Blue Crystal Hand ~ Code 12 ~ Soul Warrior


Blue Crystal Hand

This is the Complex Stability Code

for the

Spiritual Warrior Process

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

This code was on Thursday 14 July 2016

so if you want to do

self enquiry

focus on what was happening to you then

as to your creation process 


Every day 12 of a Wavespell

is this

Crystal Code 


Day 12 reveals how clear we are

as a human being 

How in the flow we are with the Universe

How healthy we are

as our environment is supporting us 

Our lifestyle is supporting us

Our choices around how we play the game of life is supporting flow of life on all levels 

How free we are from our cultural conditioning is key 

Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign 

It is the Mystic 

It reveals what is resonating 

How our personal vibe and life journey is resonating 

Self enquiry :

Am I feeling good?

On purpose?

On track?

Capable ?

Feeling empowered ?

What emotions am I experiencing ?

This is key to being liberated from the personality and it’s wants 

To know oneself 

This may seem complicated at the onset 

At the initiation 

It is like learning any new skill

the easiest route in this case

is to let our emotions guide us ~

however if you have repressed

your true emotional self…

You may find this difficult and uncomfortable … at first 


most people have repressed this innate wise mechanism

to survive 

because our society generally is based on deceit


repression of the authentic self 

which in itself 


mixed messages 

to the self 

also known as 

Cognitive Dissonance 

Driving a car is a great analogy

for the evolutionary soul journey 

Things do have to stay separate 

until the driver has the skill set 








At the beginning there are so many things to do simultaneously 


the mind goes into overload

trying to overthink each separate task 

Part of us beyond the logical mind knows 

As we drive the car 

We are constantly looking in our mirrors 

Seeing what is around us in comparison to where we are 

If we are mindful of others

however some do not do this and focus purely on the self 😉 

Knowing where we are on our path through others is a reactive model

that is familiar to many 

How fast we are going

How slow we are going 

Who is going faster and what car are they driving may be a focus too 

How others impact on our journey with their ways of travelling 

How we react to that 

How that can ~ literally ~ impact on us 

How we feel about that …

that everything that everyone else does on planet earth

affects us personally on one level  


how that awareness creates an emotional response 

Tensegrity is another way of perceiving this process 

impeccability :

on the path of truth 

Carlos Casteneda 

Buckminster Fuller 

How each journey on a different day

can be so very different

because the universal energies are different and

we are different

It is Complex 


Are we in gear ?

What gear?

Moving out of gear ?



One day so many things to factor and maybe feeling anxious 

Over time everything clicks effortlessly without thinking in depth


often our mind zones out into auto pilot without even realising it 

We trance out 

We stop being conscious of each moment 

Finding segments of our journey elude our conscious recall

Our mind has hypnotised itself

This is key to notice this 

If we start to actually think about driving again ~ to go back to our first learning process 

It can actually feel very unsafe 



no complex stability 

City driving requires a different skill set to country living 

Noticing this and paying attention is often called


when the individual starts to focus on the self with this conscious awareness 

Personal enlightenment truly initiates 


Intellectually knowing the self

is important 

Knowing about personal patterns

is a key part


self awareness 

Knowing how our personal vehicle works:

The Human Being Self 

The Avatar 

Is a Mastery Skill Set that creates a Foundation Stone 

At another level 


transform this

Foundation Stone 


to recapitulate all that has been created during this lifetime 

This is a Shamanic Process 

A Sorcerer Process 

To allow connection to one’s Source 

To surrender to divine will 

The Spirit Self 

This takes Courage because it is an emotional process 

It requires getting intimately in touch with the whole self 

especially the parts the self likes to hide because it believes these parts to be unworthy 

It is easy to do an intellectual process 

It is very challenging to come face to face with oneself

because this is where the pain is 

It becomes easier over time 

as the ego self realises that it can face pain and survive it 



feel better because of this process 

Blue Hand is part of a Mayan family of 4:

Red Earth  ~ Grounding to feel safe on earth ~ mastery code 17 ~ Uranus

White Wind ~ Spirit speaking truth and wisdom ~ code 2 ~ Uranus

Blue Hand ~ Healing through transformation ~ code 7 ~ Earth

Yellow Human ~ The flowering of our true free self ~ code 12 ~ Earth 

Combined Codes ~ 38 = 11 

The Divine Child Process = Blue Monkey is Code 11 

To go further  = 2

To work with our shadow self and through that process create new learning 

Code 2 ~ White Wind ~ truth 

Letting go of what is no longer serving us to be free


evolve the Human Race

which is what the 260 day Wavespell Process

is all about 

The Human Being’s choice

is what level to play the game at 


All Mayan Sign’s

are part of a team of 4 energies 

Here is a document I created about this:

Master Castle Codes 

which is on my

Resources page 

Red Earth is the Awakening Sign 


The Planet is Uranus 

Awakening to what is seeking light 

Freedom from what un grounds the individual 

because of their initial earthly experiences in relationships since arriving incarnate 

This is always found in the Birth Tribe 

Once the individual starts to initiate the transformation process 

There are key programmes in place that have to be faced 

Core Tribal Codes 

Survival Codes 

Loyalty Codes 

on a deeper level 

Compliance and Conditioned Society Codes 

This is a Mastery Level that takes a great deal of personal work 

Radical Responsibility 

All that the ego has created to stay “safe” 

is there to be transformed to allow evolution 

to do this consciously as an individual 

requires conscious personal inner work 

to be conscious of what makes one tick

what one wants to expand that is respectful

and in balance

with new balanced relationship codes coming in

what is seeking release that no longer serves

and is often labelled generally as:

victim code

i.e avoidance of personal responsibility 

when we are in that mode we are disempowered

because we believe someone has the power now

Taking our power back is key 

This is from childhood experiences

From disempowerment events 

this is not about excusing abusive behaviour or condoning it in any way 

this is am essential part of our personal enlightenment process

and is how the evolution” game” is played 

I do not intend any disrespect of anyone’s personal journey with these statements


to create any judgement around any experiences in any way 


White Wind is the Refinement Sign 


free from emotional personality distortion

The High Priestess Avatar

Who has cleared their conditioned experiential distortions

to allow a channel to source

that speaks of truth

free of agenda and manipulation 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus

As the second Mayan Sign in the Matrix 

It is the new learning on planet Earth for human being development 

Yellow Human is the Flowering Sign 

the embodiment

in balance of the spiritual self and the human being self 

As the Mayan 12 th Sign it is the Sign of Complex Stability Process 

The Bodhisatva

A definition here 

Also my blog about

Yellow Resonant Warrior explains this in more detail 

click here to read 

The enlightened One who is truly compassionate 

being truly compassionate for themselves

through their loving acceptance and transformation of their self 

Blue Hand is the transformation process

All Blue Mayan Sign’s have this energy 

If you are a Blue 

Generally speaking you will be working with transformation and Shadow 

So this will precede you 

The sooner you come to terms with this energy


the sooner you will come into yourself 


know that just being in someone’s presence

will push their buttons around shadow and change 

resistance activated 

purely because of the energetic framework

you are holding on all levels 

which is change 

Blue Hand’s planet is Earth 


It is time for a huge change on planet earth 

The Key to the Spiritual Warrior Crystal Complex Process 


4 x 3

Working at all levels

Mind Body Spirit  


Being a human being requires practical solutions to everyday living 

Being grounded and earthed 


this is key to emotional stability 

It is an inside out process 

Our society is changing rapidly

so to survive



in order to thrive 


essential …



the ability

to mutate

are good skills to acquire 

also key

is the conscious awareness of new codes coming in


adapting to be in alignment with them

resistance is futile 😉 

How can understanding these frameworks help in these challenging times?

They give a map and a framework to follow to get in synch 

at the same time allowing the individual to take small steps every day

to transform themselves 

as deep down 

everyone has the ability and answers to do this process themselves

and is what we are here for 

As I began this Blog 

Scorpio Waxing Moon at 28 degrees :

A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.

We have a Full Moon coming

in the disciple code of Capricorn 

Tuesday July 19th 11.56 pm in the UK 

Here is a great article about this:

Darkstar Astrology

do the work 😉 

Capricorn at 27 degrees ~ how can we doubt any of this any more ?

It is all written in the stars 

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.
Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering–which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience.

With my awareness

I am offering

transformative workshops

for the

New Mayan Year to assist you

with your journey  :


R~Evolve Workshop 

Facebook link here: 

Get ready for the new year on the 26th of July with the planetary codes


your personal codes

you will be working with 

for any level of awareness 

This is a flexible course ~ you do not have to do it live or on the day ~


you can if you want to  😉

I am offering a webinar now too


Here is the link 

More info: 

Are you ready to evolve in a whole new way ?
Ready to see your own personal rebirth and reformation code ?
Know how you are a revolving conscious part of the creation matrix ?
Start to consciously work with your own patterns in a radical way at your own pace ?
Become aware of your sacred spiral ?
You will learn how to look at what is happening in each day in an amazing way ~ seeing yourself and all the signs of your karmic creating codes all around you
You will be able to see how everything is truly happening for a reason
You will be able to truly know how you have no control over others and be ready to let go on a deeper level and trust the process you are in

Are you ready to see what is often perceived as “negative” in a whole new light ?

We are in amazing times of rebirth and renewal .

