White Dog Wavespell May 2016


White Dog Wavespell

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I am intending to write an article for 13 Clear Signs new page too 

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If you haven’t seen Maleficent yet 

Pictured above 

It has a great rewrite on the Sleeping Beauty story of old 

As to how she became the “bad fairy” 

It also ties in with the

Sleeping Sacred Feminine 

now returning 


Eris and Lilith transits

are key 

to this unfolding 


Red Moon Wavespell ~ awakening the heart wisdom


Red Moon Wavespell

Awakening the heart wisdom

This is my moon spell 

I am born on August 18 

In the Mayan this is the first moon

Magnetic Moon

There are 13 Moon periods of 28 days

This Mayan Matrix is very complex and expansive


truly magickal

It is an experiential synchroniser 

that weaves with our conscious awareness to 

create alignment with the universal code of creation

and in so doing

become in balance

with the sacred feminine 

flowing in 


All the beautiful art work in my blog today is by Emily Ballet unless otherwise stated

Here is a link to her shop

I haven’t blogged for a long time as I am going through an intense period of transition

I have ended a four year cycle 

I am literally moving and will say more as I know for sure

The Astrology and Mayan Matrix is really helping me understand this 

It does feel intense

I know a lot of people are feeling this too because of the work I do 

working with the shadow and emotional issues

soul journey

seeing the self 


Hugs to you 

My offering:

Go with this intensity

Feel your feelings

Be gentle with yourself

Be authentic

Be true to yourself 

Your real self

If you can reach that part of you that has been 




into something you are not

to fit a role

instead of being your soul

It is the Scorpio Gateway time

Tis the season

to be your true 


go deep into the maelstrom

there is a reason for this

the balsamic birthing time 

is here

on planet earth

The new ways

new codes

of freedom 


authenticity and truth

are created by human beings 





I am intending to blog a little each day of this 13 day process if I can 

We are currently on the 10th year of a 13 year cycle using the Mayan Matrix

The 13 year cycle is in Red Moon

It began on July 26 2006

Red Moon is the 9th sign of 20 signs

The 9th sign is the gateway to other realms 


When the individual on the soul journey

Is ready to let their personality be transformed

so that it surrenders to the soul


the butterfly process begins in earnest


Emotionally this is tough for the ego self

I am speaking from my own personal experiential journey

This is my perspective on this

and offered as such

a way 

as I have lived and walked my path 

My understanding today at the age of 50

experiencing Chiron in Pisces transit 

is that I am the same in many respects 

as every living thing on this planet

I am of the earth

The planets in the solar system have an effect on me

I have seasons


mini deaths


and the more I align with this

and let go of my ego trying to reinvent the wheel 

the easier my life becomes

the more magical

the less resistance I have

the more I am open to the magic of life

the adventure


deep loving relationships


yes that often means I hurt deeply

I ache deeply 

I open more and more

and when I work consciously with this 

the hurt comes quicker

and goes quicker 

as I release all of my past wounding emotions

I release my tropical storm potentiality 

My Eris rage

My Lilith contrariness 

My short circuiting poltergeist aspects

As I make peace with my life and my inner world

My emotions return to balance 

to a wise sat nav of path travelling 

I am the calm eye in the centre of the storms raging outside of me 

more and more

As I retrieve all the fragments of my core

Calling my power back in

Bringing myself to balance within

My masculine and feminine in harmony within 


Where to start ?

It is time for the reality check on planet earth 

for people to start to awaken to truth

Red Moon is one of four planetary energies

Any Red Mayan Sign is an awakening in the East

The Mayan Matrix of 260 day code

has five Castles

Each Castle has a colour:

