Red Skywalker 2018

Sharing this memory today ❤


On December 21 2012 this was the code ~ Blue Crystal Hand

If you watch the film Mary Magdalene it explains the bigger picture on this
Most of the men thought that a man was going to liberate them ~ JC ~ rather than each person liberating themselves and embodying the kingdom of God self within
They misinterpreted the message because…
they were not clear and free of the old masculine code
People generally are attracted to the big ego drama story
because they are not aware of the alchemy process
or doing it
are therefore still viewing the world through this filter…
through their ego mask
through the wounding
Especially older generations
who have been part of a mass cultural brainwashing of co dependent code
haven’t experienced a cosmic download

The prophecy of December 21 2012 ~ the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

was the end of times ~ as in old code
apocalypse ~ as in the veil being lifted
revelation ~ as in personal self awareness as to how the human being creates their day to day reality because of their experiential beliefs and their ancestral dna
which creates a code of creation

The New times are the code ~


Blue Crystal Hand

The 12th step of Yellow Warrior Wavespell
Learning how to shape our destiny
reach our full star seed potential
in this lifetime by healing ourself

The most important focus ~ self

On April 04 2018 


We were in 

Yellow Self Existing Warrior 

Here is the Moon code 

It was Aries Moon as well in 2012

Inside Degrees

A cup overflowing with clear water. 
Magic when someone is ready and willing to stand there and allow all of existence to stream and pour through them. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. Abandoning yourself to the frequency of boundless discovery in naive, raw, initial disclosure–exhilarated, ecstatic, triumphant. Unable to contain yourself one moment longer. So enthusiastic and alive that you must find kin, playmates to go places with and cut loose together. A state of being that begs to be shared, that must be spoken, invoked, and honored. It is the release point for a flood of new impuls- es, and when given full momentum, it rallies, inspires, sets the world on fire, and laughs so delightedly and uproariously that no one can resist joining in.

The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing. 
Honoring the spirit within at all costs. Insisting upon the vertical aspect in all things. You feel driven by the heart to go to any lengths to express and embody the realization of divinity. Intoxicated with the Divine, called beyond, and taken by a passion, you are dedicated and consecrated and given over. Transported into other realms. Ecstatic. A frenzy of conviction that nothing matters except the Ultimate. Swept away. Released into the Cosmos. Liberated from the wheel. And expressing the inexpressible with consummate conviction.

An aquamarine in a woman’s navel. 
Sensuous pleasure, powerful passions. Body wisdom. Impulses and instincts, desires and cravings, and the festive celebration of being alive here now. You are marvelously enraptured with the senses–energetic, vital, enthusiastic, on fire. Direct and straight on. Candid and willing to release into what arises. Impressionable, suggestible, youthful. In touch and in tune with what wants to happen here, your gut conviction is fiercely strong. You feel driven to be yourself and by the need to engage with the other completely. You are the one who stands out, who makes a point of it, who is unashamed.

A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions. 
Two completely separate identities can be lived at once. What is foremost is to be mentally prepared, vigilantly watchful, and intent upon moving straight on and not looking back. Your alter-ego, your double, your nemesis, shadow, and friend is seeing life through the rearview mirror, completely enwrapped in the diametrically opposite world to the one consciously pursued. The forefront-awareness sustains admirably and avidly its directional instinct for which way is forward from here. Your subconscious shadow-self is equally devoted to seeing, knowing, and instrumenting the backward gaze, the obstructive momentum. Living along this edge hones the sensibility, clarifies things immensely–if ever both ends are claimed, honored, and given their due. It is a challenge and an adventure to be rabidly dual, a karmic crossroads with immense struggle and conflict and power. It contains a deep-down gnawing hunger for resolution and reconciliation and integration, so elusive, so unattainable, and yet so needed and sought in the destiny-reckoning that refuses to stay split, whatever it will take to fuse the bipolar visions into unity.

A lizard dressed in blue satin and pointed shoes. 
Entertainment, spectacle, self-exteriorization. “I am a lovable object.” Taking on roles for fun and frolic. Becoming everything and nothing. Identified with style and finesse. Life as a throwaway. With the desire and intention to get away with a series of extravagant ruses, you are absolutely fascinated by the extent to which nobody can catch you at your favorite game–the juicy portrayal of what everybody wants to see, devoid of conscience or ethic. The ideal amoral opportunist who is loaded with talent and is the world’s best self-exploiter, to a point of a great joke or trick that becomes much more compelling than any real thing.





Learning how to
Doing it
Learning how to create a model of health and living it
Saying what you mean
Meaning what you say
Free of blame
Free of shame

Owning our behaviour

We did not have any control around the beginning of our life as a child
As an adult we do
So if we do not like how we are living and how our circle of life is
Then we can take action to change it within
2012 was not about the end of the world
It was about new beginnings

New beginnings for people who are willing to journey within

This is not an intellectual process
This is a heart process
This is about healing our heartfelt wounding
Changing our embedded code of wounding
That process changes everything and literally rewires our dna
by releasing emotion and trauma
This is the warrior of the heart process
pic by Chie Yoshie 
Being willing to heal our life experience so far
look deeply at our patterns and behaviours
most importantly to feel them
I use EFT ~ tapping ~ it works

If you do not do this type of process of healing
then your holograph ~ your assemblage point
Does not recapitulate
Does not change