In this Leo time of the year it is perfect timing to connect to our heart and work with conscious intent to open ourselves to this new learning

This auspicious time of returning to balance with the Sacred Feminine

I have been learning with the Mayan Wavespell Calendar for 5 years now on a daily basis

It is an amazing synchronising tool that was created exactly for this purpose ~ human evolution

The emotional evolution

Different ways to perceive and receive

Evolve through relationships

Evolve through transforming what traditional perecption sees as “negativity”

Our planet is at a time of extreme imbalance

Many see this as “beyond repair”
The ending of times

There are lots of fear beliefs currently running in the collective

With perfectly good reason

We are in the last few days of one Mayan Year and a new one beginning on July 26

The New one beginning is Blue Storm ~ Code 11 ~ Spectral

This type of energy only appears once in a 13 year cycle in this form

In terms of transformation , Blue Storm only appears once every 4 years

It is a powerful time to initiate and expand your own personal evolution

Beyond the mind and intellect
Beyond the Conditioning of Culture
Beyond anything in the outer world

This is a journey within to be in this world as a conscious dreamer and co creator
Being a Queen Process ~ sovereignty ~ being able to be in a powerful centred place rather than a pawn on the labyrinth

You will be given an in depth overview of the 13 step process we will be working with for this whole year and uncover insights around what has already been happening to you in these last few Wavespells

Remember ~ You already have everything you need within you
All you need do is awaken to that truth
See yourself in a whole new light
Transform what your ego sees as getting in the way ~ which is actually the key to everything

What you will initiate from this workshop :

You may work at whatever level you feel ready to :

With Information only :

1. Information about your Starcode ~ natal chart ~ and Mayan Sign
and an ebook with information about what this new Mayan Year has in store for you


2. In depth Information about this forthcoming Mayan Year and it’s Significance to Human Evolution only



For those who wish to work on a deeper level :

3. Personal Reading and in depth information as to personal charts and how this will be co creating with your personal evolution
plus 90 minute Skype Energy coaching with me at a mutually convenient time ~ focusing on what you wish to evolve with on a personal level ~ typically this is where resistance and emotional issues are coming up


4. Live Webinar


A Group Circle of energy
You can connect from anywhere in the world .
You can work on whatever level you feel confortable with
This involves Emotional Freedom Technique

You can take part online via computer
By phone
See other participants or not

It is a powerful way to access group synergy and also great for those on a budget

This will be limited numbers initially because of the framework so please ensure you book your place

Skype Energy Coaching Offer :

Taking part in this workshop will give you an opportunity to add on 90 minutes one to one Skype Sessions with me at future dates as and when you feel to at the reduced rate of £22

Please be aware that due to the level I work at with people, I have to limit my numbers

If I haven’t worked with you before I will need time to do your charts so please allow for this

If you want more information please contact me:

Jo Kenworthy

01458 850769
07772 877028

Day out of Time Webinar 

25 July 2016 

Facebook link here: 


Are you ready to see what you have created ?


My Mirror ~ what have I manifested so far on this creation journey ?
What do I wish to keep and expand ?
What do I wish to release that is no longer serving me

This is the Mayan Day Out Of Time

This year it is a code 10 ~ the code of Manifestation
It is also a Galactic Portal Day

White Planetary Mirror

A Mastery Code ~ 18 

Planet Neptune 
A Gateway of integration



It is the day before the start of the Mayan New Year
Blue Spectral Storm on July 26



This webinar is a transformational process to allow conscious awareness

for those ready to see what is seeking expansion and release in their co creation process

You can take part live or have a recorded version
There are lots of levels to get involved in

You will be sent a self enquiry template to use as you choose

You can influence the webinar content if you wish :
by replying to me 48 hours before with your content ~ this can be anonymous if you wish

You don’t need any knowledge of the Mayan Calendar to do this

We will be using Emotional Freedom Technique on the webinar ~
again participate at a level you feel comfortable with ~ active/non active

and you do not need any previous experience or knowledge

of emotional freedom technique to do this

How to take part:

* You can take part online with a computer
* You can take online with a phone
* You can have a recording

* Create a group if you wish

I am limited on numbers for this webinar due to the framework so please reserve your space

Please message me/contact me for more info :

Jo Kenworthy
01458 850769
07772 877028

£9 per person

These Frameworks are absolutely amazing 

Give them a whirl yourself 


align through all time 

with the part of you that consciously chose 

to take part in this 

revelatory human evolution 

turn everything your mind believes

on it’s head 

in a way only you can 


Blue Crystal Hand ~ the key to clarity


Blue Crystal Hand 

The key code for getting clear and creating complex stability on all levels of your being

Today is Feb 09 2015 

It is Galactic Moon Day 3

What does that mean ?

To use a computer analogy it has a very specific creation code

It has a very specific function

When I am blogging if I want to share a video with you from youtube , I go onto the site , select the video and press the share button. This will then give me options as to how I want to share it using social media choices such as Facebook.

Someone has created computer code to do this 

If I want to share the video in my blog as a picture frame, where you can click on it and play it, in my blog 

the I press the button to

embed it 

Here is my Cosmic Cookie Trail Video

Then lots of code comes up and I copy and paste it

and like magic

a portal appears for exactly that purpose 

If that embed code is not replicated exactly 

then it will not embed 

and no portal connection will be there

So we can see in simple terms this is how this creation end product

is achieved

and so it is with everything



If you grasp this simple concept ~

which is paradoxically amazingly complex at the same time….

then you are well

on your way to

mastering the secret of active infinity living

shamanic practise

alchemical abracadabra

Isn’t that exciting ?

At this moment

the majority of people

are still working with

an untouched

cosmic code

that has been corrupted by the patriarchal age 

and millennia of out of balance 

co dependent 

power tripping


The Infinity symbol is not equal in other words

and the emphasis is on the masculine

on the outer

on the cosmic mess of ego hedonism 

boys toys

Top Gear in action 

A group of blokes who have more money than sense

due to public support

because this series is hugely popular

and little sensitivity to anything outside

of that way of behaving

even to their own team mates 

If you are outside the UK you may not be aware of this programme

It is fabulous to see this process and the backlash 

in action against political correctness

This is a picture of how many people are putting up two fingers to evolution to get their thrills with the material and a metaphor 

for Saturn in Sagittarius 

I am not totally anti this programme or the people in it ~

there are lots of interesting things to watch and discover

I still find it amazing how there is such a huge following and so much energy put into these ego pursuits 

when there is so much that could be done with all those resources in a different way


that is revealing where we are in the collective popularity stakes 

and the focus of energy is still there

and many things that are happening are totally insane 🙂


This is because as I mentioned earlier

the majority of human beings ~ maybe all ~ have what Carlos Castenada’s book 

The active side of infinity 


A Foreign installation

of the mind 

in other words 

a contrivance

an artificial distorted version of cosmic code

which creates 

an off track diversion away from source 

Going off track by millimetres every day 

leads to a long way off heart target over a year

and over 40 years 

extreme 😉

This is why at age 42 we may experience

a mid life crisis to pull us back in

Uranus Opposition

This is where we are on planet earth right now

with these highly charged

Uranus Squares

and the last of which coming up in March 

It is an inter planetary

co created wake up call

of mid life crisis

Here we are

Up a crevice

In a boat 

without a paddle 

Going around in circles looking for signs and directions

to bring us to stillness and peace 

and most missing the point because the focus is still on the outside

The paradox is…


That is the perfect place to be to notice that

and look at our route that brought us to this place because that is where the clues are…

to our personal mystery

and as it has been known for a very long time

for the wise ones

the answer is always seeded in the stars

when we are ready to look  🙂 

Become the Seer



Today we are in the 12th day of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Blue Crystal Hand

The Yellow Warrior 13 day code is all about this

It is Saturn ruled

It reveals our structure

In the first ebook of the Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailing Guide

This is what we are going to be looking at 

Where is your Saturn placed in your chart

and what does that mean for you ?


We are also going to be looking at where Saturn

is in the universal chart 

and how that can be impacting on you

To use the computer metaphor again 

We have a code

We come into this world with it

It is our Universal Barcode 

Just like a juicy fruit in the supermarket 

we are constantly swiped and scanned 

and activated

Once we really understand this we understand how 

in many ways it does not matter what comes out of our mouth

or what we choose to do 

because our vibe is what is determining our day to day

That can be a scary prospect for the untrained ego

who likes to feel it is in command 

This is why it is essential to feel

feel that fear

That fear is what sets us free


because although some of that emotional response is a survival mechanism

and healthy

part of is is the foreign installation thingy 😉

and unhealthy because when we let it take over

our spirit is limited in gaining access to guide us


because our cup is too full of old code

old emotion

and it is not a match for our evolution at that time

The Universe runs a code

just like a playstation game 

Our code does the dance with the universe code

There is no past 

There is only the present

and the future is being created by what we know as…

the past

This code that is created in the first part

of our Saturnian Structure time on earth

creates our whole life

if we let it stay in raw form

There are slight variations of course of it’s creation expression

as we dance with the universal game plan

as we see in world history

there are marked similarities that keep returning 



and the more time we are here

the more that framework expands

and often that means lots of resistance 

because the human being interface has not changed consciously 

i.e the human being is not bringing their shadow up to conscious level


as a result not evolving 

or learning new things

feeling and releasing old wounding

being aware intellectually

is not complex stability

it is simply having intellectual awareness

which is a totally different thing

same computer code it has always been but with a different script 

a different costume on

a very pervasive and deceptive coping mechanism mask of the ego 

playing a role 


this is not soul co creative transformation

on an alchemical level 

When we change our code through bringing it up and out

we are doing the process

and that takes courage 

it takes feelings to liquefy our form and become a butterfly


Today we are in day 3


Galactic Moon

Galactic Moon is the Mayan name for Moon 8

It is code 8 in the White Wind 13 day process Wavespell

of speaking the truth

and letting spirit flow through us 

See the significance ?

An essential step to be a cup holder

of our God and Goddess self

which is why it is at this time of Aquarius Sun 


This Moon period of 28 days ~ which always comes at this time of year

Aquarius in Astrology 

Seeing our bigger picture 

allows us to integrate 

if we choose

What many people may be feeling now is powerful 

Something big being unearthed and magnified 

It may feel scary

It may feel challenging 

and with it are the seeds of a new garden of Eden

garden first summer 030

Two New Moons in Aquarius

one at 0 degrees at the start

This is the same degree as my Ascendant 

The next one on the 18th of February at 29 degrees

This is Medea in my chart in my first house

which is why I have a feeling of amazing potency at the moment 

I feel like I am in the process of living my dream

and although it has been very challenging to take this journey

with so much heart ache

and deep emotional ego stuff

learning these tools of transformation has unlocked everything

It is so worth doing this deep soul journey 

the rewards are beyond measure

I encourage you to

Fly High 

Dig deep 

first go within for the treasure you seek 🙂

Spring is on it’s way


Primavera Botticelli

Can you see the alchemical process in the painting ?

