and I didn’t even know what it was ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s another secret….

we don’t know what we don’t know

Where our greatest fear is ….

the greatest love too

and that’s where the next knowing is ๐Ÿ™‚

Paradoxical is the soul path

Love to you today and being the divine inner child energy that speaks the truth by being the truth

free in the heart, soul and mind.

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