Day 4 Red Self existing Dragon ~ Mother day

Many people are feeling the pressure this week as emotional energy is building for a fiery Aries full moon on Sunday early hours.

Notice how you are feeling and let it come up.

All our chickens are coming home to roost as the balancing begins

and the universe will balance us in whatever energetic place we are

Ideally spend as much time as you can on yourself now and use emotional freedom technique to let go of what is seeking release so we can create new beginnings

and inner balance.

The pressure of Libra bringing us into balance is intense and around the world people are out seeking to be heard on issues of imbalance.

Whatever choice you make take it with awareness that it will be met with equal measure so if we are coming from a place of anger then the resistance will be echoed

the law of cause and effect

this is I believe the true meaning of karma

What goes around comes around

you do x you get x

and if people choose to see clearly they let go of judgement and are discerning instead

This blog isn’t about blame it’s intention is to share information so people can be aware if they choose

If you are wanting to shoot me as a messenger….

even though you don’t know me…..

tune in to what is pushing your buttons in you instead

then reveal some inner truth you can transform yourself with

Today is Red self -existing Dragon day in the White Mirror wavespell.

I have had lots of people contacting me asking me how to deal with the life events that are happening to them at the moment so here are my offerings for the process

First of all we are turning everything on it’s head right now and things are happening fast because we have very instant communication available to us now

which in our documented history we did not have before

although things may have always happened simultaneously ~

the 100 monkeys effect

we weren’t consciously communicating this and were not aware of how everyone was going through the same wave of change and now we are

so limit your exposure

and I don’t mean stick your head in the sand 🙂

Limit your intake of “news” so you can be aware

and you are not glued to the TV in panic mode feeling doomed

This is all meant to happen….it is happening

it is the process

stop focusing on the outside and focus on creating sanctuary for yourself instead

mother and nuture yourself

and if you don’t know how to do that….


there is everything available on the web

ask and it is given

I hear people saying they need to do xyz

and they have been saying it for years

If you don’t know how to access the internet

find someone who does and is willing to teach you for money or an energetic swap

this is co creating

this is co-operation

adults aren’t meant to mother healthy adults

this is co-dependent behaviour and stops the learning process

usually it is a manipulation that may be conscious or unconscious

it isn’t anyone’s “job” to do it

or to emotionally support or ” heal” someone

when we do that we are stopping someone from learning to do that by doing it for them

and when will that person ever move on?

Parents who never cut the apron strings delay their children’s maturation process

and our planet is seeking responsible co creators now

honest relating

All these man -made ego mechanisms that have formed over the decades of supremacy over nature’s innate giving mechanism

are revealed as a farce

our planet doesn’t need our chemical solutions

our bodies have their own knowing

it is really simple

stopping trying to fit the step- sister’s foot into Cinderella’s slipper…..

it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong

there is too much to try and do…

it is impossible to live this mad hamster wheel life

it is killing everything…..

so simple –


Practical Strategies that have been around for a few thousand years of sacred living:

create a physical sanctuary in your home

a comfortable safe space where you can be quiet and ground yourself

play some soothing music, maybe the sound of the sea, zen, whatever creates calm and brings you within

whatever is your thing

let go of the right thing

have a bath in salt and essential oils to ground you and bring you into your body and out of your mind –

benzoin, spikenard, sandlewood, vetivert oils are deeply grounding and if you haven’t used them before handle carefully with awareness

they are very potent

add some lovely flower tones like lavender and rose

essential oils have a vibration that connects with our energy and tunes it


with healing modalities that are without mind so simply be

what they are

as nature intended

have a body treatment on a regular basis

as human beings we need touch it is well documented

organise small parties where you can be with people who are positive, grounded and loving and hug 🙂

Hug and connect to animals with their consent 🙂

Our body responds to being stroked and loved and we instantly go into a process of creating endorphins to create even more of that

for some people touch is not welcome because they have experienced it in an abusive way ~

that can absolutely change if you are ready to let go of the past

Create a point of focus in your sanctuary where you can have some things that are sacred to you

light a candle

burn some oils

if you haven’t created a dream for yourself, now is the optimum time to do so

this will keep your horizon focused so you know where you are headed in stormy seas

So we are going into balance as we have been out of line

for a very long time

and now we are swinging back in

as always it has to get to a really bad place for us to take action because we have been conditioned to believe in a way of life

that is reactive rather than proactive

busy busy busy

with our eye on the ego prize

and the key thing to change now is to prioritise yourself


yes you

no one else

If you do not make time now to do your inner work

then nothing will change

no one else can do this for us

this is the soul journey

this is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

I can help you with seeing the bigger picture

Mayan Signs

Starcode – the natal chart which shows the planets as they were when we landed here on our birthday

I can show you how to tap

I can help you see your patterns and what is pushing your buttons

ultimately we all have to then take the next step and commit to doing it ourselves

and this is often about creating a massive paradigm shift for ourselves

and learning something completely new

Alot of my friends and facebook friends are therapists/spiritual people/interested in new ways of health

Many people I personally know agree with the teaching of Louise Hay, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, Gary Craig, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Christian Fleche

and many more wonderful pioneers who have become loud and proud about their beliefs and how we create our own dis-ease because we are living out of alignment with our authentic selves

these people are there often at risk of ridicule


many people who are sharing healing modalities

 aren’t walking the talk themselves

they are still focusing on others rather than themselves first

doing their inner work every day

and by that I mean creating energetic change by looking at what is pushing their buttons today and then letting go of that emotion by feeling it

Where is the integrity in that?

Where is the model of being the change?

Where is the evidence of raising awareness of cancer as being created as a healing stage

because the individual is not living in accordance with their truth?

