Blue Crystal Hand ~ the key to clarity


Blue Crystal Hand 

The key code for getting clear and creating complex stability on all levels of your being

Today is Feb 09 2015 

It is Galactic Moon Day 3

What does that mean ?

To use a computer analogy it has a very specific creation code

It has a very specific function

When I am blogging if I want to share a video with you from youtube , I go onto the site , select the video and press the share button. This will then give me options as to how I want to share it using social media choices such as Facebook.

Someone has created computer code to do this 

If I want to share the video in my blog as a picture frame, where you can click on it and play it, in my blog 

the I press the button to

embed it 

Here is my Cosmic Cookie Trail Video

Then lots of code comes up and I copy and paste it

and like magic

a portal appears for exactly that purpose 

If that embed code is not replicated exactly 

then it will not embed 

and no portal connection will be there

So we can see in simple terms this is how this creation end product

is achieved

and so it is with everything



If you grasp this simple concept ~

which is paradoxically amazingly complex at the same time….

then you are well

on your way to

mastering the secret of active infinity living

shamanic practise

alchemical abracadabra

Isn’t that exciting ?

At this moment

the majority of people

are still working with

an untouched

cosmic code

that has been corrupted by the patriarchal age 

and millennia of out of balance 

co dependent 

power tripping


The Infinity symbol is not equal in other words

and the emphasis is on the masculine

on the outer

on the cosmic mess of ego hedonism 

boys toys

Top Gear in action 

A group of blokes who have more money than sense

due to public support

because this series is hugely popular

and little sensitivity to anything outside

of that way of behaving

even to their own team mates 

If you are outside the UK you may not be aware of this programme

It is fabulous to see this process and the backlash 

in action against political correctness

This is a picture of how many people are putting up two fingers to evolution to get their thrills with the material and a metaphor 

for Saturn in Sagittarius 

I am not totally anti this programme or the people in it ~

there are lots of interesting things to watch and discover

I still find it amazing how there is such a huge following and so much energy put into these ego pursuits 

when there is so much that could be done with all those resources in a different way


that is revealing where we are in the collective popularity stakes 

and the focus of energy is still there

and many things that are happening are totally insane 🙂


This is because as I mentioned earlier

the majority of human beings ~ maybe all ~ have what Carlos Castenada’s book 

The active side of infinity 


A Foreign installation

of the mind 

in other words 

a contrivance

an artificial distorted version of cosmic code

which creates 

an off track diversion away from source 

Going off track by millimetres every day 

leads to a long way off heart target over a year

and over 40 years 

extreme 😉

This is why at age 42 we may experience

a mid life crisis to pull us back in

Uranus Opposition

This is where we are on planet earth right now

with these highly charged

Uranus Squares

and the last of which coming up in March 

It is an inter planetary

co created wake up call

of mid life crisis

Here we are

Up a crevice

In a boat 

without a paddle 

Going around in circles looking for signs and directions

to bring us to stillness and peace 

and most missing the point because the focus is still on the outside

The paradox is…


That is the perfect place to be to notice that

and look at our route that brought us to this place because that is where the clues are…

to our personal mystery

and as it has been known for a very long time

for the wise ones

the answer is always seeded in the stars

when we are ready to look  🙂 

Become the Seer



Today we are in the 12th day of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Blue Crystal Hand

The Yellow Warrior 13 day code is all about this

It is Saturn ruled

It reveals our structure

In the first ebook of the Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailing Guide

This is what we are going to be looking at 

Where is your Saturn placed in your chart

and what does that mean for you ?


We are also going to be looking at where Saturn

is in the universal chart 

and how that can be impacting on you

To use the computer metaphor again 

We have a code

We come into this world with it

It is our Universal Barcode 

Just like a juicy fruit in the supermarket 

we are constantly swiped and scanned 

and activated

Once we really understand this we understand how 

in many ways it does not matter what comes out of our mouth

or what we choose to do 

because our vibe is what is determining our day to day

That can be a scary prospect for the untrained ego

who likes to feel it is in command 

This is why it is essential to feel

feel that fear

That fear is what sets us free


because although some of that emotional response is a survival mechanism

and healthy

part of is is the foreign installation thingy 😉

and unhealthy because when we let it take over

our spirit is limited in gaining access to guide us


because our cup is too full of old code

old emotion

and it is not a match for our evolution at that time

The Universe runs a code

just like a playstation game 

Our code does the dance with the universe code

There is no past 

There is only the present

and the future is being created by what we know as…

the past

This code that is created in the first part

of our Saturnian Structure time on earth

creates our whole life

if we let it stay in raw form

There are slight variations of course of it’s creation expression

as we dance with the universal game plan

as we see in world history

there are marked similarities that keep returning 



and the more time we are here

the more that framework expands

and often that means lots of resistance 

because the human being interface has not changed consciously 

i.e the human being is not bringing their shadow up to conscious level


as a result not evolving 

or learning new things

feeling and releasing old wounding

being aware intellectually

is not complex stability

it is simply having intellectual awareness

which is a totally different thing

same computer code it has always been but with a different script 

a different costume on

a very pervasive and deceptive coping mechanism mask of the ego 

playing a role 


this is not soul co creative transformation

on an alchemical level 

When we change our code through bringing it up and out

we are doing the process

and that takes courage 

it takes feelings to liquefy our form and become a butterfly


Today we are in day 3


Galactic Moon

Galactic Moon is the Mayan name for Moon 8

It is code 8 in the White Wind 13 day process Wavespell

of speaking the truth

and letting spirit flow through us 

See the significance ?

An essential step to be a cup holder

of our God and Goddess self

which is why it is at this time of Aquarius Sun 


This Moon period of 28 days ~ which always comes at this time of year

Aquarius in Astrology 

Seeing our bigger picture 

allows us to integrate 

if we choose

What many people may be feeling now is powerful 

Something big being unearthed and magnified 

It may feel scary

It may feel challenging 

and with it are the seeds of a new garden of Eden

garden first summer 030

Two New Moons in Aquarius

one at 0 degrees at the start

This is the same degree as my Ascendant 

The next one on the 18th of February at 29 degrees

This is Medea in my chart in my first house

which is why I have a feeling of amazing potency at the moment 

I feel like I am in the process of living my dream

and although it has been very challenging to take this journey

with so much heart ache

and deep emotional ego stuff

learning these tools of transformation has unlocked everything

It is so worth doing this deep soul journey 

the rewards are beyond measure

I encourage you to

Fly High 

Dig deep 

first go within for the treasure you seek 🙂

Spring is on it’s way


Primavera Botticelli

Can you see the alchemical process in the painting ?

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