Saturnian Wavespells ~ creating new source code


I am back on the blog after an intense time 🙂

Thank you for all those sending me support and saying how they missed the blog ~ this has lead to some new inspired ideas too ~ it is a key part of our creative process ~ to be squeezed through the birthing channel 

Blue Night Wavespell

has been and gone

and yesterday

I had an amazing intuitive next step revealed

This was on the portal day of Blue Galactic Night

where we revisited the Blue Night Wavespell

as to what was seeking integration

More later….

 I have a lot to share in this blog and I am intending to cut through as much jargon as I can . This is difficult given the nature of the material I am working with as some knowledge of Astrology and the Mayan Calendar is key. If you do not know anything about Astrology this may not make any sense to you but this is key to where we all are on our journey and my shift too. What I do and share isn’t for everybody and I cannot be all things to all people ~ much as I would like to be 🙂 Forgive me but I cannot be as expansive as I was ~ time for people to be pro active now and learn what is required ~ I suggest you start to learn Astrology online or go to a great group and meet like minded people. Astrology is the code of consciousness and essential for knowing thyself. I have just had my transits done with Carolina Lamus and wow ~ so revealing as is our ever expanding group in Glastonbury ~ come and join. I recommend that you have yours done with her ~ I picked a Sacred Feminine Asteroid chart and if you feel to this could be key for you too. 

My Ascendant is in Aquarius at 0 degrees and as this was the New Moon energy and my Aquarius Decan 1 is now becoming more familiar to me ~ I love to serve and although Aquarian energy can seem aloof in relationships ~ I do care deeply about my fellow human beings . That is my Leo Sun shining.

What I have really awoken to now is the bare bones facts of the karmic codes ~ and had a reality check.

We are what we are and we are where we are and no amount of other people’s compassion can change our codes.  

Compassion for ourselves and doing the inner work for ourselves with the assistance of others ~ is what changes code 🙂 If we do not do this process then nothing can change for us on a deep level because we have not changed. What we are seeing every day is a reflection of ourselves and our beliefs ~ this is complex but the simple starting point is ~ inner work on emotional events in the past is essential .

My circumstances have changed as my children are now young adults and it is the perfect time for me to evolve in my relationships and focus on my gifts and expanding on doing what I love …

For those who are ready to take the pro active steps to forming new models of relationship ~ which involves new learning ~ I am sharing this with message you too ….

My work as a Coach is really highlighting this for so many now, who have been in imbalanced relationship and are coming to centre in themselves.

I can no longer give more than I receive or be in relationship with people who are not fair and honest in relationship ~ time to be discerning and to get clear…… 🙂

My time is not infinite in this human being existence and so I have to be discerning how I create with it 🙂 

This is the core code change of the return to balance of the veiled sacred feminine ~ coming through each of us at Imbolc time 


This is essential to our human evolution now ~

to be discerning


 be the change we want to see 🙂

At the moment I do not get much renumeration for this blog 

It isn’t that I want to make a lot of money from it …

I love doing it and it is my personal learning library

and process

and I will continue in this vein to some degree

I have to make a living and this is how I do it and there are only so many hours in a day for me to do that

so I am starting a monthly blog ebook

you can subscribe to

with the latest

Astrological and Mayan Cookie Trail tips

in a focused process way

Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailing

It is £2 a month

and will have the in depth nitty gritty


Spiritual  Heart Warriors

choose to have in their

Map Resources

to aid them on their journey  

It also has special assistance and support

for anyone brave enough

to go deeper and start to do energy coaching or taking part in workshops and this is for everyone

including my existing partakers 😉

I am choosing to support people who are ready to support themselves free of co dependent code as this is what is essential now for pioneers doing what it takes to evolve personally

How do I get this ebook ?

If you make sure that you automatically get the blog for starters:

click the  subscribe  button and then you get emails

Each new ebook will be clearly highlighted in the blog

with a link to click on

and this will take you to paypal

where the ebook will be sent to you so you can choose as and when you feel to go deeper than

the bare bones blog which will still be available for all the people who wish to carry on connecting to it

I have links to other websites if you hover your mouse.

These sites are independent of me

and are expanding on the info in my blog.


Each planet carries a cosmic code and energy and where it was when we were born creates our energetic structure in a big way. This code is activated when Saturn returns to the place of our birth at around the ages of 29 and 58 and 89 and so  if this is key for you now you will be experiencing a Saturn return in Sagi fire ~ Saturn in Sagittarius 

This can be a time of great change involving breakdowns to break through and get back on track for our life mission ~ the first 30 years of our life are currently around exploring the ego structure for most ~ the legacy of the swathe tail end of the extreme patriarch led by pathological narcissistic systems and power tripping people who do not care because they are carrying deep ego wounding

do not wish to feel so go to extremes to avoid any shadow emotions

and the result of that way of relating…

very destructive power tripping and repeating old planetary patterns of war because it gives them what their fragile ego needs. We are seeing bullying on a grand scale and it is everywhere.

Yet the masses are not aware of this because their nose is on the grindstone …

How to get off it ?

~ educate ourselves on our planetary history, this is key to Saturn in Sagi 

~ be brave to open our hearts to what we fear and know about what some human beings do to others and the nature of what all human beings are capable of ~that is in the history books ~ there are no “good guys” in war . Jupiter in Leo time . This takes courage to see humanity in all it’s rawness.  This holds the key to our deepest fears because most of our wounding comes from our birth family ~ real or perceived and if our own family can hurt us then….. 

~ see the history of religion for what it is ~ nothing to do with consciousness or love in any way if it is carrying a message of fear. It is distorted for control and has always been in history because it is an interpretation of wisdom by men with an agenda .  The Borgias are one example that reveal the hypocrisy.There are many examples of very recent revelations about this abuse of power, especially in the Catholic Church. This is self~ evident as in truth no one needs a conduit to consciousness and source do they ? It happens through our own connection to the divine and happens more often, as we clear our code and channel and be free of any conditioning designed to disempower that knowledge.Time for people to wake up to truth and take responsibility for their consciousness on all levels.

 ~This is akin to leaving a cult doing this process ~ I do not exaggerate ~ doing this takes determination and great courage because it flies in the face of our society structures throughout what is laughingly often called the “developed world” This world is built on corruption at the heart of the power structures ~ time to reverse the polarity by taking our personal power back.

The axis being highlighted by this is Houses 3 and 10 ~ in Medieval times the God and Goddess axis


If you have Saturn in your first house knowing your code is key

If you are a Blue Night or your Mayan Sign or 13 Moon sign is in Blue Night Code this is key

If you have Blue Night in your Castles this is key

If you are a Yellow Warrior or your Mayan Sign or 13 Moon sign is in Yellow Warrior this is key 

If you have Yellow Warrior in your Castles this is key

I have Saturn in my first house in Pisces


 We are code and we are bound by it

The choice we have and the free will we have …

How to know it and work with it, within the boundaries of it and if we do not consciously know that

then this is limited and often causes pain and suffering in this constriction

The meaning we place on it is key

to what we will be creating with it

and if we still believe that our happiness is tied up in something outside of ourself like

a star crossed lover syndrome 



that is going to hurt big time 

with Valentine’s Day approaching this is of course a key code 

opening our heart to love can be started with a romantic relationship of course 

this will reveal how open we are once the sizzle

has sozzled

and we start to see the person we are

through the person we are with 

then we see the reality

if we are ready to look 

and go deeper 

This is where loving really starts or stops

and fear and dependency take over

this can be a very addictive habit as it feels so fabulous

on so many sensory levels 

it all depends on what we want to create 😉

This is also the key to honesty and intimacy in relationship and understanding our personal path to the stars

by stripping down to the bare bones and seeing our Saturnian structure revealed

See our relationship patterns

See our Ancestral lines

See our Sacred Feminine wounds

and heal them

then we are ready to have relationships with others

free of need 

Blue Night Code is all about this and seeing how we are the conscious dreamer manifesting our reality. The things that are hurting us still,lead back to our childhood relationship structures. Once we free ourselves from the illusion of the American Dream of Material Success and Ego led living ~ see it as a totally manufactured myth with no basis in human being ability to be perfect . All the products, all the supposed wonder of this way are simply contrivances to sell us things we do not need to promote greed and keep the war machine going . Once we stop buying into this ideal,that can never be maintained , we are on the road to freedom .

All the information about your patterns are in your Astrological chart and your Mayan code ~ once you intend to access it the universe assists you ~ it is painful at times ~ go through the death of the ego and you live to see more and more magic. We are the miracle.



So Societal Structures are breaking down because they do not serve us



and the meaning of

Knowing Oneself

There is no good or bad

That is a human viewpoint position of the ego

Placing meaning on an event

There is nothing wrong with that process either

Our Ego is designed to allow us to survive

and so makes choices for us

based on it’s perception of life

which has some general themes:

from our ancestors survival learning

from our current upbringing

from our society viewpoints

from historical events

from geographical events

This is what was coming to light in the

 13 day process of our Tribe

White Dog

Dog star

All of our Universal Experience is coded

Like a computer programme

It is causality based

and although things may be chaotic

and seem to be random

I offer you that they are not

They all have a root recipe


happen for a reason

That doesn’t mean that we perceive them as


Our Human being mind places individual and unique


in order to make sense of these happenings

and often that is for an emotional reasoning process to happen

In NLP terms

this is often referred to our

Map of the World

Which seems real

but is not

The Map is not the territory

Our personal map is simply our personal life experience so far

The Universal Map is actually the territory

without any man made meaning

or subjective interpretation

which is nigh on impossible to perceive

when we are perceiving it through our perceptual human being ness

This is the paradox

Each one of us sees the world differently

We have some shared perspectives

We have map clashes when our map of the world is a polar opposite of some one else’s

At the moment this is coming to centre stage on the world forum

This is because

In Astrological terms

Uranus is in Aries


Time for the sheep to be activated into awakening 😉

Initiating fire to bring new beginnings

Power struggles

that allow transformation

For most of the population

this can be very challenging

As most of the conditioning ~


mind control


and formal education

does not value free spirit and chaos format

actually believes non conformity

to be dangerous

because it is a threat to the collective who are engaged in

limited thinking and perception

purposefully designed as an imbalanced

co dependent society

In plain language

A small group of people control a large group of people

Through fear



and the illusion of

The Ego Dream

If , like me, you bought into this fantasy

which given the level of indoctrination we have been working with in this way

that is thousands of years in the process

there is nothing to be ashamed of

and indeed this is all meant to be

and so it is

This is all part of our life learning process

and our transformation adventure

our mission impossible

should we choose to take it

This is key to our Alchemy in this lifetime


The Aquarius Age

To get off this imbalanced way of living

takes Courage

takes grit and determination

This is being revealed now in the time of Aquarius Sun

Seeing the bigger picture .This energy has been hijacked, in the name of religion. In the name of a consumer spending spree. In the name of a society that is based on the human being blueprint alone ~with a shelf life and in part this is true. It is also a distorted and one sided perspective. Which matches the code of the child who has been wounded or has a perception of such. This immature, untransformed linear, masculine, biased code creates the same outcome. It is not all embracing or holistic or broad or open minded.