I live in the UK and it is 2012

yet I still see women who are posting a game about breast cancer on facebook which involves hiding it from men?

Breast Cancer isn’t a game….

I really am at a loss to understand the meaning behind this strategy

How does that help or support a change?

Ironically it fits the pattern of having a dishonest relationship with someone

Of being an elite group that hides it’s true expression

speaking in codes

All this time spent in a game

that has no honest expression around something that is created

in the same way

where are the empowered women who are standing in their truth by being it?

maybe instead we could have some honesty about what therapies people practise and what they believe in

and bringing it out of the closet

how is this change ever going to happen if women cannot tell their partners the truth about what they want and what they believe?

If in their own house they cannot say who they are and be loved and respected for it?

How has our generation moved on from past generations?

Becoming men in the feminist changes and now what?

How on earth is breast cancer going to change if no one is talking about how it is created except behind closed doors?

What are we as women really afraid of?

Speaking our truth to our partners and the relationship coming to an end?

This is the challenge for each of us and if we do not go there on the outside with our actions

and hide our truth in our heart

then the process is completed within.

There is no “cure” for cancer except self love and being authentic.

Our body being ph balanced

instead of  acidic

because we are full of hidden vitriol 😦

People pleasing is a killer

A wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing

Silence of the lambs

It can be irradiated by matching the anger with an equal force – radiation

If the lifestyle, choices and beliefs aren’t changed then it is going to return

that is pure common sense

and yet most people are not prepared to do what it takes

and would literally rather die

because they are afraid of their own shadow.

I have worked with lots of people with cancer and every single one has known what the emotional cause was

what was eating away at them

often for years

I had one client who had both breasts removed and had breast cancer three times

and when she came to see me still wasn’t prepared to make a change in how she lived her life

she was surrounded by people she really didn’t want to be with and was doing it out of “duty”

yet somehow believed a magical cure could be found

and her lifestyle to continue

which in ego language translates as fear

It is never ever ever about the other person when ego fear is the motivator

it is always about us

The breasts are in the heart chakra

This is all about love

The lungs underneath are all about breathing in life and letting go of anything no longer needed

The heart takes in and gives out

most people are giving out of contol and cannot receive out of contol

and are blocking the circle of life

out of balance

The solar plexus is the veil and heaven’s gate and here the personal power centre that radiates from love or anger

The throat is the higher chakra of speaking the truth and the Goddess gateway of transformation, letting go of resistance to change and is twinned with the solar plexus.

When the throat and solar plexus have emotional issues that are unresolved then the heart cannot open from love and the energy blocks

When we have issues around speaking the truth it is from childhood events and how we feel about that experience

When we let go of that we feel safe again around speaking our truth

we cannot be our authentic selves if we are holding back

we cannot live a life of love and flow if we are living a lie

and the sooner we go there

the sooner we create a change

everyone in our circle is fully aware of the dishonesty always

and it’s a game we play

If we have issues around personal power it’s the same story….

back to childhood.

Clear that

clear the present

Change the inside and the outside changes

Many adults today are power tripping

especially therapists

and I feel passionately about that

they are feeling powerful by putting themselves forward as teachers

yet what inner work are they doing?

What emotional evolution work are they doing every day to let go of their shadow?

Maybe they don’t have this awareness?

Most people don’t

It’s all out there and it isn’t rocket science

Most people avoid it by intellectualising, going on courses and being talking books

you cannot create emotional energetic change in your head

it doesn’t live there

It is all about feelings

If you are avoiding a feeling process then you are avoiding the ego

Drama, acting out, knowing the path

isn’t experientially doing it

When we give truly from the heart

when we nourish ourselves

when we are in balance with our masculine and feminine within

when we let go of living vicariously through other people/drugs/food/shopping/therapies/workshops

whatever is our junkie fix

then we are truly in balance

we know when we feel out of  joy

we know when we are doing something that isn’t good for us

so why do we carry on doing it?

It is time to be disciplined and have integrity through integration

If you really believe in something are you ready to shout it from the rooftops?

Or are you whispering behind curtains…….

What is your body telling you about your dishonesty?

The structure of number four is all about the foundation stone.

This is the base of the pyramid.

If we have feet of clay….

If we have a house of cards

This is a very important place on our path.

Fly straight

Walk tall

and very very simply

do our inner work

the enlightenment process is

bringing the shadow to light

The picture today is Lakshmi and as you can see she has more than one pair of hands….

we don’t

so see people-pleasing for what it truly is

an ego defence mechanism

let go of creating avoidance activities

and look in the mirror instead

all we seek lies within us

we have everything we need to be all we can be

the only thing that’s stopping us

is us.

How many more people have to get sick out of simple ignorance?

Out of fear?

Out of living a lie and denying their shadow self.

To be loving takes many forms and sometimes it is tough love

truth telling

saying what others won’t say

the uncomfortable stuff…

Energy pattern matches grow and so this isn’t going away

and the only way to stop it the expansion is to let go of them

so if you aren’t dealing with all that stuff in Pandora’s box

remember it is dealing with you…

that isn’t a fear statement

it is simply a fact.

It is how our body shows us our true state of play.

It is our philosopher’s stone 🙂

It gives us the opportunity to make a course correction.

Mind, body and spirit.

Let’s lose the lip service and love ourselves.

Does anyone seriously want to step into the shoes of anyone on Dragon’s Den?

Seriously ?

Stuff doesn’t give you anything

The best things in life are free

let go of needing to acquire safety and kudos

and live it instead

Love to you today Primeordial  Dragon’s

Here is the how to do EFT video as requested

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