Red Moon Wavespell ~ pump up the volume


Red Moon Wavespell

The Castle of the Heart 

Can you feel it?

Sap is rising


Don’t know what it feels like in your neck of the woods…

but in The Heart Chakra

A quickening is happening

Kundalini rising

The love zone is opening to the light returning

and it feels good


After so much heart ache


and travelling back to our past bigger picture with Mercury Retrograde

It’s a great time to catch our breath




Time to really feel the feminine awakening to ignite

with the masculine in March

Imbolc stirrings and murmuring getting louder


and now that Mercury is going direct again

We can start to get our boat ready 

to set sail

Time to Spring clean those cobwebs


and get ready to commence our 

hero and heroine’s journey

Our Galaxy Quest

What exciting adventure’s await us in this 

Wheel of Fortune 

Astrological wheel


I am going to mini blog through this 13 day process

It is my feminine moon spell 

red moon1

When we are born we have a Mayan Sign 

and there is also the 13 Moon calendar 

The 13 Moons fall on the same day avery year

They have 28 days 

I am born in August and as the Mayan Year begins on July 26 

every year

I am A Magnetic Moon

Day 24

So my time of birth is just coming into the

dark moon of Magnetic Moon

hence my energy and how I work with this psychic and balsamic time

perfect for my life mission

This is the first time I am working with this Wavespell 

in this conscious awareness of that

and this year it is so powerful because we are in a

Mayan Year of Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

as this is a number 9 year ~ solar

this is also my Mayan Tone

and so this is really powerful 

We are at a time of completing cycles

Going through Gateways

Being transformed

It is challenging 

and magical 😉

New Code beaming through


Red Moon is the awakening Castle in the Mayan


Beacon of light

It’s planet is Mercury

not the Moon

It is East

The rising of the sun

a new dawn

It is a Messenger of the Gods


Our personal messenger to guide us….

if we are ready to listen

if we are open

if it is our time to tune in

Are you ?

Today is a great day to…

Set an intention and open to love 

What are you getting clear about in your mind about your life

What have you been shown over the last two wavespells

of Saturnian Code

We are in the

land of the Lovers in tarot

What do you want to bring into balance ?

Remember that everything and everyone shows us ourself

and where we can see the imbalance incarnate 


all it takes is some inner work to change our code


address that 

This is the code of the alchemical marriage 


with Valentine’s day approaching

our thoughts turn to amour and eros


on a deeper level


In the first new ebook

The Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trail Follower

I will be sharing tools of how to calculate a guide to any person or event you are in relationship with

and see a co creation code potentiality

Decide how we want to consciously work with this energy

to create an outcome

Instead of being Star Crossed Lovers stuck in dependency….

we can be





that doesn’t mean that we will not trip

or fall head long into love’s dream…

because sometime’s that is what it takes

to bring our heart’s desire

of healing possible

The Heart has a wisdom that is experiential

has to be felt

and so 

being in the body and feeling

the magnetic





can be key 

The more we are willing to feel to heal and the more intense everything becomes

personally rather than tying myself in knots with

50 shades of grey

I prefer 

full technicolour immersion into everything 

mask free

Something I knew earlier in life before my ego got an education in fear

and is now unlearning that 😉

The last few days have been a lovely experience of flow

Water Butts and guttering for my poly tunnels next stage arrived easily

a butterfly emerging in my kitchen hatched from somewhere in the house ~ such a metaphor for me

Being with lovely open people who want the same thing

Simple pleasures with simple needs

and a love of the earth

I have had two fantastic body treatments from friends and am flushing my energetic channels through with lots of tapping too and seeing my code with Astrology Tools 

It is a great time to purge for rebirth and to renew

all the beauty is here

in plain sight

and it is dazzling 

Love to you and your Feminine Moon unfurling 

Tomorrow is the new learning day of White Lunar Dog 


Time to find out what seeks expression rather than repression

to let the Dog Days of Depression come to an End

Let your emotions come out and be aired that is all that is needed to launch a new you free of the past 

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