It is fuelled by very strong emotions, like rage and when we are living from a rage foundation this energy can be very destructive


Volcanic fire


It can also be very damaging to our human being body.When we are coming from this wounded place our creativity and resourcefulness are also coming from this place ~Chaos and the wild feminine, the wild masculine are feared by the conditioned mind set. This is the shadow lands.The dark times that we are going through ~ which are key to facing to set us free ~ not focusing on the “positive ” as an avoidance coping mechanism. The “positive” comes naturally as a by product of being with the reality and facing and feeling it.

This energy is key to the creation process

and as each one of us is not embracing it in ourself

so it is manifest outside

It is being created outside

So we can see what repression

of the so called shadow emotions

creates in our world

Time for our childish nature to mature

This is what the Aquarian Age brings

The Narcissist code is a greatest teacher

The Narcissist Code is the ultimate protection mechanism

and understanding of this is key

It is why we are here at this point on the spiral

to see what has created it 


This code was created in raw nightmare times

This code was given birth to when the child was under terror

under stark survival mode

Lost a parent

Lost a home

Lost the means to keep body and soul together

or believed it to be so

Lost the mother figure who was soft and supportive








free spirited

in touch with nature

In our society we can see how this is not valued

or cherished

or supported

Where are our support systems?

Our Society does not care

that is evident in the structures of our community

Where is the love ?

Are you aware of  the actual support in your community?

We are all about to find out

as we are rooted out of our caves of survival

If we haven’t already had this experience

Time for a wake up call

Time for a reality check

Time for human beings to realise how the universe really works

We are all affected by each other and many people speak of this

and yet are still living out of alignment with it

not realising the true impact

and wanting others to pay for them

to support them in an out of balance way

the blame game of passing the buck

The Financial Model crash was only the start

Do we really want to face the truth of our dependency?

We have seen hints of it behind the veil

If the banks closed the doors tomorrow

What would we do ?

If the petrol stations closed ?

If the supermarkets closed?

Do you know the nature of care in your community ?

In the UK there is very little actual support that works now because the funds are being cut and privatised

and all of this is bringing balance to overspend in these areas in the past

based on

housekeeping that did not balance the books

or be accountable

debt model

If the fuel lines stop it affects everything

Do I have food that I grow?

Do I know how to do practical skills?

How long would I live when the umbilical cord is cut ?

These are uncomfortable questions to ask ourselves

and it is time to ask them


The systems that are in place

are created from a narcissistic code

That is not compatible

with caring


learning how to communicate


be honest

This Narcissistic Code comes from nightmarish human experiences that are in our own neighbourhood and always have been

and it is a terrible coping mechanism of denial

It is based on distortion




It is dishonest

It is mean

It is “just business”

and if we avoid looking at this reality

We are in peril

Look at history

Look at the evidence

See how what has happened so far

Is insane

Is not logical

That so many die in holocausts

based on so few enforcing the destruction

and when we really start to understand this

we really start to understand how we create our reality

This is the law of attraction in action

There is no blame

no judgement

and simply thinking or feeling

does not make something


Code is key

Code creates

Code shapes

The brave are ready to look

The brave are ready to let go of being the victim



and work with that energy that is within them

Instead of polarising it onto others

and scapegoating


Doing the blame game is back to the childhood playground

Where all of this code was created

Doing the blame game simply keeps it going

Because no one wants to take responsibility

and passes the pain parcel

It can only stop

when we hold it

unwrap it

See it

Feel it

Clear it within us

Reveal the root cause

Understand how it came to be

and create a new way of being

New Models in Society

By becoming a new model from the inside

The polar opposite of the Narcissist

Is the Empath

The Enabler

The alter ego who does emotion for the narcissist who will not feel

Again when we understand the process

We understand the code

the model

Being an enabler is not healthy either

If someone has been deeply wounded as a child

chances are the family they grew up in

had limited resources on communicating and feeling

because that is true in all areas of society

in all so called first world countries

and for different reasons in many third world countries

Is there a place in the world that still exists

that has had no outside contact ?

and so free from

“contamination of conditioning of the other”

Is there somewhere

and some group of what is called

indigenous people


are in balance with their masculine and feminine and tribal wisdom

that comes direct from source ?

Probably Not

Even if they are they are subject to the cosmic code still

although not as much as those following the ways of conditioned society

who have lost touch with the natural ways

open to all animal and plant life that is free from human control

So in Summary

we have to face the situation we are in personally 

and be honest with ourselves 

let go of denial and putting on a mask of a happy face 


this is the first step in any taking responsibility system

Let go of our denial so we see where we are

what created that space

See where we want to be

and start doing it 

Are you ready to get to grips with your personal

Wheel of Fortune ?

Remember if you do what you have always done expecting a different outcome then you are in denial 😉 


Life is meant to challenge us 

Life teaches us truth if we let ourselves be brave enough 

Too much mind emphasis in our world

which is why heart is coming in to heal

When we are living in our head we do not feel

Compassion is a heart thing 

a feeling thing

If we do not love and accept ourselves

then we truly cannot do that for others either because that is how code works 

Yellow Warrior Wavespell that we are currently in brings us the 13 day code process of being a Warrior of the Heart 



This is the process revealed in the tarot as The Fool on his journey. This is in the Tree of Life process and the Kabbalah. This is is the secret teaching of the 78 number process which is inherent in the esoteric teachings . The code of balance and living in the heart wisdom free of raw ego rules . 

The Mayan Matrix takes you on a process of de~ conditioning from these man made ego world .

To do it you have to do it.

Not read about it ~ that is mind.

Be it Live it Love it 

That is what it takes to be free and align with natural time and unlearn and remember 

This is what I love about it 

I have a calendar I bought when I first came to Glastonbury in 2011 

The workshop was on Red Skywalker Day ~ The Fool

It is on my wall and on Wednesday evening I took it down and looked at it again more closely

White Resonant Wind Day ~ top of the pyramid for spirit speaking through us

Mystic code of the Yellow Warrior

I looked at the bottom left corner where there are 13 signs and I felt drawn to look further

They are called the Pacal 13 clear signs and there is a note to say when these days occur it is very magical

I felt drawn to look further…

I noticed for the first time that

my Mayan Sign was one of them…

How is this possible that I did not notice this before ?

Blue Solar Hand

is one of the 13

I started to look at the codes and the planets of all the signs and add them together


Yesterday morning I found this video

I felt drawn to look at it and it talked of

Blue Galactic Night …

the exact day 

Wow ~ I am on the cookie trail and another exciting chapter is unfolding.

More about this on my next blog as I go further ….

This is all about this process and what Quetzalcoatl

really means

to the ones amongst us who are here

to be that archetype by living it 

Here is the video 

If you would like to take part in the next workshop for revealing your personal Persephone Path Code 

Here is a link to it:

Persephone Path 5 ~

The Heart

You can take part wherever you are in the world by Skype and ebook


Remember that the structure that exists is purely a creation

and so 

other structures can also be created

Do be afraid 

and do feel it 

Within this fear is the seeds of the new civilisation that is being born through each one of us 

Everything that we need is within us 


We are the love we seek 


Yellow Warrior Wavespell ~ the heart centre



Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Day 5 ~ Yellow Overtone Sun

The language of light 

Please hover your mouse over the text and click on the links to expand the info

These are links to other websites 

The intention is to share from many perspectives 


The brightest star in the Pleiades


This is the yellow gold in the Yellow Castle

The South within the South

The last golden thread before we go into

The Green Castle of the Heart

This is the next code to allow our dream to become a reality

This requires action

and evolution

What we initiated in Aries fire

We are bringing into earthly form in Taurus

being guided by the Isis light

To manifest this dream requires a journey that will create the energetic framework within

to form the earthly structure without

We are in the wheat field of The Gladiator

The Character in the film and the leading picture

This is a very meaningful film

about a man who is chosen because of his loyal, true heart

to govern Rome

because his Emperor Marcus Aurelius knows

that his blood line son ~Commodus

will only use his position 

to further his ego

which is maligned and cruel

He has grown far from the path

and has never felt loved by his father

The reason I have chosen this 

and I often refer to it in my blogs

is nothing to do with the violence or the fighting

It is the message underneath

that even though this man was broken to the core 

all his wordily goods and titles stripped away

and all that he loved destroyed

his spirit remained bright and shining

although he speaks of revenge throughout….

again I do not seek to speak of this with any favour

What I seek to share is that this man was loved by his soldiers

loved by the people of Rome

for his courage

and his ability to lead them by being one of them

and walking his talk

through his challenge of fire

The Spaniard

The Gladiator

This story reveals the process

of the warrior of the heart

who in order to follow the path of the heart

has to be reduced to the bare bones

to strip away any false sense of self

to be reviled by shadow victims

to be ridiculed by the sleepwalkers

to be scapegoated by society

and sacrificed 

in sacred rites …

by the profane

who know no better

as they do not know what they do….

It is the framework of formation

That is what this time is all about

The Taurus Challenge

what does not kill us makes us stronger

We are here to work the divine 

through us

and let go of our ego stories

Truly what we do in this life

echoes in eternity


walking the heart path



and the will to work tirelessly

with our shadow self


I haven’t been on the internet much as it is a busy time for us in our garden and in our new poly tunnel

as we are blessed with beautiful sunshine

we are seeding, watering, repotting and learning as we go….

lots of new ideas every day

I will be sharing more about this on my other blog

It is all related and all shared code and patterns

and I learn so much about the structure of the universe

simply from being a gardener

my Taurus Moon


I have been facing lots of personal challenges

every which way


this time around

I am speaking my truth no matter

what the consequences

I do have the intention to be a clear channel

and let go of past emotion that is triggered by each situation….