It begins with Red ~ awakening

White ~ refining

Blue ~ transforming

Yellow ~ flowering

Green ~ the heart 

This 260 day Matrix began on April 04 2015

Today we enter the Green Castle of the heart

Each Castle has 4 x 13 day codes 

We are all working with this Game of Life

When the individual starts to learn how the Game works


That is a whole different level of being and walking the path

Knowing one’s own code is essential

becoming a master of this knowledge

Creates Wisdom 


experiential learning


emotional process

Heart and Mind in synergy 

This is what the 9th Gateway is all about 

Green Castle 

Red Moon is the 17th Wavespell


The 17th 13 day process of human evolution

Number 8 😉

It is the initiating process of the heart flowing beautifully with joy of self

joy of life

To be joy is the key 

Only the mind prohibits being joy

with it’s conditions and perceptions

which come from childhood and our caretakers

This is absolutely free of any blame

This is simply seeing our patterns

Seeing our self imposed limitations


going beyond them

by transforming them


at the same time 

really feeling those feelings of our experience

not suppressing them 

under some 

mis understanding 

that this is a sign of strength

when it is denial of the true state of being 

In order to do that though

the individual has to have rare qualities

The courage to look at oneself 

and work with all the things that feel uncomfortable 

because that is where the enlightenment is 

In the deep dark recesses of our own selves

Our personal history

and our ancestral history

The horrors of human beingness 


denial of those deeply dark ways

Very simply that is it 

unlocking all those skeletons 

and this particular cycle is perfectly placed for exactly that


Halloween is on Saturday 


It is a portal day

A human evolution day

It is also a portal day tomorrow 

On Halloween it is a 13 day clear sign 

A very magical day indeed and I will write about that then

This is the alchemy sign in this 13 day process

Blue Electric Monkey 

and this is the heart of the matter

Transforming any inner child wounding

to be free

and feel good 

as an adult



The 9 of Wands Thoth

is the key to this balance 


This is also linked to the number 9 again

The 9th Sign is Sagittarius



Currently Astrologically we are in the 8th Gateway 


The most intense Gateway of death and rebirth

The triple Goddess

The Phoenix Structure


We have just left

Saturn in Scorpio transit

We are now back in Saturn in Sagittarius

for approximately two years

and this allows us to heal what has been stirred and risen

in our collective cauldron




So what we do this month is key to our healing potential next month

What we integrate now

Allows access to outer planets


Expansion potentiality


that means going deep within


digging into our darkest mines

to find the jewels

hidden treasure 

beneath Smaug’s belly 


the next 260 day cycle

is on

December 20th

and in

Sagittarius Fire

In Sagittarius Decan 3

Which is a very strong initiating energy indeed

here is a great article by Darkstar Astrology


So the deeply repressed parts


the human being

are emerging 


after years …

literally thousands of years

of suppression

and manipulation



some of which have been magically crafted 




in a very

distorted and abusive way deliberately

to disempower and imbalance


repress the sacred feminine

as part of our human evolution

for conscious awareness of what is created when that happens 


The emotions that match this are immense



also hold the energy 

to be very creative


cracking open the landscape

on all levels

which of course matches the energy of 

Uranus in Aries transition we are in

This also aligns with the waxing moon energy for this 260 day cycle in the UK

I choose the heart meridian time between 11am and 1 pm 

Aries at 22 degrees

Master builder number

New Beginnings  

Puppets coming alive at night.
The inner worlds can be just as animated, as fully fleshed out, as vivid and vibrant as any outer world could ever hope to match. There are vast kingdoms to explore on the inner. It is all a matter of motivation: if you seek for inward substantiation, you will get it to infinity and beyond. Here you get what you ask for. Everything snowballs. It tests you mightily, in that everything inside comes out. A wish like magic becomes embodied. Being so fertile and ingenious is one of the most demanding possible arenas to put yourself in. Most difficult of all is that if you fear or dread, resist or deny, these too have full power to play themselves out all the way. The inner life becomes the place where everything’s happening, and where you must cultivate your highest and your best, or else be treated to the validation and proof of whatever you put in there coming out again amplified, magnified, completely full-on.


