Day thirteen Red Cosmic Earth

Wishing you a wonderful autumn equinox .

It’s a beautiful and chilly day here in Somerset.

Still no heating on and windows open but there is definitely an edge of coolness coming in.

It is Red Cosmic Earth day and a wonderful time to get out into the landscape and plant our feet on the ground

to align with mother earth and connect and give thanks for all we have created this year

as we are born from the earth so we return

all living things are here for a short time in the bigger picture of being in a form

when we are present to that reality we tend to make different choices about how we relate and how we choose to co create

So today it is a very powerful time in the history of magic to create a ritual

of how we choose to leave our sun worshiping days of yang energy

and go into yin energy

feminine time of going inwards

and letting go of anything we have taken on that isn’t in alignment with us loving the skin we are in ~

the larger cycle of balance.

This is the cumination of the Red Serpent 13 day energetic spiral which bridges the Lunar Moon and the  Electric Moon.

These are the first two moons of thirteen in the Mayan year.

The first three moons signify a deep connection with hearing our higher self and our guides as to our direction for laying the foundation stones of our year.

We hear the whispers of our soul if we are open to receiving and we have worked with our ego to transform it’s will into the disciplined walking talk of higher service.

This involves going through the Saturn gateway and learning the lessons of love.

All the patterns of this energy have the same formula and are creating an energetic spiral in different levels of size.

The micro and the macro.

The thirteen energetic steps for co-creation.

We are now , as of September 20, in the Electric Moon and tomorrow we go into a new wavespell and Libra sun sign.

It is the time of being in the presence of our sacred feminine Goddess energy

so that what we came into knowing was this year’s life purpose ~

revealed back in July and August in Magnetic Moon

and what we have been experiencing as our challenge and our resistance in the Lunar Moon August and September

Now is the time to move into another space of co-creating with these dualities ~

closing the gap between where we were and where we want to be

this is the creative journey process.

Our dream and what we choose to create this year and what we can learn and let go of to bring it into fruition

If we see the basic metaphor the seed that is being formed is simply the authentic true self that we are

that is often hidden under layers of false ego learning

It doesn’t matter what we choose to birth….

only that it sets our heart on fire

and gives us the energy to rise above the mundane and set sail on our voyage of self-discovery

allowing ourselves to truly love ourself

We spend half of the year going outward and co creating to sow our seeds and harvest their offspring

then to replenish ourselves and our land we prepare for the following season by removing the weeds and storing our seeds ,

browsing through our land to see what has served us and removing that which we didn’t enjoy so much

we can do this for all our earthly relationships too.

The opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere

and this is what creates balance on the planet.

Noticing where we are today compared to where we were thirteen moons ago

what a difference a day makes…..

Tomorrow we can build on this awareness and work consciously with the white mirror wavespell

to see what is reflected back to us in our sacred circle

what do we love

what hurts us

all of this is us

the universe can only bring us what we believe to be true

as soon as we really get to grips with this understanding we can really move our space

Time travel back to this time last year ans see where you where

what were your relationships

how where you enjoying life

what was bringing you joy

what was bringing you pain

How has that been repeating throughout your life

What can shift in you so you can move into a different relationship with yourself

and therefore everyone else

I am sharing this video again today as it is so powerful and so wonderful in seeing the bigger picture

everything that has ever hurt us we chose

it is our life learning

now we can choose to let it go

all we need do is face our shadow

it really is that simple

it is the enlightenment process

being still


every moment

letting our feelings be our guide

letting go of figuring and feeling

When we feel we can tap and let go

and create a clear space

then we are free to love again

The most important thing we can all do for our planet….

put ourselves first every day

take time to listen to our inner child

It whispers the secrets of our liberation by speaking about it’s past wounding and how it is still feeling anxious today…

our life manifests that belief system with people showing up to push our buttons….

we can then tap and let go so we let go of needing to please anyone, fix anyone, do anything we really do not want to….

and then the magic happens ….

because we are free we are present

we can give even more to our planet

our life flows abundantly

we have no drama

we have no need to create drama

we are back to our fun factory setting.

Letting go of others….

the paradox – the more time we spend on tapping to let go the more we benefit ourselves and the planet

because we change our inner slides and so we become the peace we seek

if everyone tapped every day and let go of their stuff the world would be a very different place

when people have an emotional reaction it is always their stuff and yet they want to blame someone else rather than bring it back to themselves…

it’s a paradigm shift

this is how we learned to feel loved as children ~ from children in adult bodies

and now it is time for us to really grow up on the inside as well as the outside

Love to you today and your earthly pleasures.

If you tap along with this video without any additional words… simply follow the format

let yourself feel

you will get a huge shift.

Enjoy 🙂

Huge gratitude to all co creators on my blog who have created such amazing resources and without which my sharing would not be possible. In particular I would like to thank Tracey Gendron whose Mayan wavespell and general info on her site has changed my life.

Thank you Tracey you are a star 🙂

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