That is why each situation shows up of course 🙂

To allow this letting go process

As my

Mars is in Libra 

it has been retrograde and continues to be until May 20th

Great blog about that here

which in this Mayan Wavespell  is White Resonant Wind Day

Spectral Moon 19

Letting Spirit Speak through us

by being a ” clear of ego ” channel conduit 🙂

Spectral Moon ~ letting go moon of being in our feminine in balance

by letting go of the need for attention seeking

energy vamping

wanting others to mother and nurture us

instead of doing that for ourselves as




and for me this has meant time travelling

and revisiting all the times in the past of imbalance

and what do I choose now

I choose to follow the path of  ” right relationship “

So often in the past I have been


repressing how I really feel

in case 

I upset others

even though I have tried many ways to communicate this

and been ignored 🙂

This is key now to our New Age time

New times come at this End of Times period

and so we learn new ways

We can only do that by being clear of our old ways

and our anger

and feeling to heal


It is time to see that the old ways were formed very distinctly

all the clues are there 

We may think we have evolved on our planet

but when we examine the evidence 

The fruit of our labours….

We can clearly see

If we are clear enough of distortions from within….

that essentially it is very simple

It is was it is 🙂

This is the true meaning of karma

The structure of the creation code is very simple

only when our emotional “stuff” gets in the way

It distorts our understanding

makes it fit our ego distortion framework

which in turn lets us do our learning journey

There is nothing “wrong” with this process

most people are not yet aware of this process is all

and still working from old scripts and programmes


they haven’t yet transformed

their personal

scripts and programmes

Do you see ?

That is the answer to

the whole deal 


The Secret 🙂

The only way….

which is open to all by the way…

the only requirement is to do the inner work

of transforming the shadow self

is to re calibrate our personal code 

in conjunction with the cosmos which is bringing us our daily new codes

and letting us align with them

by seeing where our resistance is….

and for each person that is unique 

Letting our resistance go

no if’s or buts 🙂

To go with the flow

of the universal wheel

and in alchemical terms this means

working with our prima materia

in a timely fashion with the heavenly bodies

who are perfectly placed to bring us into alignment

by following the zodiac process

the heavenly 12 step dance

the 12 energetic codes of the Zodiac

and we are the 13th step 

The mover and shaker

The magnificent midwife

The birther of worlds

The stardust embodiment 🙂

Animal totem this week


My daughter and I invariably encounter our local wildlife that is way out of our comfort zone 🙂

Big beasties that is

Especially big beasties that  fly

One aspect of my workshops’s at the moment is

sharing this awareness as to patterns and codes

with different perspectives

Since I started consciously working as a therapist in 2007…

which is my pattern and code in the Mayan

Blue Solar Hand

which is all about completion,

gateway transformation through healing

and …



Using my hands for bodywork

for tapping

for energy touch

for gardening


shaping the earth

In Somerset there is a word for big


On moving a bean bag we found a gurt big beetle underneath

It is called A Great Diving Beetle

and may be the mamma of the larva in our newly created pond

aka “the bathtub” in a former life

I thought they were damsel flies

Here is the totem for this ~ May Bug/Beetle take your pick


When I first started working with people with phobias

I realised that there was a pattern emerging

for example people who were afraid of spiders

Once we started  working on letting go of the fear of the spider

other threads emerged that were linked

that matched the pattern

Of course each person will have a different response 

and different threads to explore

and different feelings to feel to heal

often with “beasties”

the pattern is around things we cannot control in our environment

things that are unpredictable

move in fast movements

that cause us emotional pain

physical pain


Often in adult’s this is linked to earlier periods in childhood of bullying


being unable to create a safe space for oneself

So the key thing about this code

The Warrior of the Heart Code


Being able to feel safe in the environment  now

and able to develop strategies in relationship now

that do not create the same code as the “abusive distorted code” experienced

Being the change

This is often lost in translation when people are not ready to hear it

still full of fighting talk


Still in the land of the Red Mist 

breathing the dragon fire

wanting to slay the miscreants

Still the Red Bull fuelled fighter 🙂


I am often feeling this energy and I know many people are using this

pattern at the moment

to go head to head

full of heated passion



Once we become very aware of our code and codes generally

through going within and doing our inner journey

We know


Our anger always comes from our personal life experience

and when we deal with that

and deal with our anger

We work powerfully

and do not become

an abuser with a “righteous” crusade

Which is a very old script indeed

There is never any justification to use violence for instigation

to defend oneself as a last resort when all other means have failed maybe

Many in the past chose to be part of the pyre

to stay pure and free from becoming the behaviour they abhored


Now we have new ways to

Deal with our anger before our anger deals with us 🙂

All that these power struggles are :

Build up of each individuals anger and frustration

Projected outward and then greatly magnified

like a firestorm


So unless we want to add our personal fuel to the fire

we work on ourselves

feel to heal

and let go of any belief that there is an enemy to be fought

apart from our own ego 🙂

So what does the 13 day code

of the heart warrior reveal ?


The key question for each person 

What did it reveal for me ?

It began on Wednesday the 14th of May

Synchronistically the full moon in Scorpio in the UK

The Wesak Moon ~ The Buddha Moon

The Taurus and Scorpio 

powerful polarity

the soul versus the ego journey

Whatever is in our day to day life reveals our personal code and our next steps

For me the focus has been about planting seeds 

and getting my passion for my dream

into the physical 


Lots of hard physical work in the beautiful sunshine

It is simple for me

I do what I love

and part of that is

Helping people find their true code

and this became very clear as soon as I began my 13 year cycle of Blue Hand

back on my birthday in 20o9

I have been on a roller coaster ride ever since

and some of it has been scary 

and hairy 🙂

Which is what I am now shearing with people who are having that same experience

Buckle up


Day 1 ~ In a full moon in Scorpio

What is seeking death and rebirth to get free from the ego show ? The Warrior of the heart is calling

Day 2 ~ the challenge of Red Lunar Earth ~

what is pulling me away from belonging to the earth, feeling grounded and centred in earthy Taurus energy at this time ?

Am I still stuck in the veil of forgetfulness and unable to connect ?

Here lies the way forward by going back to the past.

Just notice how much time is spent every day that is not here and now.

Preparing for future days ~ not here and now ~ remembering how it was….not here and now…..

When I get this/have this/am this …..I’ll be happy …..

What if we can be happy here exactly as we are ?

The ego in it’s raw state cannot 🙂

Work with that raw state and release the peaceful inner space free from triggers

Day 3 ~ the alchemy day to blend days one and 2

White Electric Mirror

What is calling me ?

What is holding me back ?

What am I calling to me to show me my next steps that I can release and transform ?


Day 3 ~ The hall of mirrors reveals

what our beliefs are in plain sight.

This took place on Friday and I put out the mirrors

that amazingly survived the fence panels being blow apart in December and February

I cleaned them and placed them intuitively around the garden

They reflect the light and energy back to the central lawn

which is now heart shaped 🙂

Will get some quality pics of the surrounding countryside 

to share

as my phone doesn’t reveal the absolute heaven of this place


All the flowers are framing the space

and let’s hope the weather lasts all summer 

perfect for working outdoors with body work





This is one of my key codes for feeling total bliss


beautiful plants

all the creatures that come

The scents

The feelings I feel of relaxation and enjoying this with my fellow beings

Paradise 🙂

On Friday evening I went to a talk at The King Arthur

by Stephanie South

who is a very significant person

involved alongside Jose Arguelles 

for communicating and collating this amazing Mayan Code that many are connecting to now

Loved the message 

which I believe is what flows through each one of us

when we are in synch with the cosmic code

and what happens as I write this blog 

I share cosmic conscious ideas with my own filtration system 

as everyone does 

I do not read a lot about the Mayan as I prefer to synch with it 

and learn intuitively

I cannot take in huge amounts of info in one go anymore

and you may feel this too

I can only take in what is relevant

when it is relevant 🙂

and part of me that 

knows what is relevant

knows 🙂

so I didn’t know anything about Stephanie until I was invited to this talk

I didn’t realise even that her website is the one I link to

for decoding

I am going to write more about this when I have had time to look over the things that were new for me

so I can share links with you

What I felt was resonance

We are speaking the same language

the language of light codes

and that is so 

lovely to share

as there are few people who are resonating with that as of yet

I have just discovered for myself

by this I mean it is new to me 🙂

a new bigger picture of the significance of the birth day each year

and how it works with the Wavespell and the 13 year cycle

every day it amazes me 🙂

This is what happens when you follow this calendar

and let go of artificial time

Remember that we can only access this new way when we are ready to let go of being defined by the old 🙂

They are two totally different states of being 

Today what I have felt to share is the energy of Ahau

Which is the Mayan term for Yellow Sun

The code for today


Ahau is the codex

Pluto ~ the 9th planet is it’s planet

Pluto was first “discovered” in a Red Solar Moon Year in 1909 

We are going into a Red Solar Moon on July 26

The Myth of Pluto

the code being transmitted that is awakening and transforming us now

We have thirteen opportunities to be with this energy over a 260 day Wavespell cycle

It is right at the bottom of the calendar

It is the very last day in the whole cycle

Yellow Cosmic Sun

and a galactic portal day

Which means it is a gateway to all cosmic knowledge free from limitation

Each time we have done a full pass with all the other energy codes

We arrive at this energetic space

If we are doing that inner work

I keep speaking about :-)…


We can shine more

We are free from our shadow tyranny

and so we can match the christ consciousness

that is being beamed in

This isn’t hierarchical

It doesn’t mean anyone is “better”

It is a

competition free


What it means is that we have transcended our personal circumstances so far

and this is the true meaning of transcendence 🙂

Thing is none of the “ego rules” have validity here

we cannot fake it to make it

be something we are not

buy our stairway to heaven

The code is revealed to the whole universe 🙂

We cannot hide

We cannot run

We cannot do anything except

Be our true self

When the majority of people really understand this experientially

are present experientially

that means that the majority of shadows will be transformed

the lead into gold

and imagine what this will mean for the whole universe?