When human beings live out of alignment with nature

in denial of authenticity

without love

without caring

hiding feelings

suffering is evident

life loses it’s magic

the senses dull

survival is all

madness ensues

Now is the time to liberate ourselves

from this servitude and slavery

to the ego

the child like 

unrefined humanity

coming from unconscious being 

It is time to be enlightened

as to each individual learning how they tick


know that each one has the power to be 

the gift of creativity

that is the very nature of a human here on planet earth

A miracle

Each one special



and an intrinsic valuable piece of the bigger picture puzzle

The mystery that is now being revealed


The planet of Red Moon



aka Thoth






Here is an article about Mercury in an esoteric sense

More about the Mayan Signs here with Ferrusca


So it is an intense time for all

We are emerging from our sleepwalking


More and more people are ready to let go of old ways

that are no longer serving them

Ready to truly live from the heart

Be free of any addictions and distortions

Ready to thrive rather than simply survive

and it is the perfectly aligned time to do this 🙂 

It is a challenging time

The rewards are immense when the individual makes the commitment

to be free of their own personal limitations


connect to the cosmos 

To be a clear conduit 

direct to source

takes discipline

and determination

To be the salmon swimming upstream

Different to mainstream

It gets easier the more the alchemy happens within


If you feel ready to embark on your journey and would like to co create with me

please get in touch

I offer consciously designed frameworks to assist you on your unique journey

I can only work with small groups of people due to the depth of work 

I have Persephone Path workshops running at the moment with coaching 

This next 260 day cycle is a powerful time to start to work with healing the shadow 

so if you feel to please contact me 

Today’s Moon in the UK as I began this article is Gemini Waning Moon:

9 degrees

Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.
Catching a second wind. Taking a booster rocket from one cycle to another, one lifetime to another, one whole stage in evolution to another. Shot out of a cannon to discover the next great thing, you are wildly attentive to signs and portents, looking for a way to the future. Coming out of immense soul experience. With flying colors, leaping forth into the new. Enthusiastic, naive, and impressionable. Eager for a thousand universes to come true. You feel that ultimate springtime quality of fresh immediacy and windblown alacrity, just sensing all through body and soul the possibilities, the openings, what wants to happen next. A destiny-bearer–universal in spirit, and in the right place at the right time for remarkable synchronicities and huge turnarounds.

Be the adventure

Be the love you seek

Be the joy in the world


By healing all of that experience that ever made you feel you were not loved or valued

You are loved and valued

You are a divine child of the universe

You are God and Goddess 

We are the light of the world 


Red Moon ~ dog star day


Red Moon Wavespell

Code 2 day

The new learning coming in for our sacred feminine balance to evolve

White Lunar Dog

We have all we need for this seeded within us

that is the nature of Red Moon teaching


White Lunar Dog 

is connected to the Wavespell of White Dog

which was January 03  to 15 2015 at it’s most recent.

This link above shows

lots of previous days of the spiral

when it was around before…

if you want to explore it’s cycle and the initiating astrology of it.

The Mayan Matrix interlinks in this way

Whatever we were facing and feeling

in the White Dog Wavespell

we are working with now on whatever level we were at

and once we really start to work consciously in this way


bring our patterns to consciousness

we can see how nothing in the universe is random

it is coded

which can give a whole new perspective

to the meaning of our lives once we are ready to see and be 

The Seer

It is an essential pre requisite of an evolved human being and what initiates the consciousness code process


Are we ready to let go of the blame game 

feel to heal 

and let go of any need for 

emotional drama

to feel alive ?

It is a deeply embedded code this acting out programme 🙂

Such a mask our ego loves to wear 

wolves in sheep's clothing

White Dog is the Sirius Star 

Sirius 2

It’s planet is Mercury like Red Moon


Some interesting info about Mercury’s Code here :

Mercury the planet


Mercury the metal

and noticing how this planet forms a structure around 

our day to day

Mercredi ~ Wednesday 

Noticing how Mercury has been used is an interesting philosophical process

and reveals code of creation

It is the planet connected with




in Astrology 


is at it’s highest energetically in Aquarius 

Eyes the window of the soul

where we are now 

and where we have the potential to see our bigger picture 

as cup holder to the God and Goddess energy


The Aquarius and Leo axis

is now


The higher self and the ego on one level

represented by

The Lion and The Unicorn

and key to inner sovereignty 

a key theme in UK history 


the 5th and the 11th house 

Deep love in the 5th and only truly available when we love and accept ourselves

Healing our feminine wounds

and nurturing and mothering ourselves now

otherwise we are doing the alter ego dance of duality 

This is a key time for me and I always felt that because I love this time of year 

now I know why 

as my Sun is in Leo

My Ascendant in Aquarius 

and my Lilith in Aquarius

and this is how Astrology aids this conscious process because

it is the language of Consciousness

Jupiter in Leo is currently pumping up the volume

of our heart and ego 

Being the divine child

free from ego wounding once more


 is only possible when we heal our childhood consciously on all levels and that is clearly seen if we look at history repeating itself

