Persephone Path Workshop

Persephone Path Workshop 2015


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All pics by Catrin Welz ~ Stein

As we have now stepped through the Gateway of Winter Solstice

The Light is now returning 

We are reaching the last few weeks of  The Persephone Process

On April 04 2015 We start a brand new 260 day cycle 

New Beginnings

are what we are here to create 

Are you aware of your soul purpose ?

Are you ready to transform your energetic blue print within? 

Get in touch with your Sacred Feminine Energy

and take this Spring time to full potential on your journey ?

or by ebook and Skype wherever you are in the world 

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Persephone is an ancient myth. She is the dark goddess.

She descends into the underworld in the Autumn Equinox , 23 September 2014.

In all the old myths are revealed a code, a process .

The dark Goddess is connected to the dark half of the year, the dark Moon, the shadow side.

We are all connected to this energy and the codes within us seeking transformation ~ what is seeking light ~ what is our next personal step on our evolution. This is our soul process and the integration of anything in our life  that has felt painful in our past.

Within every perceived problem lies the solution .

We have everything seeded within us


this is the essence of the Pomegranate Seed 


This is the code of this Red Solar Moon Year

We are the love we seek.

When we are ready to work in this powerful way we can use consciousness raising and transformational tools to assist us on our journey.


This reveals our personal energy code and our life purpose. We can become aware of this and learn about ourselves.

Focus on this learning pays huge dividends as we understand ourself and why things happen in the way they do.

How the universal astrological events influence our inner stardust.

By becoming self aware in this way we no longer feel at the mercy of the elements ~ we realise we are them .

Our fear lessens and our self confidence grows naturally as a part of this process.

Timing is key ~ the six months of Autumn and Winter are the time for inner work.

Working with our roots in our Tree of Life 


Refining through reflecting on our outer life in the Summer and what our seeds sown last Spring 

gave life to

Key Astrological events we can work with to bring light to the dark

Mayan Wavespell

This amazing tool has been gifted by our ancestors for this perfect time

It is a matrix that reveals the divinity code

It has a 260 day universal life coach which is made up of 13 day processes 

These codes takes us through 13 day steps of continuous evolution

to work with conscious awareness of them is a whole different level

We have our own Mayan Code and we have 13 year processes of evolution

Seeing this alongside our life events reveals patterns  that we can work with as and when we are ready to 

Simply doing this allows us to let go of conditioning and see the true magic of life in all it’s wonder

Personal Alchemy



Are you ready to transform ?

Find your answers within?

Unlock your Pandora’s box of secrets ?

These workshops reveal ancient alchemy secrets

You work at the level you are ready for and which you feel comfortable with



Charts you will receive to assist in knowing yourself :

You will receive information about your Mayan Sign and details of your Mayan Castles 

and Wavespell ~ your life purpose 

You will receive information about where you are on your 13 year cycle and what these codes mean 

For example if you are in a Year 1 Blue Eagle Year this is a 13 year cycle of transformation and seeing your bigger picture 

also seeing how your personal transformation creates planetary transformation

You will receive information about your Starcode ~ your birth chart of astrological information at the time you were born

This again reveals a much bigger picture about your life purpose .


With time sensitive information about that workshop

The Mayan info about the 13 day Wavespell the day of the workshop is all about 

The Astrology ~ what is happening to influence us for our next steps

Life coach format 

Structured questionnaires you can use as you choose to help you reveal what is seeking transformation in you

Grounded practical tools to help you 

A coaching session with me using EFT on Skype at a mutually convenient time in the near future

or if you take part in person in the group with follow ups by email

EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique ~ is a key part of this process and what creates the alchemy 

For each person taking part an essential part of this is that the individual learns how to do this themselves and therefor becomes an independent initiate 

who is building their skill and knowledge about their own shadow and how to work with it

This is in truth where our gold lies hidden 

This is the enlightenment process


 Persephone Path 6 ~ Create Info 

Persephone emerging from the underworld ready to create with all that we have learned from our winter journey

Today is the 13th day of the Blue Eagle bigger picture planetary server wavespell

It is the code of transformation

The key to the new world we are creating is the realisation that it comes from our personal inner changes

We are the creators of the new myths and the new codes

What have you yearned for over the dark months?
What secrets has your soul been whispering?
What have you always felt drawn to do?

Blue Cosmic Hand holds the potential to shape our destiny
To go through the gateways
To be the hero and heroine on our own great adventure

Now is the perfect time to discover what our cosmic map holds in store this year

Tune into any fear that may be holding us back
and transform it’s energy to launch our creativity

The start of the wheel of fortune has begun with Aries fire

We will be focusing on our heart energy and releasing any enchantments as to who we have been conditioned to believe we are so we can unleash our creativity

You can take part in this workshop at the location in Hebden Bridge and also by ebook and Skype for a more personal in depth approach

You can also do both by adding a personal coaching session with me after the event as a follow up

What you will get from this workshop:

An in depth Starcode report ~ personal astrology and key constellation info that is time sensitive

Your Mayan Sign info ~ seeing your bigger picture so you can work consciously with where you are on your 13 year cycle for maximum energetic awareness

We will using Emotional Freedom Technique and this is a transformational powerful workshop
You do not need any prior knowledge and you can work and share at whatever level you feel comfortable with

£33 for in person workshop inc ebook and charts
£33 for ebook and Skype coaching session of 90 minutes including charts

To book and for more info:

Jo Kenworthy
01458 448262
07772 877028

To reserve your place 

Barefoot Holistics Online Shop 



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