Only then will our planet be heaven on earth

free from tyranny

as tyranny will no longer be a code

or a match 

for human beings

In the meantime each one of us that is being the change

can access more light

and share that with others

although that in itself is very challenging


each person’s shadow sees what it sees 

feels what it feels

does what it believes


This is the true meaning of corruption

The Key thing to remember is

that every time we are in a challenging space

we are given a choice

Do we want to stay the same and do the drama?

Do we choose to do the inner work and literally rise above “it”

“it” being :

Our inner child ready to let go of getting it’s emotional neediness fulfilled by another

so we can feel whole again

As we face each challenge

we learn new codes and skills

and every time

The choices we make to be a warrior of the heart

Do make a difference

We have to experience life and live our learning

Love to you and yours 🙂

Lovely Flower Star child






Persephone Path

red overtone moon

Persephone Path

White Resonant Wind in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell

We have begun the spiral again and are on the second energetic of what our sacred feminine selves ~ our goddess natures, our gaia spirits…..

are ushering in at this new age time.

Today we can tune in to what is seeking release ~ our egoic Leo waning, dark moon  selves ~ any egoic forms….

so we can be true to our heart’s and allow ourselves to weave new ways of being.

Synchronistic September ~ the wheels of karma turning

We can see what is resonating for us now ~ what is our vibe ~ what are we attracting ?

I had an amazing experience last night and it could be ~ my imagination 🙂

It could be the effect of watching the Chronicles of Riddick ~ late at night and eating a cheese sandwich 🙂

It could be lots of things that my ego mind loves to keep it’s rational perspective and control over….

and it could be actually a true experience ~ that I cannot rationalise/measure and explain using a mind frame.

That is what I am connecting to more and more on my Glastonbury journey and this is expanding more and more as I allow it.

This is what I know as The Persephone Path.

I awoke early hours and had a connection to light and shapes in the Star of David being shared in my body  ~

can’t put it into words but it was amazing 🙂 

It is lost in translation and this is important to bear in mind.
Take for example learning a language.

There is so much more involved than learning words

as these words came from a way of being

a culture

body language

a way of living energetically according to the flavour of that region

and so certain words have a literal meaning that do not convey their truth

Gestalt ~  mentioned in a drama last night ~ more than the sum of their parts ~ which is what it means to live life on full throttle  from the heart

having integrated the ego 🙂

Often we get lost in translating ourselves to another because we speak a different tongue and have a different tribe ….

and we can be living next door to one another …..

we can be members of the same family even 

blood relatives

we can live poles apart as to our way of relating 

This will get stronger as we move deeper into Aquarius as we individuate

and part of us expands into knowing itself and letting go of co dependent relating……

part of us is seeking to be wholeheartedly heard

and we go back to go forward

our circles ~ our personal vesica pisces space integrates until there is only now

and we have brought the past totally into acceptance and the future is simply a whisper away and an exciting space

we live simply

free from entourage

ego trappings

in the flesh living our fantasy for real.

Living what we believe

It is the time of year ~ Virgo when we are connecting to the circles and cycles of seeing our harvest in carnate 

Everything that is on our table fresh from the field or somewhere else 🙂  ~ is a reflection of  our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

I am off back to my roots to the North on the 10th which is always significant ~ a change of the four directions, moving from South to North.

As above , so below.

It is the second day of the Red Moon Wavespell and I am sharing a

Glastonbury Tales Workshop


Friday the 13th of September ( sacred day of Venus 🙂  at the Friends Meeting House High Flatts Huddersfield at 7pm

If you aren’t in that locality you can also take part online or in person with a monthly workshop in Glastonbury starting on

Friday 20 September at my home at 7pm ~ The Persephone Path and you can of course do both 🙂 

this is on Red Overtone Skywalker Day ~ bringing heaven to earth through us ~ by awakening and connecting to our heart path and healing our shadow.

I am going to start something new ~ my eldest child leaving the nest and starting university ~ a new gateway of learning and being at his completion of a cycle time.

This brings a change within me and a time of deep emotion.

Seeing how our life cycles change and remembering how it was for me ~ seeing it through different eyes as a mother.

This autumn brings an opportunity for all of us to prepare for the dark time in the northern hemisphere with consciousness ~ if we choose  🙂

I am creating an energetic space to launch this intention just before the autumn equinox on September 22nd

Working within ~ as above so below ~ is our dark time ~ the Persephone Path.

It is a natural time to work with our lower chakra issues so we can nurture our roots and as a result in Springtime we will emerge in a different space .

If we do not change within ~ nothing can change without and so our world will not change.

The message I hear from our collective spirit ancestor’s and gaia that I am energetically connected to is to change the focus now.

All patterns are the same ~ in micro so is the macro.

To change our world we redress the balance ~ firstly within.

We look at how we are being the change

how are we creating new learning for ourselves and letting go of the ego show.

Our world cannot change without this as we are the birthers of reality

we are the soul midwives

If we do not know how to be in balance within ~ our world cannot reflect a balance. 

The world is not separate from us ~ it is us.

This year is all about integration ~

calling our souls back in from  events that have wounded us

changing any child based beliefs that seek to mature now

the child within matures when this healing happens and only when 

We are bound by our beliefs

When we really understand this deep concept we can align with patterns of belief that align with move us towards living our dream

Strengthening our core

creating powerful , balanced masculine and feminine frameworks to navigate the chaos at this transition time

The magic al process that happens as a result of this is:

As we let go of our “dark times of the soul”

we open up our light receptivity

we match different realities that are far removed from the realms of ego living

We develop strong intuition, faith and

as we strengthen our integrity

the world around us starts to shift

as we open up new neural pathways

we go beyond the linear

into gateways of goddess experience

we become……………

even more………

immaculate in a clear space

It is the beginning of the end of the ego game……

and the awakening of new ways 🙂

Time to honour and exult these ways and relax into them

our forbears have left the clues in many ways 🙂

My intention at this Persephone time is to share and connect with people who are working with the shadow themselves

energetically and emotionally

and are creating change constellations at this synchronistic time

If we are still churning out the same “stuff” on a creativity level

being the same

going to the same spaces

being around the same people

in the same way

then there is a pattern of…….

the same

and so…

we aim to stay the same

thing is…..

the universe is moving on 🙂

If we are afraid of change then rest assured our universe will bring us life experiences to match this fear

I offer you this is simply the karma wheel 

If on the other hand we choose to embrace our fear and look at it,

when it was formed,

go deep to it’s roots and hear it’s story

then let go of our issues of trust

how we have learned to try and control our world

and learn to do something new


learn to trust that the universe is always bringing us what we need ~

to evolve

it’s a different perspective to staying in the same four walls 

and being a consumer 🙂

The more trusting we become the more the universe matches that trust

it brings us more magical ways of living on our planet 

with other people

in loving, respectful ways

and we soften our experience

The end is the beginning

The only constant is change

This isn’t about anyone else

This is the wild paradox

When you are willing to go to the scariest place in the universe ~

to the heart of you

When you don’t want anything

When you don’t need anything

When you have no fear of anyone or anything and accept your destiny willingly

seeing the beauty

owning your sovereignty

travelling lightly on this path

the beauty way



this is the magical , spontaneous , child space 

of Leo 

that is within every living soul.

Time to take our power back

with courage and love 

and reclaim 

our birthright.

Love to you

Persephone People

bringers of the new dawn.

I absolutely know this to be true because this is my

Glastonbury experience

and I am living my beliefs

and it is so worth it

all those child birth pains are so worth what comes 

as part of this process 🙂

The Super High Way



Staff of life ~ Cib  A new wavespell began yesterday with

Yellow Magnetic Warrior


Cib is also known as the Owl ~ a symbol of wisdom


Please click on the links as always to explore other aspects and expand awareness if you choose 🙂

Gratitude to all my co creative people sharing their dreams 🙂

This is the journeyer of the stars ~ our soul journey and for me….

this is the path of the heart.

Today we are on day two ~ which always brings the challenge and the new learning ~ 

Red Lunar Earth

This wavespell was on 19th of July and took us into the new Mayan Year on the 26th so was the transition. Whatever came up as a challenge to you at that time that you haven’t transformed is what is knocking at your door today knocking you off your happy horse 🙂

What is taking you off your path, off centre and tuning in to the ego channel rather than your heart path?

This warrior’s intention is to open to love and expand the kundalini flow ~ as and when appropriate ❤

without forcing it through 🙂

Kundalini rises with love and when the stars are in the perfect place. It is a given 🙂

This activation occurs automatically in alignment with our solar system as we are intrinsically connected to it and like all living beings when the optimum conditions are met and come together…..

once activated and when we are awakened we can learn how to flow with it and allow it to take us to where we need to go to raise our consciousness.

When alignment occurs……


The magic happens…….

We are all kin to the stars in the sky and part of the cosmic dance.

Abracadabra ~ been playing a lot recently with the Steve Miller band on media I have been connecting with . It is an ancient word connected to incantation and magical intent.


Just watched a very silly film with lots of giggles and cheesy themes 🙂  ~

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

which does a great parody of some ” magicians ” on our ego stage ~ for example, Derren Brown and his show about how clever he is at manipulating people ~ big story there about his childhood and needing to be in control I guess. In his message of revelation ~ how we can be tricked and mesmerised, he seems, in my humble opinion, to lose sight of any wellbeing or ecology for his participants for the sake of his art and showmanship …..pure ego. The message, I believe, gets lost in his need to be powerful. Spirit ain’t in it and yet great learning for me as always about relationships and how I do not wish to model a rebalance of my earlier life episodes of loss of power.

This is happening for a reason ~ this ego show ~ like everything on the world stage .

When great tragedies are happening, like the current crisis in Syria, people ask ~ will man never learn and I am offering you now that you realise why this is.

The people who crete wars are very aware of what they are doing and it is a business and an entertainment, a diversion, something that keeps people occupied and full of fear. It stops people from awakening and living consciously because when we are in survivor mode we do not have the time or energy to look deeply into things ~ we are in the position of survival ~

fight, flight or freeze.

This is where most people are in their day to day life ~ stuck on a wheel they feel unable to get off because they do not have an alternative plan and are so simply reacting and fire fighting every day .