having an intellectual understanding of something on it’s own

does not heal it

because the heart does not think using that process

it feels and uses symbols and patterns

akin to universal code of vibration 

 our emotional mind

is key to this holy trinity process

Blue Monkey Code is found in the centre

of the Mayan Calendar Wavespell

It is the spine running up the middle

in the Blue Castle of transformation

Blue Monkey

Code 11 ~ the 11th Mayan sign

and linked to the planet Venus 


There are 20 Mayan Signs

They each have a planetary energy 

and two signs share a planet so 10 planets in all

Red Moons direction is East for awakening

The Red Castle that starts the Matrix initiated by Red Dragon

is the East

As this Red Moon wave is near Valentines Day

let’s have 

some Romeo and Juliet 

The balcony scene 


Here is a link with their plain English interpretation

He jests at scars that never felt a wound.
It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut.
JULIET appears in a window above
JULIET enters on the balcony.





But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.
Be not her maid since she is envious.
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off!
It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.
Oh, that she knew she were!
She speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that?
Her eye discourses. I will answer it.—
I am too bold. ‘Tis not to me she speaks.
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
Having some business, do entreat her eyes
To twinkle in their spheres till they return.
What if her eyes were there, they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars
As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night.
See how she leans her cheek upon her hand.
Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand
That I might touch that cheek!
But wait, what’s that light in the window over there? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Rise up, beautiful sun, and kill the


     Ay me!


So we can see the code hidden in plain sight with Will the magical Master who channeled Hermes

Born and died

on the Magical Day in the Zodiac Wheel

the 34th day which is synchronistically

St George’s Day 

We have access to all time and space

and our higher angelic self 


on the helm

of Jason’s boat

on his quest

to find the golden fleece

which is the journey we are all on 


This 5th and 11th axis is key to our journey that initiates in Spring

with Aries in the Sun position our initiation by fire begins and we commence what we were dreaming about

in Pisces time

Here is a workshop coming up especially for that launch

How to train your Dragon 

April 18 2015

with New Moon in Aries

A conscious process workshop

based on the North and South Nodes

our directions 

our past life code

that we are sailing away from 

to create new worlds 


We are still in the dark half of the year now

still working underground with this seeds

with Persephone 


What happened in our youth that hurt?

What challenged our heart?

What felt like we could not be true to ourself ?

When we get to the heart of the matter in our 5th house 

we can see what is coming up now 

open our channel of communication to our higher self

let our heart guide us

and start to see all is good

even though our ego may not think so 

it is simply the way it is designed

to protect us 

there comes a point when we are ready to let go of that protection

and be brave enough to feel the pain

that we have repressed 

because we have the tools to do that

Emotional Freedom Technique is a favourite of mine

because it has worked for me 

If you are ready to start to explore 

My next Persephone Path Workshop

could be a starting point 

Persephone Path 5 

The Heart


You can take part anywhere in the world 

you need Skype 

Skype is free and all that is required is a download

You will need a camera on your computer ideally

We need to be able to make a mutual time of good energy

where we are not feeling tired 

I will need time to do your charts 

You don’t need to know about Astrology or The Mayan Calendar

You do not need to know how to do EFT 

All that is required is an openness to learn

and feel it is the time for you 🙂 

To be able to trust the process is key to this new paradigm time 

The ebook is time sensitive for the day of letting go in this Wavespell

Blue Spectral Storm


Key to letting go of emotions so we can feel safe

If you at mid life you may be bursting with emotion

especially rage

especially grief

and constantly be experiencing triggers

setting off an emotional reaction

you may be feeling unstable 

and that is ok 


that is perfectly natural at this time

We haven’t got structures in place yet on planet earth

that are mainstream 

that are focused on addressing

how to have balance

how to work with our emotions

how to have authentic relationship

Most of our society is based on:



power tripping

abusive relationship

We can all let go of our inner critic by healing it

rather than repressing it 

Lilith in Virgo time 

Virgo is linked to Mercury



It is time to let out our suppressed feminine

our Contrary Mary 

My Lilith is in my first house in Aquarius

so feeling this energy hugely 


Mercury helps us facilitate the process of lifting the lid off

busting out of the cocoon

and letting go of hiding because we are afraid

of other people’s reactions to something 

that they do not want to face in themselves 

We are all projectors of our internal world 

and when we start to really wise up to what this means 

beyond the surface

of visualisation

and affirmation

when we are ready to dive in deep

then we go beyond the veil 

where the core is 



is that a journey to the centre of our early being 

Are you ready to rip down the curtains ?