Will keep beaming out

the same game plan

until you actively work with it

No plant ceremony can do this
No quick fix NLP will delete this
This is the soul journey ~ how to create heaven on earth for human beings by understanding how to achieve that ~ often by learning the opposite of what is hell experience
how to stop doing that 😉
To understand how our human being machine works
along with our spirit
In a marriage

This is what the 260 day Wavespell

is about

It is a process
A time machine
It reveals the divine creation programme
so we can create a new conscious dream on planet earth
by people
who are clear and free of corrupted codes
free of co dependency
clear of old programming
clear of personal emotional trauma
consciously aware
of themselves
The Great Work
This process takes time and discipline
This process takes a lot of learning
whatever way you do it 

Being with the Tzol Kin every day ~

It is a tool for this process ~ not an abstract or an idea
It is the most amazing gift for this dark sun time of shadow transformation
This is the key to transform the world by transforming each human being
Going into natural time
to become natural again
part of the Cosmic plan
instead of the Ego plan of fear and control ~
our individual ego is key to emotional awareness,intelligence and healing has to happen to do this
Doing the deeper work creates this freedom
Fear and control simply creates more of that code
Here is a blog I have done in earlier spirals :

In the 13 Moon calendar


December 21 is Red Rhythmic Moon ~

day 9

Coming into the rhythm and balance of authenticity and light ~ God and Goddess embodied process

Day 9 ~ Gateway point

In the Wavespell this is day 6 of
Yellow Seed process
A galactic portal of human evolution

It is the Wavespell that takes us out of the centre of the Tzol Kin

with a different perspective
We have done the inner work with the process
otherwise it is all lip service
not heart transformation

How is this for a synchronicity :

I did not know this memory would come up today
I went along with it
When I put December 21 2018 in the decoder
Guess what came up ?
Today’s Mayan Sign
Red Overtone Earth 😉

So at the Winter Solstice December 21 2018

we will be in this spiral again
This is the spiral that first connected me to the Tzol Kin and I got my first calendar
This is the most powerful 13 Clear Sign process we are in now
Use this energy wisely for yourself

Remember :

What you do in this life echoes in eternity
Being loving and respectful of oneself allows radical responsibility
deep love experience of Heaven here and now
Lots of love to you Skywalkers

Here is the memory 

6 Years Ago

Blue Crystal Hand today. We are starting a key process in change and transformation in the Mayan energy now as we celebrate all that lives in us – a wave of cleansing heart possibility. Time to let go of thinking the tool has the power – it is our pure expression that is the joy of manifestation. We are here to be unique and allow our true beauty to shine. Being the change we want to see by healing the past and being honest in our communication and expression. Letting go of anything that isn’t serving us and justifying our dishonest relating – we know in our heart what is true  Any child knows when it is acting out of alignment with truth- it is innate awareness. If we don’t like it don’t do it 🙂 If we do not end a cycle we cannot begin anew.  We have to move out of our comfort zone and say what needs to be said – first of all to ourselves and then to others and if possible without passing the pain parcel on 



 On a personal level ~ and remember this is the key ~ to understanding your own personal labyrinth ~ cross reference the codes 

As a Blue Solar Hand 


I have Red Earth as my Red Castle ~ awakening ~ Uranus ~ I have Uranus in Virgo and that is a generational pattern 


I have White Wind as my White Castle ~ refining ~ also Uranus 

Blue Hand as my Blue ~ transforming to full potentiality  ~ planet earth

Yellow Human as my Yellow ~ manifesting ~ planet earth ~ seeing the fruit of our labours ~ we are the philosophers stone ~ inner alchemy 

My Blue Crystal Hand Year was in 1981 when I was 16 


this is my

Warrior of the Heart process

This is key for my transformation 

A lot was happening for me at that time around changing my view of the world 
Making choices 
Often my choices were not deemed “appropriate” by authority figures in my life 
Especially around my education
However most of the people who were giving an opinion around this 
Were more concerned around my choices would reflect on them
and what I would do for them
and their agenda
as to their statistics
enabling their careers 

There was a distinct absence


Warriors of the Heart

in my circle back then 

There were many adults who were not honourable
who were exploiting young people ~
maybe out of ignorance ~sociopathic
maybe out of psycopathic intent 
All of this is coming to the surface now in the UK 
It was a time of economic crisis and lack of jobs supposedly
What has changed in 37 years ?
Look at the experiential evidence
see the truth of human being evolution
in Rochdale in the UK 
Not much has changed at all
The Government plan of supposedly creating health and wealth
has not created happiness
or well being
or wealth for the majority
on many levels
That is not the true plan of people in power 

My Red Overtone Earth Year 

was 1987 


The year of the Harmonic Convergence ~

not that I knew anything about that back then 

I was 22

I was in a Red Skywalker Year process 

It is a 13 Clear Sign

It is my shamanic experiential process 

I had returned from living in Greece to the UK

I even stayed in a cave albeit briefly 😉


I loved that way of living generally in Crete ~  it was amazing ~ I was still using too much alcohol though ~ which was one key reason why I had gone there ~ in search of a different experience of life 


I was in an extremely abusive and toxic relationship

I became extremely ill on a physical and mental level

I had to experience this to know how it was created for me 

It began my healing journey 

22 ~ Magdalene code 


As I have known this

I have learned what created this


ways to heal this


shared my experiential learning

with others 

I believe this is what we are here to do

at this time

To create new ways of being

for human beings

through personal healing process



Creating Heaven on Earth Process


If you want to learn more about your codes and how to create with them 

Especially around healing and rewiring 

Please get in touch 

I have events coming up in the UK 

Soon in California too