It is crucial that people recognise this and we create a new pattern of pro active behaviour .

Most people only seek out therapy when they are in crisis instead of seeing it as a healthy way of being that is essential to life ~ emotional well being is the key.

Wars occur because there is an emotional match for them that comes from fear ~ a lack belief. A deeply held fear that there is not enough and the truth is ~ in the egoic playground of corporate greed that is true ~ however it is simply a market place artifice that allows our emotional evolution to be played out….

and until people deal with their shadow selves and let go of feeling angry and afraid because of their past this life experiences and literal past life experiences ~

nothing will change.

See the evidence all around and become wise to it 🙂

It isn’t logical, rational or fair ~ it is simply a causality of co dependent relationship where some people have the power and some are powerless and all of that comes from our individual state of mind.

There is no need for it to be so ~ in truth there is an abundance of resources and ways of recycling and alchemically making use of our planet without any need for money or destructive energies ~ this will only happen when people match this way of being from the inside out and be honest ~ take responsibility for who they are and how they live.

How are you doing that and being the change ?

Are you shaping the way forward in your behaviour or are you a Sunday revolutionary ~ a part time activist ?

I choose not to become the behaviour that hurt me and I can only do that when I am being conscious ~ which is , I am happy to say, happening more as I work with my shadow and set myself free.

I choose to share my journey around my learning in my life and in doing so open up the actuality of how our energetic universe really is and how we create our own health and well being from within. This is very challenging for some people as it goes against all their conditioning and reliance on consumer industries…

these industries are invested in illness and co dependency

not free thinking , well people who live a life of joy and love ~ there is no money in that 🙂

See clearly how the money markets ~ corporations ~ have historically shifted the goal posts ~ like the smoking industry for example which originally was advertised by the medical profession as “good for you” when really it was simply a way of getting a large body of people hooked on a product. This way of controlling people through a commodity started in the military like most other manipulations.

Now the money is made in stopping smoking and the cancer industry and using so called cures that do not cure at all.

Vaccinations cannot possibly work ~ think about it free of any spin ~ how can they possibly work when each person is a unique individual. To allow ourselves to be reduced to the minimum is the opposite of our amazing multi faceted selves.

If I were to say to you that you are exactly the same as everyone else , many people would be defensive about this and argue the opposite and yet….. sign up for flu jabs, get young babies pumped full of goodness knows what ~ and trust people they don’t know and who do not know them at all, to tell them how to fix their condition and live from wellbeing ~ isn’t this true madness? Where is the common sense and sovereignty over our own bodies and wisdom about our knowingness ?

The last time you visited a doctor did they actually know you? Spend time asking about what was happening generally in your life? Know your family history ? Have delivered your babies? Popped round for a cup of tea just to see how you were? This is what the family doctor used to be like and our midwives. We have now simply become a clone and part of a commodity to be sold to and farmed.

If you really want to live an empowered life ~ question everything with fresh eyes and step out of your circle ~ imagine you are a visitor from another galaxy here to observe life on planet earth without any investment in it ~ you do not take part in any of the day to day happenings and are therefore free to explore it free of any agenda or entanglement ~ this often sparks new awareness.

To see clearly without attachment and distortion of conditioning we move outside of our circle so there is no prejudice.

Free our minds by freeing ourselves from the one track groove they often fall in to 🙂 They are meant to ~ it is part of our journey and at the perfect time a new track opens up moving us onwards 🙂

Here is another great awakening video from Santos:

When you start to work with awareness from the ancients who were connected to source and free spirits at a time that energetically we are moving back to ~

The Matriarchal Society of equality and community where ego’s were not heavily aspected in the masculine ~ then you see simply in the structures that all was shared ~ this is being highlighted with several archaeological digs where there are no buildings bigger or more “elevated” ornate in their design.

A great book for reading about this is The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor


This Wavespell’s intention:


This Mayan Sign represents the spine in one aspect:


Everything on our body hangs from our spine ~ a timely reminder of this in belly dancing when we check our posture and how we hold our upper body.

Our arms are connected to our heart chakra and anything we are holding on to is felt here .

Anything that is affecting our breath and our intake of universal energy ~ literally ~ is connected to the heart.

The spine is the key to our well being ~ it’s structure holds us upright and lets our energy flow in a loop through the earth and through the stars.

All our energetic information moves around on this interplanetary highway within us ~ constant movement of our holographic blue print and this cell creates our reality ~ in our body and in our world.

As above and so below and so we see the double serpent in ancient wisdom ~ the Caduceus ~ masculine and feminine energy highways run here in our body and around the earth and they create our life on the inside and outside.

Interesting how blue represents the sacred feminine and red the masculine ~ our ego world creates the opposite bandwidth ~ blue typically representing the male of the species and the blue bloods who used silver cutlery and had an intake, as a result, of silver from this.

Silver is associated with the moon, goddess energy, high priestess and seers 🙂

Many older people ~ 40 and beyond ~ focus on the upper chakras and intellectual learning.

Many younger people seek wisdom before their time, modelling conditioning given in formal education which is the opposite of intuition and try and activate their kundalini rising process from ignorance and often this creates injury ~ however this matches their energetic pattern and where they are in understanding ~ the universe always has to match us where we are as it is universal law.

The universe brings us our beliefs regardless of whether we would judge them to be good or bad. The universe does not judge ~ that is the realm of the human mind and ego.

True karma is simply an energetic match ~ if you do something it creates an outcome.

In coaching I use a well formed outcome and work with an intention that my journeyer wants to create ~ this gives a focus point for the masculine mind within. To work holistically and inclusively this framework honours all aspects of ourselves and the ways those aspects communicate which are very different.

The nature of karma is cause and effect.

It does not have any meaning ~ again the mind creates meaning and that is always subjective according to the individual’s belief system which is why a vaccine has a different affect energetically on each person and their energetic structure. There is no one size fits all ~ it is a none sense and a violation of our sacred selves. Many people do not have any sense of the sacredness of their amazing being ness and live accordingly. This is now changing as part of the shift.

This is why “truth” is a variable and changes as we learn, evolve and transform.

There are shared “truths” too that are constant ~ inherent wisdom. These bare bones are known by innocents ~ open to all. It isn’t rocket science 🙂

The place of transformation at midlife is the lower chakras ~ when you work with the energies here the upper chakras expand as a by product naturally and this is where the miracles occur. There is no other way to access this as the karma pattern is to be wise takes practice and is experiential ~ it is not granted with a certificate of learning 🙂 Living the learning and being the change.

Different people have different ideas about what chakra is what in connection to planets and astrology ~ here are some examples:

Linking the chakras

chakras and the planets


Depends on where you are coming from 🙂

If someone is living from ego then they ignore these areas and tend to focus on intellect and living off the glory of the word alone and this usually means that there is a wide gap between what they speak about and how they actually live.

Mind the gap 🙂

The ego that has not been transformed reveals itself in the body  ~ the temple , the vehicle, is blocked because the lower chakras are being ignored.

It can be very difficult to break this pattern as it is often an ego defence mask that is deeply entrenched.

Learning new information assists the ego from feeling insecure as it feels it “knows” something .

If the ego  “knows ” something that it feels other people are not privvy to then it can feel “superior” .

If that particular ego has an issue of being bullied, manipulated and made to do things it doesn’t want to ~

and who hasn’t had that earthly experience 🙂

Then this can feel very enlightening and powerful ~ when that transient ego trip wears off ~ as it always does ~ then the ego is back to where it started ~ ground zero because this information does not come from internal, integrated experience .

In truth it isn’t enlightening in the one space that is the key to enlightenment  ~ changing the heart .

The heart functions through feelings. Any outside information is simply a temporary sticking plaster and it doesn’t create change in itself.

It is very evident in Glastonbury where people fill up the void with the many talks on offer and ignore the sacred in themselves and in their day to day life which is often way out of balance.

Having a sound bath creates healing ~ it doesn’t alter how you live and relate in your daily routine though , so as an abstract on it’s own, it will not create new ways of being in that bigger picture way and requires other elements and process for conscious evolution.

No one else telling you something about energy healing, is going to change how you feel about a life experience when you were 8 ,that created a belief system in you that you were a “bad” person for using your left hand for example.

It may start a process for you that leads to change ~ the key is you start that internal process of release for yourself.

The only person who creates healing is that person and no matter how many people send you love and light or put you in a book of prayers, your ill health has happened because you are living out of alignment with who you truly are and that is the message being ignored.

By all means ask for prayers ~ and get your focus on creating some changes as soon as you can with awareness of what has occurred , because this is your wake up call 🙂 This is a nudge from your higher self.

Here is a big tip 🙂

If you are in a relationship with someone who you feel in love with ( or maybe it is a platonic friendship/ a boss and employee relationship/ a family member) and truly want to continue having a relationship with….

and they say they are in love with you ( value you, respect you, love you )…..

but their behaviour has been disrespectful, unloving and dishonest to you in some way  ( maybe many times )and they say they will change:

How are they creating new ways of relating now ?

  • Are they voluntarily attending practical re ~ education that they have chosen to learn how to relate differently?
  • Are they actively working on themselves every day to release old ways of being using energy therapies ( not just talking about their past) so they can transform their energy signature?


Or are they simply telling you that this is so whilst their day to day routine and way of living is exactly the same as it ever was …..

How can it be that they are aligning with creating change  ? No evidence of it in tangible, practical reality.

It is impossible that this can happen karmically because they are no creating a pattern of change.

Tis simply lip service 🙂

More importantly for you ~

what are you doing about your re~ alignment process that brought this episode to your conscious awareness?

You cannot create a different way of being by solely feeding information into yourself.

This is the old co dependent pattern of adding something to yourself when everything you need to change is within 🙂

The shadow being transformed into light is the enlightenment process and so if you do not work with this energetically and emotionally then the heart simply repeats the same old attraction process of that pattern.

To create good boundaries you can create good fences in the physical.

If your neighbour has no idea about healthy boundaries ~ as to trying to drag you into their drama, or your boss has a need to bully you to feel powerful it doesn’t matter what you do to protect yourself in the physical on one level 🙂

You cannot change them.

