Red Lunar Dragon


Artist unknown

Red Lunar Dragon 

Today is the day of new learning 


The Great Mother is bringing us 

Imix is the Initiator Code 

In this particular 260 day Gestation period

this began on 26 October 2018

This is the third 20 day cycle 

As such it is the

Alchemy Cycle 

The Co Creation

It will take us through to

Yellow Galactic Sun 

The Integration of our Shadow

Red Skywalker coming up next

with 3 Clear Signs  

What you experienced in the first 13 Days beginning 26 October

is what you will be working with for the 9 months

Today you revisited this energy

in some way

to gain more perspective about… 

how you can evolve as a human being 


Pic by Chie Yoshie


There is a new conscious awareness coming in

When human beings align with it :

Life is joyful

It is the teaching of truth free of shadow distortions 

When human beings resist these ways :

Life is difficult 

Simply because the distortions of an unhealed and immature ego

of our past life and lives ~

create pain and suffering

from ignorance

The picture leading the article

reveals a woman breastfeeding 

This is a key component of Imix Energy I had not really connected to before

Revealed as

we are now experiencing 

North Node in Cancer transit 

article by Astro Butterfly 

Most of our human being wounding comes

from not being mothered and nurtured as a child

by our parents/caretakers/community 

because …

they could not/would not/did not know

how to /were in survival mode/were suffering from trauma

created by society events

that go back thousands and thousands of years

recorded in our dna


programmed into our fight/flight/freeze patterns

If you learn about world history

you will understand

that every race has experienced extreme genocide 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana

This is why it is so important to educate yourself as to the human journey and most importantly your human journey

When a human being becomes aware of their Cosmic Codes and familial patterns 

It is a lightbulb moment 

An initiation into conscious awareness where the Mystery starts to become known 


All limiting beliefs come from dna


early patterning

From inherited experiences





brought to conscious awareness

they can be changed 

Imix energy is where we may feel separate and scared


That we do not matter

That we have no value 

That no one can love us 

That we cannot thrive 

That life is a struggle 

That we are not worthy

When a person has experienced a lack of richness of life

it can lead to a formation of beliefs

that are not even seen as beliefs

but as truth

This is powerful magic

that locks an individual

in a holograph that projects that “truth”

into a daily story

reflected outside

The Key is to realise this


change the inner slides


become a Conscious Dreamer

What if you were reborn tomorrow free of any limitations ?

If you awoke and instantly had a powerful inspiring dream to create ?

If your heart was filled with passion and energy like never before?

The key focus

is to release the Fight/Flight/Freeze

by rewiring those past events

to become clear :

A Clear Sign 

A literal fresh start is possible

The event learning and wisdom is retained

The heart is freed from the pain

The new code can be embodied 

Access Source Code



free of

co dependency 


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