Chuck out the chintz?

Burn the bra in a new paradigm way ?

The Universe is ready to write new code


Red Moon Wavespell ~ pump up the volume


Red Moon Wavespell

The Castle of the Heart 

Can you feel it?

Sap is rising


Don’t know what it feels like in your neck of the woods…

but in The Heart Chakra

A quickening is happening

Kundalini rising

The love zone is opening to the light returning

and it feels good


After so much heart ache


and travelling back to our past bigger picture with Mercury Retrograde

It’s a great time to catch our breath




Time to really feel the feminine awakening to ignite

with the masculine in March

Imbolc stirrings and murmuring getting louder


and now that Mercury is going direct again

We can start to get our boat ready 

to set sail

Time to Spring clean those cobwebs


and get ready to commence our 

hero and heroine’s journey

Our Galaxy Quest

What exciting adventure’s await us in this 

Wheel of Fortune 

Astrological wheel


I am going to mini blog through this 13 day process

It is my feminine moon spell 

red moon1

When we are born we have a Mayan Sign 

and there is also the 13 Moon calendar 

The 13 Moons fall on the same day avery year

They have 28 days 

I am born in August and as the Mayan Year begins on July 26 

every year

I am A Magnetic Moon

Day 24

So my time of birth is just coming into the

dark moon of Magnetic Moon

hence my energy and how I work with this psychic and balsamic time

perfect for my life mission

This is the first time I am working with this Wavespell 

in this conscious awareness of that

and this year it is so powerful because we are in a

Mayan Year of Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

as this is a number 9 year ~ solar

this is also my Mayan Tone

and so this is really powerful 

We are at a time of completing cycles

Going through Gateways

Being transformed

It is challenging 

and magical 😉

New Code beaming through


Red Moon is the awakening Castle in the Mayan


Beacon of light

It’s planet is Mercury

not the Moon

It is East

The rising of the sun

a new dawn

It is a Messenger of the Gods


Our personal messenger to guide us….

if we are ready to listen

if we are open

if it is our time to tune in

Are you ?

Today is a great day to…

Set an intention and open to love 

What are you getting clear about in your mind about your life

What have you been shown over the last two wavespells

of Saturnian Code

We are in the

land of the Lovers in tarot

What do you want to bring into balance ?

Remember that everything and everyone shows us ourself

and where we can see the imbalance incarnate 


all it takes is some inner work to change our code


address that 

This is the code of the alchemical marriage 


with Valentine’s day approaching

our thoughts turn to amour and eros


on a deeper level


In the first new ebook

The Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trail Follower

I will be sharing tools of how to calculate a guide to any person or event you are in relationship with

and see a co creation code potentiality

Decide how we want to consciously work with this energy

to create an outcome

Instead of being Star Crossed Lovers stuck in dependency….

we can be





that doesn’t mean that we will not trip

or fall head long into love’s dream…

because sometime’s that is what it takes

to bring our heart’s desire

of healing possible

The Heart has a wisdom that is experiential

has to be felt

and so 

being in the body and feeling

the magnetic





can be key 

The more we are willing to feel to heal and the more intense everything becomes

personally rather than tying myself in knots with

50 shades of grey

I prefer 

full technicolour immersion into everything 

mask free

Something I knew earlier in life before my ego got an education in fear

and is now unlearning that 😉

The last few days have been a lovely experience of flow

Water Butts and guttering for my poly tunnels next stage arrived easily

a butterfly emerging in my kitchen hatched from somewhere in the house ~ such a metaphor for me

Being with lovely open people who want the same thing

Simple pleasures with simple needs

and a love of the earth

I have had two fantastic body treatments from friends and am flushing my energetic channels through with lots of tapping too and seeing my code with Astrology Tools 

It is a great time to purge for rebirth and to renew

all the beauty is here

in plain sight

and it is dazzling 

Love to you and your Feminine Moon unfurling 

Tomorrow is the new learning day of White Lunar Dog 


Time to find out what seeks expression rather than repression

to let the Dog Days of Depression come to an End

Let your emotions come out and be aired that is all that is needed to launch a new you free of the past