Build a bigger wall ~ they get a bigger ladder or a trampoline ~ or crash their tractor into your garden 🙂

You can change how you relate to them and face your challenges ~ be the heart warrior.

Each pain in the butt experience, brings an opportunity to learn and grow and learn new ways of being and the universe always brings us what we need for our next step ~ ignore this at your peril because you will play the game ~ you cannot avoid your destiny 🙂

What you choose to avoid expands until it is so big that there is no way round it ~ believe me I have had this experience ~ I survived and it did make me stronger 🙂 It is the game of life ~ growth through challenge.



Louise Hay’s little turquoise book ~ Heal Your Body ~ has a wonderful spinal chart where you can see what your body is communicating with it’s energy flow disruption.

It reveals a blocked well being signal is all and when you tune into that message and your heart’s feeling, you will find the solution.

Here is a spinal chart ~ lots on the internet if you google them and great websites with wonderful info:



This signal is always linked to past events and although our mind may label these past events as misadventure, mistakes and criticise ~ I offer you there is no such thing.

Everything that has happened thus far is significant, has a reason and is part of our expansion process and when we clear this inner critique we see that ~ we see the reason because we are in a position of clear space.

If you are going to assist people compassionately through a painful process of domestic violence for example ~ to have compassion truly you have been there yourself. You are effective as a survivor who has gone through the process and as a result is now in a place where the person you are helping wants to be. Simply being with them as evidence in physical form, that it is possible to transcend their current situation, is enough. Your journey is pure inspiration and light for them. Anyone who has been in therapy with an academic who has no personal experience of their situation ~ simply learned the basics on an open university course ~ knows how it feels to be with someone who has not been initiated by the fire of the experience. Empathy cannot truly exist ~ no matter how well meaning the student . They have no idea of how it feels to have a panic attach from reading about it in a text book.

To be the real deal we have to feel.

Whatever you see as your worst moments are your finest hours in terms of the soul journey ~ this is what you are here to do. This is the wounded healer , the masterful magical magician of experiential transformation. This is our area of expertise 🙂 We have lived it, survived it and are now ~ through working with it ~ thriving.

We aren’t here to evolve our human race and planet for the personal success story of Joe Bloggs and wow what a man he was with his business empire and Manhattan skyscrapers 🙂 Most of the planet is still on that belief highway. Even though they know that the planet cannot sustain the current ego trip of consumerism they are still buying a new car ~ but hey they meditate and think positive thoughts. They mean well ~ just aren’t taking any action or commiting to any patterns that align with heading in the direction of letting go ~ because……

they aren’t ready to let go of their ego identity and masks…..

That is the truth of it ~ I walk a spiritual path and…..

I drive a Range Rover and wear designer clothing and compartmentalise my life 🙂

We all do it in someway and this is the integration process ~ it isn’t going to happen over night and if we choose to do that because of fear ~ we are still ego tripping 🙂 

We are all on an about turn at the perfect time in our personal integration process and the key is to be honest about it ~ 

Be honest to ourselves and take responsibility instead of deflecting and blaming so we can stand tall 

  • admit our ignorance
  • free ourselves from ego
  • open up to new learning.

However we learned to feel powerful as a young person is our ego mask

so whether that was through a certain way of intellectualising ~ good at school and exams for example ~ smart, creating art work ~ artistic, being admired for how we look ~ attractive, being sporty ~ strong in our body and competitive, success at work ~ workaholic and money earning  …..

these are our double edged swords

If we believe money keeps us safe…..

money often keeps us stuck and blocks our path as we buy our safety and is the ultimate ego override 🙂

No amount of money can secure our health, well being and feelings of love and being in our heart space because it isn’t a part of us.

Generally people who hide behind money have massive emotional issues and self esteem wounds and do not do feelings ~ money is cold, unfeeling and has no loyalty ~ a commodity pattern of slavery buying and selling with no intrinsic worth.

The ego always sees the negative in anything that isn’t shiny and positive and labels it according to it’s teaching from teacher’s who were not coming from light ~ their own ego trip.

The truth is the shadow is the pure gold dressed up in rags 🙂

It is a hidden treasure and is only revealed to the true seeker who is willing to face their

darkest moments and bring the light to them.

It doesn’t matter how much you know ~ it is how you feel in the way of the heart.

We are liberating ourselves from these old constructs now ~ time to let Lilith out and explore our wild sides ~ free ourself from domestication and roam into the wilderness beyond the back yard.

Are you ready ?

We have just completed the death and transformation spiral of  Blue Night ~ is our life a dream or a nightmare ~ maybe a combination.

The simple way to tune in to creating a dream life is simply to connect to what you love doing and what sets your heart on fire.

That is it ~ starting point and the initiate space. Simple. It is all about how you feel.

This spiral is all about letting your higher self guide you ~ trusting that you are part of something that has eternal wisdom and is unfettered by the small world limitation of the ego. This is allowing grace to flow through all the chakras and experientially light the fire within.

It is a yellow spiral ~ the South Castle in the Mayan wavespell. 

We have just entered Virgo Sun Astrology ~ time to craft and create through grounded action 🙂

It is Expansion of the past wave spells of

Blue Night ~ the dream ~ just completed ~ what is seeking movement for you now ? 

White Dog ~ just before this ~ where are you still living from conditions that have been imposed through society and your childhood ? Where are you blocking unconditional love and support from the universe and insisting on staying with groups that do not support loving relationship ~ finding your tribe is key 🙂 Healing birth tribe issues is key 🙂

Red Earth ~ the path and your core ~ healing an issues of exterior focus, outside energies knocking you off balance because there is an inner core healing required , tuning in to your life mission from within.


All of this is expanding now so you can open up the throat chakra ~ which is connected to the solar plexus. When we have past history that hasn’t been healed we are resistant to change from fear, we speak in anger and we simply create more of that vibe :-)

The throat chakra is the goddess portal that is the part of our body that allows ascension from our body to our head from love.

If we have constantly been told that we are “wrong” we are “stupid”  or we are different ~ in a demeaning way ~ which is always the way with transformative souls 🙂 There is inner transformation required to change this code … no matter how much we intellectually think….. this was simply coming from ignorant people who were low in conscious awareness our emotional mind still feels demeaned unless we have released that past reality….

and sure enough people will be showing up to trigger this emotional space on a regular basis.

The key secret is to be real about how you feel and don’t put a positive spin on it ~ use this opportunity wisely to ascend within by letting go so you can truly turn the other cheek without any feeling because you have no inner reality to tag ~ and…

you can speak from the heart about the other person’s behaviour.

This avoids the universal necessity for emotional drama because your energetic code no longer requires it

You have moved a long to a new way of being 🙂

When we are clear on the inside then the way becomes clear and we can see things coming from this wise space.

In Glastonbury , the high street is Aquarius and opens up all the channels of bigger picture wisdom ~ it can also be seen as the dove. 

Many people come here to connect and receive wisdom in the heart chakra and lose the will to be a creative force as it also brings the illusion of love for them. It is a place that is so addictive and can keep an individual stuck on their own personal ascension process as they become passive ~ an intaker of intellect and over dose on it. A different therapy to receive every day and receive and yet they are not actively doing anything to move themselves a long.

Remember you cannot buy your stairway to heaven ~ Karma Cola by Gita Mehta is a great book on this.

Whatever we are expands here so we can see it ~ often the sick get sicker and people die. 

What is seen as an illness in our society is actually part of our healing process ~ in cancer for example ~ our bodies create a tumour that is designed to heal the  extreme emotional vibe of anger and bitterness running through our body. Being in this space of ill health often brings the support we are seeking in the form of outside care and support ~ although we have to get ill to allow this to happen ~ often in childhood the only time we have received nurturing and feminine energy is when we get ill. We can re~ pattern this belief system. If we look at what was happening in our life around the time of getting ill we can see the bigger picture.

When we use drugs to intervene we block this healing process from ignorance and believe that others can heal us when in truth only we can heal ourselves. The more drugs we take to suppress our symptoms and the more the message from our spirit is being stifled and ignored.

In truth when we live a life that we love and that is in alignment with our true nature ~

We live a life of vitality.

Every event

Every illness

Every “negative” situation has a basis in emotional wounding

It is the energetic framework of our universe.

When we truly understand this as a collective, our universe will be a very different space 🙂

This is the journey we are on now ~ the return to our true nature and the return to the stars.

Our ancient people who lived this way many years ago knew of this and thus astrology was born and the language of consciousness and light…..

that we are returning to

In our fear lies the way of our greatest strength.

Anything  that has been happening to you in the past 39 days through these energy spirals that feels uncomfortable on an emotional or physical level is the key ……

to your salvation


and when you transform these challenging feelings

you also transform our universe.


If you only get one point of illumination from this blog please let it be this…..

You are the salvation of  our planet

you are the sanctuary, the garden of eden

you are Orion’s belt, the cosmic consciousness, the philosopher’s stone, the milky way

The cup holder of the Gods incarnate ~ look at the constellation 🙂

Your spine and the planets that orbit it through your chakras are the key to life ~ turn the cup on it’s head and go within, reverse the polarity 🙂

You are the magic ❤ ❤ ❤

You have the power ~ when you believe in yourself 🙂

Remember to work with intuition means to be in tune and go with the flow and face our challenges ~ 

Everything brings opportunity for expansion into freer states. Each challenging opportunity that is learned from evolves our community.


If , for example, we accept a lesser way of being and become a battery hen , with little regard for our true heart’s yearning, then….

rest assured we will get sick

just like the battery chicken raised for consumption, that has never looked to the starry skies with wonder,

never been in the open space of the forest without a tour guide,

never experienced not knowing what the next day will bring ……

because it is sure of another day in hell on a handcart…..

our soul yearns to be free and live unfettered ~

to go where it feels drawn

and hear the call of the wild


We are here to embody the will of god and goddess into being through our bodies here on earth

and that means actually doing something that ….

evolves the path 🙂

Of course whatever we are doing does that on every level ~ do you choose to expand more of

your light and sunshine by transforming your shadow voluntarily or do you prefer to stay as

you are until you get nudged over the edge of your comfort zone?

Very different positions 🙂

Love to you warriors of the heart 

May you find your way into the light


New Workshop starting in September:

The Persephone Path

In person in Glastonbury and online