White Mirror wavespell

New White Mirror wavespell begins to take us deeper into the inner realms.

What is running on our inner slideshow

Our soul software

Who is running it?

Are we broadcasting a nightmare or a dream onto the outside….

Change of strategy for me in the next thirteen days as I have manifested an abundant treasure chest of creativity

thank you for all of you with your assistance on this

you are co-creating with me with your feedback

So as we have moved into Libra today the focus is on balance

getting a reality check with white magnetic mirror

can we go with the flow

or are we living in chaos and having too much to do

Balance in the masculine and feminine creates harmony and flow

Practicals come into this in a big way

Everything is equally important…..

no use having money coming in if you have no food in the cupboard or clean underwear…

all work and no play makes for a sad soul


My new strategy over the next thirteen days is to do a few bigger blogs intermingled with some micro dots

and the essential aspect of this


practical application of working with the flow of the wave

theory is simply that 🙂

Let’s get experiential

In it’s simplest form the key to getting the most from our universal lifecoaching tool is to be present each morning with what the day is about in it’s essence

then in the evening reflect back on what has ocurred for you

If you know how to tap

tap 🙂

on whatever has come along to ruffle our feathers

because this is how we do the tango with our inner slides

we see who shows up curtesy of our law of attraction

anyone in our circle of radius is energetically matched in some way

they are another us.

It doesn’t mean that we have to figure out what exactly they are here for or tie ourselves in knots trying to figure out how we have some inherent darkness we are projecting

all of that is ego posturing and avoidance….

crafty little devil the ego

What we can do to really create a shift is to notice how we feel about that interaction

notice how we are communicating

anything that is uncomfortable…

maybe we are telling fibs to avoid any unpleasant exchange…

maybe we are hiding our true feelings….

going along with something when we would really like to say no

and fooling ourselves that it is to save someone else from getting upset

when it is always our ego that seeks to protect itself.

The next thirteen days we can truly see who we are

what we are not

what mask we are wearing

and what happens when we feel the fear and risk everything by saying what we really want to

then see what happens

will we be struck down by lightening

will we be turned into a pillar of salt

or will we peel off another layer of false protection pretending to be our saving grace

When we let go of our past emotional entanglement around fear

we can grow

when our body is intent on self-preservation from fear

we cannot nourish ourselves

fight/flight/freeze channels our energy away from our central core

when we become a clear diamond once more

back to our factory setting

everything flows easier

Take the time each day to listen to ourselves and let go:

diect energy flow instead of around and around avoidance circles

things can happen now rather than very much later

because we are cutting to the chase

Sagittarius style

no messing about

hiding and worrying

feeling bogged down with energy in our heart space

we have got it off our chest

when we reflect the world back in pure light

the beauty is bare

the intimacy is there

we are vulnerable and open

and we know that any issue anyone has about us

is  really about their inner slides

as Virginia Satir illustrated

ask to see the other person’s tummy button and see we all come from the same source

the primordial mother

we are all absolutely equal

we are invariably not the person that caused the original wound

to the other

simply the mirror image

so let’s relate from the heart instead

and create honesty and love.

Love to you today and the reflections that we are all seeing

are we seeing our true selves

or mere ego illusions?

Where will we be on day thirteen at the space of unconditional cosmic love – White Cosmic Dog?

Only we can create that possibility through taking responsibility


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