Yellow Magnetic Sun Wavespell

Yellow Sun Wavespell

The process of alchemy of the shadow

in the

Red Castle of awakening

This is one of the 13 Clear Signs

and as such this process is key

to getting clear


aligning with the

shadow free embodiment process

we are here for at this time

Heal the old storyline and live the new with a healed heart

This is the last day of the second column of

Red Dragon

that began with integrating the

Red Dragon Wavespell


30 March 2020

Red Galactic Dragon


Yellow Magnetic Sun

In the Initiation

we are seeing our survival issues come up

our delusions and illusions

We then have the refining 13 day process


White Wizard

to let go of past disempowerment issues through healing them

The second column is plus 7 numbers 

The seventh Mayan Sign is Blue Hand 

What is resonating to shape our destiny through healing the old story ?

When we complete this 20 day process with Yellow Magnetic Sun we begin the 3rd column with -6

which is White Worldbridger ~

letting go of old worlds again through healing the old story 

08 May 2020


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